Text And Formula In Same Cell?

Aug 1, 2006

How do I enter both text and a formula into the same cell?

Eg. Cell needs to result in: "Today's sales = $12,500" where $12,500 is the result of a formula.

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VBA To Read Text Formula And Related Constants And Insert As Formula Into Cell

Jul 30, 2014

I have a situation where I have to curve fit data, this can lead to different formulas being used with varying constants.

Is it possible to pickup a TEXT based formula and related constants from other cells, and then place this into another cell as a functioning formula. For Example

Cell A1 contains the formula as a text string whether it be y=a+bx+cx^2, or y=a+b/x, etc
Cells A2:A6 contain the individual constants, a, b, c, etc

I would then want the VBA to read the text based formula and put it into an output cell as a functioning excel formulae.g

In cell B10: =a+b*A10+c*A10^2

I understand picking the constants up and putting the formula should not be too much of an issue, however trying to insert the variable form of the curve fit is the part that I am struggling with, and am unsure if possible.

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Copy A Formula In A Cell And Then Paste Only The Text Of The Formula

Jul 16, 2007

I would like to copy a formula in a cell and then paste only the text of the formula, but I can't figure it out. Basically, I would like to avoid going into the cells and absolute referencing or hitting F2, then copying the text.

When I hit "Ctrl C" to copy the cell, then hit "Alt/E/S/F/Enter" to paste the formula, it is just like a regular copy/paste formula-wise in that the references move.

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Use Dynamic Formula Driven Text From Cell To Identify And Extract From Specific Cell?

Dec 21, 2013

I paste new data into a sheet of a monthly report I prepare. For this sheet, the # of data rows change (and is unpredictable) every month. I need the value inside a specific cell that dynamcially moves up and down based on the # of rows for that month (because it's below the rows of data).

So I made a formula to identify the exact cell # every month.


This month the exact cell is F255 in the "Refi" sheet.

So my formula in the "Summary" sheet cell A1 first finds the cell row # only (255) and since it's always column F, in B1 I have

="F" & (A1)

This outputs "F255" in B1, successfully identifying the target cell.

Now how do I write a formula in C1 to grab the value from whatever cell is named in B1. (For this month, the value in cell F255 from the "Refi" sheet)

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Use Text In A Cell For A Formula As Cell Reference To Create Range

Mar 10, 2013

I have a list of headings and items and I have a set of formulas that work out depending on the heading what items are listed.

Say theres 10 items and the heading starts at C4 and that heading has 10 items, so it puts "C5" as text in G1 and "C15" as text in G2 so i now know my cell range of items

How can i use the text in those cells to put in a formula to call that as a range?

If I use the indirect formula it shows me the value of the cell, but im after using it to reference the cell

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VBA - Find Cell Containing Text And Use An Offset Cell Value In Formula

Feb 13, 2014

I'm trying to do a column of individual discount calculations using a discount percentage found in a cell two to the right of a cell containing the text "Total SP:" that is always upwards and to the left of the cell where the formula goes (but could be two rows or could be 20). There are multiple "Total SP:" cells in the sheet - I always want the first one upwards. I have created the following but I get #NAME? where I hope to see the discounted value.


Dim Discount1 As Double
Discount = Cells.Find(What:="Total SP:", After:=ActiveCell, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, MatchCase:=True).Offset(0, 2)
Range("R9:R" & LastRow).Formula = "=IF(J9>0,$E9*(1-Discount1),0)"

I've just thought, the Cells.Find needs to be redone for each cell where the formula is inserted to ensure it always catches the correct discount and this isn't going to do that - it's going to find it once and always use that single value.

I think this needs a Loop or something and to move the ActiveCell down one after the formula to get it to redo the Cells.Find.

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Text In Cell Then Formula To Put Particular Number In Adjacent Cell

Feb 16, 2014

I have text in column A of either "xxx" or "yyy"

I'm looking for a formula so that If

A1: "xxx" then B1: $100
Or if
A1: "yyy" then B1: $150

So when I write "xxx" or "yyy" in a cell of Col A

then $100 or $150 shows up in adjacent cell in Col B automatically.

I will need to sum the numbers later so Col B will need to be in number/accounting format.

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Convert Cell Reference Text To Cell Formula

Aug 18, 2009

I am wanting to convert a cell reference text
to an actual cell reference

Manually I can go through each cell and click F2 + Enter and Excel automatically changes it.

I have tried recording a macro whereby I click through each cell with F2 + Enter but the VBA writes the actual formula "=$A$1" rather than the process. This does not work as the cell reference is variable.

