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Text And Formula In Same Cell?

How do I enter both text and a formula into the same cell?

Eg. Cell needs to result in: "Today's sales = $12,500" where $12,500 is the result of a formula.

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Copy A Formula In A Cell And Then Paste Only The Text Of The Formula
I would like to copy a formula in a cell and then paste only the text of the formula, but I can't figure it out. Basically, I would like to avoid going into the cells and absolute referencing or hitting F2, then copying the text.

When I hit "Ctrl C" to copy the cell, then hit "Alt/E/S/F/Enter" to paste the formula, it is just like a regular copy/paste formula-wise in that the references move.

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Convert Cell Reference Text To Cell Formula
I am wanting to convert a cell reference text
to an actual cell reference

Manually I can go through each cell and click F2 + Enter and Excel automatically changes it.

I have tried recording a macro whereby I click through each cell with F2 + Enter but the VBA writes the actual formula "=$A$1" rather than the process. This does not work as the cell reference is variable.

I'm NOT wanting an external cell to convert it for me
because I am wanting to copy the answer to another independent spreadsheet

I'm NOT wanting to paste values
i.e. return the answer from cell $A$1
because I want the cell reference to remain within the cell.

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Formula To Get The Cell With The Text
I need an excel formula to find the part of the text in the range of cells and display the values.

Eg: cell's A1 :A25 has text in it, And B1 :B25 has values in it.
I need to find "ABC" from A1:A25 ,IT could be either "ARRA ABC" or
"NON ARRA ABC" but not just and display the values for this frm B1:B25 in C1.
examples for A1:A25 is

I used the following formula,It seems to be working but only to that cell if i try to put the same formula in another sheet or another cell ,I don't see the values.

My Formula is as follows.
=IF((OR(A1:A25="ARRA ABC",A1:A25="NoN ARRA ABC")),B1:B25,0)

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Formula From Text Cell
on the attached sheet i am trying to extract the number from the cell "under 200.5 pts" so i get just 200.5 then the cell with "L" in changes dependant on the number in the total points cell. When i try, i am getting the same answer regardless whether the total points number is higher or lower than the extracted 200.5.

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Text And Formula In Same Cell
What is the proper way to enter text and a forumla into the same cell? For example a would like a macro to imput the words "revised on" and the formua Today in to the same cell.

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Insert Text From Once Cell Into A Formula In Another Cell
I built a formula that should work, but it's too long so I need to condense it.

I have three columns, column 1 has names, column 2 has a formula.

I have 15 sheets, each with a name that could appear in column 1.

If the cell in column 2, sheet 1 is Bob, I want it to pull H5 from sheet bob. That works as:

=IF(A5="Bob", 'Bob Data'!H4, "Work in Progress")

But if I build that formula for all the possible names, it's too long. Is there a way to make the formula autofill with the name in cell A5

So: =IF(A5="XXXX", 'XXXX'!H4, "Work in Progress")

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Adding Text In Same Cell As Formula?
I have a list of numbers in column A (i.e.: 1234)and I need them to show up in column B in with an "*" asterisk on each side on the number (i.e.: *1234*). So I was using "=a1" in cell B1, is there away to add the asterisk to the formula as text?

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Formula To Recognize Text Only In A Cell
In cells A1:A3 I have:
(as text)

Cell Values Formula Needed
0100 01029250 FALSE
0100 01029304 FALSE

I need a formula in Cells B1:B3
to Recognize is a cells has characters A-Z

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Cell With Formula Won't Expand To Fit Text
I have a cell set up with a formula to copy the content from another cell. However, the cell won't expand to fit the text. If you delete the formula and just type in the cell, it does expand. See attachment.

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Formula Only For Bold Text Cell
i have a worksheet which has a price list for parts, about 2500 rows. in the Column C i have a retail price and in Column D have -5% of the C. i need to add Column E -10% of CERTAIN items, the ones in BOLD Only, of Column D. and change the color of that cell, is there a easy way to do this. i have attached screen shot what i mean.

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Wrap Formula Text In A Cell
I have below formula in a cell but it populates as a single continuous text. I want it to appear as only 3 lines as below....

