Refresh Cell Value Using VBA

Sep 17, 2009

I want to refresh a cell by triggering an event using VBA code. I have tried to refresh cell range value using this below code.

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Pivot Refresh After ODBC Query Complete Refresh

Jan 4, 2008

I have a query with ODBC connection to a SQL database. This query's parameter is linked to a cell. The resultant data is the source for a pivot table. I want to refresh the pivot table, when the query is run. I've tried using the cell that triggers the query....but the problem is that the query takes about 10 seconds to run. By the time the query returns new data....the pivot has already refreshed. I need it to refresh AFTER the query is complete.

I tried adding a cell that sums up the data from the query...thinking when THAT changes (due to updated data), to trigger the pivot refresh. Problem is that I don't know the trigger for when the sum cell changes (ie....formula change, not typed in.)

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Being Able To Refresh Data- So That When I Hit Refresh It Gets Info Frm Another File

Jul 27, 2006

i have an excel spreadsheet with 27 or so workeets. it contains sales figures in it.
I want to be able to link mutiple cells of this workbook to another workbook so that it retreives that data, So that when I hit the refresh (!) button it will automatically put the data in. I will recieve new sales figures (new files) on a monthly basis so i want it to be able to update the figures to the new figures.

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Automatically Refresh AutoFilter When Cell Value Changes

Jun 22, 2009

I have a sheet named "Risk Register" and another named "Outside Residual Risk Threshold". I need an event macro on the worksheet "View code" section, so that any time a value changes in column AF on "Risk Register", the filter on rows 8:39 in "Outside Residual Risk Threshold" is refreshed. Both sheets are protected.

The code I tried in the "view code" or "Outside Residual Risk Threshold" was as below...

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When Query Refresh Its Say "Enable Automatic Refresh"

Jan 13, 2009

I've got a spreadsheet with a few queries to extract data into my sheet. Whenever I open the spreadsheet, I get a "query refresh" dialog box, asking if I want to "Enable automatic refresh". I keep clicking on the "Enable" button but I have to keep answering the question for each open. Isn't there a way to set "yean - ok - refresh the data" so that I don't have to keep saying "yes"?

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Cell Formatting Does Not Refresh Cell Data

Jun 6, 2006

When using the format cell function, I have found some cells don't respond to the format until I enter and exit the cell (or edit). Other cells with the same data change when formatting is applied. The cell format is being changed from text to decimcal number. I have a few thousand records and about 30 cells and about half of them change when the format is applied. It would be impossible to manually edit each non-responsive cell to change the format.

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Refresh All Pivot Tables On Worksheet When Cell Changes

Dec 23, 2008

I have a dashboard that I created that is driven off one source of data. I have several lists and pivots created from that single source. I have two cells that are driven off of lists that then drive the pivot table. When a user selects an item from the drop down list I would like the pivot table to update. I have two tables like this on the main dashboard. Once the user selects the first data point, the table refreshs as does the second drop down list. After they select the second data point, the second privot table will refesh. Manually everything works prefectly, but when I attempt to automate it with VBA, it will only update the initial pivot and the secondary list, but not the second pivot.

I have posted the current code below.

"SelDept1" and "Wave" are the two cells that contain the drop down lists.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application. ScreenUpdating = False

Sheet4. Unprotect "lcssdi"
Sheet2.Unprotect "lcssdi"

If Target.Address = Range("SelDept1").Address Then
End If

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Refresh Input Cell And Capture All Outputs From Each Loop

Jul 10, 2014

Assuming I have three worksheets:

1) input: col A has a series of product code (string)
2) calculation: where I want to automatically copy and paste each product code from "input" worksheet into "calculation" cell B4, and through many steps of calculations, return the outputs in cell B8 and B9 (parameters are numeric)
3) output: how to automatically record B8 and B9 from "calculation" sheet to this sheet Row 5 and 6 from each loop? (format of output doesn't really matters)

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Refresh Pivot Table VS Refresh Pivot Cache

Nov 27, 2007

Will someone please tell me the difference (if there is a difference) between the following 2 lines of ....

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Refresh From Web With Delay

Sep 23, 2007

I can download my data from the web. I can set it to download every so many minutes. But, I have to select run on my vb program to complete calculations and put data in correct format/sheets. I am trying to put a delay/timer in the program so it will refresh on itself and I will not have to keep selecting program run. If I put this in program it appears to refresh in a timely manner however I do not get any data on the sheets ? I have tried the wait routine and the if now = time + routine

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Formulas Won't Refresh

Mar 12, 2009

The below is my problem. I have a excel wokbook that contains 2 reports from an outside source and on top of the reports i have some excel calculations.One of report has drill down capability. Everytime i open my excel workbook and refresh it the excel forumals also get refreshed along with my 2 reports and i get my results. But when ever i drill down something on the report the excel formulas are not getting refreshed automatically.

