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Simple Job Cost Sheet

The job cost controller is not exactly what I need, so I have been trying to create my own. So far my progress has got me to be able to separate each laborer for each job.

Here is my query: I have a drop down menu that lists ten different tasks(i.e. carpentry, painting, demo, etc.) and I want each of the ten tasks to separate themselves. Is this a vlookup function? How do I make excel listen?

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Generate A Daily Job Sheet Showing All Of That Days Information
I have set up a datasheet with information to be used in generating several pivot tables:

Column A - Our Invoice Number
Comunn B - Vendor's Invoice Date
Column C - Type of Vendor (Labor, PM, Subcontractor, Material, or Equipment)
Column D - Vendor Name
Column E - Vendor Invoice Number/Time Classification (Column C is Labor, PM, this is either Regular Time or Overtime. If Column C is Subcontractor, Material, or Equipment, the Vendor's Invoice Number is enetered.)
Column F - Labor Hours Worked (Column C is Labor or PM, a value is entered, if not, formula enters "N/A")
Column G - Labor Rate ((Column C is Labor or PM, vlookup value is entered, if not, formula enters "N/A")
Column H - Amount Billed ((Column C is Labor or PM, formula multiplies rate by hours, if not, enter the amount of the Vendor's invoice.)
Column I - Mark Up Percentage
Column J - Mark Up Amount
Column K - Total Amount Billed (Column H + Column J)

I need to set up a daily job sheet (like and invoice) for each date listed under Column B. For each day, I need to generate a daily job sheet showing all of that day's information. The location of the information is based on the value in Column C - Subcontractors's data go in one spot on the sheet and Labor costs go in another place.

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Add MEMO Sheet To Beginning Of Network Print Job
to modify this code that prints each sheet to a different printer on the network. I would like for the code to print a sheet that will be named "MEMO" at the beginning of each print job....

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Transferring Cost From One Sheet To Another
I am trying to figure out how to update cost from a manufacturers price sheet in excel. I have one worksheet that has the manufacturer's part number and my current cost. A=item number B= current cost. on the second sheet is the same setup but my price list has roughly 3500 rows and the vendor price sheet is 23000 rows. Is there a way to automate the cost replacement by comparing item number and if they are the same replacing cost on sheet one with cost on sheet two?

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Iteration Inconsistency: Allow For A Cost Being Added To Loan Amount Where The Cost Is Based On The Total Loan Amount
In a financial environment we have a calculator which uses iteration to allow for a cost being added to loan amount where the cost is based on the total loan amount. Iteration is set to 100 iterations with max change .001

On one PC the first time the calculator is opened it gives a particular (incorrect) result. If the input cells are cleared and the data re-entered, it gives the correct result. This only happens on one particular PC. Is there some other setting , other than the iteration setting, that would cause this?

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Sharing The Value Of Job Over A Certain Period
i need to share the valve of the job over the months. see attahed excel sheet. say the job worth 10k has a start date of the 30th of nov and the end date is the 1st of dec. the value of the job is shared between two days and then put into the relevent cell. as regards to the months they are not calander months so the start date and end date of the months are diffrent see attached sheet for full details.

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Custom Print Job
With page breaks in Excel, is it possible to have different pages span a different number of columns?

Right now, I have my page breaks laid out so I've got 3 separate pages. Currently, they are each 30 rows in height, and 30 columns in width.

However, I want the first one to be 20 columns wide, the second to be 30 columns wide and the third to be 40 columns wide.

If I try and drag the vertical blue bar, I adjust the column span for all 3 pages. I need a way to drag the vertical blue bar for each page separately.

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Automatically Updated For Each Job On Another Worksheet
i have 1000 lines of criteria (being updated all the time)
i have say 10 or so different jobs

i need a summary of values that is automatically updated for each job on another worksheet for a report

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I have a worksheet with blank tables on 2 template tabs named viz: ON BOARD and NOT ON BOARD, each with 3 sheets to print when viewed on print preview.

