SpinButton For Images Control

Sep 28, 2009

The script it's almost all complete and it'already working. How works this script:
From the Combobox_click i load a txt file, the script from the txt file get only the first column of the file. Its a list of numbers.

When this list of code numbers it's loaded in the Combobox_click, for each code number in the image combo box there is a one corrisponding image. For the images folder in the cell J2 the is a one Path reader. the scrip work perfectly.

What i need:

As you can see, under the image combo box, there is a SpinButton.
I need that by clicking the Forward or Back button i can go forward or back of the images list.

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Spinbutton Unprotect...

Dec 25, 2008

When I protect the worksheet with the spinbutton, the spinbutton is no longer accessible. How can I modify the code below (provided by Leith Ross) to make the spinbutton accessible in a protected sheet?

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SpinButton Altering Adjacent Cell?

Jun 12, 2014

I have a spinbutton on a userform. Here is the section of code for SpinUp:


Normally, I wouldn't hard code an address in like this, but I was given a last minute project to present on Monday, so it's down,dirty, and quick. Anyways, the adjacent cell "O7" has a formula referencing another page. When I spin the spinner it activates the correct cell (and continues to do so as long as I press the button), but here's the wierdness: cell "07" formula disappears, leaving the existing value in it. It's like it copy pastespecial values.

I've stepped through the code and it's not referencing any other procedure. It happens on this line:

[Code] ....

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Spinbutton Incrementing Crashes Workbook

Apr 3, 2008

I use spinbuttons to increment 3 data cells (C7:C9). These cells are used as entry data for some calculations and also trigger some macros via change event. Every time I use them the workbook crashes, this is only since I modified one of the instantiated macros that sorts a table on another sheet. See below the spinbutton code with the call of the macro and further the code of the sorting macro:

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinDown()
Range("C7").Value = Range("C7").Value - 0.05
End Sub

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinUp()
Range("C7").Value = Range("C7").Value + 0.05
End Sub

Private Sub SpinButton2_SpinDown()
Range("C8").Value = Range("C8").Value - 0.05
End Sub......................................................

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SpinButton To Increment By Decimals Not Whole Number

Sep 2, 2006

Iím using this code to change the value of an active cell with a spinner named: 1.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim lNum As Long
If IsNumeric(Target) Then
lNum = Target
If lNum = Target And Target >= 0 Then
With Me.Shapes("1").ControlFormat
.LinkedCell = vbNullString
.Value = Target
.LinkedCell = Target.Address
End With
Me.Shapes("1").ControlFormat.LinkedCell = vbNullString
End If
End If
End Sub

The problem is, that whenever I click or activate a cell its value automatically changes to 0. The spinner works just fine modifying the value of the activated cell. The problem is that this code somehow causes all the decimals such as 0,3 0,1 or 0,8, entered manually, to change to 0. This way only integral numbers, such as 1, 45 or 100 are accepted. I must truly say I have no [no need to swear - mod] idea how to fix these problems meaning the automatically inserted 0 and the fact that the sheet doesnít accept decimals changing them to an integral number.

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Link SpinButton To The Cell It Is Located In Automatically?

Oct 17, 2012

I want to be able to link spinbuttons to the cell it is located in automatically, so I can move it around or copy and then paste into other cells. I do not want to use one button to increment a selected cell.

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SpinButton To Change Time After TextBox Entry?

Nov 3, 2013

Textbox and SpinButtons, there is code for changing the date in a textbox by using a spinbutton. I have tried to use some variation of that for the purpose of changing time but to no avail. What my intention is, is that if someone enters 12:00 into TextBox that SpinButton_Up or SpinButton_Down can change the time to 12:01... or 11:59... respectively, and so on.


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Spinbutton To Increase By Different Increments According To Current Value Scale

Jan 1, 2009

I don't know if title is understandable, English not being my tongue, anyway here's my problem, the current value must be increased or decreased by 0.01 if it's between 1 and 2, by 0.02 between 2 and 3 and so on. I'm really new to VBA and after a few hours I came up with the following code which works fine till the value of 6 and then gets stuck: ....

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Textbox/SpinButton - Time Greater Than 24hrs

Jun 2, 2006

I'm developing a local timesheet userform application and want to capture times which may be greater than 24hrs using a textbox/spinbutton pairing.

I've managed to pair up and work with times up to 24hrs but the output always resets after 23:55.

I've also tried formatting the output as "[h]:mm" but without success.

Private Sub sbDTime_SpinUp()

With ctrl2
If .Text = vbNullString Then
.Text = Format(TimeSerial(0, 5, 0), "hh:mm")
.Text = Format(TimeValue(.Text) + 5, "hh:mm")
End If
End With
End Sub

Private Sub sbDTime_SpinDown()
With ctrl2
If .Text = vbNullString Then
.Text = Format(TimeSerial(0, 5, 0), "hh:mm")
.Text = Format(TimeValue(.Text) + 5, "hh:mm")
End If
End With
End Sub

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Link Spinbutton To Chart Data Source

Nov 21, 2006

For example, if my graph currently shows B1:L1 range, how by clicking a spin button to make the graph show B2:L2 range?


