Referencing Cells In Another Sheet

Oct 4, 2009

I need assistance referencing cells in other sheets. I have a summary tab which I would have each refenced sheet listed (named for the activity being billed). In a separate cell in the summary tab, I want to bring back the value of the total amount billed for that activity. The total value is in the same cell of each sheet, as all invoice tabs needing to be referenced are identical in layout.

There is one hitch to this, the sheets referenced have not yet been created (that would be too too easy), and the activity list in the summary sheet has place holder names that will change when the activity being billed is defined (hence prompting the biller to create the sheet to be referenced).

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Referencing Cells Dependent On Sheet Name

Oct 28, 2008

I have a workbook that has a number of sheets with various project stages and dates on them. These details are arranged in small tables displayed vertically down the page. Each worksheet's name is the project code - e.g. 30033_99

I have now been asked to create an overview page that displays all these stages and dates on one page. What I'm trying to do is get Excel to look at the column with the project code and then pull information from the worksheet with that name.

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Referencing Cells From Another Sheet, Dealing With Blanks

Jan 19, 2009

I have a sheet which I want to populate from another sheet within the same workbook.

I am using the following, where Data = original worksheet, T2=cell to be displayed:

When i do this for the whole spreadsheet, where there are blanks it is entering "0" or in the date fields, 01/01/1900.

Is there any easy way of defaulting them to be blank if there is no content in that cell?

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Copying 193 Rows Yet Referencing Consecutive Cells From Different Sheet

May 1, 2013

I have a worksheet "parent child" with product data, cells F4 and BK4, pull pertinent data from cells T2 and M2 respectively on a different sheet "products".

A5:A196, D5:D196, F5:F196 is dependent on cell F4 and BK5:BK196 is dependent on BK4.

Once we get to row 197, the cycle starts over again. F197 and BK197 needs to equal products!T3 and products!M3. Then rows 198 through 389 will be dependent on row 197.

I basically need this to repeat perpetually for about 1000 different products on the products sheet, thus the ability to create approximately 193,000 rows.

I am not sure what it will take to do this, i am fine if I have to drag and copy all rows, which I have tried to create and failed at, I end up with products! T196, instead of T4.

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Referencing A Sheet Name?

Dec 2, 2008

looking for a formula that will get me the sheet name.example: I have 3 sheets each named X, Y, Z. in cells A1 I want the name of sheet 3, which would be X

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Vba Sheet Referencing

Apr 12, 2007

I have 8 sheets, named cpt1 to cpt8 in vba.

Now i need to loop through these 8 sheets, storing the same range of each sheet into a matrix. I have the following

dim test () as variant

For i = 1 to 8
(1) test = sheets(i).Range("b2:u21")
(2) test = cpt1.Range("b2:u21")
next i

Now (1) doesn't work, but (2) does. However i do not know how to reference the cpt1 sheet name using the for loop (ie "cpt" & i) Can anyone help me with getting this to work?

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Referencing Table On Another Sheet

Jun 26, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with two sheets in it.

Sheet 1 = sheet with formulas/functions for data analysis
Sheet 2 = sheet with table

I am trying to reference a column in the table on sheet 2 from sheet 1. Specifically, I am trying to set up Data Validation that will create a list of unique values from a column in the table. I tried:

[Code] ......

There is a space in the header name of the column. but I was unable to get the validation to work even with columns that have just a single word name.

I also tried:

[Code] .....

and that did not work either.

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Referencing List In Different Sheet

Jan 31, 2014

I am trying to reference a list of numbers in a sheet from another sheet. the problem is that whenever i try to copy and paste the formula it doesn't go to the next number in the ist it goes to the corresponding row. i.e. ='number'!H2 is in row 1 when copied down to row 32 i need it to become ='number'!H3 but instead it becomes ='number'!H33. I also need it to go across; however that was solved by making it ='number'!$H2 but i still cant figure out how to progress the row 1 at a time.

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Referencing A Sheet From An Inputbox

Oct 14, 2008

I have a quick question that'll hopefully have a quick answer. Part of my workbook requires an input box to appear. When you type the name of one of the worksheets into the box and hit enter I want a VLOOKUP formula I've written to compare to that worksheet. Heres what I mean, with some descriptions of what i would like:

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Referencing Sheet Tabs

Oct 7, 2005

Is there a way to use the "value" of a name in a drop-down list to reference a sheet tab name in a formula?

A1 has a drop down list. When a name (Bob's Sales) is selected from the drop down list, B1 shows the value of cell D5 from sheet "Bob's Sales".

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Referencing Another Sheet In Same Workbook

Apr 17, 2009

I have two sheets in the same work book and I want to pull values through from one to the other. So its a simple =Sheet2!B45 or whatever yeah?

But no! What Excel 2007 does when I hit enter is to swap the Sheet!2 bit for "C:documents and Settingsmy documentsspreadsheetsmyworkbook!Sheet2!B45" or some such.

Why the hell does it do that and how can I stop it.