What I want is just print ONLY those sheets which have data filled in., i.e if I have data on 1 sheet out of 3 sheets, I want only 1 page to be printed, if there is data on 2 sheets then print only 2 and so on, from both the sheet tabs.

On Page Set up window, I have following specs:

On Page Tab: As follows

Orientation: Landscape

Adjust to: 75 % of normal size

Paper size: 8.5 X 14" Legal

On Sheet Tab:

Print Area A1:O51

Under Print titles:

Rows to repeat at top: $1:$6

These settings are standard for both the sheet tabs.

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Working Out The Number Of Days A Job Has Taken.
I have a table with 2 date columns, and I need to subtract one date from another to give me the number of days the job has taken, but this also needs to exclude the weekends. There is no hours involved.

Start Date Finish Date Days Taken
22/Jan/2009 27/Jan/2009 4

Is there a formula that i can use to work out the days taken.
there is multiple rows of information, the above is an example.

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Generate A Monthly Job Chart
I want to have my monthly job chart automated. I got a leave chart marked with workers' leaves on a month basis. Each month, I got to consolidate a job roster containing names of workers who will be working at the counter. It takes me almost 2-3 hours to have the roster completed. I attached here with an excel file for your information. Can it be done automatically by vba if data of workers' leaves are available? The names assigned will be at random in seqence each month(i.e. Peter will be at counter work on 3/10/2006 if not on leave but may be on 08/11/2006). That's why it takes me so long to compile the roster.

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Lookup- Way Of Searching For A Job Number Across All 31 Days
Due to the company that i work for doing alot of manuafacturing each and every day, i need some sort of look up.

For example, the currently excel sheet i use.


As you can see i have many different Job Numbers that i use.... BUT

The problem that i am facing is, that these jobs sometimes are carried over to more than one day, [sheet bottom of screenshot] but also we might make the job one day and and then not again untill next week using the same Job Number.

What I Need
I need a way of searching for a job number across all 31 days and for it to total up the "Quantity (Qty)" of them all that we made upon that Job Number.

So lets say the Job Number 91294 was run on day 1 (shown in screenshot).
And it made 25.
But it then ran again 3 days later on the same Job Number 91294.
And it made 20.

I need it to be able to work that out the total for me across them days being 45 upon the Job Number 91294.

Things to Consider
The layout will NOT change, no extra rows or coloums will be added.

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Job Hour Tracking With Pivot Tables
I have an Excel timesheet that the supervisor loads the time (in and out) for all the shop employees. These employees may work up to six different jobs in one day at various points throughout the day. I have no problem with calcs and formats on the daily time entry tab (sheet1). What I need is a way to track each job using a running total so that as the job is in progress we can see how we are doing against estimated hours. I thought perhaps I should at least make a weekly time summary pivot table thinking that it would make it easier to calculate, but it didn't help with running totals. The summary included (5) copies of the same daily entry tab (sheet1) just given a different name, in this case ..a simple date change and save the sheet with the date used. OK, here's the problem. How do I create a running total that would track each job? I forgot to mention earlier that each daily time entry sheet is saved and named by the date for which it represents. The weekly time summary pivot table works fine....but it only gives me the grand total of hours worked for each day...not a running total summary. I can view the pivot tables and go to the calcualtor and add the hours up per job, but that's defeating the purpose. Anyway, I hope this is clear enough to at least get some responses. Then, maybe by then I'll have a better understanding how to ask the right questions.

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Copy An Existing Formula Down Or To Create One For The Same Job
I have a very simple lookup formula (eg: ='data'!C1) that I need to copy down about 4000 rows. The difficulty is that I need to miss out 5 rows in between each paste but no matter what I try when copying it down, it throws itself out of numerical order. I have tried to type the formula manually for every row but its taking forever and is bound to go wrong at some point. I have attached a very small example to show what I mean - Imagin this example needing the formula to run down in order up to row 4000?

