Returning The Address Of A Cell

Jun 27, 2009

i'm trying to figure out a way that would return the address of the cell that contains the highest/lowest value of a range i.e. =cell("address",min(g3:g6)).

if the lowest value was in cell g4, i'd want the output from above formula to be $g$4.

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Searching Row For Value Of N Digits And Returning Cell Address

Mar 30, 2013

Our software extract for our data base sucks and values do not align properly if all entries do not have tge exact same number of fields with data in them.

I have always done the alignment in excel manually. I can find where the data starts to misalign and would like to do this automatically.

There is an id number for each entry (row) that is 6 digits long. How can I search a row for a 6 digit number and return the address of that cell? i can use this address as a starting point and use the offset function to do so alignment from there.

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Returning Hyperlink Unc Address

Sep 7, 2007

How do I get the UNC address from a hyperlink? I insert a hyperlink using Insert -> Hyperlink. When I mouseover the hyperlink I can see the UNC address. However the hyperlink address property does not return the UNC address.

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Need To Pull Street Address Out Of Full Address In A Cell

May 20, 2014

Assume the following list of addresses are all in separate cells of a single column (A1-A4). I just need the formula to extract the street addresses, and then a separate formula to extract the zip codes.





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Using Macro To Find Email Address In Address Book Of Outlook

May 22, 2014

I am struggling to find a macro which can look at a name in column 'BT' and search it in the address book of Outlook to then place the email address of that person in column 'ED'

There are 35,000+ people in the address book and there may be over 5 email addresses for one name, so is there any way a message can appear for the user to select which email address is correct if there is more than 1 contact for that name?

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Split Address Which Is In Single Column Which Contains First / Last Name And Address Without Any Comma?

Apr 24, 2013

I have a list for addresses in excel in single column as shown below - aanandhi narayanan 3430 chemin de riviere sanjose,CA95148


abdi abdi 5390 monterey rd #6 sanjose,CA95111

Sheribel Abinsay 3212 Gateland CT San Jose, Ca 95148

I need the result to be in a way like -

3430 Chemin de riviere
San Jose

3838 Glengrove way
San Jose

5390 monterey rd#6
San Jose

3212 Gateland CT
San Jose

I have around 12000 records with the same format.

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Get Email Address From Global Address Book In Outlook

Feb 25, 2014

On a worksheet called "Contact Info" column A starting in row 2 I have a list of names (variable length). In Columns B2-D I need the email address, work phone number, and cell phone number.

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Incorporate Adjacent Cell In Formula W/o Naming Cell Address?

Oct 2, 2009

I searched and I keep finding something that's not quite what I'm looking to do so I think I'm missing something really simple.

Let's say that I want each cell in col b to be the sum of 5 plus whatever value is in the cell adjacent to it on the left (col).

I know that you can just write a formula in each cell like...

b1 will be =sum(a1+5)
b2 will be =sum(a2+5)

... but is there a shortcut so that you don't have to write out the actual cell address for each one?

Meaning - is there a predefined name or something that represents the cell to the left or right so you can just use that instead, allowing you to just copy paste the same formula all the way down the column? Something like...

b1 will be =sum(left+5)
b2 will be =sum(left+5)

... where "left" represents whatever value is in the cell to the left of that particular cell?

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Looking For A Solution On How To Convert A Returned Cell Address To A Cell Reference

Dec 2, 2009

I have a formula (AL15) to determine the address of the last column with a value greater than 1. =COUNTIF(C16:AC16,">=1")+2. I then use this column value to aquire the Absolute row "15" and the determined column=(ADDRESS(15,AL15,4)). This returns to me a Column value and row value that I need to use as a refference. How can I convert this returned value to a reference.