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Formatting Formula And Text In Same Cell
Is it possible to apply formatting to a formula in a cell when you are combining that formula with text? As an example, I want to format the following as a percentage: ="The result is"&" "&(a2/a1)

Currently, it is returning [e.g.] ...result is 0.5, instead of ...result is 50%

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Substituting Text In A Cell For A Worksheet Name In A Formula
The content of cell "animal!A1" will change according to a simple vlookup table. Let's say the value can be "dog", "cat", or "horse". In cell "animal!A5", I want to duplicate the content either "dog!A5", "cat!A5", or "horse!A5", depending on the current value of "animal!A1".

I've tried to do a simple reference like:




wanting the A1 to actually read either dog, cat, or horse so the reference would refer to the worksheet of the same names. This doesn't work, so I need to know if there is a way to do this.

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Parse Words From Cell Text Formula
"Use a formula to fill in column F (brand name) in the data worksheet. The Brand Name is the Branded Description minus the last word.

NOTE extra mark: If your formula can’t find a space (is error = true) then it takes whatever is in the cell and uses that."

Would I be using the CONCANATE formula or something similar?

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Numbers And Text In Same Cell & Tally In A Formula
Can numbers and text be included in the same cell and still have the number be included in the total in a formula in another cell? Or must a cell only have numeric values for it to be seen/included in a formula's total value.

I'm trying to create a database that totals materials for a construction project. I want to display the number of doors for a house in a row of cells and have the all the doors totaled in the last cell. This I have no trouble doing.

The problem arises when I want to add some text information about the style of each door in the same cell that the number of doors is shown. As soon as text information is added to a cell that has numeric information, that cells numeric information is not included in the final total in the last cell in the row.

I resorted to using comments instead, but, when the are made visible on the spreadsheet, they don't seem to lock to a relative position regarding the cell they're attached to. For instance, if I widen columns or make any significant spatial changes to the spreadsheet, the comments don't move with the changes.

There may be a way to lock comments to stay in a relative position regarding the cell they're attached to. And if that's the only way to make comments for the items in each cell stay with the cell, then I'll have to use that method. But I'd rather not have to use the comments function at all.

I'd much rather be able to have numbers and text be in the same cell, and still have the number value of that cell be included in a formula total at the end of a row of numeric information.

Example: (In this example separate cells that include both numeric values and text are indicated by parenthesis. The final cell that has the formula that totals the numeric information in the separate cells is indicated by brackets)

(30, raised panel doors, unpainted) (10, raised panel doors, white)

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MID Formula: Extract Only The Text Between The 1st And 2nd Dash In A Cell
I need a formula that will extract only the text between the 1st and 2nd dash in a cell. Example:


This formula would return only the following:


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Formula Turns Cell To Text Format
I have a workbook with two worksheets. I added a formula to the first worksheet
= COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K"). It works fine when I add another COUNTIF that references another column (baseball fans may realize I'm counting total strikeouts for a batter): =COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!L3,"K") However, when I try to expand this to cover more columns, =COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!L3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!P3,"K")

Excel automatically changes the format of this cell to "Text" and it shows the formula as text instead of calculating it. What could be wrong here? Excel's documentation is woefully inadequate for cases like this. Is there an undocumented limit on how many times I can add COUNTIFs together?

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Formula To Highlight Text Within A Cell Which Also Has Numbers
I have attached a file which shows some cells which start with "p" and then a number and some have the same but with the word " total" in them.

I would like to run a formula in the column next to it which will highlight which cells have that word in order that I can data sort a large file and delete the totals.

I think it will be an IF formula on cells that contain criteria.

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Find Cell With Text & Insert Formula Below
I want the macro to:

1. search A1:AZ1 to find the cell that has the text "VBA Test" in the cell. There could be other text in the cell as well - this is not an exact match - but these two words are the common text.

2. go to that cell

3. go to one cell below that

4. enter a formula (I've got it from here ....)

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Formula That Will Test Text Conditions In A Single Cell
I need a function that will use a column of text values and test these values
to see if one or more of the values exist in a single cell. If it does I need
the function to return true or false.

Ie. cell A1 contains the text "Jim Smith" the B column contains the test
names (column of test values ) ie. B1 is "bill" B2 is "fred" B3 is "jim".
Because Jim is in the cell A1 I would need the function in C1 to return the
value "true". If A1 contained the text "bob smith" then function in C1 would
return the value "false".

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Formula To Show Combine Answer And Text In 1 Cell From 2 Different
i need t oknow if i can have text added into 1 cell with having a formula with a answer in it as well,,,i have attached a sheet with better examples of what i mean.

