Split Quantity Onto One Row Each?

Mar 30, 2014

I have a table like this:

1 AB111
3 CC332
2 DA221

Is there a way to display that information on another sheet so that each individual product is on its own line with a QTY of one? I can do it with VBA but was wondering if there is an alternative?

1 AB111
1 CC332
1 CC332
1 CC332
1 DA221
1 DA221

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Discount Prices Based On Order Quantity And Package Quantity

Nov 23, 2009

I have two idential spreadsheets with several rows of items each with different packaging quantities, price break quantities and corrisponding prices next to each break quantity. I'm trying to build a discounting sheet on an idential page by using formulas that read off the price sell in the same relative position on sheet 2. Below is one row of sheet1 and the idential row of sheet2 - underneath the cells are the rules I would like incorporate:

Sheet 1
1Pack QtyQty 1Prc 1Qty 2Prc 2Qty 3Prc 3

Sheet 2
1Pack QtyQty 1Prc 1Qty 2Prc 2Qty 3Prc 3

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Split 1st & Last Names & Split Addresses After 1st Comma

Mar 6, 2008

I'm using Excel 2000 and I have a spreadsheet with 4 columns (A-D) and many (500+) rows.

Part 1:
Colums A & B both contain identical data - a first name and a last name in the format "John Doe".

I want the second word ("Doe") removed from all cells in Column A so that only the first name remains, and I want the first word ("John") to be removed from every cell in Column B so that only the last name remains.

So, where A1 & B1 both started with the data "John Doe" now A1 contains only "John" and B1 contains only "Doe".

Part 2:
Column C contains addresses in the format:
"#5 - 123 Fake Street, Some City, CA 90210"

There is ALWAYS a comma and a space after the street address, then the name of the city or town followed by more data which may include one or more commas.

I would like everything BEFORE the first comma to remain in column C, and everything AFTER the first comma & space to be moved into Column D of the same row. The first comma and space are not needed again.

So, where C1 started with "#5 - 123 Fake Street, Some City, CA 90210", it now only contains "#5 - 123 Fake Street" and D1 now contains "Some City, CA 90210".

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Split Numbers And Split Words

May 8, 2009

How do I split numbers!

I have two problems/challenges!

Part I...
I got the answer 1987, and now I want Excel to take the numbers out and display...
1 in one box then i set + in the next, then 9 in the 3ed. box, next box +, then 8, then +, then 7 in the last so that i can have Excel make a SUM of it all to 25.

How do I split 1987 and put the numbers in different boxes?

Part II...
I want to make A=1 B=2... all the way up to 9, then start over again with J=1 K=2... up to 9 again and then over again.

So that if I write my name it comes out as a value of 14 (Odd = O=6 D=4 D=4 =14)

(AJS=1 BKT=2 CLU=3 DMV=4 ENW=5 FOX=6 GPY=7 HQZ=8 IR=9, It's the Norwegian alphabet, that's why there are some extra letters)

So how do I set up my Excel so that is ANY name is typed in I can get it out into a number from the values assign?

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Sum Quantity Of First Column

Oct 6, 2009

I have 3 columns:

in first cell (A1) i have a 553482300040

in second cell (B1) quantity: 1000

and in third cell (C1) i have first 2 numbers from first cell (A1), in that case 55.

In second row, first cell (A2) i have another code, but begins with 55 too, in second cell (B2) i have quantity for this: 500.

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Using IF AND To Track Quantity Totals

Jun 10, 2014

I am currently trying to find a better way to track quantities of delivered material from multiple suppliers. I have a attached a sample of what I am trying to do. In the "totals" sheet Row 3 is working as planned. There are a couple of issues that I am having with my formatting as is. First off in my "raw" data sheet there is an empty row between each row of numbers (this is they way I am sent the information from the supplier). This empty row causes my totals to place a Q everywhere column A on "Raw" is not filled with "B". Is there a way to have the totals sheet only pull from the cells with values in them?

My other question is how I would be able to get the values for material, Net wt., and Charges to populate if Column A in "Raw" is Q?