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Send Email To Recipient Address Which Is In Cell If Cell CHANGES To True

Mar 12, 2014

If a cell changes to true i want it to send an email to the address that is in another cell,

For example if F5 CHANGES to true then send email to address in G5,

From here i can add in the subject line, and body i just cant figure out how to get it to send to a specific email address based on the cell value, and also only do it once, when it changes to TRUE rather than everytime the sheet is active, so i would require a macro to constantly be running, or run of off the cell when it changes

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Detect Cell Address Of Cell Directly Under Mouse Pointer

Oct 25, 2009

I've a sheet that presents the profitability of sales locations in a geographic layout (similar to Tables in a restaurant), each sales location is a cell, with roughly 1,600 locations presented. Each location is colour coded based on performance / measure, in a basic thermographic way [e.g. dark blue for very poor, solid red for high performance] with users being able to change metrics and re-colour cells accordingly.

The sheet is already information rich, but I'm wanting to detect the cell address directly under the pointer and populate a text box or other cell based on the value in the cell directly below the mouse pointer.

My question is; Is there a simple way of detecting the mouse position on the XL Grid? nb. Want to avoid having to activate cell beneath pointer.

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Access A Cell's Contents Via A Variable Containing Cell Address??

Mar 16, 2009

How can you access a cell's value via a vb variable that contains the cell's address. I have a vb variable named cellAddress (string) that contains "$A$1" and I want to assign the contents of what cellAddress points to another VB variable - how do i Do this?

e.g. if cellAddress = "$a$1" and A1 contains "xyz", I would like to assigne "xyz" to a new vaiable by referencing just cellAddress??? Also - Can anyone reccomend a good Excel VB book? A book that maybe stresses the VB language rather then a cook-book approach.

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Obtain Cell Reference/address Base On Cell Value

Mar 10, 2008

I have this certain value "Y" in all the sheets. In the summary sheet, I would like to get the cell address for this value in a given sheet. I know that you can get cell address using CELL worksheet function. However, for that you need to know the reference to the cell, which is what I am interested in.

I tried Hlookup to get column #. But couldn't figure out how to convert the number to letter so that I can use MATCH to get row # and then finally, index or address function to what I am looking for.

If someone knows how to convert column # to column letter OR knows a better/easier way to obtain cell reference/address based on cell value,

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Formula That Returns The Cell Address Of The Last Cell > 0 In A Range

Jul 16, 2008

I am looking for a formula that returns the cell address of the last cell > 0 in a range.

in the example: A1CLA23 8

the result should be A7.

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Read Workbook, Worksheet & Cell Address From Cell

Sep 21, 2007

Display Alert On Closing If Cell Not Filled In

How do I alter this code so that it acts like an INDIRECT function so will pick up a cell reference in another cell?

I can't just use A1 as I want this to change dynamically.

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Identify Cell Address Of Active Cell Selection

Oct 10, 2007

I have an embedded chart on my worksheet.I can select a cell behind the chart using the keyboard arrow keys.Is there a way of doing this using a mouse click,so that I know which cell i am pointing to/choosing?

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Formula/Function Reference To Cell Address In Another Cell

May 22, 2008

how can I use the cell function inside a NPV fuction as one argument of the start for the NPV string to calculate?

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Getting A Last Cell But One Address

Jun 12, 2009

how to Get a last cell but one only address

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Cell Address

Feb 1, 2009

regarding the cell value. What i am trying to do is I have alot of cells with datas and in cell(1,8) I have a data. I will search through these cells and if they match with data of cell(1,8), it will return me the cell (x,y) with x and y being the row and col numbers. Is there any command that I can continue with the below code to get the x and y?

For Each cell In Range(Cells(3, 4), Cells(500, 26)
If cell.value = cell(1, 8).value Then

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Address Of A Cell?

Jun 2, 2009

I have a variable Num that covers the range of C5, C6, and C7. I would like to figure out how to write the code that grabs just the column portion of say C5.

Set Num = Range(Range("C5"), Range("C5").End(xlDown))
Something like,

Range(Column(Num), 3).Value or something like that

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Cell (Address ... )

Oct 23, 2009

I have created the below formula to return an address. I need to use this address in the second formula ("cell address here"), If i am completely off base please point me in the right direction..