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Return Formula Value/Text Based On Many Cell Conditions
This is to manage which departments (approxiamately 30) within a business need which compulsary training (approximately 11 courses)

Spreadsheet currently reads list of new employees and I want to be able to have "YES" or "No" values under the different courses

Is there a formula/function that i can use (like the IF Formula) to complete the following information;

EG: =IF(OR(A3=H2, A3=H5 etc... ), "YES", "NO"

Column H lists all departments

Column A lists deaprtments

A3 representing the 1st Department needing training

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Macro To Edit A Cell & Convert Formula To Text
Have a macro that copies a formula from each of 100 workbooks to a new workbook. I want to display these formulas as text and want a macro or someway to display these cells as text. I have tried to record a macro that presses the F2 key, the home key and the apostrophe. This works for the one cell but provides the following macro that does not work for anyother cell.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"'=VLOOKUP($A$30,'G:Variance Reports FY07[Salary Dist Var Repts_Cur Mth.xls]end of July'!$E$76:$G$200,3)"

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Search Formula (return A Statement If A Certain Month Is Contained In The Text Within Another Cell)
I am trying to write a formula that will return a statement if a certain month is contained in the text within another cell. Formula is =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Dec",Assumptions!B2)),"Ensure Journal is Non Reversing","")

Cell B2 contains a date in the format of Dec 08, so if this date contains Dec, then return "Ensure Journal is Non Reversing", if it doesn't then leave the cell blank.

At the moment it is putting in the first test for every month I select and not changing to blank.

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Re-establishing Formulas On “text” Input For A Specific “cell” = Original Formula Act
See attached worksheet for reference. Is it possible (while utilizing the same spreadsheet on a weekly basis) to zero a spreadsheet subsequent to its use. Importantly however, all relevant formulas must remain perfectly intact and will re-establish themselves once relevant data is placed inside an individual cell? In this case, as soon as a “Name” (or even a letter) is referenced inside the “Name” column: H10:H19?

In other words, the entire sheet is blank bar the top date and respective headings. Once any text is placed inside cells H10:H19, the formulas from the associated Row re-applies itself to the “Week-Start” dates, “Week-End” dates and references a default “Phone” amount for ‘$10’? The Data Validation formulas I’m sure would remain undamaged? This would prevent ‘text clutter’ (such as dates extending to the bottom with no apparent referencing or connecting information?

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Text Formula? Postcodes: Seperate The First Or First Two Text Characters From The Rest Of The Postcode
I am working on sales information which includes postcodes. What i need to do is seperate the first or first two text characters from the rest of the postcode. I have attached a small snipet of what i am working on. Currently i am using the =Left(A4,2) but this will give me in some case a numerical value aswell. For example E1 or G1 in the case of the sample attached. Is there a formula that exists where it will just return the text values in a cell and not numerical values.

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Formula For -- If Text = 1 And Text =-1 Adjust Running Total
formula for -- If Text = 1 and Text =-1 adjust running total

1312 (total)

SS1311 (new total)
LA1310 (new total)
LB1309 (new total)
LS1310 (new total)

LS =+1
SS, LA, LB =-1

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Enter Text In One Cell If Specific Text Is Present In Another Cell
is there a formula that will find a word in a sentence written in a cell and if present then enter specif text in another cell? for example, if the word "Hotel" appears in the sentence in cell A5 then put in the text "Hotel and subsistence" in cell B5...

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Show Cell Value(text) In Comment Box Text, Or Mouse Tool Tip On An Gif Icon
I have a spread sheet were the area is getting very limited. I need to insert a small icon and when the mouse goes over (like it does in a form tool tip) will show the value of a cell (text value) located in another sheet in same workbook, or I was thinking inset a comment next to the icon and link the comments of the comments text to cell with the text value.

I've look the properties of this to objects and can figure it out.

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How To Use A Text Formula In A Real Formula
This is going to be hard to explain but, ill give it a try

I have a list of formula written in text in columnB

each formula correspond to a type of road in columnA
Rural Local
Rural Collector
Rural Arterial
Urban Local
Urban Collector
Urban Arterial

I would like to create a formula that will choose the right formula and substitute the variable "x" by a specific cell (lets put $Z$1) to finally give me the final answer in column C.

