Multi Sheet Cell Referencing While Skipping Rows

Aug 12, 2008

I need to be able to auto fill, on sheet two,cell references for every 26th entry. Below is an example of what I would like it to be able to do with the drag, auto fill.

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Pulling Rows From Other Sheet - Skipping Over Rows If Column Is Blank

Jan 17, 2014

I am working in the attached spreadsheet. For anyone who does not wish to open the link, let's say these sheets are titled 'Sheet1' and 'Sheet2'.

Sheet2 looks like this:

Year Cat Name
2013 4 Sal
2013 4 Pat
2013 3 Pat


Now, how may I pull this data into a summary sheet (Sheet1) that skips over any instances where column A ("Year") is blank so it looks like this:

Year Cat Name
2013 4 Sal
2013 4 Pat
2013 3 Pat
2013 2 Pat
2013 5 Bob


Note: All columns are the EXACT same across each sheet(including Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3), if that extra piece of information works.

PS It is fine if, in order for a formula to work, I need to copy and paste the formula for the length of rows per each Sheet to consolidate.


So, in my industry, any summary-level data (shown on Sheet1) must have a linked reference to a particular sheet (Sheet2, Sheet3, etc.) so the user knows where the raw data came from. This is to ensure increased accuracy of data and minimize human error (like, if for example, I accidentally didn't copy and paste all the rows correctly).

I have uploaded the actual sheet to show what the data actually look like. I am trying to pull in 2013 data into my "Summary Page" and would like to have all the data linked to the '2013' sheet but skip any blank rows.

Here is my failed formula:


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Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another Is Skipping Every Other Row

Nov 26, 2009

On the attached example there is a button called 'unsettled hedges', click this and it loads a userform. In this example, there are 10 rows of data that want a value entering into the 'returns' textboxes.

If you try to enter a value into all of the 'returns' textboxes and click the 'settle hedges' button then all the values from the textboxes should against the relevant row in column L of the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet and then each of these rows should be copied to the next available row in the 'settled hedges' worksheet.

This isn't happening though, instead, it is copying across every other row from the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet, leaving half of the rows still on the unsettled hedges worksheet.

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Referencing Multiple Tabs To Rows Within One Master Sheet

Jan 15, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet to track customer data and need to reference certain cells in individual customer tabs to a master sheet that contains every customer. Each customer will have his own tab, each tab having the same layout, and each client will also have their own row on one master sheet within the same workbook.

My question is, is it possible to reference the specific cells in the clients individual tab to the master list once, and then everytime I copy a new client tab, the referenced cells in that tab are immediately referenced to the corresponding client (new) row in my master sheet within the same workbook?

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Copying 193 Rows Yet Referencing Consecutive Cells From Different Sheet

May 1, 2013

I have a worksheet "parent child" with product data, cells F4 and BK4, pull pertinent data from cells T2 and M2 respectively on a different sheet "products".

A5:A196, D5:D196, F5:F196 is dependent on cell F4 and BK5:BK196 is dependent on BK4.

Once we get to row 197, the cycle starts over again. F197 and BK197 needs to equal products!T3 and products!M3. Then rows 198 through 389 will be dependent on row 197.

I basically need this to repeat perpetually for about 1000 different products on the products sheet, thus the ability to create approximately 193,000 rows.

I am not sure what it will take to do this, i am fine if I have to drag and copy all rows, which I have tried to create and failed at, I end up with products! T196, instead of T4.

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1 Column Into Multi-columns And Multi-rows

Jul 16, 2013

Let's say I have one column of;


What is the most efficient way to change this into '3-columns & multi-rows' like this?:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

The actual list is a lot longer and numbers are not in order.

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Excel 2013 :: Averaging Rows Of Data Within Larger Blocks Of Datasets - Skipping Rows

Jul 16, 2014

I am trying to average different rows and columns within a larger block data set in a series. This data is from a 96-well absorbance microplate reader experiment. I only mention this to describe the raw data output I am dealing with.

Each set of data is in a 12 x 8 block with the next block below it with one blank row between. So I have a block of data contained between A1->L1->L8. The next block is contained between A10->L10->L17. This continues for a total of 28 blocks.