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Creating Drop Down Boxes For Job Sheets
I am trying to create drop down boxes in a spreadsheet so I can create job sheets from them, I have a small business building cubby houses and I want to create a job sheet from a spread sheet that will have customer name - job number and so on thats the easy bit but I need to have a few drop down boxes so I can just click on what type of cubby they want from a list and what colour roof and what side door will be on and so on instead of having to type all this in for every job.

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Calculating Number Of Days For Job Length Periods
I'm trying to calculate the length of a work order to develop an average and future proposal estimates.

For example:
Job received = A1
In work = B1
Job completed = C1
Total days to complete = D1

I know I can enter in D1 C1-A1 and get the correct result but I want the field to calculate A1-TODAY() until a completion date is entered. This would display the number of days the job has been in work until completed. Once completed use the C1 for calculation.

Sorta like
If(C1=">=0" then (A1-Today()) else C1-A1)

I will then use conditional formatting with block colors to indicate whether it is a completed job or in work job.

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IF Formula- Created A Non-subjective Job Evaluation Spreadsheet
I have created a non-subjective job evaluation spreadsheet, which takes data obtained from a work daily of an individual and is implemented in my spreadsheet. The columns of areas to be evaluated will average each individuals performance by averaging the individual to the rest of his shifts performance and a point system has been established depending on their work level. The situation I'm running into is I'm using the formula below to establish my point system. In an effort to be fair in every way possible, should a particular column end up with all zeros "0" this would then become the average, which should provide the individuals in this group with three "3" points. My forumula as it is set up will now only give one "1" point, when it should be three. The point system works great other than this one particular problem, when everyone has a zero. I'd sure appreciate anyone's suggestion how I might be able to add one more IF statement to this existing formula. Note: I29 is the cell for this particular column that represents the average of the column with data in it. I28 is 10% above average, I27 is 20% above average, I30 is 10% below average and I31 is 20% below average.
point system is 1 point for 20% below average, 2 points for 10% below average, 3 points for average, 4 points for 10% above average and 5 points for 20% above average.

=IF(ISTEXT(I3),0,IF(I3="",0,IF(I3<=$I$31,1,IF(I3<=$I$30,2,IF(I3<=$I$29,3,IF(I3<$I$28,3,IF(I3>=$I$27, 5,IF(I3<$I$27,4))))))))

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JOB SECURITY- How To Make A VBA Script Expire
method for making a VBA script expire?

I.e. it will only work for a specified time and requires the author of the script to renew it at a given point?

I want to be able to do this to strengthen my position as an independent contrator financially...and copy protect my work from unwanted exploitation

Some ideas:
1-MSG box requesting a pre-defined password to renew the time for the script to work along with contact info for the author

2-Ability to define # of days, months and or years the script will work

3-Ability to define the # of days, months and or years that a MSG box warning of pending expiration will appear

4Ability to define the # of days, months and or years that the renew will extend the use of the script with multiple pre-defined passwords allowing different lengths of time extention! Perhaps an encryption method allows you to in another excel sheet (say the comfort of your own home) generate at will a password that will extend a scripts life for 3 months?! They contact you again, and again you generate a "random" password that will extend the original script

5-Anti-hacking measures, using MS's built in security

This might be a useful way of extracting monies over time, for the use of a script you provide....pre-set

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Unique Job #'s By Date VBA Solution
I'm looking for a VBA solution that will return a list of unqiue job numbers in B by date, the below is some sample data in Sheet 1

Sheet 2 is the result I'm looking for and usually there will be muliple job mumbers for the same date and in this case I'm fine to leave it as a blank cell in sheet 2 for that day.

Unable to use advanved filtering as it's a data table thats changing all the time. It's verly likely that the same job numbers will be in multiple days....

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Accumulate The Hours For An Invoice Period And Job Code Combination
My problem is that I have a worksheet tab (RawTimeSheetData) which contains a whole series of week/timecode values for a range of people.

