Text Color Change - Cell By Cell Basis - When Budget Is Reached

Jan 20, 2009

I'm a business/application consultant for ERP software, and generally pretty solid when it comes to excel. However, I've come across a question for a personal sheet that I can't seem to solve.

In my personal budget worksheet, I'd like to set a budget on a cell-by-cell basis. When the budget is hit, I'd like the text color (or cell color) to change.

I.E. Cell D14 has a budget of $200. When I enter $200 in the cell, the text turns from black to red. I've searched through google with no luck. I have mildly searched this forum, but haven't found my direct answer - I have come pretty close though, in other languages

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Change The Back Ground Color On Basis Of Content Of Cell In A Range

Jun 1, 2009

i had to change the color of cell to yellow if the cell content is "N/A"

i had write few lines but don't know how to move in a range cell by cell

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Change Text Color Based On Cell Color

Oct 17, 2006

I have various row cells in column (F) filled with the color Green. And corresponding text in Column G. How can I change the text of that particular row to white.

i.e.: if any cell in column F is Green, change the text color of that row in Column G to white?

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Amount In Cell Is Greater Than A Value, Change The Text Color Of Cell.

Oct 22, 2009

is possible to have a cell's text color change if the value of the cell is greater than a certain amount. For example, if the cell is $200 or more the text would change to red.

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Conditional Formatting - Change Value Font Color In Cell Based On Matching Text?

Jun 26, 2013

Via conditional formatting, I am searching to change the color of a specific word in a cell (not the color of everything in the cell, but only that specific word - and the word repeats in the cell). A function such as =isnumber(search("NOK";A1)) colors all the cell values, which I do not want to do. How i can perform this task?

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Auto Calculate Color Function On Cell Color Change

Feb 15, 2010

I would like to be able to change the color of a cell in V4:AB31 and have the formula in AM10:AM13 automatically calculate the new result. As it is now the user has to press Ctrl ALT f9 for the formula to recalculate.

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Change Font Color Based On Adjacent Cell Color

Apr 18, 2008

I have two columns. The first one (A) contains cells that have different Fill colors. The second column (B) contains text adjacent to the colored cells. I am trying to change the color of the text in the second column (B) to the corresponding color in the adjacent cell in the first column (A). I don't think conditional formating works well in this situation. I believe the solution would be some sort of macro.

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Change Font Color If Cell Color Become Yellow (6)

Jul 9, 2009

I have font color white in blank cells in column E and I (from row 5 to row 245) so the visitors will not see the text. If any of these cells become yellow (color code is 6), the font color will become black so visitors can see the text alot far better than white. I've tried this code myself after this post but nothing happen

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Conditional Formatting - Change Cell Color Based On Date In Another Cell

Oct 9, 2013

I have two columns. In column B is the date of "last check". I column A is the date of "next check". I would like to have cell A2 in yellow color 334 days after the date entered in cell A3 and than in red color 365 days after the date entered in cell A3. Same thing for cell B2 related to date entered in cell B3. Yellow color in cells announces that check will expire within 30 days and red color that check has been expired.

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Addressing A Cell To Change Color In Relation To Other Cell Information.

Dec 23, 2009

I have a Formula question which I can't seem to figure out. I want to set a cell so that when two other cells are above 80 then the cell is green.

If one of the two cells is bellow 80, the cell turns to yellow and if both are bellow 80 then the cell is yellow.

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Change Color Of Cell Range When Last Cell Receives Data

Apr 3, 2009

I need my worksheet to automatically fill in a range of cells (from Range B*:G*) with my yellow color once the last cell in the range (G*) receives data, and automatically switch back to no color if the data in Cell G* is erased. However, if somebody merges a range, it should appear as it would by default - as if no macro exists, if that makes sense. I've attached a sample worksheet.

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Change Cell Color Of Maximum Cell In A Column?

Sep 11, 2012

I need to just highlight the maximum value in a column. This will be for several excel sheets within powerpoint, and preferably automatically updated?

Something along the lines of:

Ax = Max(A1:A3)
Then Ax = red
Else = white

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Change Cell Color Based On Cell Content

Feb 12, 2010

I have a chart full of different names which I need to separate them by color when a specific entry is found in a Cell. For example the list has the store name "ZELLERS" + its branch number. (ex. ZELLERS #276 PL or ZELLERS #295 SL and so on). I would like to modify the below code so that It only check for the name ZELLERS and not the branch number. If it finds ZELLERS in any cell In the Range of C1:C500 then color it Red.

Below Code does that but I have to write the exact name as it appears in the cell otherwise it wont find it for me. Is there any way to resolve the issue? I am not an Excel Programmer but Only an Excel user.

Option Compare Text
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Set r = Range("C1:C500")
If Intersect(Target, r) Is Nothing Then
Exit Sub
End If
On Error GoTo Endit
Application.EnableEvents = False
vals = Array("ZELLERS #276 PL", "ZELLERS #295 SL", "Gopher", "Hyena", "Ibex", "Lynx")
nums = Array(3, 46, 6, 3, 7, 4, 20, 10, 23, 15)
For Each rr In r..........................

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Color Cell Fonts Based On Text Color Of TextBox Controls On UserForm

Apr 11, 2008

I have got a userform with lots of controls,

One of the action's on a large group of the controls is the same but except for one number

here is an example

If TextBox107.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell. Offset(0, 53).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox108.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 54).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox109.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 55).Font.ColorIndex = 3

This makes a cell that correlates to the textbox red if the text in the textbox is red.

Now, I loads of these textboxes that all need to run the same code with just the Offset value one digit higher than the last and I was hoping I could create a loop to avoid a huge block of code but I can't work out how to make a constant that will +1 with each loop.