I want to take averages from rows or columns from each block and autofill them into a single column. So for example I'll need =Average(A1-C1) with =Average(A10-C10) below it and so on and so forth. My problem is that if I try to autofill from this already started column the third row will take the average of A2-C2 instead of A19-C19.

Is there a formula/script for me to skip the correct number of rows to the next data block?

I have attached my spreadsheet to this thread. I am using Excel 2013


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Multi Cell Sheet Name

Jun 16, 2009

multi cell sheet name rewrite this code as it fails at the

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Getting Rows To Columns Macro Skipping Blank Rows

Dec 28, 2011

I have this in Column A, with about 120 entries:

Company 1
Contact 1
Address 1
City, ST, ZIP 1
Phone 1
Fax 1

Company 2
Contact 2
Address 2
City, ST, ZIP 2
Phone 2
Fax 2

Company 3
Contact 3
Address 3
City, ST, ZIP 3
Phone 3
Fax 3

I want this:

Company 1 Address 1 City, ST, ZIP 1 Phone 1 Fax 1
Company 2 Address 2 City, ST, ZIP 2 Phone 2 Fax 2
Company 3 Address 3 City, ST, ZIP 3 Phone 3 Fax 3

all the way down.

I can't figure out how to record the macro to tell it to then skip the blank line, collect the next set of data, and put it in the next row. I can do it for two, but then it just replaces the first two with the next two and I lose data.

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Getting Sheet To Lookup Data From Another Sheet Then Referencing Rows Data?

Jul 22, 2014

I want to be able to paste the large amount of data I get each day into the first sheet in my workbook ("data dump" sheet), the data will be formatted in the way i have used in the example workbook.

I then would like to be able to just have to enter 2 values into columns A and B of "1st output" sheet (Label in A, and Item in B), then have it look up the data that corresponds to those 2 values that are both in the same row in the "data dump" sheet, and have it copy and paste all of the relevant data in that row into the row in the "1st output" sheet.

The data I would want excel to find and place for me in the first sheet is highlighted in yellow

As a way of keeping track of this every day, I then need the data from the "1st output" sheet, to be fed into the "2nd output" sheet. This sheet would have all of the peoples' names already in it, but would just need to look in the "1st output" sheet for references to these names. If one of the names pops up, I'd need the date shown in the row of that instance to be placed after their name. This will allow me to keep a log of how many times their name gets flagged up, as well as the dates on which it happens. Again, the data I'd need excel to look up in the "2nd output" sheet is highlighted in yellow.

If there was a way of having the 2nd sheet add new names it finds on the 1st output sheet, that aren't already referenced on the 2nd output sheet in column A, that would be amazingly handy if it could then enter that name into column A and start a new row for them

Example file :
Attachment 334122

Alternative link [URL]

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Referencing Value From Active Cell Of Another Sheet

Feb 24, 2013

I want value in Cell "B2" of "Sheet2" and "Sheet 3" to have the value as active cell in "column C" of "Sheet1".

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Referencing Active Cell's Value From Another Sheet

Oct 23, 2008

I'd like for users to click in a cell in col A in a sheet named "Period7", have the cell value placed in cell C11 in a sheet named "Per7Report," and change the focus or active sheet to sheet Per7Report.

Can this be done simply by clicking in a cell, or must a command button be inserted into each cell (note - odd rows only) in col A in Period7.

on the code to do this?

Note that there is a formula in col A in sheet Period7

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IF Statement Referencing A Cell In Different Sheet

Oct 18, 2013

I am trying to reference a cell in a different sheet and am having a hard time getting the formula to return correctly. The IF statement is currently written like this,



The current formula is returning $0 only, it should return a number in some cases.

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Referencing Sheet Using Mixture Of Text And Cell Value

Aug 2, 2014

I have multiple sheets with the names Payrolldata_Companyname (the company name is different for each sheet)

On a sheet called EmailList i have a list of the company names. Part of my macro is giving the cell containing the company im working on a Named Range of CompanyName. For example i might have company in the list called ExcelForum, which is in Cell A12. Cell A12 has been named CompanyName.

I want my macro to select the Sheet called PayrollData_ExcelForum, by getting the ExcelForum part of the sheet name by referencing the Range CompanyName.