I want to accumulate the hours for an invoice period / job code combination. As an example in the tab InvoicePeriodSummaryTimes cell D6 i want to sum all the hours from RawTimeSheetData where both cells A6 & B6 from InvoicePeriod tab = cells D6 & E6 from the rawdata tab.

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Calculating Cost Per Second
I'm trying to make a worksheet where I can calculate the cost of a mobile postpaid subscription. It is charged per minute and the cost differs depending on which of the 2 available networks the customer is calling to. The first 20 minutes are free, not depending on network.

Charges to network A is 1,79,- per minute after the first 20 minutes are spent.
Charges to network B is 2,29,- per minute after the first 20 minutes are spent.

To sum up:
1. The customer makes a call.
2. If there there are available free minutes, these should be spent first.
3. The customer is charged per minute, depending on network called.

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Least Cost Routing
im working on a VoIP company, and having a hard time to figure out a result on a little time.

the problem is finding a "least cost routing" wherein you will find the cheaper to higher price, and putting the results on a designated columns:

I am including an image, sorry if the image seems to be heavy and large:

as you can see: Column C contains the sale rate for the client, while Columns D to I, are the buy rates from our source carriers.

While the columns K to P, are the columns where should one source carrier should be fitted base on the buy rates, that is best fitted to the sale rate.

Red marks=are not suitable or non-profitable buy rate for the sale rate.

Sorry for the bad english, but i hope you get what i mean. this is only a sample from our Internal data.

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Calculating Cost
Problem - billing spreadsheet for prisoner fee.

1 - 8 hrs = $55
9 - 24 hrs = $55 + $65 or $120
Anything over 24 hrs - $65 for each additional (24 hrs) ($185)

So if you were locked up for 6 hrs it is $55. If you were locked up for 18 hrs it is $120. If you were locked up for 28 hrs it is $185. And if you were locked up for 49 hrs it is $250. Cell F5 contains number of hours locked up - I would like cell I5 to calculate the cost of the stay. I am proud of myself for figuring out the date and time subtraction - but this part has me stumped.

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Cost Vs Units Graph
I'm wondering how to display the following cost model on a graph (this is a piecewise-linear cost model for some production company):

Cost per unit for 0-10 units: $1
Cost per unit for 11-20 units: $3
Cost per unit for 21-30 units: $5
Cost per unit for 31-40 units: $8
Fixed cost: $100 (this is regardless of the number of units produced)

Basically I'm looking to construct a cost vs units graph.

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Cost Based Mark Up
set up a cost based markup spreadsheet?

I need to be able to mark up values from 0.01-9.99 by 20% of their value, and 10.00 and above by 10% of their value.

I only know how to mark up values by a single percentage.

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Calculate X Percentage Of Cost
I am trying to create a simple formula to extract cost from a total that includes both cost and and a percentage for maintanance. Assume $100, 10% of which is maintenance the remainder is cost. If I just subtract 10% from $100 I get $90, however 10% of $90 is $9 which equals $99.

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Cost Average Effect
Example number 1:
You invested 10.000 Dollar in the year 1985 into a tempelton fund and waited 20 years. Result can be seen at many forums and stock plattforms

Example number 2:
In 1985 you had no 10.000 Dollar, but only 100 Dollar a month. You invested this 100 Dollar each month for 20 years.

How big will the difference be between example 1 and 2 ?

*** Background.
If a "share" will cost 100 Dollar, you will get 1 share for 100 Dollar. Next month share is down to 50 Dollar, you will get 2 shares for your monthly 100 Dollar. Next month share is up at 200 Dollar, you will get only a half share for your 100 Dollar. Its called cost average effect.

Tool should allow "play arround", to simulate various scenarios, talking into account growth rate, time period, monthly investment, fluctuation of a theoretical share. Idealy we would love to " import" e.g. famous fund history (eg. Tempelton, Pioneer) etc. to see how investment would have developed when a steady monthly payment would have been made.

