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Reminder: Past Due Date

I want to create an Excel file, which would create alerts/reminders based on dates specified in certain cells. I want to create a database of various events (for ex. Invested in XYZ stock at $10 per share) and put a date in one of the column of each record. I want excel to remind me to take a look at that record after, say, 30 days.

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If Functions And Date :: When Something Is Past Due
I am trying to create a function that will tell me when something is past due.

I have a excel document for my office's accounts payable, it has a master sheet where all of the companies that we pay are listed, and they are linked so that you can click on the name and it will take you right to the page to see a more detailed breakdown.

I am trying to figure out how to make something on the master page to tell me when something is due, even if it just makes an X when it is past due.

There are about 73 worksheets in this document and each worksheet contains many dates.

Is this even possible for me to do something like this? If not does anyone have any suggestions?

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View Customers Past Due Date With Other Criteria
I need a macro that will find a row on "Sheet4" that has the word "YES" in column "K" and then varify that there is a balance owed (<$0.00) in column "N" of that same row. If there is a balance owed I need the macro to copy the data from that row into a specific place on "Sheet2" (Column "C" to E10 on the new sheet, D to E11, Q to E12, R to M12, S to T12, G to Y26, H to AF29, M to AF30, N to AF32, and lastly the current date to AC10) then Copy that sheet to a new workbook then rename the copied sheet the the Value of "E10" on that sheet and then clear the data on "Sheet2" so that only the information that was on the sheet before the data transfer is left, If there is no balance owed then it continues down column "K" on it's own to check the next one until it reaches the end of the data in "sheet4" (which is row 2111).

My goal is to be able to use this Macro to sift through a list of customers and to find ones that are past due on their bill (Based of of Column "K" which states that Yes the Bill is past due, and then variefies that it hasn't already been paid by checking the Balance Due Column "N") and then transfers their customer information to an invoice and then moves the invoice to a New workbook (So as to not clutter up my already to large Customer workbook)

This is the code that I have been playing with but i'm getting stuck on how exactlly to do this so i'm sure theres a lot in there that doesn't make any sense.

Sub FindandCopyRows()
Dim Data As Variant
Dim DataFound() As Variant
Dim iValue As Integer
Dim j As Long
Dim i As Integer

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Lock / Protect Rows Past Due Date
I have a workbook list of activities that I am hoping will visualise the scheduling of routine maintenance tasks in my engineering department. The date of the most recent check is entered in row 6 and the interval in row 5. Hence the number 7 denotes a weekly check. The conditional format is such that the reds indicate that a check needs to be carried out. If the check is done on the scheduled day then a "Y" is entered into the square. This will then turn the square green. If "Y" is entered on any other day then the square turns orange to indicate the check is done, if not on time. The red squares do not change colour unless a yes is entered. This is designed to show the history of checks and give us the opportunity to show compliance to routines. What I need to do is lock the rows that have passed the current date, to prevent unscupulous modification. Thus the macro would look down column A and if the date is less than today() would lock the row. I have truncated the file as much as I can. A nice to have would be the facility for an adminstrator to go in (perhaps password protected) to make changes if necessary.

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Due Dates To Days Past Due
I am trying to create a spread sheet in excel that will show a number of days past due counting from the due dates. see the attached xls file for details.

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Reminder For Over Due Dates
I have a task follow-up sheet that I have made for my manager, where I need I have a column to set the date when the item is entered or the date the item was discussed in meeting, etc. Then I have an additional column with "due date", here I select the date that the task needs to be completed or the date when I should be getting feedback.

What I would like is to have a pop-up that opens and tells me which tasks are due today. This could happen as perhaps a check everytime that I open my Excel file.

I realize that a conditional formatting can be used, to change the color and highligh items that are due, but I really want a pop-up, this will really make my life easier and communication to my manager easier as well. Plus my manager could use this file without me present. Allowing for less meetings to discuss list.

I have uploaded the sheet that I have so far.

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Figure Out How To Do An If For The Over 30,60,90 Past Due
Here is what my table is im working with. The tite "todays date starts in Cell A1 and B1 is =Today().