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Compare Cell Text To Set List And Show Text Differences
I am trying to write a function that will compare the text of cell "A2" to the text of cell "B2" and display cell "A2"'s text characters that didnt match from cell "B2" in column C. Can anyone help me out with writing this formula?

EX: ....

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Text Search Returns Cell Text Contents Of Different Column In The Same Row
Search a worksheet for a user defined text string, and have excell return the contents of a predetermined column in the same row in which the text string was found.

A prepopulated worksheet has the text "gold" entered in cell T278.

1. user searches for "yellow_metal"
2. Excell finds "yellow_metal" in row 278, say in cell A278.
3. Excell then goes to predetermined column (programed as part of macro or VB), say "T", and returns the text contents of the cell in that column, T278 in this example.
4. Excell returns "gold"

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Combine Cell Content With Text File & Save As Text
- I have excel file with data I need
- I have fixed txt(html) template that i need to integrate Excel information into
- Final result that I want to achieve is saved .txt(html) file with combination of fixed information (text) and data from excel cells.

I need to writing a VBA code for each of above (integrating text & cells, saving results as text)

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Write Ranges To Text Files & Save Each As Cell Text
I m trying to write a macro which could take the text from a single column row T2 to row T313 and write it to a .txt file. Have the .txt file name created by the text in T4 or I could also put the text to name the file in T1 if you think it would be easier.

Then carry on to the next named sheet and produce another .txt file in exactly the same way until all 15 sheets have been completed. It would also be helpful if prior to starting to write each text files, it could test for any text in cell A2 of the sheet. The first empty A2 cell of a sheet would determine the end of the run, if it was prior to sheet 15 being reached.

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Lots Of Text In Cell...stops Wrapping Text
I am preparing a very large spreadsheet of text. Once I reach a certain point (a few paragraphs?), the program stops wrapping the text. All of my text is visible in the box at the top of the spreadsheet when I click on the cell. I double checked to make sure it's set to wrap, which it is. I tried merging two cells, no change.

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Pull Varying Length Text From Cell Text
I need to find text within middle of a string.
Character before required text is say AAA
Character after required text is say BBB
Text required can vary in length.
Extract text and place in another column.

All text in a single column, required text not in every line. but
does repeat.

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Validate Cell For Text Length & Characters In Text
I have a cell (B2) I would like to apply multiple data validations to.

I know I need to use the custom formula option but don't know how to write the formula.

I don't even know if it is possible, but here is what I'm after

I need to make sure the cell is 4 digits long

I need to make sure the cell starts with a zero (Because the cell starts with a zero I have it as a text cell)

I need to make sure the 2nd number is not 0 if A2 begins with 5 (A2 is also a text cell).

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Check If Text String In Cell With Other Text Is In List
I have a sheet in which some of the cells have two strings separated by a linefeed. I have come up with a cumbersome formula which will let me check if either of the two strings is a member of a list stored on another sheet. However, it fails if there is only one string in the cell, presumably as there is no linefeed for the formula to find. How can I modify the formula to cope with this situation?

There are also on occasions, three strings in the cell, but I can't seem to access the middle string with the formula. Simplified spreadsheet attached to show the problem. This must be formula-based, as we have a no VBA policy. If you think there is better way of doing this, please let me know.

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Highlight Specific Text Within A Cell Of Other Text
This is the text:

Take 5 PPE Swabs per Area, Both Shifts. Test various equipment - hands, aprons, sleeves, hats, etc.

What I need is for "Take 5 PPE Swabs per Area, Both Shifts." to be bold and highlighted in gray, but none of the other text. Conditional formatting highlights the entire cell, which won't work.

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Append Text To Existing Cell Text
I've got a sheet in which I want a drop down box, to ADD the value* to a cell, not overwriting its current value!

*The name of the selected option in the drop down box, the names are located in Map3!A1-n, I set the drop down box to display the related number in a cell next to it.

The cell would contain some text, and by selecting something in the drop down box, it would add the name of that option to the already existing value in the cell.

So if at first the cell's value is

Hi! I 'm Mark,

and you select the following option from the dropdown box

I 'm from Holland!

the cell would end with the value

Hi! I 'm Mark, I'm from Holland!

This would probably work with a macro, already made a start with it but I couldn't get it to ADD the value instead of overwriting it.