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Time And Cost Calculations ..
I am compiling a simple worksheet that will keep an ongoing track of labour costs in a production environment. The objective is to end up with a labor cost "per unit" for packing punnets of soft fruit.

The source data I have is;

1 - Start time and end time of the job

2 - Any breaks taken during the job

3 - The number of staff it took to do it

4 - The status of the staff (Supervisor, temp, etc) and their hourly pay rates

5 - The number of punnets packed.

With all of the above it should be a relatively simple exercise to calculate the cost per unit (and with a calculator is!). My problem appears to be that I am not formatting something correctly, because when I try to calculate the costs for the employees' my costs are obviously wrong. I have attached my early draft for reference, in the example shown I am showing that a supervisor earning £7.50 an hour worked for 1 hour 15 mins at a cost of £0.39

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Calculating Cost Based On Several Factors
i. I currently have a spreadsheet which is used to forecast resource cost for a project. The forecasted cost is calculated on a few factors - rate, allocation, contract start and end date, and expected days worked per month. One of the mods actually helped me out with this a few weeks ago.

I now have been told that there is a possibility that certain resource costs may change in the new year and that will need to be reflected in the sheet whilst keeping the historic information.

For example - XXX has a rate of £200 p/d, allocation is 1, working 18.83 days p/m and is working from 01/01/09 to 01/06/09. The current formula will work out his cost per month until contract end. Now say his rate will be changed to £150 p/d from the 01/03 and all other info remains the same, I need the sheet to calculate his revised cost from 01/03 onwards and not change the calculation previous to that month.

Now Ive actually managed to figure that part out myself by adding in two columns (over-ride rate and over-ride date) using a nested IF statement. The only problem is that if the new rate starts mid month then it will still calcuate the original amount for the full month and the revised amount from the next month.

Edit - Also, could someone advise as to how do I remove my old attachments as I have almost used up my allocation.

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Cost Price Vs Quantity Discount
I'm trying to work out how to get a spreadsheet to calculate when it works out cheaper to buy more of something, due to quantity price breaks, than less... e.g. 1-10 are £12.50 each, but 10-20 are £10 each and 20-30 are £8.75 each.. so it's as cheap to buy 10 (10x10=100) as it is 8 (8x12.50=100) and cheaper to but 10 (100) than it is to buy 9 (112.50) than 10... but there are similar price breaks at 20, 50 +

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Way To Check Whether Any Cost Centre Has Been Missed Out ...
I attached a workbook and it shows data in row 2 - 960. and in cells BA1574 -BM1604 are the summary by using 'sum if' function. As you can see, row 160 countercheck the results and it shows differences.

So my questions are

1) any formula that i can use to ensure all cost centres are taken up in Col AZ1574 - AZ1604? I am sure that i have missed something out.

2) My goal is to summarise the total of each cost centre. Is there other options to reach this goal apart from using 'sum if' function? I would like to learn something new.

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Manufacturing To Retail Cost Calculator
I am trying to make an EASY Manufacturing Cost to Retail pricing calculator. This calculator would have ability to include cost of goods, labor, markup etc of components manufactured and sold as retail products, example: small bookshelves versus large bookshelves or cabinets all have different materials (wood types, stain etc) in determining the final retail product costs that would reflect time of labor hours involved in producing to determine final retail costs. Should be simple in Excel 2000 (my version). I have the basic template created and have used Data Validation Drop Down Lists and utilized LOOKUP function. While my knowledge is limited in Excel, I am frustrated as how the LOOKUP function works, I can only get it to work where in the formula, the costs per unit are input manually, whereas I would prefer to have the data input automatically from columns of calculated wholesale cost plus markup per square foot data, ie: =lookup(A1, X1:X30, Y1:Y30) but get errors when doing this. Instead this works: =lookup(A1,{"pine", "oak", "birch"},{"3.99","7.87","5.15"}) and using this cell (A1) in my calculations for including the square foot costs in the final retail calculations. While this seems to work, it is not easily modifiable as costs change rapidly and would like to easily input the cost per square foot of the different woods in their own cells rather than in the formula calculation of the lookup. Hope that makes sense..... any suggestions? perhaps lookup is not the best function for what I am attempting? - sample file is attached, light green are notes of where my data is located.