Quantity Tracking.xlsx

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Extract Data Quantity Less Than 40

May 13, 2014

I have data in ms excel and in column "F" is the Qty

If the Qty is Less then 40 then extract the data and put into the sheet "Less then 40"

I have attached sample excel file : Extr.xls‎

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Total Quantity Calculation

Jun 18, 2009

I have a INDENTED list from a cad software that looks like this.
It gives me the quantaty of each position. For instant in the list

I have 5 of 1.1 but because 1.1 is part of 1 makes my total 3x5=15
I have 2 of 1.1.1 but because 1.1.1 is part of 1.1 which again is part of 1 makes the total 2x5x3=30


1 3 3 (=3)
1.1 5 15 (=3x5)
1.1.1 2 30 (=2x5x3)
1.2 2 6 (=2x3)
1.3 1 3 (=3x1)
2 1

My question how to write a formula that automatically calculates the total quantity.

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Print Quantity As Formula

Mar 9, 2007

I want to have the print quantity to be the following:
textbox1 divided by =VLOOKUP(textbox2,Kits!$B$3:$F$25030,3,FALSE)

I need to really do the following:

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut From:=1, To:=1, Copies:= "formula = textbox2/VLOOKUP(textbox2,Kits!$B$3:$F$25030,3,FALSE)", Collate _

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Cumulative Value From Quantity Lookup

Apr 24, 2008

I'm guessing it will be some sort of nested loop but I'm just going round in circles trying to solve it. I need to calculate a cumulative value based on the following criteria:

1. Pre Qty - can be any integer value
2. Qty - can also be any integer value

Accumulate values by looking up the Pre Qty + 1 then add all quantities * values based on those provided in a table giving different to - from ranges. Attached is a spreadsheet

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Stock Remarks Depending On Quantity

Jun 13, 2014

Find attached formula on b2 , assume some numbers on a1

stk quantity remarks.xls‎

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COUNTIF To Tabulate Corresponding Quantity In Column E

Jul 12, 2014

I have 44 cells each in columns D & E, column D being a class of item, and E being the quantity of that class, and I want cell G42 to show the total quantity of the class. I have used =COUNTIF(D5:D49,"A") and am only showing the number of A's (A being the class) in column D. What formula can I nest in this equation to get my desired results?

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SUM Cells With Same Content And Multiplied By Quantity Of Each?

Jan 8, 2014

Basically i need a formula that will look at the message content on a seperate sheet (Data sheet on the attached example) and multiple by the volume of the message type to return a value on a seperate sheet.

The problem i have is our messages appear in the data as seperate lines based on the entire message content, with a quantity of how many times that exact message was sent on a day DESPITE there being many variations of a message, they may all only equate to 1 or 2 actual message types.

In the example you will see the Data tab showing Example message 1, Example message 1.1 etc. All of the Example message 1-1.5 are actually the same message type (same applies to Example message 2) and i need to be able to have formula that groups and counts these to return a value by message type * by the quantity per day. So in the example, Example message 1 would return a result of 10 on the main sheet.

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Summarise A Varying Quantity Of Worksheets?

Sep 29, 2008

I have monthly workbooks which each have 5 weekly sheets and one summary sheet. I intend to copy the summary sheets to a new "total period analysis" workbook.

In this second annual workbook I intend to total all the monthly sheets together then analyse it. BUT as the books for the months to come haven't been written yet, I can't include them in my formulas. How can I write formulas to include the sheets that WILL be included without getting #ref errors? Can it be done. Or, is there a better way to do this? Some VBA to add the new sheets to the formulas maybe? I don't know VBA.

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Calculate The Quantity Of Each Size Of An Item

Nov 26, 2008

I need a formula that will calculate the quantity of each size of an item (XS,S,M,L,XL). For example to calculate the quantity for Mediums, I need the formula to look at column C, if M is entered, then look at the adjacent cell in column A for the quantity and formulate a total number (from rows 4-21) and enter the total quantity in C27. See attachment.

