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Unload Userform Picture

Using VBA I have used "LoadPicture" to load a picture to a picture frame on my userform. The actual file name is driven from a label. I now want to unload it so the value is None.


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Unload Userform Causes Another To Unload
When I unload userform2 it also unloads userform1. I need userform1 to be showing after unloading userform2.

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Unload Active Userform And Show New Userform
Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As Integer)
If CloseMode = vbFormControlMenu Then
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Unload Me
Cancel = True
End If
End Sub

Trying to use above code to unload active userform and show new userform when red X (close) selected by operator. With the code as is, the Unload Me leaves the form on the screen and displays the RestrictedOptions form. If i remove the Restrictedoptions.Show, the Unload Me does remove the original form.

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Userform Doesn't Unload
I have a userform that after some operations won't unload. It executes subs from other buttons on it but it won't unload. I use ScreenUpdating but I always set it to true.

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Load & Unload UserForm With Specified Sheet Active
i have a userform which has txt boxes in it which when the data is put in to it goes onto a sperate worksheet.

would like to click on a command button to view the worksheet that the data has gone onto

have tried

unload me
sheet1 show

unload me

and also with the worksheets name as well

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Picture In Userform From Sheet
is it possible to have an image control in a userform to reference a picture inserted on a worksheet?

i have a number of pictures i want to load depending on certain events that happen in my sheet. i would like to be able to have this on multiple computers, and i would prefer to not to have to copy over the workbook AND a picture folder. i would like this to be as self contained as possible.

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UserForm Picture Select
I am trying to get my Userform to open the Insert Picture Dialog

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

at a set Path

fPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "Pics" & "*.jpg"

where the user selects the Picture to LoadPicture in Image1 control. No matter what I try I keep getting errors.

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Picture On Click In Userform
Is there any way to have a picture pop up when a label or textbox is clicked in a userform? I need the userform to stay open and usable while the picture is open. Basically the picture is supposed to assist the user of how to fill out the section.

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Resize Picture Size On UserForm
open the attachment & click the button. I'd like you to please help me in reducing both the height & width of the picture. So that when the button is clicked the pic. overall size will appear smaller.

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Clickable Hotspots On Picture In Userform
I have a userform which takes a large amount of sequential geographical data and builds a theoretical model of my layout whithin excel. However I would now like to incorperate an interactive aspect to this userform. I have written code which draws a line diagram whithin a seperate CAD app and imports it as a picture to the excel userform each time the user updates the data, but I would like to be able to select different areas whithin the data by clicking in the appropriate place on the picture in the form. I know this kind of interactivity is a bit beyond visual basics line of duty but my model MUST stay whithin the confines of excel thereforwe my front end must remain VBA for the time being.

My other option is to build up a diagram out of smaller components (boxes etc) whithin the userform. This would be entirely acceptable, however I'm not too sure if its possible to 'create' new pictures on the form from whithin the code.

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Load Picture From Worksheet Into UserForm
I have tried a couple things to get this image to show up on my userform and i keep erroring out.

Run-time Error '404' Object required

If i hover over the "userpic" in debug it has the correct referance, its just not doing anything.

Any help or suggestions would be great.
-LightData = Userform
-Pictures all held on sheet5 of wookbook

(I've search and looked at all the threads, which actually lead to what i have below)

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim RowOffset As Integer
RowOffset = ComboBox1.ListIndex
userpic = ComboBox1.Text
LightDate.Image1.picture = Sheets("sheet5").Shapes(userpic)
TextBox1.Text = Sheet1. Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 35)
CheckBox1.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 37)
CheckBox2.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 38)
CheckBox3.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 39)
CheckBox4.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 40)
CheckBox5.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 41)
CheckBox6.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 42)
CheckBox7.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 43)
CheckBox8.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 44)
CheckBox9.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 45)
CheckBox10.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 46)
CheckBox11.Value = Sheet1.Range("c2").Offset(RowOffset, 47)
End Sub

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Load Worksheet Picture Into UserForm Image Control
I have an image box on a userform in Excel VB. Is there ANY WAY to load an image into this image box from an object that I have loaded into an excel worksheet something like

If userform1.checkbox1=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 1"))
ElseIf userform1.checkbox2=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 2"))
msgbox "No image"

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Put Chosen Picture In Comment & Retrieve Picture On Other Sheet
I want to have a sample file in excel which store picture of student in comment, I did this, but when I want to insert picture the file dialog appears, and if I click cancel, then there is an error, why? If some one optimise the code it would be very nice

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Unload Me
I have three CheckBoxes and I use the UserForm Initialize event to set them to False. I thought that Unload Me would reset them. It does not matter except I do not want to ahve problems later. If UnloadMe in any way resets them then I suppose the variable in the main code would have to pick up the values before the UserForm gets unloaded.

