Unable To Insert Columns

Jan 8, 2007

I am unable to insert columns on any worksheets. Even a blank worksheet. The insert column function remains disabled. Work sheets are not protected. What can I do to activate this function?

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Unable To Insert Columns Or Rows

Apr 7, 2013

I am unable to insert sheet rows or columns in a microsoft office spread sheet in a specific file. Other files are Ok.

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Unable To Insert Formula In VBA Coding?

Jun 22, 2014

I am not able to insert this formula in vba coding, getting error


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Excel 2010 :: Unable To Right Click For Format Cells - Insert Or Delete

Sep 27, 2011

Just recently My Excel 2010 has decided to not let me right click to format cells, delete or insert rows. I can do these functions from the ribbon, but not via right click. this happens in both existing spreadsheets where I am the author, or even a brand new spreadsheet like in the image below. we have restarted the computer, Uninstall and reinstalled Office and still get same symptoms. I got here thru google but cannot find an answer anywhere.

I am very computer literate and even our IT personnel have looked at this with no answer. as you can see in the image, these options are greyed out.

Running Office standard 2010, Windows 7 pro x64

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Excel 2010 :: Unable To Cut Columns?

Jul 25, 2013

I could swear I used to be able to cut and paste columns in Excel 2010, but for the past week I haven't been able to. When I click on a column and do a right click, "CUT" is greyed out. I can cut any section, but not a whole column.

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Excel 2010 :: Cell Insert In One Column To Insert In Other Columns?

Mar 23, 2012

I have a master data sheet with four columns, A, B, C and D

Column A has the primary data and B,C,D has dependent data values;

So when I insert a new cell in Column A with cells Shift Down, I want mandatorily new cells to be inserted in the same row in col B, C and D as well so that data integrity is maintained;

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Unable To Add Rows Or Columns To Workbook Sheet

Nov 11, 2013

It was suggested that cells formatted as lists will now allow new rows or columns. I don't think this is case but not sure how to tell? Other suggestions were merged cells or cells protected. Not sure if any of these are the case either.

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Unable To Hide Columns/delete Values Using Combo Box

Apr 24, 2007

Using two Combo Boxes, I am trying to create an drop down outline form input sheet.

What it does is if you select the first selection in the combo box 1, then it hides certain rows, and deletes certain cells. If you select the second option in the combo box 1, it shows another combo box (2) which has another list of categories.

When I select the option 2 on the combo box 1, it unhides a bunch of rows, and activates combo box 2. However, when I try to select categories on combo box 2, each time it tries to hide/unhide rows I get this message "Unable to set the hidden property of the range class." I have no idea whats going on.

Here is my ....

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Excel 2010 :: Unable To Use VBA Check Box With Protected Sheet / Columns?

Jul 9, 2014

I need to make a excel costing model to calculate various products prices. I am using Excel 2010.

I have many products and do not need all of them displaying at the same time, therefor I inserted a Checkbox (ActiveX Control) that hides my columns that I do not need. I did that by inserting the following and it works fine :


The problem is I now need to lock certain cells so that they can remain fixed and the recipe cannot change.

Once locked my checkbox no longer works and I get the following error :

"Run-time error '1004': Unable to set hidden property of the range class"...

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Hiding Columns: Unable To Set The Hidden Property Of The Range Class

Oct 31, 2006

I have recently tried to implement the password protect from viewing code from this site. It worked brilliant on a basic spreadsheet, but when I tried to implement it on a worksheet with links I keep getting the error:

Run-time error '1004'
Unable to set the hidden property of the Range class

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Unable To Use "merge And Center","insert" In Unprotected Cells

Jun 2, 2006

I can choose some cells in a sheet to protect them and prevent any one to change.
it's supposed to change and edit in the other cells.

the problem which I face when I try to use " merge and center" or to insert picture or autoshapes ..etc. in unprotected cells!

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Insert Columns Between Multiple Existing Columns

Dec 30, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with thousands of columns. Due to poor planning on my part I need to insert a column between each existing column (e.g. I need to insert a column between the existing columns A and B, B and C, etc...). I would rather not have to do this manually thousands of times.

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Compare Columns A And B And Insert Value In C?

Dec 11, 2012

I want to compare Columns A and B and Insert value in C.

So if Column A is null, then place value of column B in C, otherwise place Value of A in C.

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Insert More Columns Into Worksheet

Aug 28, 2013

Worksheet full at Column IV how can I insert more

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Columns To Insert The 2 Rows

Aug 22, 2007

I have this excel file which has data in it. However, this data will come in everyday. Eg, A1 to A10 is QWE, A11 to A20 is RTY, A21 to 30 is UIO. But as I said earlier new data will come in everyday. For eg, it will become A1 to A15 is QWE, A16 to A30 is RTY and so and so forth.

I need to insert 2 rows after QWE, RTY, UIO. But as data will come in everyday, I cant standardise my columns to insert the 2 rows.

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Insert Certain Number Of Columns

May 21, 2009

somehow i managed to do this at first and then forgot to save my personal work book and cant remember how to do it.

What it is, is if cell A1 has a certain phrase in it ie Customer Reference then i want to insert four columns before it so it ends up in cell E1.

The other thing which i never managed to do is. I have 5 workbooks. master, book 1-4. I want to past all info in columns A:T from Book 1-4 into Master in the next available row.

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Insert A Column Every X Columns...

Nov 25, 2009

I am looking for a VBA code (or alternatively a way of doing this in normal Excel) that can let me insert a column every X columns (for example every six columns).