I end up refreshing the whole workbook to get the correct results which is a very time consuming process considering the amount of data i am trying to pull. And drilldown is something the users do very often and they don't like refreshing the whole workbook.

Is there any way to update the excel functions automatically whenever i drilldown?

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After Refresh Where Does Code Go

Jul 21, 2008

My macro appears to be refreshing the data from the queries on my supporting worksheets at the wrong time. It apparently doesn't go in the order it appears in my VBA code (and if anyone can explain that I'd love to know what's going on there).

Anyway, all I want to have happen is for all the queries to refresh, and THEN for the rest of my macro to run. So for example, if the user changes the job number in cell A1, or the Date in cell A2, I want the queries to refresh for this new information, and when that is done I want the rest of the macro to run.

I found the following code, but I don't understand enough about VBA to know where exactly it goes. Could someone please walk me through this? I tried putting in Sheet 1 under Microsoft Excel Objects, and I tried putting it in a Module, but neither worked. I'm sure it's some combo of both, but I can't figure it out.

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Refresh All The Sums

Feb 12, 2009

I am trying to create a macro that will sum the total number of 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's '6s in a range of cells d17:100 and return the number of 1s to cell a3 and number of two's to cell a4 and number of 3s to cell a5 and so forth.

I also need this to run each time any changes to any cell on that particular worksheet is made - sort of like 'refresh all the sums' type of thing.

I have been working on this spreadsheet for weeks and can't get past this part!

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How Can I Refresh IE Screens

Feb 23, 2009

I have four to five screens being displayed. After 10 hours the screens time out and go into password protection mode.

Is there a way to send a refresh to each of these IE windows to keep them from going into password mode.

They are being watch and security in not the problem. The hours spent logging back into four to five screens are getting really old and time consuming.

I also have MS vb express that I can use but would rather use excel.

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Screen Refresh

Nov 18, 2009

I have a large workbook with about 20 worksheets that I have used for several years without problems. Recently, I have been getting strange behavior when the screen refreshes. The biggest problem is that I get images of other worksheets covering my current worksheet when I change a cell. I can make them go away by scrolling or flipping between another worksheet and back. I have tried using manual recalc and this has helped somewhat but I can still get the images sometimes. The workbook contains VBA that performs various tasks on every worksheet (unlock, update pivots...) but these have been in there forever. There is also one piece of code that performs advanced filtering. I can only think there was something changed with a security patch, but I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue and might be able to provide some advice on how to prevent it.

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VB Listbox Refresh?

May 16, 2006

i have a worksheet and it has 3 Columns ( Date, Amount, Reason), I am trying to create a list box that lists all of the value's under these columns, i have done that successfully by putting the value range in the Properties RowSource area. When i add information to the list, using a Userform i made before, the listbox does not refresh although the excel worksheet does, it only refreshes if i close and rerun the macro. Do i need to change property values, add VB Code to the script.

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Refresh TextBox Value

Nov 29, 2006

I have a Excel form (No1) with a textbox which shows the date in a cell. I am using a calendar form to change the date in this cell, but that change does not show in the textbox form (No1) unless I close the form (No 1) and reopen it. How can I get the change to show, real time, without closing the form?

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Refresh Web Browser

Dec 13, 2006

I am having problems refreshing my querytable.. I used the standard code that I found here in Ozgrid, it downloads the version, but when I changed it on the website, it still shows the old number. It does this until I refresh the website (via web browser). I thought the query table went to the site, and downloaded what was there, but I guess not? ...

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Refresh The Pivot Automatically

Jan 21, 2010

I have a pivot table being created from multiple sheets in a workbook. This pivot table is created in the same workbook. Now how do I refresh this Pivot sheet automatically when any of the worksheets are updated. Even manually I am not able to refresh since the Refresh data menu is greyed out.

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Automatic Refresh / Update

Mar 25, 2013

I have 2 excel tables that are frequently edited on a laptop and saved to a Dropbox folder. What I would like to do is have a second computer that will have these tables open and constantly updates (periodically or when changes are made). This computer and monitor will serve as a display in a common area (think of it kind of like a flight tracker).

What I have tried: I have tried to enable the Shared Workbook with a refresh of 5 minutes but the display computer is not showing the changes. I would like to make it refresh every minute if a periodic refresh is possible.

Note: It is my understanding that if you reopen the file, the data will update so maybe there is a way to have the file reopen every few minutes? I was able to successfully test this method; If I am able to automate this process without the two excel sheets changing the window positions (using a Workspace file perhaps) it would be perfect.

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Userform Refresh Not Showing

Mar 1, 2007

My macro is called from a command button on a userform. The userform contains 3 command buttons, a label, and an image box with no attached image. When a command button is pressed, the code sets the background colour of the image box to red and changes the label caption to "Processing..". Then screenupdating is set to false, the code runs, screenupdating is set to true, the image turns green and the label says "Ready!".