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Highlight/Flag Formula Cells Referencing Other Cells

Sep 27, 2006

I am trying to write a macro which highlights all the cells with any reference to other cell. The macro should highlight a cell with formula like = 3 * A25 but not highlight a cell with following formula. = 3 * 0.4535566. 'Hasformula' property is not useful here as it can't distinguish between above examples.

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Referencing Value From Active Cell Of Another Sheet

Feb 24, 2013

I want value in Cell "B2" of "Sheet2" and "Sheet 3" to have the value as active cell in "column C" of "Sheet1".

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Constant Errors When Referencing Another Sheet?

Nov 5, 2013

Ok, I have a spreadsheet that I use to track the majority of my work throughout the day. I have about 10 columns that I use for my own information, and about 4 of them that my colleagues need updates on. I have one sheet "worktracking" and another sheet "printable." Printable has just the 4 columns of info that my colleagues might need, formatted in a way that prints out nicely. Each column in "printable" references a column in "work tracking" like this


Now the problem that I'm running into is that I routinely delete rows from the "worktracking" sheet, which results in a reference error on the "printable" sheet. I am wondering if there is a way to rework it, such that when I delete a row from "worktracking," then "printable" just does the same, and only retains rows that have data in them...

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Referencing Active Cell's Value From Another Sheet

Oct 23, 2008

I'd like for users to click in a cell in col A in a sheet named "Period7", have the cell value placed in cell C11 in a sheet named "Per7Report," and change the focus or active sheet to sheet Per7Report.

Can this be done simply by clicking in a cell, or must a command button be inserted into each cell (note - odd rows only) in col A in Period7.

on the code to do this?

Note that there is a formula in col A in sheet Period7

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Array Function Referencing Last Row Of Sheet?

Oct 10, 2013

I have this MAXIF array function that I am trying to use but I need it to reference the Last Row and not the absolute refererence. I am a novice at VBA. The first max if array is the one with my effort to try and get the last row. It doesnt work. The second one works but references the cell.

Selection.FormulaArray = _
"=MAX(IF('Monthly Production'!R2C1:RC1 & LR=RC[-20],'Monthly Production'!R2C19:RC19 & LR))"
Selection.FormulaArray = _
"=MAX(IF('Monthly Production'!R2C1:R8729C1=RC[-21],'Monthly Production'!R2C21:R8729C21))"

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IF Statement Referencing A Cell In Different Sheet

Oct 18, 2013

I am trying to reference a cell in a different sheet and am having a hard time getting the formula to return correctly. The IF statement is currently written like this,



The current formula is returning $0 only, it should return a number in some cases.

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Formula Referencing Previous Sheet

Jun 29, 2009

After a formula to copy the contents of a cell in the previous sheet in a workbook, so that if I was to copy the last sheet in a workbook the formula would automatically reference the cell from the copied worksheet and so on if I copied tht one.

Hope this makes sense I have a lot of formulas referencing the previous sheet and everytime I copy this sheet to create a new sheet I have to change the sheet number in the formulas.

eg, in sheet 8 this formula get info from sheet 7 cel J30 ='7'!J30 when i copy the sheet to create a new one (Sheet 9) I would like the new formula to automatically be ='8'!J30.

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Vlookup - Referencing Sheet Index

Dec 4, 2009

I am trying to find out whether it is possible to reference to a sheet index number, instead of sheet name, in a VLOOKUP formula.

For instance, normally I would write:


(I hope got the translation to English language Excel correct)

Let's say that the sheet index of Examplesheet is 2 (at least it is 2 the way VBA sees it).

Is there a way I could reference sheet number 2 in the VLOOKUP formula, instead of its name? My sheet names vary, but the formula should look in the same area, regardless of name.

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Referencing A Named Range Or Sheet Dynamically?

Apr 19, 2013

I have a challenge I'm trying to surmount. I have an excel sheet in which I want to be able to select Zone codes from a drop down, click on a link "search" which takes me to a place in the document that has been named according to the Zone code i pick in the drop-down. I want to achieve this using only formulas as i'm distributing the file to a wide audience who are not versed enough with computers to know how to enable macros.

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Referencing Sheet Using Mixture Of Text And Cell Value

Aug 2, 2014

I have multiple sheets with the names Payrolldata_Companyname (the company name is different for each sheet)

On a sheet called EmailList i have a list of the company names. Part of my macro is giving the cell containing the company im working on a Named Range of CompanyName. For example i might have company in the list called ExcelForum, which is in Cell A12. Cell A12 has been named CompanyName.

I want my macro to select the Sheet called PayrollData_ExcelForum, by getting the ExcelForum part of the sheet name by referencing the Range CompanyName.

My current link of code for this is as follows

Worksheets("Payrolldata_" & (Sheets("EmailList").Range("CompanyName").Value)).Select

This does not work.

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Loop Referencing Sheet Gets Progressively Slower

Nov 28, 2011

I have a simple function that pulls in a single cell value, one per row, stores it in a property of a custom type, and then does a little more processing based on the value.

The custom type is GR, the property is CGID.