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Calculate Cost Basis Of Inventory
I need a macro to calculate the cost basis of the inventory. ( Field F3 and F4 in Sheet1)

Please refer to attached sheet....

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Time And Cost Calculations Per Minute
I have costs per minute and call times in seconds

How do I work out the cost per call in Excel?

It's probably something very simple, but I just can't work it out. No matter what I try, I can't get it right

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ISDN Call Cost Formula
I have an Excel workbook with 2 worksheets, labelled as "codes" and "data"

The "codes" worksheet contains three columns of data.

Column A shows Country names
Column B shows Country dialling codes
Column C shows Cost per minute to the country ...

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>>> Finding Lowest Cost/Vendor
I need to find the lowest price, mark it up and designate which vendor it’s from so the CSR knows which one to quote back to the customer. Besides going through it line by line, is there a way to do this? It seems like there could be a formula where it pulls the lowest of the 3 prices and vendor name into a new “price” and “vendor” columns and then I can go through and mark it up.

Here’s a small sample of what the sheet looks like:

Item #Desc V1 V1 CostV2V2 CostV3V3 Cost
123456brush Advance 2.56Weiler5.65Osborn3.25

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Margin Forumla :: How Do I Figure Out The Cost?
I have the margin and I have the sale price. How do I figure out the cost?

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Increase/Mark-up Cost By X Percent
Formula for figuring retail price from cost. ie Cheeseburger 1.00 cost and I want a 60% markup. (2.55 Retail)

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Inventory: FIFO, LIFO And Average Cost
I need to compare and calculate the Unit Cost Price of my Inventory based on the 3 methods of inventory valuation: FIFO (First In, First Out), LIFO (Last In, First Out) and Average Cost.

Next, I enclose 3 snapshots of each method with the results required (columns color yellow).

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Sum The Total And Find The Average Cost
I need a formula that will scan column A (Code)total the like items (also) add column B (Qty) if there is a number greater than 1. Then add the price ($) together and divide by the sum of A&B.

In other words find the average price for the total of each item..

Code Qty $
PH06003000 1 1504.8
PH06003000 1 1582.24
PH06003000 1 1606
PH06003000 1 1504.8
PH06003000 2 3009.6
PH06003000 1 1504.8
PH06003000 1 1504.8
PH06003000 1 1504.8
PH06024000 1 2499.2
PH06024000 1 2499.2
PH06024000 1 1896.07
PH06024000 2 3909.66
PH06024000 1 2240.7
PH06024000 1 2259.4
PH06024000 15 30030
PH06024070 1 2039.4
PH06024070 1 1958.66
PH06025670 1 2521.2

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Calculating Manhours/labor Cost In 2003
I am having trouble trying to calculate cost for a specific task. I know this is something simple and I am going to kick myself when it gets solved, but I have total brain lock right now! Here is the example of what I am trying to do.

# of people start finish time man hours labor cost
3 1:35 2:05 :30 1.5 $15.00

I am entering the values in A, B and C, with B & C formatted as TIME. D is calculated by =(C3-B3), but I am lost trying to calculate E and F.

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Calculating Total From Number Of Minutes And Cost P/m
I need to calculate the total cost of outbound calls based on the total duration of outbound calls multiplied by cost per minute. For example, in a given month, the total duration of outbound calls is 261:16:34 being 216 hours, 16 minutes and 34 seconds. I have this figure in cell A1 with the format [h]:mm:ss. I then convert this to minutes in cell B1 by saying B1=A1, but having the format [m], which gives me 15676. In cell C1, I have the cost per minte value of £0.026. But when I apply the formula D1=B1*C1, I get £0.283, when 15676*£0.026 should in fact be £407.58.

