F4 Does Not Repeat Insert Rows Or Columns

Sep 12, 2009

My F4 key (which I use constantly) works for every "repeat" function except for inserting rows or columns. I can repeat every other option EXCEPT inserting rows/columns. I just had Office 2007 uninstalled and had Office 2003 put back on my PC. My IT group can't figure it out.

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Insert Rows & Repeat Values Based On Corresponding Cell Value

Jul 7, 2009

I have a list of 130 names in column A. I have a number value between 0-10 in column B (next to the name). I need to insert the number of rows defined by the value in column B, below each row that I already have (if the value is 0, then the row needs to be deleted). The inserted rows have to be filled with the name value from the row above.

For example - before macro:

Joe Bloggs 2
Adam Wilson 10
Peter Andrews 0
Claire Burrows 6

After macro:

Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson....................................

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Columns To Insert The 2 Rows

Aug 22, 2007

I have this excel file which has data in it. However, this data will come in everyday. Eg, A1 to A10 is QWE, A11 to A20 is RTY, A21 to 30 is UIO. But as I said earlier new data will come in everyday. For eg, it will become A1 to A15 is QWE, A16 to A30 is RTY and so and so forth.

I need to insert 2 rows after QWE, RTY, UIO. But as data will come in everyday, I cant standardise my columns to insert the 2 rows.

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Compare Columns And Insert Rows?

Aug 16, 2012

I have attached an example of what I need the macro for. I really need it to look at the columns with the names (Girth Weld, Weld) and the Joint length column to make its moves. Mainly the joint length. I think that would get me on track and give me some room to explore and learn what else I need to do. I love to try and figure things out but this is killing me!


Sub LineUp() 'assumes data in order and concates unique
Dim i1 As Long, i2 As Long, n1 As Long, n2 As Long
Const StartRow As Long = 5


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Prevent Insert New Rows Or Columns

May 21, 2009

What is the easiest way to stop users inserting new columns or rows into a workbook? Is it a case of protecting each sheet individually?

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Unable To Insert Columns Or Rows

Apr 7, 2013

I am unable to insert sheet rows or columns in a microsoft office spread sheet in a specific file. Other files are Ok.

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Insert Two Columns For Selected Rows

Dec 6, 2008

I would like to select a number of columns and then run a macro that would insert two columns after each of the selected columns.

Or is there perhaps a faster way than using a macro?

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Repeat Insert Row And Formula For Selected Cells

Jul 8, 2009

I am in the process of developing a budget template for next year and here is what I want to accomplish through Macro to avoid the tedious mannual manipulation process (hope that's achievable). BTW, I am only an entry-level Macro user who has no background in coding.

I have attached an Excel sample but let me explain:

In each of the expenses tabs (1, 2, and so on (only 1, 2 given in the sample)), I want to be able to select a range of the data cells (A19:Q34 in "Expense 1" and A10:Q28 in "Expense 2") and run this Macro so that:

1. 10 blank rows be inserted between selected data rows

2. A sum created for each month from the four rows below) with different color

3. A Year to Date Actual and To Year End Forecast created based on the VLOOKUP of the "P&L" matching the account code by month

4. Finally grouping of the first 9 rows.

the above is what I have manually created for the first account code in the "expense 1" tab. I have 7-8 expenses groups and about 200 account codes. So mannually creating the above for each expense groups is not that terrible if this will make life easier for Macro.

I would think this is a very typical Macro issue but can't really come up with anything.

The other issue I ran into the VLOOKUP for the YTD Actual and TYE Forecast. It is to look up accont code in the "P&L" tab and match the #s. But the column numbers in the VLOOKUP do not change automatically when I copy across. Thus I have to change mannually, which is really a pain in the butt. I also know I can't copy down because that will change the account code that I want it to match. Because to be able to copy the VLOOKUP formula across the same account code, I need to use the $ to fix the account code. But to copy down I think I need that to be without the $ sign. Any solution on that?

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Insert One Or Two Rows Based On Two Columns Criteria

Feb 3, 2009

I need to insert one or two rows depending on the criteria of two different columns.
We have two shops (A and B)...and the sales are expresed like this: ....

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Insert Rows Based On Number Of Columns Used

Jan 31, 2008

I have a spreadsheet which contains data needing to be re-formatted into a suitable format for my database. So far I have been doing this by hand, but want to make it quicker as I have over 2000 lines to sort out. I am trying to write a macro that determines whether there is data in the column next to the active one (D2), and if there is counts how many columns there is data in. Once it has done this it needs to insert the same number of rows as there are columns, then copy the column data and transpose it into the empty rows. My macro seems to work at first, but it exits after around the 4th row, but I can't work out why.