I need to figure out how to do an if for the over 30,60,90 past due. Here the logic I need to figure out:

in the Over 30 column, the logic of the statement is as follows: If the difference between today's date and the date of the invoice is greater than 30 and equal to or less than 60, the amount goes into this column.(over 30 E3) To get the amount(the ammount in C3) into the Current column, the difference between the two dates must be less than 30. To get into the over 90 column, the difference between the two dates must be greater than 90. You can figure out the over sixty column. And this needs to be copied to the remaining colums

Today’s date: =TODAY() Shop Invoice Date Invoice Amount Current Over 30 Over 60 Over 90 Ludwig's Landromat =TODAY()-72 $432.78 Willie's Washing =TODAY()-107 $565.11 Wash It Here =TODAY()-80 $308.47 Spiffy Wash and Dry =TODAY()-58 $725.37 Water Soap & Hot Air =TODAY()-30 $427.95 Wash it & Dry it =TODAY()-90 $603.91 Acme Wash & Dry =TODAY()-60 $332.35 Totals

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Flag Past Due Dates
to set a conditional format and include a function code in it as well?

I want a spreadsheet to change the color/font of a cell/column based on a comparison of a "start date" cell and a "due date" cell. This is to automate the process of highlighting items that have gone past the due date in the second cell. I was trying to do this by looking at the "now()" function and comparing it to the due date.

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Calcualting Past Due From Dates
I want to take a date (ex. May 25, 08 is in cell A2) and calculate 30 days (A2+30)June 24, 08(A6) and what i am trying to due is calculate if it is past due.

I used the if command but it does not seem to be calcualting the date plus thirty, it is only taking the date that is listed. (ex. instead of calculating =IF("A2+30"

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Function To Count Multiple Past Due Dates
I need a formula that can count items that are past due by up to 30 days, 60, or 90 days. I'd guess the total of all 3 values should = the total past due.

I have the total past due as =COUNTIF(A!I$1:I$278, "<=" & TODAY() )

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Is Date Past X Weeks From Current Date
How would I write an if statement that checks to see if the date entered is two weeks past?

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Calculate A Due Date From A Date In Another Cell
What is the formula to calculate a due date from a date in another cell?
If the date is 06-12-06 and the due date is the end of the month six months later, 12-31-06, how do I do this?

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Send Email When Date Past
I have a workbook that records incoming mail and each of these mail need to be responded to. I like to have a macro that can automatically send a standard notification email when certain condition are met.

In this workbook the date of receipt of mail is in Col. D and date of Reply in Col. E.

If Col E is blank or 30 days later than Col. D a standard email is sent to the email account of the person in Col. F. Col. F shows the email address only.

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Conditional Formatting On Due Date
Conditional Formatting for Due Dates. I have A1 which is due date and I want A1 to be formatted with red text if it is 2 days before the due date.

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Autofilter Date Due In VBA
I am having trouble getting an autofilter to work in VBA which comes up as a 'syntax error' on this line.

Range("VehicleList").Offset(-1).AutoFilter 19,

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Calculate Date Due Accounting For Holidays
I'm trying to run the code below to add functions to a couple of columns untill the value of the cell is equal to "End". I am recieving the error "Object variable or With block variable not set (Error 91)" and I'm not sure why. I have set my WITH up and I have defined the object. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Option Explicit

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim shtXL As Excel.Worksheet
Dim wbkXL As Excel.Workbook

Set shtXL = wbkXL.ActiveSheet
With shtXL
Do Until ActiveCell.Value = "End"

.Range(.Range("W2"), _
.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 1)).FormulaR1C1 = _
.Range(.Range("X2"), _
.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 1)).FormulaR1C1 = _

End With
End Sub

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Calculate Due Date & Time
I want to be able to calculate a due date two days from an entered date/time. If I input 9/3/2009 3:00 PM into cell F6 I would like cell G6 to display 9/5/2009 3:00 PM. The formula that I am currently using includes a holiday list so if the due date lands on a day within that list it gets pushed out.

My formula is =if(F6="","",Workday(F6,2,Z1:Z144)).

Basically when F6 gets populated G6 is supposed to populate with a due date of two days later (same time of the day). Currently if my input date/time is 9/3/2009 3:00 PM the formula is displaying a due date of 9/5/2009 12:00 AM.