The problem is that the userform does not refresh to show the changes until the code is finished running, as though the screen does not update the userform before the "screenupdating" is turned off. Can anyone tell me how to ensure that the forms are displayed correctly before the screenupdating is disabled?

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Macro Refresh To Different Cells

Nov 27, 2008

I've recently got into using excel for more complicated work but still have a less than basic knowledge as I'm attempting to teach myself through trial and error. What I'm currently working on is a simple macro that downloads data from a website (which I've done) but ideally I'd like to have this macro recreate the data roughly every 30 seconds/minute and also have this data recorded next to the existing data rather than on top of it. I realise that you can import data from the web using the standard tools and can set it to reset every 60 seconds but I don't think you can get it to reload the data next to it which is why I was considering a macro.

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Refresh Invoice Numbers

Apr 21, 2009

I have a invoice that I use, thanks to royUK is working pretty good now. I'm not sure if there is a code I can add too refresh my invoice counter. When I clear the page it moves up one number,now that I have two invoices in the same book it does not refresh the invoice number in the other invoice. royUk worked on this a lot yesterday and had some great ideas in cleaning it up. On my one day invoice he was able too give me a warning when I ran out of cells to input my marcos, but not sure how too do it in my two day because it has two pages. Their are so many helpful people here, I wish I could take them all too dinner.

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Update/Refresh Button

Sep 22, 2009

I'm looking to create a refresh/update button for my userform. What I have is various textboxes, of which the last textbox contains input from the other textboxes. For example, I have 3 textboxes. The first one contains months, the second contains years, the third pulls from both the first two.

First: August
Second. 2009
Third: August 2009

What I need is if I change the text in either the first or second textbox, I can click the refresh button and it'll update the third box.

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Turning On/Off Picture Refresh

Sep 23, 2009

I have a workbook that has many Pictures created with the Camera command. I have found that VBA macros in any workbook open at the same time as the one with Pictures run very slowly. Is there a way of temporarily turning off the Picture Refresh within the VBA in the same way as you can turn off automatic formula updating.


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How To Stop Continuous Refresh

Feb 17, 2013

I found instructions within this forum to successfully create a macro to start continuous recalcs of my excel spreadsheet to keep now() current.

Sub continuousrefresh()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:05"), "continuousrefresh"
End Sub

I want to be able to set up another macro to STOP this continuousrefresh macro. I think this should be easy but I am just not getting it.

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Refresh Sheet Every Minute?

Mar 21, 2013

Is there a way to refresh a sheet every minute? So not on selection change but automatically every minute

I know this code will refresh but i dont know how to do this every minute (Not a selection change as then this could refresh every second which will not be efficient)


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Automatic Web Data Refresh?

Sep 26, 2013

I have a workbook with many worksheets and I want to enable (or disable) it to "Refresh every n minutes" for ALL worksheets, as at the moment it seems I can only specify this option per worksheet rather than the whole workbook?

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How To Get Rid Of The Enable Automatic Refresh

Dec 19, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with a web data import query that is set to automatically refresh whenever I open the spreadsheet,

But whenever I open the spreadsheet, I get a dialog box "Query Refresh" that tells me my workbook contains queries to external data that refresh automatically.. etc., etc. This requires that I click "Enable automatic refresh" to get close the dialog box and start the import.

I want to get rid of the warning box, and just have it run after being started.

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Fomular Refresh Manually

Dec 19, 2007

when i try to create a formula on cell E7, D7 . and when i copy down the formula , it does not auto cal , i need to manually refresh , or save the file name , then the foumlar cal cell will updated.

Project (5) *ABCDE6Row Labels20062007060773M33789.7523454.52815.81252345.458AAEON*45419.32815.81252345.459ACCESSORIES112*2815.81252345.4510ASIS PCB638084102815.81252345.4511AUTENTO16392.1619578.272815.81252345.4512AXOR*600512815.81252345.4513BECKHOFF2652676.642784074.132815.81252345.4514BRAND - EXPERT222154612815.81252345.4515DANFOSS29780.3338514.022815.81252345.4516DELTA SERVO26245.366573.52815.81252345.4517ELMEX*15422.72815.81252345.4518GE FANUC1700346.271181053.752815.81252345.4519HAKKO1148010.51069760.112815.81252345.4520HANYOUNG103454543.52815.81252345.4521HENGSTLER362948.76298865.852815.81252345.4522HMS22267.598102815.81252345.45Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaD7=B7/12E7=C7/10D8=B8/12E8=C8/10D9=B9/12E9=C9/10D10=B10/12E10=C10/10D11=B11/12E11=C11/10D12=B12/12E12=C12/10D13=B13/12E13=C13/10D14=B14/12E14=C14/10D15=B15/12E15=C15/10D16=B16/12E16=C16/10D17=B17/12E17=C17/10D18=B18/12E18=C18/10D19=B19/12E19=C19/10D20=B20/12E20=C20/10D21=B21/12E21=C21/10D22=B22/12E22=C22/10 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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