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Add Text Based On Part Of Another Cell Text
I have been working on this worksheet part of which is attached herewith. I would like excel to automatically enter Updated/Inserted in column B against Individuals' names as per the instructions given in column A. For example: As per instruction in A9, B13:B16 should show Updated. I have tried to use the nested if function, but it does not work as I want it to. Also as I am not used to macros or VBA codes, could this problem be solved with formulas?

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Formula To Target Another Cell: Formula/Data In Same Cell
Note: I know the syntax below is not how you would enter forumlas into Excel but I am using it to quickly illustrate what I'm trying to do and need help with. A cell not in column D, E, or F contains a formula of the form: F=IF(D>0, D/E, "blank") .
Note: If a cell in column D>0 (eg. D5>0) then the cell to the right of the selected D cell (eg. E5) will also be >0 ; otherwise, both cells will be empty.

This is what I want to do: If cell D?>0 , then F?=D?/E? ; otherwise, F?=empty .

Example 1: If D5>0, then F5=D5/E5 ; otherwise F5=empty .
Example 2: If D7>0, then F7=D7/E7 ; otherwise F7=empty .
Etc. I want this to apply to all rows.

I cannot enter the formula directly into the F? cell because sometimes I will need to enter data into cell F? manually. When I need to enter data manually into F? this results in the formula being overwritten by the new data and this means that if I ever needed to have data calulated based on the formula F=IF(D>0, D/E, "blank") I would have to re-enter the formula from scratch over again; obviously this is a nusance.

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If Cell Contains Text Place Text In Another Cell
This might not actually be able to be done, but im sure the best chance I have to do this is by getting help from you all.

What I need to do is look in cell "A1". If that cell contains a number I need to go to cell "B1" and type with the 00 being replaced with what is in cell "A1".

For Example if cell "A1" has the number 67 in it then I need B1 to say .

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Join Cell Text And 1 Cell Date From Cell With 2 Dates
I have three cells in A2:C2 which require user to input some data.

What I want to achieve is to combine the data from A2:C2 in D2.

C2 is a field which user will input the date. He might key in 21/08/06 or
21/08/06, 30/08/06

I have tried using below formulas in D2 but without success.

=A2&" " &B2&" "&(C2)
=A3&" " &B3&" "&DAY(C3)&"/"&MONTH(C3)&"/"&YEAR(C3) (doesn't work if there are 2 dates.

I have attached a file which shows 3 scenarios if user input 1 date and 2 dates.

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Add Formula To A Text Box
I am trying to insert a formula into a text box but I having problems with the "wording portion" of the formula.

I am trying to pull total sales from cell A1

Am I using this formula in the textbox

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Formula And Text In The Same Box
I am currently in the making of a new financial plan template and I am having a problem arranging all of the rows in an orderly manner. I was wondering if i could have a sentence and at the end of the sentence a number figure. I cannot use a cell to the right because that way there is a gap and it looks pretty bad.

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Sum Formula When There Is Text
3.10 Leaver 3.10 here I want value Leaver returned
-1,482.75 1,687.50 204.75
-3,120.00 3,000.00 -120.00
-760.00 1,000.00 240.00
-1,495.00 1,625.00 130.00
-1,107.91 1,204.25 96.34
-1,708.99 1,298.75 -410.24
-2,297.28 2,500.00 202.72
-1,150.00 1,250.00 100.00
-2,150.51 2,156.25 5.74
-1,557.31 Starter -1,557.31 Here I want value Starter Returned
-263.97 1,649.75 1,385.78

* text value is only in column B. see attached File

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Using Text In A Formula
I am using =INDEX(7:7,MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,7:7)) to return the current price of a product. I would like to be able to have the formula return either a text value (discontinued) or the current price, ie column G contains the current price and if it is a discontinued item I could just type in "dis" instead of the price when updating the sheet.

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Relate Cell Value To Text In Text Box?
Is there any way you can relate the text in a text box to the value in another cell.
So if the other cell's value is 12 my text box will change to 12.

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Inserting Text Into A Cell Containing Text
I have pulled a report from a website. The website only allows a certain number of characters. For instance it might go to john.smith@, dave.bird@, tom.jones@... this has been pulled into an excel sheet. I want to add the domain at the end of the email address so it would become

But I have a list of 2000 usernames and I don't want to go line by line inserting Is there a way to automatically do this?

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