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Changing Cell Colour Due To Date
I m a newbie at Excel but i have a little work project on my hands which i would like to have an excel document have cells change colour to the date


Today is 05/02/08 cells with the attached date of this should be orange
Above this date should be green (e.g 10/02/08)
and below this date should be red (e.g 01/01/07)

Also after this problem is solved, the dates that turn orange is it possible to automatically have some sort of message come up saying that "Such as such is expiring" or for the red "Such and such is expired" and would the program/document need to be open for the messages to occur?

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How To Key A Formula To Compute The Due Date
I'd like to know how I go about to key a formula to compute the due date 30days after the invoice date and How to key a formula to determine hours worked.

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Date Calculations :: Due And Adjusted Dates
i have a due date column and an adjusted due date column. a proof is allowed to be held 3 days, if it is held longer, the due date is adjusted. for every day over the allowed days that a proof is held, we are allowed 2 more days of production. i want to create a formula that will calculate how many EXTRA days the proof was held, multiply that by 2 and then add that many days to give us the adjusted due date. is there a way to do that?

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Determine Days Based On Due Date
I am attempting to create a template to input specific dates. If a student submits an assignment on the due date, I have set up the spreadsheet to conditionally format whether the assignment was late or not. In addition, I have a column for when feedback is to be submitted and whether it was on time or not. My problem is this...

I cannot figure out a formula or a way to determine:
If the student submits the assignment late, when will the feedback be due? For example, if submitted one day late, the instructor has an extra day to submit feedback.Two days late is an extra two days to work on it etc..

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Calculate Due Business Day Date
I need to calculate a due date for the fifth business day of the next month following the input date. I am using Excel 2000.

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Strikethrough Code To Activate When End Date Is Past
I have this code below, which someone from this forum kindly kindly gave to me for my Worksheet code. What it does is check the value in a dropdown list in column I and if it says "Cancelled" then strikethrough columns A-K of that row.

What I wanted to know is this, in cell N2 has the formula to show todays date. In column D9 onwards is an end date. How can I amend the code below so that it also checks to see if the date in Column D9 onwards is greater than N2 and if so strikethrough columns A-K in that row?

Would it be in the form of an OR statement in the code below?

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Color Cells Past Current Date Plus X Days
I currently have a sheet that shows monthly tasks and their due dates. There is also a control that when clicked, resets the due date to the following month of the same day.

What I would like to do is setup some type of reminder such as either flash the due date cell if possible or change the fill color. It should do this when the system date is = to or 4 days before the due date.

The only way I can see doing this is using VBA, which I do not know very well.

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Formula + Conditional Formatting For No Of Days Before Due Date
Heres what I am trying to do:

I have a due date of 30/10/2007 in cell A2, I would like the cells in row 2 to change to the colour green 15 days before the due date (15/10/2007) and then I would like Row 2 to change to the colour Amber 10 days before the due date (20/10/2007).

This is what I was trying to do but it is not working for me:

1___Due Date________15__________10

The Formula in B2 and C2 work fine.

I was then thinking that I could put a formula in Conditional formatting that says something like
If todays date is equal to b2 then Green else do nothing or If todays date is equal to c2 then Amber else do nothing

I can't figure out the formula for that though.

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Creating A Cell With A Due Date & Warning
I am trying to create an Excel spread sheet that keeps track of employees safety tickets and the dates they expire. Is there way to have a cell highlight to a color warning me 30 days prior to the due date listed?

I tried a conditional formatting as suggested in

[url] but that does not work.

I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (MS Office Standard)(SP3)

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Highlighting Birthdays (inc Birth Year) Past Today's Date
I have a list of birthdays (in date-month-year format) and simply want to highlight them if the date and month are past today's date.

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IF And AND; Add A Line To The Code So Date Picked By The User Needs To Be Both Weekday And Not A Day In The Past
See attcahed code. I need to add a line to the code so date picked by the user needs to be both weekday and not a day in the past.

e.i today : 20/06/2006

if user pick a date before today or a weekend date pivot table does not update.

Private Sub MonthView1_DateClick(ByVal DateClicked As Date)
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
If Weekday(MonthView1.Value, vbMonday) < 6 Then
With PivotTables("PivotTable1")
.PivotFields("DATE").CurrentPage = Format(MonthView1.Value, "dd/mm/yyyy")
End With
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Pop-up Reminder
Macro that automatically runs a task when the workbook is opened. I want it to keep track and monitor the due date so that a Pop-up Reminder can be triggered. By the way, is it possible to display a image as well? Pls take a look at my attachment for better understanding.