With Worksheets("Sheet1")
GR.CGID = UCase$(Trim$(.Range("CGID")(rw).Text))
End With

It runs fine with no noticeable performance changes up to around 10,000 records, but beyond that, it gets progressively slower and slower and slower until, at about the 20,000 record mark, it's processing at about 1/10 the speed it started at! (100 recs/sec instead of 1000+)

For testing purposes, all the cell values are the same, and are a small string value.

I know that hitting the sheet from VBA is time-intensive itself, so of course it makes sense that if I had two calls to the sheet, it would take twice as long to run the function as if I have just one. But this issue where the processing speed decreases as time goes on leads me to think there's some kind of garbage collection or memory allocation problem that I hope can be solved.

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Referencing Sheet Using Cell Notation In Range

Aug 12, 2012

repTot = Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(Worksheets("Revenue").Range(Cells(xx, 65), Cells(xx, 65 + moNum)))

I am trying to debug the above line of code (moNum is just a variable the tells me how many months to extend the range to the right inorder to get year to date sums).

I have gotten to the point that it will run error free if "Revenue" is the Active worksheet when I run the line, but if I am on any other sheet it throws an "Run=time '1004' Application-defined or object-defined error" error. And if I change the range from cell notation to Column-Row, the issue goes away as well.

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Referencing Sheet Code Names By Variable

Jul 18, 2006

I have a set of worksheets (Sheet31 through Sheet49 by codename) produced by a machine in the lab. I want to create a summary sheet that references cells in those worksheets.

Rather than go through the annoyance of doing this manually 40+ times I'm working on creating a macro to populate the summary sheet for me.

This is what I have so far

For J = 31 To 49
ResultSht = SheetJ.Name
ActiveSheet.Range("A4").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select

It hangs up on the "SheetJ.Name" however. My objective is to be using the object SheetJ, where the object SheetJ is the codename of the results sheet I'm trying to reference (for example, in the first pass through the loop it would be Sheet31). Could someone point out my mistake in this object reference?

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Referencing A Sheet Name Entered In A Cell For Formula

Sep 14, 2006

I am working on a sheet called 2005, with "Jan" entered into cell C4. I want to reference cells on the sheet called Jan2005 using a function that points to C4 and adds "2005".

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#REF! Error Referencing Worksheet After Importing Sheet

Feb 9, 2008

I have a template i'm making that is full of formula references to sheets not yet in existance in the workbook. what i want to happen is this: My code imports data files, renames the tabs to 1, 2, 3, 4... The formulas i already have are set in the CONCATENATED tab.... an example of such a formula is: ='1'!$P2.

so this should work, and yet it doesn't. the sheet is imported as it should be, the tab is renamed to 1, and yet the CONCATENATED sheet still shows #REF for the cell value. if i click in the cell, click in the text bar and enter out, the formula updates. there apparently is no option that i KNOW OF (although i'm sure there is something out there that does...) that will update this without me entering into the text bar and entering out.

Question: how do i manually update all references once the sheets to those references have been imported?

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Multi Sheet Cell Referencing While Skipping Rows

Aug 12, 2008

I need to be able to auto fill, on sheet two,cell references for every 26th entry. Below is an example of what I would like it to be able to do with the drag, auto fill.

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Referencing Multiple Tabs To Rows Within One Master Sheet

Jan 15, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet to track customer data and need to reference certain cells in individual customer tabs to a master sheet that contains every customer. Each customer will have his own tab, each tab having the same layout, and each client will also have their own row on one master sheet within the same workbook.

My question is, is it possible to reference the specific cells in the clients individual tab to the master list once, and then everytime I copy a new client tab, the referenced cells in that tab are immediately referenced to the corresponding client (new) row in my master sheet within the same workbook?

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Referencing To Sheet Names While Consolidating Data From Various Sheets

Feb 23, 2014

I am writing a macro to consolidate data from different worksheets in more than one Summary Sheets.

My workbook has quite a number of worksheets, from different department e.g. OPS001, OPS002,OPS003, ADMIN001, ADMIN002, ADMIN003 and so on.

I want data from OPS001, OPS002 and OPS003 to go on one sheet e.g. "Summary-OPS" and data from ADMIN001, ADMIN002 and ADMIN003 to go on the other sheet name "Summary-Admin"

When I am working on Summary-Ops sheet I want to copy data from sheets starting with name "OPS" and so on.

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Referencing Cells Not Next To Each Other From A Formula?

Mar 26, 2014

I have a long list of amounts one per day. Sun-Sat repeating. I Total the amounts for each week and place it next to Sun. now i have the total for that billing week.

I need to reference these numbers from a different sheet that only has one row per week. I tried to do ='sheet1'!a2 then next row down ='sheet1'!a9 and ='sheet1'!a16 etc then fill down but when i do it seems to start again and do a3, a10 and a17.

Is there a way I can get it to only use cells with figures in them? IE if cell is empty then move down one else use the amount in cell... or how do I get it to reference 7 cells below each time rather than the next immediate cell.

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