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Hide Vs Unload
I use several different userForms at different times in my macro. I am having an issue where soemtimes Excel will be stuck (not frozen) after I close a form. Its almost like the form is being hidden but Excel thinks that it is still visible, so execution halts.

I've tried leaving the form with both me.hide and unload me. My code is pretty lengthy, so I don't think submitting it is appropriate. I believe my problem is my own lack of knowledge on hide vs unload.

Can anyone help me out here?

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Unload Add-in. Thisworkbook Is Currently Referenced By Another Workbook
I try to unload my Addin, but i got this msg:

Thisworkbook is currently referenced by other workbook and can not be closed

Each time when i want to remove it from the main menue, I have to go to toolbars > customize and remove it.

before it used to be unloaded normally by unchecked the addin from the addin window.

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The Difference Between Form1.hide And Unload Me?
What is the difference between Form1.Hide and Unload Me?

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Write The Picture Name In Cell The Picture Will Appear
i have saved some pictures in my excel sheet.
in the next sheet i want that when i write the picture name the picture will appear as vlookup helps in the getting text and nos. can i do this with pictures or i tried to get to much from excel.

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Insert Picture From File Increases File Size More Than The Picture You Inserting
I am putting together a price list in excel and using images and hyperlinks to jazz it up a bit - what I am finding is that if I insert a 25KB GIF image, the excel file grows in size by over 100KB

why is this disproportionate growth happening and is there a way around it - I dont want my Price List growing too large but need the images....?

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Unload Or Hide User Form On Show Next Form
I'm using a series of user forms for data entry to a workbook, some of them open next stage user form on completion (OK cmd button).

All that is working fine, but I'd like the initial form to close on showing the next one. I've tried adding Unload and Hide commands following the frmInsertEntry.Show (Next stage form), to no avail, but I'd like this user form to close or hide at the end of the sub.

Private Sub cmdContinueType_Click()

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Records").Activate 'Select starting cell in record sheet

If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then ' Search for next empty cell
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True

If optDrillType = True Then
End If

End Sub

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If True Show Picture 1 Else Show Picture 2
i m working on a mechanical project , I need to do some modifications to my XLS file that i aint familair with.

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Picture In A Picture
I have several pictures on a graph sheet (i.e. imported cliparts) which I am using as a key to describe outcomes. I also have a blank picture box which I want to show each of the key pictures depending on a certain value in a cell on another sheet.

In Picture1 i want: fx = If(sheet1!A1 = "Red",Picture2,Picture3)

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Insert Picture
I'm trying to insert a bmp file- small picture into an excel file (sheet 4) in vba.

how do I select the picture and copy it into the excel file.

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Picture Macro ...
I copied this from another post and am having trouble getting it to work for me. I want to be able to run this macro, find a picture on my computer which could be located anywhere and then have it paste in specific cells.

Whenever I run this it lets me find the picture I want and when I select it I get error message that says "compile error" Syntax Error". It then does not put the picture on the sheet.

I tried to zip and attach the work sheet multiple times but keep getting error message and won't let me attach......"forum excel database has encountered a problem" ....

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Put A Picture Into A Formula
I would like to find out how to put a picture into a formula so that when: example if A1 equals a certain number then a picture will pop up on the worksheet.

So in otherwords - a picture will automaticly pop up - so I need a formula to include the picture.

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Picture On Mouse Over
Is there a way to have a picture set to a cell so when you put your mouse on it it will popup like the comments do.

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Picture Won't Delete
I am working with a spreadsheet created by a predecessor and there is a picture at the top of one of the worksheets. When I select the picture and hit Delete, it seems to work, but the picture is still there. When I move it around the worksheet and resize it, a copy with the same name ("Picture 47") remains in the spot I moved it from. When I delete the resized/moved picture, it deletes, but the picture still remains in the original spot.

When I record a macro and select the picture and hit delete - or even when I move the picture and resize it - the recorded macro is blank.

All of the pictures seem to be named "Picture 47"

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Load Picture
I have made the next code

Filename = Application.GetOpenFilename("JPG Files(*.jpg),*.jpg,GIF files(*.gif),*.gif")
If Filename = False Then
Response = MsgBox("Er was geen file gekozen!", vbOKOnly & vbCritical, "Er is iets fout gegaan")
Exit Sub
End If

Userform.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(Filename)

I can choose a picture and it will be vissible in the Userform.