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Calculate Price Based On Quantity

Apr 21, 2009

I`m relatively inexperienced with Excel, searched for a few days and have not been able to figure out how to calcuate this value. I have multiple worksheets to work out financials. I have a separate worksheet with the pricing breakdown based on volume. 2 columns

0 - 99,999 0.05
100,000 - 499,999 0.04
500,000 - 999,999 0.03
1,000,000+ 0.03

On a separate worksheet I want to add I6+I7, depending on the value multiply it by the value in the second column. So if the total is 520,000 then multiply it by 0.03.

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Printing PDF Files Quantity In Excel?

Apr 24, 2014

So i have working printing macro code in excel that sends files to selected printer based on last 3 characters, when i click a button only 1 file per click is send to printer but i want to send more files (quantity is listed in row D). I think i need to add quantity row to shell command for printing so it will send not only name of pdf file but quaintity too:


Here is a rough look in excel and rows : PDF.jpg

And here is whole code:

[Code] ......

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Calculate Two Different Prices Based On A Given Quantity

Aug 29, 2006

I want to be able to calculate a price based on a given quantity. But here is the trick.

Example: Widget comes in cases of 12 at $1.00 per case. If the customer orders 36 widgets, then the cost is 36 x $1.00.

If item A is ordered in quantities less than "12" than there is a 15% upcharge.
Example: Widget comes in cases of 12 at $1.00 per case. If the customer orders 4 widgets then the price is 4 x $1.15

But, if the customer orders 35. Then the first 24 are calculated at 24 x $1.00 and the remaining 11 are calculated at 11 x $1.15.

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Formula To Suggest Purchase Quantity

Apr 22, 2009

I am trying to enter a formula that will automatically suggest a purchase quantity by comparing the pieces needed against the required package quantity. I have attached a small example workbook, which has a description of the requirements for the formula, but I will also incude that description in this post.

Problem Description:
Our purchasing guideline is that we MUST order product in package quantities, as the vendor won't ship a partial package. The required package quantity for each part is shown in column B. If the pcs needed qty in column A is less than half the buy pack qty, you buy zero. If it is half or above, you buy a full package.

I want to put a formula in column C that will recommend the suggested buy quantity. The formula would need to compare the pcs needed to the buy pack qty, and put the suggested buy qty in column C. It should also consider multiples of the buy pack qty, such as if the buy pack is 5, and the pcs needed is 12, the formula would suggest 10 pcs. If the buy pack is 5, and pcs needed is 13, the formula would suggest 15 pieces, etc. I have manually entered the sugg buy qty for the first 22 rows, to give examples of what value the formula should return.

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Looking Up Items / Quantity Within Dates And Times?

Jul 13, 2013

I get a list of data through xml data import

column A is dates WITH time, appears like so: 2013-07-13 20:25:02
column B is the product name
column C is the quantity

now I want to search certain items sold between two dates AND times which will then give me the total amount of that item sold between those dates and times

now I know how to do this with date but have a problem doing it with dates and times

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Cost Price Vs Quantity Discount

Apr 7, 2008

I'm trying to work out how to get a spreadsheet to calculate when it works out cheaper to buy more of something, due to quantity price breaks, than less... e.g. 1-10 are 12.50 each, but 10-20 are 10 each and 20-30 are 8.75 each.. so it's as cheap to buy 10 (10x10=100) as it is 8 (8x12.50=100) and cheaper to but 10 (100) than it is to buy 9 (112.50) than 10... but there are similar price breaks at 20, 50 +

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Quantity*price Returns An Error

Jul 15, 2008

I am using MS Query to join 3 worksheets together.

I need to calculate one field but it keeps returning an error.
the 2 fields are part of the same table calle "Trades"

The fields are : Quantity and USD Price

USD Price is calculated initially in the worksheet using the current exchange rate.
I can display each fields separately (no problem) but when I try to multply the 2: I get a syntax error.

Things i have tried:
I tried to multiply Quantity by 2 and it works. when I try to multiply USD Price by 2 I get the syntax error.