My current link of code for this is as follows

Worksheets("Payrolldata_" & (Sheets("EmailList").Range("CompanyName").Value)).Select

This does not work.

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Referencing Sheet Using Cell Notation In Range

Aug 12, 2012

repTot = Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(Worksheets("Revenue").Range(Cells(xx, 65), Cells(xx, 65 + moNum)))

I am trying to debug the above line of code (moNum is just a variable the tells me how many months to extend the range to the right inorder to get year to date sums).

I have gotten to the point that it will run error free if "Revenue" is the Active worksheet when I run the line, but if I am on any other sheet it throws an "Run=time '1004' Application-defined or object-defined error" error. And if I change the range from cell notation to Column-Row, the issue goes away as well.

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Referencing A Sheet Name Entered In A Cell For Formula

Sep 14, 2006

I am working on a sheet called 2005, with "Jan" entered into cell C4. I want to reference cells on the sheet called Jan2005 using a function that points to C4 and adds "2005".

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INDIRECT(MOD(ROW)) Skipping A Lot Of Rows

Jul 16, 2009

I'm currently working on a report and what I'm trying to do is get a Row of information to pull into 4 rows. My current formula looks like this:
=INDIRECT("'Paste SAP'!H"&IF(MOD(ROW()-1,4)=1,ROUNDDOWN(((ROW())+3/4),0)," "),1)

I change the bolded number to correspond to which row (1,2,3,0) but it's not functioning. I've done it with other but for some reason this one doesn't work. I've attached the template so you can see what it looks like. The problem is with the SAP Tab and the info from the Paste SAP tab.

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Autonumber While Skipping Rows?

Dec 21, 2012

I am trying to get excel to autocount starting in a7 and ending at a600, skipping 3 rows in between, and only gng from 1-10 then repeating and inserting a page break after the 10th line i have put an example in.


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Skipping Rows When Filling Down And Right?

Oct 30, 2013

I am working on an inventory sheet. Its probably only complex due to the amount of data. There are several hundred locations we service and these are in a single column, and then there is the equipment we use that is several hundred columns.

Each location uses 3 rows and the 1st needs the formula to equal 2 rows beneath it. i.e. cell E28 has the formula =E30. I basically need to fill down, but only put that formula into every 3rd row, as the two rows beneath this row need to stay blank, or show number i manually put into either.

The second part of this, is there a way once that is done, to just select those cells, and fill to the right all the way? Again, i do not need to fill the two rows under that one.

I have attached part of the sheet .....

The green cells are the ones that need the formula, and those will be copied down, and right. the others need to be left alone. I have been sitting here for an hour manually entering in the =XXX for each cell.

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Sum Rows With Skipping Cells

Jan 30, 2014

I'm trying to total up some rows that are put in a repetitive order repeat. I can do this, but the method I'm using is highly inefficient. Is there some slick equation I don't know about?

Example below:

Worker 1 - Double Time - each of these has 200 columns for different job codes
Worker 1 - Over Time
Worker 1 - Regular Time
Worker 2 - Double Time
Worker 2 - Over Time
Worker 2 - Regular Time
Worker 3 - Double Time
Worker 3 - Over Time
Worker 3 - Regular Time
...and so on to 1000 workers

Total Double Time - for each job code
Total Over Time
Total Regular Time

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Conting And Skipping Rows In VBA

Aug 27, 2007

i am useing colmn a only for input,
starting from cell A5 to the end of A,
so as i input data starting form cell A5 the active cell automaticly moves to the next row A6, so i could input another number but after ten rows it should skip an extra blank row and start this all again

but thats not the only prob, starting from cell B5 should count every ten rows and give it a number starting from 1,2,3,4... and no number should be on the blank row.
a b
5 223 1
6 234 1
7 987 1
8 787 1
9 976 1
10 324 1
11 345 1
12 455 1
13 247 1
14 685 1
15 ......................

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Paste Special, While Skipping 3 Rows

Feb 29, 2008

im trying to copy a data--paste special--transpose--

i want this data to be copied in a manner, tht the 1st entry skips 3 rows and then comes the next value??

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Skipping Blanks Rows In New Table

Jul 13, 2009

i have table in the left side and i want to get the results in the table in the right side skipping blanks row price with taking in consideration blanks are formula contain ""


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Create New Rows. Skipping Some Cells

Nov 9, 2006

Attached is a sample spreadsheet. Please look at the spreadsheet will reading this post, as it would be rather confusing otherwise.