The problem is it's not saved into the userform it self.
How can i make it so that when i choose a picture it's also the picture i see the next time i open the userform.

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Can You VLOOKUP A Picture
If I had a series of pictures in a worksheet, how could I give them a value so I could use the vlookup function?

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Un-shrinking Picture
Is it possible after inserting a picture in Excel and then shrinking it to the cell size un-shrink it to the original size by clicking the picture or placing cursor on the cell?

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Use Picture Name From A Cell
I have recorded a macro for inserting, sizing and positioning a product photo into a report. The photo file is in a directory containing many files. Filenames are alpha numeric codes with a .jpg extensions. I wish to be able to enter a different code into a spreadsheet cell which will be named and let the macro insert the proper photo from the files in the subdirectory.

Here is the code which was recorded and which brings up the photo for file "HGGA134.jpg ".

ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert( _
"C:Documents and SettingsRichard WrightDesktopNUEVOProduct PhotosHGGA134.jpg" _
Selection.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoTrue
Selection.ShapeRange.Height = 195#
Selection.ShapeRange.Width = 180#
Selection.ShapeRange.Rotation = 0#
End Sub

I need a way to change the "HGGA134" part of the code by having it reference a named cell in the report.

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Togglebutton Picture Input
I'm new with vba and trying to make a Togglebutton to show a picture when pressed and stays empty when depressed in a designated cell (H16).

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How To Open .jpg Picture With Macro
I use the following macro to open excel files. Can this be modified to open a picture ppppp.jpg?

. . . or, can someone help me with a new macro that can open pictures

. . . I would still like to have the file checking options to see if the picture is already open and if not, that it actually exists.

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Copy Chart As A Picture
I’m trying to copy a chart as a Picture but when I select Shift Edit as Jon Pelltier suggests at

In the Copy Picture dialog box it doesn’t appear the “Format” option (to enable Picture copy).

Why is this happening?.

Currently using Excel XP.

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Copy And Pasting A Picture IF
I would like a macro that would analyze a range (H15:GI15) to see if they contain FH, FS, FB, FR, or FC and if they do, copy the related picture associated with the 5 variables and paste it in the cell.

I did this code and it worked, but the code is very long. Another problem I have is there needs to be a way to delete the existing pictures before the code runs too. Because the cells may change and the button that runs the macro would be labeled "update" or something to that effect. I don't really need it to run everytime the cell is updated, just when the "update" button is pushed.

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Copy A Picture From On Location To Another On The Same HD
First of all, I would like to thank all Excel Forum Moderators and Members especially Andy Pope for the great effort they exert to help all members.

Lately, I viewed the thread available on the following link and I admired the great perfect work and codes provided by Andy Pope so much,

My request is similar to the points discussed in the above mentioned thread, but, it is a little bit different ..

Instead of inserting the picture to the worksheet, I want the picture to be copied from one folder on the HD to another folder called (Employees photos), which is located in workbook's path.

In other words, I need a code to copy one jpg picture from one location to another.

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Insert Picture Sub Fails In '07
The code below will enable you to browse for a picture and insert it at cell location O9. It works great in excel '03 but when sub is ran in '07 it places the picture at about cell D5 and not really even lined up perfectly with that cell. Does any one have any idea why this is happening and how to make the sub work correctly in '07?

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Loading Background Picture
I have a dropdown box with a few options in it. What I want to do, is have excel load a particular picture, that I have saved on my computer, into the background when a certain option is selected from the dropdown box.

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Picture When Combo Box Is Changed
This is the first VBA project i've done on Excel, and its not very big. I've never done any programming before, but i need help on this

What i'm trying to do it to have the Combo box that when an item is selected the respective picture shows next to it (i've got a seperate sheet with the products, prices, pics etc...)

After trying everything to get the picture to show, i switched to VBA because it looked like i could do it in that. The first thing i did was record a macro for each picture - the first one goes like this (its called TEST)

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Selecting A Picture Object
On one sheet I have a table of contents that has a name in column A. In column B I currently have a hyperlink to some text to take me to a cell under a drawing object in another sheet. I wanted to make this more elegant and easier to see which object you are supposed to look at. To do this I thought of using VBA and anchoring a text box in column B of the TOC sheet that I could attach a macro to. Below is my code but it means I need a separate macro for each object. I have 200 and counting. The text in the adjacent cell in column A contains the name. Is there some way for the macro to know what row the control object is in so that it can get the name from the adjacent cell?