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Spinbutton To Cyle Backwards/forwards On Multipage Userform?

Dec 8, 2008

I'm trying to create a userform to act as a walk-through for a process. I've settled on using a multipage to conserve the required screen real-estate, and break the process into natural 'stages'. I've happily got these stages fixed into the userform's pages, with a couple of command buttons running events OnClick - but cannot figure how to get the spinbutton to navigate between the pages.

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Customize ActiveX SpinButton Value - Not Decrementing (or Incrementing) Correctly

Feb 17, 2010

I have an Active X SpinButton control directly on a spreadsheet that changes the input cell. (The idea is that later on, there'll be a bunch of these input cells, accompanied by their respective SpinButton controls).

I'm allowing the user to define the Min, Max, and Step (SmallChange) value of the SpinButton because (1) I need it to do decimal points and negative numbers and (2) that's what my boss would have wanted.

So I set the Min, Max, SmallChange value in the SpinButton properties to "0" then try to manipulate them in the VBA code.

What went wrong with the code is hard to explain. But basically, when I use the SpinButton to increment or decrement, it didn't quite do it correctly. If I fix the increment part of code, then the decrement part of the code goes wrong and vice versa.

An example: I have Min as "0.5%" in cell B7; Max as "4.5%" in cell B8; and Step (SmallChange) as "0.5%" in cell B9. The Input cell is in cell B10 where user can either type in a value within the defined range (enforced by data validation) or use the SpinButton to change the value.

To replicate the problem: I type in "1.0" in the Input cell and click on the left SpinButton and it would not allow me to go to the defined lower limit (which is 0.5%) in this case.

Here are my codes:

Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinUp()

Dim MyMax As Variant
Dim MyStep As Variant
Dim MyInput As Variant

MyMax = SpinButton1.Max + Range("B8").Value
MyStep = SpinButton1.SmallChange + Range("B9").Value

MyInput = Range("B10").Value...................................

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Adjust Userform Height Via SpinButton Linked To TextBox

Dec 30, 2009

I have a userform with a listbox set to a range of numbers from 1-10, I would like my userform to expand/collapse dependant on the number within the listbox. The problem I am having is the forms height does not adjust from using the toggle controls only when you select back into the listbox itself.

Private Sub ListBox1_Change()
If Me.ListBox1.Value = 1 Then
Me.Height = 180
End If
If Me.ListBox1.Value = 2 Then
Me.Height = 210
End If
If Me.ListBox1.Value = 3 Then
Me.Height = 240
End If
End Sub

I have tried using click/after change events however I get the same response. Am I missing something from my code or should I be using another control (SpinButton for instance).

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Avoid Hard Coding Control Name Inside Control Event Procedure?

Mar 4, 2014

Is there any way in VBA to refer to a control in its own event procedure without referring to it by name/hard-coding?

It might be clearer to explain by a dummy code example:

[Code] ......

I'm seeking what I would need to replace Line1 with.

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Select Next Control / Cell On Worksheet After Enter In Control

Jan 9, 2008

Within the ComboBox properties, is there anyway to control after "enter" his hit, you move to the right instead of down (similar to the edit under Tools/Options)?

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Drag From Treeview Control To Spreadsheet Control

Jan 12, 2007

I have created a userform within VBA which has a TreeView Control and a Spreadsheet control on it.

I have populated the TreeView control with data and what I want to be able to do is to drag the nodes off the TreeView control to the spreadsheet control.

I can drag onto a normal worksheet but not onto the spreadsheet control (the no drop mouse pointer keeps showing).

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Determine Active Control On Multipage Control

Oct 4, 2007

How do I determine which control the user is currently modifying on a multipage form (either changing, enterying or exiting the specific control). when I use "userform1.activecontrol" i get "multipage1" as the control name but I need the actual control on the specific active multipage. (also the .TABINDEX is for the multipage regardless of the on-page control) I use a generic data-field change SUBroutine so need the control name (and the TABINDEX) to provide my SELECT CASE. (so every fieldname_CHANGE calls the same SUB [with no parameters])

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How To Render URL Images

Jan 29, 2014

I work for a small business and I'm in the process of creating a simple invoicing system. The only hang-up I've come across so far is rendering images. I want a thumbnail of the product to appear on the invoice, but haven't had any luck finding code or formulas online that solve my particular challenge.

So cells B26 and B27 are merged and contain the URL address to the image I want rendered. I would like to maintain the width of the column when the image is rendered, but the height can be extended to fit taller images. There is only one image per printed page (per invoice). The image will always be in column B, of course there will be several rows between those containing URLs/images. For example, the image will be in B26:27 on page one, B67:68 on page two, B108:109 on page three, and so on.

I have attached an example file to this post. Please note: the file is saved as .xls intentionally and any solution should be compatible with this format.