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If Then Or Else: Calculate The Cost Of A Cushion That Is Governed By It’s Thickness
use the “INDEX & MATCH” formula and I thank him very much for that. Now, I have another problem which I think the “IF & ELSE” statement may come into play. I am trying to calculate the cost of a cushion that is governed by it’s thickness.


B2 represents 12 inches
C2 represents 12 inches
D2 represents 5 inches
144 represents square foot

The calculation is,

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Calculating Cost Dependant On Month And Category
I have a sheet with 3 columns. First one is a date in the format dd/mm/yy, second is category type (numerical 1-40) and then the final column is cost in the format 0.00. These columns will need to run from A2:A65536, B2:B65536 & C2:C65536 to cover all later additions. I need to work out a cost total for each of the categories in each month.

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Determine Cost For Stepped Pricing In Seconds
The phone call is charged at 0.57 for the first 60 seconds, thereafter 0.0095 per second. Determine cost if duration (in seconds) is available?


The phone caal is charged at 1.654 for the first 60 seconds, thereafter 0.827 for every 30 seconds.Determine cost if duration (in seconds) is available?

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Minimize Cost By Calculating Best Binomial Distribution
I'm working on a problem that calculates data using a binomial distribution. The data derived from the binomial distribution is then used to calculate a cost. I would like to minimize cost by changing the number of " reservations". Can excel solver do this or is it too complicated? I have attached the file with what I'm working on. (Changing E1 to minimize E2 while Cells A9:A102 are calculating a binomial distribution)

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Simple IF Function
If Channel A = Channel B, only fill "Primary Channel" (A or B)

If the Revenue A is bigger than Revenue B then take the Channel A as primary and secondary channel column as Channel B

if the Revenue B is bigger than Revenue A then take the Channel B as primary and Channel A as secondary

Sample File


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Simple Ledger
This is going to sound very simply to most here I'm sure. I have a need for a simple ledger, credit, debit, balance. I will only have maybe 12 accounts and want to keep track of hand written invoices and payments.

Here's what I would like: I return to my office, click on a tab for an account, enter the date and amount of an invoice in a debit column for that account. When payment is made, enter the amount received in the credit column. Having a running total in the balance column. A monthly statement option would be nice, but not necessary.

I have searched for templates of general ledgers and get results with budgets, projects . . . just too complex for my needs now.

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Simple Loop To Get Value

I just like to do a simple loop but can´t seam to work it out.

I like to loop through column F and on the last cell or the first empty cell I like to get the sum.

how that works? I only find samples which don´t seam to help me much.

Also I would like to know a code to select all cells and rows and copy it into a different worksheet. Like cut and paste with vba.

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Multiplying Cost By Variable Factors, Vlookup Not Working
I have an Excel 2003 situation I cannot resolve. In one workbook, I have a table of multiplication factors based on a numerical general ledger code. On another sheet, I have a data extract including that code and a cost. In the latter sheet, I need to multiply cost by the appropriate factor based on the GL code - IF Code=X, then cost*factor.

Should be simple, but I have too many codes for a nested IF statement. I also tried a VLOOKUP, but since the codes are numerical, Excel interprets them to be in the thousands, while my factors are 1.xxxxxxx, and since the data being looked up thereby appears smaller than the keys, VLOOKUP will only return #N/A or ?NAME, depending on whether I try to nest it in an IF or not. I also have several thousand records per month to which this needs to be applied, so going manual is not an option.

The calculating is done in column E, the original cost is in column AB, the key (GL code) is in column R, and the GL code range with factors is on the !Factors sheet (column A=Code, B=Description, C=factor).

*I'm running Excel 2003 on WinXP Pro

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Column Title Lookup: Find The Lowest Cost
I have been assigned a task of finding the lowest cost of four possible solutions however I have quite an extensive list of items to work with. To make this easier, I need to be able to find the lowest cost in my row (which is not sorted by lowest to highest value) and return the column heading associated with that lowest cost.

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