From this spreadsheet, I need to create two new spreadsheets (I assume one at a time is best). One (S1) will contain data from rows where Column C = "Regular Hours". The other (S2) will contain data from rows where Column C <> "Regular Hours".

The format of S1 (3 columns) is: Payroll # (Column B), code for the type of hour (this code I will need to write into the VBA code), the number of hours (D:G,Q:T,AD:AG), and the constant "N".

The format of S2 (4 columns) is: Payroll # (Column B), code for the type of expense (this code I will need to write into the VBA code), the dollar amount (I:P,V:AC, AI:AP), the project (Column C), and the constant "N".

The trick is each row on the new spreadsheets can only contain one hour/expense (otherwise this would be easy!). So, I need to loop to copy/paste the right cells, and need to skip over blanks, and need to end at column AP, then continue to the next appropriate row. As well, columns H, U, and AH are not used on the new sheets. I have another spreadsheet slightly similar to this with looping, but it is a delete type loop, not a creation one, and it doesn't have to have seperate rows like this does. I know this one is a bit big, but I know someone out there can figure out some looping code that can handle this.

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Referencing: Export File Arranges The Jobs In Rows With Each Value In A Separate Cell

May 3, 2007

I have a quoting application for damaged vehicles, this application is able to export all quotes and information relating to quotes into an excel sheet. the export file arranges the jobs in rows with each value in a separate cell i.e.

Job #|| Name || number || Parts $ || Total $
1453 || Mike K || 1234567 || 123.00 || 222.00
1533 || John C || 4353456 || 234.00 || 2342.00


Each job is listed on a separate row as it exports the records from an access database. once the information is exported I need to open another workbook and type in a job number into a cell and have excel automatically reference the relevant job and information relating to that job (all info in the same row) and fill in all the details from the other workbook into the new workbook. Example: the exported file contains 200 jobs, of those 200 i require 20 to view for one week. I have the job numbers of the jobs which I need to get information for. i open up another workbook and type in the 20 job numbers in separate rows and excel fills in the rest by referencing the other worksheet.

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Fill Down Into Merged Cells Without Skipping Rows?

Oct 21, 2013

My merged cells are not purely aesthetical - each merged cell (covering 6 rows in total, beginning at A3:A8) has colums and rows to the right for other details/formulae relating to that specific merged cell (which contains a customer account name).

The list I'm trying to reference is on a seperate tab - 'Projects' starting in cell A4. This list will have project names added to it, so I need my merged cells to reference the list, and subsequently pulling through all new additions to the list, rather than having to add them on a 2nd time.

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Loop Skipping Random Rows For No Reason At All

Apr 15, 2009

My sub is supposed to take the values from Sheet1 and paste them into 16x10 tables on Sheet2. However, for some odd reason, the loop is skipping some rows. If you take a look, there are 2184 values in Sheet1, but only 1368 end up in Sheet2...SKUs such as 518166,518167,510573,513746,513752 are just being skipped for no reason.

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Skipping Empty Rows When Importing Files

Oct 30, 2006

Is there an easy way to revise the following code so that it imports ONLY the non-blank rows from files?

Sub ImportFiles()
Dim i As Integer, files As String, text As String

ChDir _

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
i = 0
files = Dir("*.csv")
Do While files <> ""
Open files For Input As 1
Do While Not EOF(1)
i = i + 1
Line Input #1, text
Worksheets(1).Cells(i, 1) = text

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Concatenate Multi-row Cells Into One Multi-row Cell

Aug 21, 2013

I have multiple rows within a cell separated by Alt+Enter, and would like to combine them as follows:

Desired Result

First Name
First Name

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Basic Cell Referencing - Return Correct Names And Values On Another Sheet?

May 13, 2013

Here's the data table being referenced

Week Ending


[Code] ........

Now on another sheet, I want to return the top two 'Name's and their values like below:


There is a fluctuating amount of rows in the first table, too. So what formula can I use to return the correct names and values on another sheet?

I'm thinking it will use some form of concatenate for the first and use a sumifs function for the value column..

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