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Reminder Worksheet
I have got a workbook were I register our personnel.
In one sheet I have listed all our personnel and the dates their contracts expire.

Now this is what I am looking for:

Between 15 days and zero daysbefore someone's contract expires I want a pop-up telling me so. The person's name has to be in the pop-up.

I already got this
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("E2:E126")
If c > -15 And c < 0 Then MsgBox c.Offset(, -3), vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "LET OP! Einddatum contract nadert!"
End Sub

I want the pop-up only when I open the workbook(not everytime I change something in the workbook)

In the workbook are more sheets, the code I have only works with one sheet.

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Reminder On Every Other Friday
Every other Friday, I need to submit my biweekly work hour sheet to manager. For example, as 12/21/2007 is Friday and pay day, I need to submit my sheet. Next time is two weeks later, 1/4/08, and on.
12/21/07 is the first event.

I want to create a conditional format, or workbook events, or worksheet events to remind me on that Friday when I open that book or activate that sheet.

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Reminder When Closing A Workbook
I have 4 employees who at the end of their shifts have to email me an excel workbook. The issue is that some of them are forgetful and after placing numerous post-it notes on their monitors one particular employees just forgets.

What i want to do if possible is that when the workbook gets closed, a pop-up window shows up on their screen reminding them to send the workbook. Even better would be if their was a button that they could click that would email the workbook as an attachment in the pop-up box.

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Automatically Run A Reminder
Our company has a delivery schedule, based on Excel 2003, WinXP. Is it possible to set up reminders (for next scheduled deliveries in a future?

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Pop Up Reminder Listing Cell Then Go To It On Yes
Column B on worksheet3 has a list of dates on it. Column C states set reminder. Column D states how many days before reminder i.e. 3, 7, 10, 14. If the reminder is set to on. Can VBA code be run when the Workbook (or worksheet) that checks this criteria then a pops up is displayed outlining the event (say Cell A)?

Also is it then possible to have on the pop up - Go to this event (i.e. row of data?)

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Automaticaly Show Pop-Up Reminder
i would like to know if Excel offers a feature whereby reminders for instance to call a client will pop up when you open a particular file? I am not referring to the comments tags that one can insert. I am looking for a type of pop up screen function ?

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Reminder Statements Written In The Message Box
creating a MSG box to be placed at the start of the code, i need the following reminder statements written in the message box. If the answers to all statements is Yes then proceed running the code.

1. Is the value date in Sheet Summary Correct?
2. Is the workbook free of errors, check sheet "Errors"
3. Are all the graphs up to date?

Sub Save_File()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With ActiveWorkbook
.Sheets("SUMMARY").Cells(1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
.SaveAs Filename:="S:Recsdata ReportingRec StatsSummary Stats" & Format(Date, "yyyy\MMM") & _
"Stat Summary_" & Format(Date, "dd-mm-yy") & ".xls"
.Close False
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Past Days Calculation
I would like to calculate how many days past since the special Cell have been filled with data.

For exampl:

If Cell A1 filled with the data in Cell B1 I need to show the day number, if I close the file and open it next day it will show number 1 as a one day past.

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Average For The Past X Days
I want to keep track of housekeeping attendants' average productivity of rooms cleaned per day/shift for the last 10 days worked.

I need a formula which will give me an average of the 10 most recent cells with a value (0 should be counted).

I also want to have each month in a separate tab, and for the formula described above to average between two tabs should the 10 days cross-over.

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Copy And Past Only If The Cell Is As Stated
I have information across 5 cells what I want to say is if P3 is not equal 00/01/1900

Then copy and paste values of P3,Q3,R3,S3,T3 in a new sheet in cells P3,Q3,R3,S3,T3.

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Calculate Time Past Sunset
I'm trying to calculate the total time past an arbitrary time. If my start time is 17:00 and end time is 21:00 and I select a 19:00 as sunset time, How do I calculate the time past 19:00.

the formula I been using, a2-a1, but that calculates the total time between 17:00 -21:00.