Second question. Is there a routine like .OnSelection where I could change the background color of the object only when it is selected? So when another object is selected the previous one reverts back to the original condition.

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Macro For Pop-up Window With Picture
A macro, which would allow me to click on a particular cell, which will have an ID number (1 through 34), each ID# is attributed to a particular employee. These ID# are located in my spreadsheet in columns B & G, and the ID #'s begin initially in B6 & G6 and continue downward to B34 & G34. These ID #'s are used in a vlookup type formula which covers 35 pages of this workbook. What I'd like to do is be able to click on any cell between B6& B34 (and/or the same in G6&G34), which has a particular ID # in it and have the photo of that particular employee designated with that ID# pop up in a window generated by the macro. I hope this makes sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated. My 1st sheet in my workbook is my "lookup" tab, which contains my ID# list and numbering sequence affiliated to each employee. So I'm not sure if I'd need to put the photograph of the employee in a column next to the employees name or have a folder designated with all my pictures in a certain directory, etc.

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Macro: Does Picture Exist
I have been able to piece together something that works great for me till i tested it on a item that I did not have a picture referanced to it.

I am looking for some help with what i guess is an "if" statement that if no picture is found paste "Sorry no picture found" in c3.

Here is code

Sub Copy_Cells()
'Copying the row
addr = ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller).TopLeftCell.Address
Intersect( Range(addr).EntireRow, Range("b:ak")).Select
Selection.Copy Sheet2.Range("b65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 0)

'Picture code
MyPicturesName = Sheets("sheet3").Range("i5").Text

'hide tabs
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Visible = False

End Sub

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Format A Picture With A Macro
I'm watching an educational D V D on my computer, and take notes in excel. I repeatedly use the print screen command, then go to excel and paste in the picture, though it is too large. I resize it to 50% and I'm done. What kind of code do I need to use to paste and shrink the picture to 50%? Also, how do I attach a shortcut key to this action (for example Ctrl+M)

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Look For Every Picture And Change It To A JPEG
I have 50 word docs where people have pasted powerpoint slides as pictures but just used copy and paste rather than paste special, this means when pasted the file sizes are massive.

I have an excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks to evry document where the file sizes are massive and its taking up so much file space.

I was wondering if anyone has a macro or can hlp me with one that, when i click on a link to the word doc, it would open the word doc, and change the picture from .ppt to .JPEG then close the word doc when done.

Im not sure if this is even do-able, infact i am probably talking rubbish, but it would save me like 2 weeks if ti was possible.

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Move The Picture Top Of The Sheet
How can I code a Picture so it moves atop a excel sheet?
I dont like the behavior this code runs.
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 1").Select
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementLeft 0.75

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Way Of Associating A Cell With A Picture
Does anyone know of a way of associating a cell with a picture?

for example, if you click on a button, the picture appears in cell A1?

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Turning On/Off Picture Refresh
I have a workbook that has many Pictures created with the Camera command. I have found that VBA macros in any workbook open at the same time as the one with Pictures run very slowly. Is there a way of temporarily turning off the Picture Refresh within the VBA in the same way as you can turn off automatic formula updating.


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Picture Would Change With The Data
I have a sheet that I use to store machine process data. The way it works is on a main sheet I select the job I need to run and the machine I want to run it in. The sheet adjusts the process to match the machine basicly volumetric formulas and all that works great no problems. But what I would like to do is when I choose a job I would like excel to display a couple pf pictures such as a picture of the part, a picture of the machine with that job set-up in it that kind of thing. Each time I pick a new job the pictures would change with the data.

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Copy Picture As Text
i have this picture of a list of chores..its about 150 different chores long

i can type all of it in..that would take a long time..

but anyway i was wondering if there was a way to take the picture and turn it into words..


A1 Sweep Kitchen Floor
A2 Mop Kitchen Floor
A3 Empty Dishwasher
A4 Fill Dishwasher

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Insert A Picture-2007
I record a macro in Excel 2007 to insert a picture from a file in the active sheet, but when I stop recording it and I went so see the code and there was no code!!!

I did the same in Excel 2003 and the code was like this:

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Resize And Delete Picture
1.My macro code to insert picture from C:pictures to worksheet in colum B,but the insert pictue are very big. how can it is automatic resize with autofit in the height of the column B when i click the insert button.

2.I need some code for the delete button. if I need to delete some picture,when the delete button is clicked , the input box prompt for key in the picture name to delete. if i key in the pictue name , eg.pictue2 , so the name of pictue2 in the column A and the pictue2 in the column B is deleted.

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