I'm NOT wanting an external cell to convert it for me
because I am wanting to copy the answer to another independent spreadsheet

I'm NOT wanting to paste values
i.e. return the answer from cell $A$1
because I want the cell reference to remain within the cell.

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Formula From Text Cell

Mar 2, 2009

on the attached sheet i am trying to extract the number from the cell "under 200.5 pts" so i get just 200.5 then the cell with "L" in changes dependant on the number in the total points cell. When i try, i am getting the same answer regardless whether the total points number is higher or lower than the extracted 200.5.

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Using Text From A Cell In Formula

Aug 28, 2012

For reference, I am making a spreadsheet for keeping track of college football statistics, team records, etc.

Each spreadsheet is named for a team (e.g. "Michigan", "Ohio St.") and lists that team's schedule. As part of my statistics, I am trying to compile the win-loss record of each team that team has played.

Generically, my spreadsheet looks like this:

Opp.'s W-L record
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Ohio St.

In order to compile the W-L record, I would normally have to have a formula as in =SpreadsheetMichigan.J4 + SpreadsheetOhioSt.J4 + SpreadsheetNebraska.J4

This is quite a lengthy process as this formula is different for every team. I would like one generic formula to put on every team's page that would grab the text of each team's opponent for game 1, game 2, etc.

Basically, is there a formula that I can put within the formula to say

=Spreadsheet[ReturnTextFromA4].J4 + Spreadsheet[ReturnTextFromB4].J4 + Spreadsheet[ReturnTextFromC4].J4

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Formula To Get The Cell With The Text

May 2, 2009

I need an excel formula to find the part of the text in the range of cells and display the values.

Eg: cell's A1 :A25 has text in it, And B1 :B25 has values in it.
I need to find "ABC" from A1:A25 ,IT could be either "ARRA ABC" or
"NON ARRA ABC" but not just and display the values for this frm B1:B25 in C1.
examples for A1:A25 is

I used the following formula,It seems to be working but only to that cell if i try to put the same formula in another sheet or another cell ,I don't see the values.

My Formula is as follows.
=IF((OR(A1:A25="ARRA ABC",A1:A25="NoN ARRA ABC")),B1:B25,0)

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Text And Formula In Same Cell

Jun 6, 2006

What is the proper way to enter text and a forumla into the same cell? For example a would like a macro to imput the words "revised on" and the formua Today in to the same cell.

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Insert Text From Once Cell Into A Formula In Another Cell

Sep 11, 2009

I built a formula that should work, but it's too long so I need to condense it.

I have three columns, column 1 has names, column 2 has a formula.

I have 15 sheets, each with a name that could appear in column 1.

If the cell in column 2, sheet 1 is Bob, I want it to pull H5 from sheet bob. That works as:

=IF(A5="Bob", 'Bob Data'!H4, "Work in Progress")

But if I build that formula for all the possible names, it's too long. Is there a way to make the formula autofill with the name in cell A5

So: =IF(A5="XXXX", 'XXXX'!H4, "Work in Progress")

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Formula Result To Cell As Text?

Feb 5, 2014

I have the formula in O62 cell :


In formula bar when I sellect complete formula and press F9 key, I can see:

[Code] .........


How can I write this visible result to "O62" cell or, " another cell example"P62" as a text value.(without to copy & paste).

I want to make this with a formula ( if impossible by macro).

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Adding Text In Same Cell As Formula?

Jan 6, 2009

I have a list of numbers in column A (i.e.: 1234)and I need them to show up in column B in with an "*" asterisk on each side on the number (i.e.: *1234*). So I was using "=a1" in cell B1, is there away to add the asterisk to the formula as text?

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Cell With Formula Won't Expand To Fit Text

Mar 31, 2009

I have a cell set up with a formula to copy the content from another cell. However, the cell won't expand to fit the text. If you delete the formula and just type in the cell, it does expand. See attachment.

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Formula To Recognize Text Only In A Cell

Mar 7, 2006

In cells A1:A3 I have:
(as text)

Cell Values Formula Needed
0100 01029250 FALSE
0100 01029304 FALSE

I need a formula in Cells B1:B3
to Recognize is a cells has characters A-Z

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How To Extract Text From Cell Using Formula

Aug 27, 2012

How I can extract text from cell using a formula, for below example? I haven't find a formula which work as non case sensitive.

I want to extract ABC from below text , I know I can use mid , left and find to do this.

abc 12
12 3 Abc
12 ABC 133

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Formula Only For Bold Text Cell

Dec 31, 2008

i have a worksheet which has a price list for parts, about 2500 rows. in the Column C i have a retail price and in Column D have -5% of the C. i need to add Column E -10% of CERTAIN items, the ones in BOLD Only, of Column D. and change the color of that cell, is there a easy way to do this. i have attached screen shot what i mean.