Also, can I assume that a loop will start with the control with the lowest number i.e. Textbox1 and then work its way through the rest of them in order?

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Change The Cell Color On Drop Down Change

Jun 3, 2008

I have a drop down sub pasted to worksheet:

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
ComboBox1.List = Array(100, 200, 300, 400)
If Range("I11").Value < Range("N11").Value Then
If Sheets("Profile").Range("K18").Value < ComboBox1.Value Then
Range("I11").Interior.ColorIndex = 2
Range("I11").Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
End If

End Sub

I want it to change the cell color on drop down change. How can I modify things to have the change in drop down selection?

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Can Cell Keep Cumulative Of Values Typed In Adjacent Cell On Daily Basis?

May 31, 2014

See the attached excel table. I need the cell E4 to keep adding the values typed in the cell D4 on daily basis.The cumulative shouldn't be changed if there is no value in the cell D4. E4 should accumulate and keep the totals typed in D4...

Cumulative Input.xlsx‎

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Get Color From One Cell And Change Another Cell To That Color?

Jun 14, 2002

I have set up a timetable for a dyslexic student and subjects need to be colour coded i have a full page and a mini timetable to filled in.

An example... I want to have excel automaticly change cell A1 to the background colour of e1 e1's cell color is defined by using vlookup and getting the colour of the cell that is to the right of it

a1 = cell colour of e1
e1 = the cell colour of

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Increment Number From Cell Value Until Another Cell Value Reached

Dec 7, 2012

We need to reach a cell value by using increment of another cell value. But ideally the results will all be in one cell.

Now to make it a little more advance there could be an overhang of the board in A3 which would need to be deducted from the first increment.

Example :

A1 = 5193mm (Lenght of beam)
A2 = 600mm (Width of board)
A3 = 200 (Overhang)
A4 = 400 - 1200 - 1800 - 2200 - 2800 - 3400 - 4000 - 4600 (End Result, The formula wont do the next sum as it exceeds A1)

Of course the vaules of A1 and A2 will vary but that shouldnt make any difference to the formula.

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Color Change In A Cell

Nov 24, 2009

What formula do i use if i want the text in cell A1 to change to red if any entry is made in cell B1.

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Change The Color Of Cell

Dec 14, 2009

I am having some color problems. From A2:AB2000 I have different fill colors for cells all over the place. The only color I need is the color purple which I believe is the color 39.

So basically all cells except the cells with the color purple change to white from A2:AB2000. I would like to add this code to the macro I have already created.

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Change Row Color On Cell Value?

Nov 22, 2012

I'm trying to put together a script which changes the color of the row in columns A:AE if any cell in the Range B7:B400 has the value of 'No'. If it has the value of 'Yes' I would like it to Exit Sub.

I've put together the code below to try an create this function, but I'm running into a few problems.

If Intersect(Target, Range("B7:B400")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If Selection.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target "No" Then[code]....

When the value of any cell in Range B7:B400 is 'Yes' the row changes to grey, if I enter 'No' it removes all cell shading from the row, and I'm not very clear on what changes I need to make.

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Cell Color Change If Value Changes

Apr 4, 2007

I've got some spread sheets that I send out. People fill them out and send them back to me. The only problem is that I dont know which cells they've changed and which cells they've left. Is thier a way to tell VB to change the color of a cell if the value has changed

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Change The Color Of The Cell

Jul 24, 2007

I have to check a cell to see if ti has a date in it, if so , then i have to check the current date to another cell, if the current date is greater then that cell i want to change the color of the cell

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Change The Cell Color

Apr 28, 2008

When I click on a button I would like an option to cancel a row range of cells by turning the writing red with a cross through it.

So if I wanted to cancel a certain row of data I would click on a button, enter the range of cells to cancel and then this would turn all of the writing in the cells to red colour with a strike through the words.

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IF And Change The Color Of Cell

Jan 7, 2010

i need to add this in a macro that i previously created
here is what i need, i hope its clear for everyone to understand

I want to be able to change a color of a row to purple if a cell is greater than 5 days
so basically what i need is something like this

IF BQ1 has the data "APPROVED" and data in BP1 is 01/04/10 and BN1 is blank and if BN1 is blank after 5 days of BP1 then the color of this row changes to purple

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Change Row Color If Cell Value Is

Mar 23, 2007

I want to change the row color after the value in one of the cells equals a certain value. What is the best/easiest way to accomplish this?

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Change Cell Color Based On Value

Jul 20, 2009

I'm putting the sum of 3 cells in a 4th cell(D2). If the sum is greater, I would like the sum to be the color green. If the sum is less, I would like the sum to be the color red. Is this possible?

(D2) has change value, I want to compare the new value against the existing one.

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Change Default Cell Color?

Mar 10, 2014

I would like to change the default color of any excel sheet I use to grey from the standard white and I am struggling to find out how this is achieved.

In other words, I am trying to have all cells in the sheets I work with appear grey on my screen by default. A coworker of mine used to work in banking and she has grey cells but does not know how she changed them.

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Change Color Of A Cell By Just Clicking On It?

Aug 25, 2009

I'm trying to do. I have 2 columns, both have empty cells with borders. I would like to make it so that when the user clicks one of the cells, it turns grey and the one beside it turns white. I set up two macros as follows:

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How To Change Row Color Based On Value Of 1 Cell

Dec 20, 2011

I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet to track 20 vehicles mileage, and when they are due for an oil change. I have the value of when they are next due in column D, and the actual mileage in column G. I want to have the row for each vehicle turn yellow when they are within 1,000 miles of needing an oil change, and red when they are due/overdue.

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