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Lock Past Rows As I Trigger A New One To Appear
This (unprotects the sheet first, then) unhids rows (starting at row 1500, until it reaches row 4). Now my most current vexation- How do I lock/protect the past rows?
Say a co-worker enters information in row 1500 and walks away. The next co-worker inserts a new row (which would be row 1499) to place data in there, how can I get row 1500 to lock (or become protected) as the new row (which in this case 1499) would become unhidden?
It would be very important that the information in the previous rows remain locked so that nobody can change any client information (unless they had supervisory/administration access).

If it is not possible to protect or lock the whole row, it would also work if I could just lock one of the cells in the previous row.

I am using the following
Sub Row_Unhiding()
' Row_Unhiding Macro
' Macro recorded 2/12/2009 by gr8_big_geek
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+i
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="secret"
R = 1500
Do Until Rows(R).Hidden = True
R = R - 1
If R < 4 Then
MsgBox "No more rows to add!", vbCritical, "Error"
Exit Sub
End If
Rows(R).Hidden = False
ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="secret"
End Sub

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Summing Values For Past 24 Hours
Several times per day, I have an excursion of a value over a specified limit. The excursions are measured in seconds. I am interested in a way to sum the number of seconds accumulated in a rolling 24 hour period. Is there an easy way to do this?


Time One 20 seconds
Time Two 35 seconds
Time Three 82 seconds

If time one and time two are within 24 hours of each other, the sum I would want is 55. This is in Excel 2007. a portion of the data is attached.

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Calculate Total Hours Past 24
Is there a method to calculate the total number of hours in excel. In my attached file, the excel treat the 24 hours as time and recalculate from 0 hour.

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Filtering The Due Dates
I have a simple excel sheet and two of the columns show a Due Date and a Received Date. All I want to do is highlight any cell in the Received Date column where the Received Date is greater than the Due Date. The spreadsheet shows Purchase Orders and shows when they were due to be received and when they actually were received. i'd like to be able to show all orders that were received past their due date.

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Calendar Control Vba Not To Go Past One Year
I have the following code in my calendar initialize: ....

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How To Past A Range Of Data To One Single Cell
i have my data in coloumn G. and i am trying to create a macro to copy all the data in coloumn G:G to cell K1. i am doing this so i cand simply extract some data to other cells useing the search formula.

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Counting Hours Before And Past 6 O' Clock
In cells B8 and C8 an in- and out-time are given, in E8 the time in between.
Now I'd like to calculate the number of hours before 6 o'clock and the number of hours past 6 o'clock.

The formulas I came up with work great in the first example, but fail in the second, because the start day is on another day.

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Highlight Cell If X Days Past Today
I want to take a timestamp and make a condition. that condition would be if that timestamp is greater then 30 days from entered then highlight that cell field. Can some one shed some light on how they would be written.

EXample ( todays date) 30days later

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Dynamic Range To Look Past Blank Cells
I am having the same problem as this thread Dynamic Ranges with blank cells.

I've recently been pointed in the direction of dynamic ranges (named ranges that use OFFSET and COUNTA to expand to cover the whole of a list, even if the number of rows used is frequently changed).

They seem to have a big drawback, in that the range will not go to the bottom of the list if the list has blank cells in (because the COUNTA for the column of interest does not equal the number of rows in the list).

A typical named range might look like this:


I tried to post in it but it's too old.

I have been to the link posted in that thread about advanced dynamic named ranges but inserting a row with numbers in it and then hiding it is not suitable for me as i deal with other peoples spreadsheets so need to always be working with the Active Sheet.

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Sumproduct #Value! Error Due To Text
I'm using this sumproduct and it works until a cell has text.

I've tried =SUMPRODUCT(--($C7:$C16=$C$2),($D7:F16)) but got the #Value! error because of the D7:F16 range. If I changed it to become F7:F16, then it works. original formula adds all values giving me a YTD result. If I changed the range to be only F7:F16, then all I get is just that column's data. I have January to December's data across the columns from D to F. Any ideas on keeping my D to F range? I've tried Transpose but it didn't work either.

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Show Percentage Of Over-Due Dates
I have a spreadsheet that shows when individuals completed different events. The events are on top and the names are down the side. There are dates in the middle. I would like to know if it's possible to show a percentage of dates that are current- so take the number of fields with current dates and divide them by total number of fields. I would also like to find a percentag of events complete by each individual.

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