Invoicing Test_ozgrid.xls

solve this problem using either formulas or code

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Hyperlink To Images

May 9, 2014

I have a list of values in excel that represent image numbers (IMG_0001 etc...) in column A (A1:A703); hence representing my 702 images. I am trying to hyperlink each single image to its respective image which is located on my usb key all in one go (I don't want to hyperlink one at a time as it would take me for ages). Is there an easy way to do that?

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Add Images To A Sheet

Jul 10, 2007

I am putting together two reports that involves a lot of photos (we're talking about two thousand each). I have figured out how to add the images to comments thanks to other posts on this site, but is there anyway to make this more automatic?

I found this code below, which seems to apply, but I just don't know enough about VBA to make it work, my only experiance with code is Flash's actionscript.


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Lookup Images With VBA

Aug 25, 2009

I have a cabinet quotation spreadsheet that offers 22 door styles. We never need to quote more than 6 or so. showing all 22 doors is impractical now. What I want to do is make 6 selections from 6 pull down menus (menues showing all 22 door styles). Upon making a selection for door 1, I want it's image to appear. Same for door selections 2 through 6.

I did find some code from McGimpsey & Assoctiates .......

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Images In Workbook

Sep 10, 2008

i have a spreadsheet of my stock (300 items) that contains a header row for all information concerning each item.

what i want is a thumbnail image (120x78) of the product to appear for each product (pic is stored on HD or web)

(it is possible to show a hyperlink to the image from the web or from my computer in the cell, but it seems to be impossible to display the actual image instead, bizarre, i could care less if it is actually in the cell or not)

i have found some code that has worked for others in a macro, just not for me. thus my header row is now (csv style):

imagename, imagepath, image, porduct

B-CH01_thm , C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH01
B-CH02_thm, C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH02

The code (i assumed was for a macro) that did nothing when i ran it is below, i dont want a fix for this code either, any solution that will actually work is all i am after!

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Put Images Into ComboBox

Dec 6, 2006

You can place in cell something that looks like ComboBox and contains list of options that you can choose. I was wondering if there is a way to do the same but with icons/images instead of text? And i dont mean form just excel sheet.

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Replace Images By Text?

May 22, 2014

I have a single column with more than 200.000 cells. In each cell there is a small image obtained from a website. There are four different images: red, orange, yellow and green . What I need is to replace all equal images by an equal string, such as (red square) =Q4, (orange square) =Q3 and so on, or, at least, place a string for each image type in an adjacent cell

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Referencing Images Across Workbooks

Oct 22, 2008

I'm trying to get a system setup with a workbook acting as a reference document, sort of read only and on a separate server. Which is then referenced by another "working" workbook, no problem so far other than I want to be able to view/show images from within the main reference workbook in the destination working workbook. I want this to happen when a user inputs a code, it should populate a series of cells including showing a small jpeg of said item.

For example if I use the camera function it doesn't do as desired when the main reference workbook is not currently open.

I was hoping to avoid macro's or vb if at all possible.

I'm a bit of an Excel novice though have limited programming experience in other languages / applications. I'm also a complete novice when it comes to forums and threads etc. so excuse me if I mess up protocol at all.

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Insert Images Automatically

Jan 15, 2010

I'm trying to insert pictures automatically on Excel 2000 but i still with problems to find the better solution, please see the file with a better explanation.

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Exporting Images From Excel?

Apr 7, 2014

I have been presented with an excel document, with image names in one column (e.g. 832005_001), and hyperlinks in another column [URL]

My goal is to export the hyperlinks in the excel document into a folder as images with the corresponding image names. Is this possible to do without manually opening each link and saving it in a document, and manually renaming each picture in accordance with its image name? (as there are over 4,000).

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Insert Images Throughout Worksheet.

Mar 10, 2008

Trying to find a code which will insert all images into specified cells.


All of the images are in a single folder C:/My Documents/Pictures

All are .jpg images which contain the prefix EV_

ie: image1 is called EV_10020003.jpg
image2 is called EV_40B00001.jpg
image3 is called EV_C003001.jpg


Throughout my worksheet I have cells containing text of an image
ie: in F23 contains the text EV_40B00001
in G50 the text EV_C003001


My aim would be to use a command button to search through my worksheet (Sheet1) and load up each image to their corresponding cell.

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Macro Dealing With Images

Aug 11, 2008

I am in serious need of a macro that will search a folder for image names and replace them witha determined image name col. If this is possible it would be a live saver.

For an example

Skus.................Image Name from File (Imported)........Renamed Image

725564..............725564.jpg.................................."Text that I insert"
894646..............atol-894646.jpg............................"Text that I insert"
713246..............713246-atoll.jpg..........................."Text that I insert"

So baically I need images to be searched by sku and replaced with determined image name from a different column.

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Hyperlink Multiple Images At Once

Feb 14, 2009

I have about 20,000 hyperlinks in my excel sheet that I would like to assign to individual images.

For example, how do I link an image in cell A2, using a hyperlink from cell B2?

I know that if I wanted to simply hyperlink text, I would use =HYPERLINK(B2,"text"), but this reference won't work for images.

I also know I can right click on the image and insert a hyperlink that way, but this obviously isn't practical because I am working with over 20,000 links.

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