Sub split_For_Database()
Dim No_Of_Cells As Integer
Dim Start_Cell As Range
Dim Cell As Range
Dim LastRow As Range
Dim i As Integer
Dim lRows As Long
Set LastRow = Range("C65536").End(xlUp)
i = 0
Set Start_Cell = Range("C2")
Set Cell = Start_Cell
Do While Start_Cell.Address <= LastRow.Address
Do While Cell.Offset(0, 1) > 0
i = i + 1
Set Cell = Cell.Offset(0, 1)

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Compare Columns & Insert / Delete Rows

Feb 22, 2008

I have a large data file. In column A is 8760 entries (every hour of every day of the year). Columns D & E are linked, Column D is the time and date whilst Column E is a parameter assocaied with that time and date.

There should also be 8760 entries in these columns, however there are some missing data lines in columns D & E. I would therefore like to move the rows in columns D & E so they match with the entries in column A. Can anyone help? I have a headache as i have over 70 files to complete this operation on.

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Count Columns With Data Then Insert That Number Of Rows

Feb 11, 2014


01012014 DAVE JOHN
02012014 MAT

What I want

01012014 DAVE
01012014 JOHN
02012014 MAT
03012014 CHRIS
03012014 MIKE
03012014 PHIL

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Excel 2007 :: Disable Insert Columns / Rows Only

Mar 1, 2012

I am looking for a way of allowing users to edit the existing cells at their will, but simultaneously disabling the option to insert/ delete columns or rows.

By enabling Sheet Protection, I cannot find a way to do it. Can I?

I am on MS Excel 2007 by the way.

I found the way, just unlock all cells in Format Cells, Protection Tab. Then Protect sheet and de-select what you want to disable.

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Insert Rows/Columns Without Formula References Changing

Aug 31, 2006

I'm working in a workbook with several sheets, the first two collums of each sheet are =to the first sheet. some times I need to insert a line, but when I did that, I need to type again all formulas or drag the previous ones, and format again the cells. is there another way to do this?

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VBA Macro To Delete Rows/Columns, Insert Formulas & Auto Fill

May 28, 2009

I'm running a macro that opens another workbook and read data from it.How can I incorporate this code into my macro.Sorry i don't knwo VBA.

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsmsimantbDesktopINFRACHEM_POLYMERS - DON''T DELETE.xls]Sheet1"

UserGRP_MAcro Macro
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Existing userGroup"............................

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Delete Columns, Increment Alphanumeric Text, Insert Rows & Sort

Feb 18, 2008

I am having to write a vba code for a survey data captured code online.

I am attaching the code and the vba module that is suupose to do

following things


3) Initial 6 letters from each cell (Q0001=) UPTO (Q00011=)

4)Inserts new row at top from Q1 TO Q11

5) Sorts data on Q6 (Faculty/Staff)

Before all this the i need to insert blank cells for questions that have not been answered and shift the cells right (condition 1) ....

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Repeat Rows By Mutiplying Current Amount Of Rows By Cell Value

Aug 11, 2009

I have a table which contains a list of branches eg;


I then have a spreadsheet which contains a number of columns and rows.

I want to create a new spreadsheet in the first column it will contain the branch from the table above then the rows and columns in the above spreadsheet

The rows and columns would then repeat for each of the other branches in the table. IE if I have 4 branches in my table and 100 rows in my spreadsheet my new spreadsheet would contain 400 rows

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Convert 1 Row Of Data To 4 Rows And Have It Repeat Every 4 Rows?

Jun 28, 2014

I have raw data stored in one row which I would like to break up into four individual rows.

I cannot get the formula to repeat and I don't want to manually do it.

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Add Numbers From 2 Rows,then Move To Next 2 Rows & Repeat

May 24, 2007

I have 3 columns and 200 rows. The first column is for Name of product. 2nd column for number and 3rd for $value of number of products. Have 200 rows. Have done a sort and checked. 2 sets of rows are for the same product name. I want to know if it is possible to add up values in 2nd and 3rd column, 2 rows at a time , then 4th and 5th column and so forth, by some formula rather than doing it manually?

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VBA Sum Two Columns If They Both Have Data And Repeat For Each Row?

Apr 30, 2014

I do have some other coding background. I am working on some VBA script to run against data being put into a single excel sheet. Column C will always have data, but column D will not. What I need to do is loop through each row with something like this:

Staring at row 2 (since row 1 is a header in this report)
If Column D is not blank, then subtract D from C.
Repeat for next row until the end of the data

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Repeat A Formula Automatically Every Seven Columns

Feb 19, 2010

I have a formula that is working, but I want to repeat it every seven columns. I know I can drag it and release it (or drag a few and release them in the appropriate column), but at this point I have so many columns that it's quite cumbersome to do that. Is it possible to create a macro that will automatically repeat the formula in every cell seven columns to the right (the same row for all)?