=OFFSET("Cell Address here",10-$BI$1,0,1,1)

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Cell Returning #n/a

Mar 29, 2008

i have this formula in cell e28 =IF(B28<>"",LOOKUP(B28,STOCK!A1:A500,STOCK!B1:B500),"") and when its empty it returns a blank cell

but in cell e29 i have exactly the same formula =IF(B29<>"",LOOKUP(B29,STOCK!A1:A500,STOCK!B1:B500),"") but i returns #n/a

why is this and how do i stop it i want the cell to be empty unless there is a code entered in b29 in which case it will look up the relevant info for me

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Cell Address Changing

Oct 30, 2009

I am trying to write a line for my little project but came to a stop as I do not have enough knowledge on how to get around this.

Most likely its something very simple but I'm not an expert so hopefully someone here can put me out of my misery.

I am trying to get this to work:

Function IF(AND(sheet!A1=sheet2!A1),x,y) works fine but for what I need to do I need to get sheet2!A(1+B1) As soon as I do that it all goes funny. In B1 I have a number that determines by how many cells A1 needs to be offset but I cannot get the syntax right.

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Separate Address From Cell

Jan 26, 2010

I have a dataset with full addreses listed in one cell. I would like to use "text to columns" to separate the data but am unable to use the text separater in the wizard. When I open the text to columns wizard the data appears to be divided with a "square" but I cannot add it as "other" for the delimeter. see the attached.

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Hyperlink & Cell Address

Jul 22, 2008

I'm so close to having this figured out, I use the formula =HYPERLINK("#Reps!"&ADDRESS(MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,Reps!C:C),3)) for the hyperlink to the total I have for a PivotTable. But how do I get it to show the actual number as opposed to #Reps!$C$6489 in the hyperlinked cell? Any help would be great.

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Use A Cell Value In A Address Link...

Mar 9, 2009

I have is a summary worksheet with two columns. One column is for Project ID number and the other is an address link to a specific cell in the worksheet corresponding to the Project ID. Perhaps the best way to explain this is by giving an example:

Project ID (Column 1)

Balance (Column 2)
='C:Financial Sheets[00-111.xlsx]Phase_21'!$H$1

As you can see the spreadsheets are named after the Project ID number. What I would like to do, if possible, is instead of typing in the name of the spreadsheet for each project in column 2 (Balance), I could somehow reference the cell value in column 1 (Project ID). Something like this:

Project ID (Column 1)

Balance (Column 2)
='C:Financial Sheets["A2".xlsx]Phase_21'!$H$1..........

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Finding The Address Of A Cell

Apr 17, 2008

I've got a spreadsheet where column A has dates and time and column C has over 8000 rows of numbers.

I'm looking to pull the date and time from column A associated with a value in column C...

how do i do a "lookup" in this case?

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Select Cell Address Via VBA

May 16, 2008

I have a cell, say A1 in Sheet("temp") which has a value like this:


I need some vba code which selects this range which happens to be in a different sheet.

the only way I can think of is to split this text string to worksheet and range components but i am having issues doing this in vba.

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VBA: How Can I Use Relative Cell Address

Jul 9, 2008

way I can use relative cell address in VBA? For example, in the following table:

value item 1 apple item 2 peach item 3 mango
Instead of use

Range("B4").Value = "mango"

to insert mango to cell B4, I can use an address that's one row under peach, or one column to the right of item 3?

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Find A Cell Address

Dec 8, 2008

I have the following macro written:

Sub GT()Dim cell As rangeDim BeforeNull As StringDim FirstNull As StringDim InitialData As StringDim B As VariantFor Each cell In range("A1:A8")Alpha:    InitialData = cell    FirstNull = InStr(1, InitialData, " ", vbTextCompare)    If FirstNull = 1 Then    InitialData = Right(InitialData, Len(InitialData) - 1)    cell = InitialData    GoTo Alpha    End If    If FirstNull "" And FirstNull "0" Then BeforeNull = Trim(Left(InitialData, FirstNull - 1))    If FirstNull = "" Or FirstNull = "0" Then BeforeNull = InitialDatacell = BeforeNullNextEnd Sub

Now after the final Next, I need the macro to select the last cell changed. Is there a way to do this?

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