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Formatting Formula And Text In Same Cell

Jun 29, 2006

Is it possible to apply formatting to a formula in a cell when you are combining that formula with text? As an example, I want to format the following as a percentage: ="The result is"&" "&(a2/a1)

Currently, it is returning [e.g.] ...result is 0.5, instead of ...result is 50%

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Wrap Formula Text In A Cell

Jun 29, 2007

I have below formula in a cell but it populates as a single continuous text. I want it to appear as only 3 lines as below....

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Formula To Extract Particular Range Of Text From A Cell

Jan 29, 2014


A1: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne (Nov 11, 2011) - Kindle eBook
A2: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield (Apr 20, 2011) - Kindle eBook
A3: How to Get the Raise You Want in 90 Days or Less: A Step-by-step Plan for Making It Happen by Kathy M. Barnes and Robyn Feldberg (Jan 30, 2009) - Kindle eBook (Note: This cell (A3) have "by" 2 times)

I want to extract text from RIGHT till the word "by"

So the result must be:
B1: by Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne (Nov 11, 2011) - Kindle eBook
B2: by Steven Pressfield (Apr 20, 2011) - Kindle eBook
B3: by Kathy M. Barnes and Robyn Feldberg (Jan 30, 2009) - Kindle eBook

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Formula To Exclude Counting Of Text In A Cell

Jul 14, 2014

having the formula exclude counting text in cells.


I would like it to only count numeric values over 8.0. Currently if I have text in a cell such as "PTO" it returns as a added value.

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MID Formula: Extract Only The Text Between The 1st And 2nd Dash In A Cell

May 27, 2009

I need a formula that will extract only the text between the 1st and 2nd dash in a cell. Example:


This formula would return only the following:


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How To Copy / Paste Cell Text (not The Formula)

Sep 24, 2009

I have a drop down list. When I choose something from the list, it creates a description (text) in the next cell. I need to be able to copy/paste the text from the cell, but it will only let me choose the formula instead.

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Substituting Text In A Cell For A Worksheet Name In A Formula

Feb 18, 2010

The content of cell "animal!A1" will change according to a simple vlookup table. Let's say the value can be "dog", "cat", or "horse". In cell "animal!A5", I want to duplicate the content either "dog!A5", "cat!A5", or "horse!A5", depending on the current value of "animal!A1".

I've tried to do a simple reference like:




wanting the A1 to actually read either dog, cat, or horse so the reference would refer to the worksheet of the same names. This doesn't work, so I need to know if there is a way to do this.

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Displaying Watermark Text In Cell Without Formula?

Jul 29, 2013

I am trying to display watermark text in a cell based on the value of another cell. For example:

If in Column B, cell B2 states "Mileage", Column C, cell C2 needs to say "Please enter Start and Destination...". I want column C (cell C2) to be my input cell as well hence the reason i'm avoiding the use of an IF formula.

I'm open to a VBA solution if this works? Tried conditional formatting however it will only display colours, not text?

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Cell Formula To Convert Text To VBA Code

May 8, 2014

I am about to take on a rather large excel project for our company. The first part is coming up with how to deal with our drafting department's length inputs. In this project, our users will be entering lengths in a unique format. I have to convert that unique format to a standard Foot-Inch-Fraction format.

To try to keep the file size down and keep the complexity down, converting a cell formula to VBA so i can run this on a group of cells rather than repeating my code downward multiple rows on multiple sheets.

It is either this or come up with my own font that will convert it for me but I do not know where to start with that. How to take a stab at converting this to a VB code i can run?

A3 = 1.0108
B3 = 1'-1 1/2"

The code in B3 looks like this:

[Code] .......

An explanation of the unique format we use in our drafting department:

Basic Feet, Inch and Fraction format = 0 . 00 00 = Feet . Inch Fraction

The numbers left of the decimal point are feet. The first two numbers to the right of the decimal point are inches and the next two are sixteenths of an inch.

4’-2" = 4.0200
15’-5 1/4" = 15.0504
4’-11 3/8" = 4.1106
0’-1 15/16" = 0.0115

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Add Asterisk Symbol As Text At End Of Cell With Formula?

Nov 29, 2011

I am trying to add a * at the end of a value in a cell, used to signify a note at the bottom of the page. However, as the cell contains a formula, excel thinks I am adding a multiplication sign instead.

Is there anyway to place a * at the end of the value, to show up in the cell as text? I would prefer not to have to paste the value of the cell and then add the *...

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Cell Displays Text Formula And Not Result?

Jul 17, 2014

=CONCATENATE(B8,C8,D8) insread showing result just stays as text?

cant figure out whats wrong

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