My formula is in cell K7 is:


Now I want that formula to repeat (with the proper adjustments) for cell R7, i.e.:

and then to automatically continue like that for cells Y7, AF7, AM7, and so on.

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Simple Macro To Repeat On Next Row On Same Columns

Jan 22, 2014

I've recorded a macro which selects a few cells in a row, copies them and pastes them again over the same cells (special paste - only values), and I've attached this macro to a button.

I would like the macro to repeat the same action on the next row for the same columns, each time the button clicked.

How to update the macro to move to the next row each time initiated?

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Repeat Rows At Top Except One

Aug 18, 2007

Is it possible to repeat rows on top of every page but one? Specifically, I have a seven page spreadsheet and I don't want the rows to repeat on the seventh page.

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Add Two Spreadsheet Rows And Repeat

Jan 5, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that contains traffic count data for a two lane road. The data is by direction, by hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so the data is basically 2X 365 = 730 rows of data.

I need to simply add the two directions together for each hour of each day, basically add two rows together, drop down to the next two rows and add them together, repeat.

I need the result as stand alone data on another spreadsheet so the Data, Subtotals operation provided by Excel won’t work for me but something similar that puts the data on another spreadsheet would work.

I also tried to use a formula in the new spreadsheet that added two cells in two rows on the original spreadsheet together and then repeated that process a few times and then tried to drag the formula down but couldn’t get it to repeat correctly.

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Macro To Repeat On All Rows, Not Just The First One

Jul 6, 2007

This macro is recorded, but I need it to start on row 2 and repeat down to row 3000. What changes do I need to make.

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How To Repeat Process For Rows

Feb 18, 2013

I have a list of rows with Yes and No check boxes. Columns "T" and "U" contain the output of these checkboxes (i.e. "TRUE" or "FALSE"). At the end I have a button which I'd like to run this code. Essentially, I want to code to go through row by row and do the following:

1. Check to see if both boxes are blank or if both boxes are checked - and if so set the background color to yellow
2. Otherwise set the background color to clear

I have written the following code which accomplishes this task for Row 9. Is there an easy way to repeat this process for rows 10-15 without copying all the text and changing the row numbers?

Then, any way, say "If all the rows (i.e. 9-15) have clear background colors (which would mean that they all 'passed' the test of having exactly one and only one box checked in the row), then run another macro which I have written"?

Rem Check to see if neither box is checked or if both boxes are checked and sets background color to yellow, otherwise sets background color to clear.

If (Range("T9").Text = "") And (Range("U9").Text = "") Or (Range("T9").Text = "TRUE") And (Range("U9").Text = "TRUE") Or
(Range("T9").Text = "FALSE") And (Range("U9").Text = "FALSE") Then
Range("B9", ("G9")).Interior.ColorIndex = 6
Else: Range("B9:G9").Interior.ColorIndex = 0
End If

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Repeat Cells In Column Depending On Change In Another Columns

Jan 23, 2013

Here is an example list:


All I'm trying to do in the second column is something that can say if there is a change in column A, then restart the order, or not..

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How To Drag Down Numerical Value But Repeat 2 Rows

Jul 10, 2014

I am trying to drag a numerical value down (X4-X10) but I need it to repeat two rows in between and simultaneously keep the numbering in sequence only after the repeats 2 rows in between . So far, I have to manually enter or when I select cell X4 and X5 together ( having a value of 1 and 2 respectively) and drag, the value does not repeat 2 rows in between and does not keep the numbering in sequence after the 2 rows.

At Present:
X4 1
X5 2
X6 3
X7 4
X8 5
X9 6
X10 7

I need to have

X4 1
X5 1
X6 1
X7 2
X8 2
X9 2
X10 3
X11 3
X12 3

and so on

I have a 2000+ rows to manually input and hence it is not practical!.

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Repeat Values In Another Column After Every N Rows

Jan 30, 2014

I have data in rows like this

1 x y z
2 x y z
3 x y z
4 x y z
5 x y z
6 x y z
7 x y z
8 x y z
9 x y z
10 x y z
11 x y z
12 x y z

What I am looking for is that I want to repeat the rows after every third row in another column. For eg

1 x y z x y z x y z
2 x y z x y z x y z
3 x y z x y z x y z

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VBA Formula To Repeat Down Rows Until Nothing In Cell

Aug 27, 2013

how to get it to fill down. Basically depending on the contents of column D, a formula (which also needs to fill with the rows) is copied from sheet 2 in to column K.

Sub Copy()
With Sheets("sheet1")
typ = .Cells(Rows, Count, "D").End(x1Up).Row


That's what I have. I am totally stuck. the formula needs to relate to column G and fill down too. this is the formula

HTML Code:

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