Ideally I would want a code that can let me insert a specific column (the same) every X columns, but a formula that inserts a blank column every X columns will hopefully do.

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Insert New Column After Every 2 Columns

Nov 14, 2007

I have many excel sheets with many columns. I want to insert new columns but after every 2 columns, starting from column M.

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Insert Formula After Every 2 Columns

Dec 5, 2007

In my spreadsheets, I want to insert a formula in the existing columns of data. This is to be done after every 2 columns. There are 25 rows as well from 5 to 30.

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Insert As Many Columns As Cell Value

Nov 8, 2006

My question is if there is any way I can make the "X" number typed in a cell be the X number of columns inserted after/before a cell, B12 (for example).

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Compare Columns And Insert Rows?

Aug 16, 2012

I have attached an example of what I need the macro for. I really need it to look at the columns with the names (Girth Weld, Weld) and the Joint length column to make its moves. Mainly the joint length. I think that would get me on track and give me some room to explore and learn what else I need to do. I love to try and figure things out but this is killing me!


Sub LineUp() 'assumes data in order and concates unique
Dim i1 As Long, i2 As Long, n1 As Long, n2 As Long
Const StartRow As Long = 5


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Prevent Insert New Rows Or Columns

May 21, 2009

What is the easiest way to stop users inserting new columns or rows into a workbook? Is it a case of protecting each sheet individually?

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Insert Columns Based On Tab Description

Apr 14, 2009

I have a macro that inserts a blank column for every sheet in the workbook. The problem i have is that i only want a limited number of columns inserted. I only want a column to be inserted if the sheet tab has the name "detail" in it. I have tried for hours to get this to work, but i keep getting errors. Here is the code i am using.

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Insert Two Columns For Selected Rows

Dec 6, 2008

I would like to select a number of columns and then run a macro that would insert two columns after each of the selected columns.

Or is there perhaps a faster way than using a macro?

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Variable Columns How To Insert Formula

Mar 25, 2009

I have to work on sheets with variable columns.

So for eg Col A Col B Col C Col D are fixed and then there are variable no of columns - Col E Col F and so on....

I have to insert columns after the last colum ie in Col F in this case.

However, the new column (lets call it Col G) will give a value with formula that connects Col E value with Col B (fixed)value. Again Col H (another new col) will also give a value with formula connecting Col H with Col B(fixed).

Easy to do in normal scenario but when I record macro in excel ( i cannot write VB), the variable columns make it difficult.

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Insert Columns Based On Inputs

Aug 15, 2008

This is for my fantasy football league, so perhaps being familiar with fantasy football will be of help. It's somewhat complicated, so I'm just going to explain what I would like to do: Upon opening the Excel file, there will be a few questions. The first will ask what type of draft, with just two choices, A or B. Below that, it will have inputs asking how many teams, how many players per team, and, if option B was chosen, how many dollars per team. After answering the questions, there should be a button that will "generate" what I'm about to describe.

Choosing option A or B will result in two completely different sheets: -Option A will have X columns for the number of teams entered, and Y rows for the number of players per team. If possible, something will pop up allowing the user to input each team name.

-Option B will be a bit more complicated. I have a template of what one column will be for each team, and would need to have that repeated for the number of teams entered. Additionally, the number of players per team and dollars per team will need to be placed into an existing formula that will perform certain calculations. And, if possible, the number of players per team will alter the column template if the number is over a pre-defined number. And, like the previous option, it would present a pop up allowing the user to input each team name.

I apologize for the length of this question, and while it is too extensive to ask someone here to do, I would like to know what I can expect if I try to achieve this. Will I need to know programming code? Can you point me to some articles that will help me in terms of turning an inputted number into a spreadsheet with that number of columns after hitting a "submit" button?

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F4 Does Not Repeat Insert Rows Or Columns

Sep 12, 2009

My F4 key (which I use constantly) works for every "repeat" function except for inserting rows or columns. I can repeat every other option EXCEPT inserting rows/columns. I just had Office 2007 uninstalled and had Office 2003 put back on my PC. My IT group can't figure it out.

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Macro To Insert Two Columns With IF Formulas Into Worksheet?

Dec 13, 2011

Writing a macro to insert two columns with IF formulas into a Worksheet. The 2 columns to be added would be after Column G on Sheet 1.

The new Column H would be


And the new Column I would be


Where # represents the row number.

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VBA - Insert And Rename Columns Not Working Properly

Feb 21, 2013

The code below is supposed to insert a column and rename it. However, when I debug, the code only renames the column, it does split or run the loop. I press debug again, and then code executes as it is intended.

I can't explain why I have to press debug twice for in order for the code to work properly.

Sub renameColumns()
With Sheets("byPosition")

Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight
.Range("E1").Value = "Exemption"

[Code] .......

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Insert Formula Across Variable Number Of Columns With VBA

Jun 19, 2014

I have two variables - the number of stages, and the number of people.

The stages will start in say C22 through G22 (if there were 5 stages). The number of stages will vary upon a user-inputted number in A1.

The names of people will start inB29, so I'd like to insert the simple formula (=Max(C23:C28)) across cells C29-G29 (again with my example of 5 stages), with relative references to the columns, of course.

Ditto for the next name in B30, etc, so that I get the max value for Person#1 in Stage 1, 2, 3...Person#2 in Stage 1,2,3...

Inserting the formula over the dynamic ranges.

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