I also tried to copy the values (not the formula) into a new column called USD Price2 and:
- Quantity*USD Price2 : syntax error
- USD Price2*2: Syntax error

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Counting Quantity Of Numbers, With Conditions

May 5, 2006

in a2:a277 i have numbers 1-10, randomly. in m2:m277 i have numbers 0-4, also randomly. i want to count how many of the 1s in column a have a corresponding 0, how many have a 1, how many have a 2, etc. if you just give me one formula i can manipulate it for all 40 outputs i need,

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Sum Quantity And Price Across Sheet Based On Items

Jun 18, 2013

I have an issue when I use the sumproduct formula, it only sum the quantity and price orderly which is not matched

I have attache the file for example : Sale monthly.xlsx

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Sum Quantity And Show Total For Each Site In A Table?

Aug 15, 2014

I've attached a sample workbook. Data Table 2 on the Data Tables sheet is what I'm after. Basically I have a formula that sums up quantity 1 (Q1) and quantity 2 (Q2) for all widgets at a site name and month. So for example, go down through column site name and column month and add up all of Q1 for site1 in the month of Jun 2014 (all widgets). This works but it shows duplicate totals which makes sense as there are mutliple widget types at each site. I think the example workbook explains it better. Note the Pivot Table sheet is an example of what I'm showing currently and what I'd like to show. While I understand that depending on how I set up the Pivot Table I can get similar results using either Table 1 or Table 2 but the other thing is that my users like to do some filtering of the data sheet itself without regard to the Pivot Tables.

sum quantity and show total for each site.xlsx

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Sum Up The Totals Of 'quantity X Unit Price' For Each Product

Nov 23, 2009

i am currently working on cost analysis of large projects.

I have a worksheet with about 100 headings and i would like to sum up the totals of 'quantity x unit price' for each product.

I tried the sumproduct function but it did not work and i had to do the '=sum(b4*c4,d4*e4,f4*g4,..........) to get the result in the total column. I attach a small sample of the file.

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Automatically Insert Rows With Identified Quantity

Dec 2, 2009

How do I automatically insert rows given the identified quantity to insert and copy the contents of the previous item on the insert rows. Does that make any sense

a1 - abc
a2 - def
a3 - ghi

I need to insert 10rows below a1, and copy a1 across the inserted rows. Now I have a ton of this case currently do it manuaaly, it might take me a lifetime to complete.

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Forecast Quantity Based On Sales History?

Mar 29, 2013

I need to find a way of populating a column of forecasts based upon previous sales amount and price. For instance if I have apples on special for $2 and previously sold 200 units on multiple occasions at this price but once off sold 1000 apples at special $1, but normally they are $3 selling on average 50. I would want to get a result of Forecast: 200, not 50 or anything else to far off

I've attached the sheet I currently use for work.

Dated tab: is my working sheet MerchTrend: Previous sales history, which is imported from POS system and unfortunately cells will change based upon sales

On the Dated Tab, price column includes multi buy prices (ie 2 for $3) but the Merch Trend refers to these as individual sales (ie 2 sales for $1.50) On the Merch trend, Price Type refers to promo style. (N for Normal Price, IA, S, R, IR, P are promotional)

promo sort example.xls

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Get Total Quantity Of Parts That Match List?

Jul 12, 2013

I'm looking to find a way to get the total quantity of parts that are found in a separate list.

Part Number: Sheet "Desired BOM", Col A
Quantity: Sheet "Desired BOM", Col E
List of part numbers to search: Sheet "Parts List", Col A

The column of part numbers on Sheet A is variable, as is the list of part numbers on Sheet2. I have attached an example file, but be aware that whatever method that comes of this will be used with many parts, so the simply using the description to total everything won't work (i.e., matching "2D" or "3D" between lists).

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If Statement In Cell Doubling Quantity That Is Being Returned?

Sep 10, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that I am working on for an estimating tool for engineers in my office. I created an in cell pulldown that contains all of our pipe specs. The theory is that on another worksheet I have all the information for the labor costs, and by changing the spec in the pulldown will automatically change the numbers in the estimation table. Below is the if statement that I created. the only cell that I have the completed "if" statement in is C9, because it is adding almost double to the actual quantity that is supposed to be returned.


[Code] ......

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