Userform With Textbox And Option Combination

Oct 2, 2011

I have a userform with 3 option buttons and a txtbox

When option 1 is selected I would like the value to go into the next open row

txtbox1 + (kid u 2)

Ex: value in txtbox 1 is Mary Jane and opt1
thus Mary Jane (kid u 2)

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Userform Textbox Date Format - Calendar Option

Jun 5, 2014

I have a userfrom with 2 textboxes used for entering dates. would like to either force the user to enter the date as xx/xx/xxxx or have a calendar feature where they can select a date. I checked my 'additional controls' in my toolbox but do not see a calendar option.

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Choose Best Option/combination Of Options

Jul 6, 2006

I have a bunch of parts each with a list of packages sizes, prices, and additional piece prices. For example:

Part #305213
1000 pieces - $7.99/Pkg - $.05/add'l piece
600 pieces - $4.99/Pkg - $.06/add'l piece
200 pieces - $3.00/Pkg - $.07/add'l piece
0 pieces - $0.00/Pkg - $.15/add'l piece

I need to determine what is the most efficient way to order these items given various amounts. For example:
If I need 1200 pieces, it's cheaper to order 2 of the 600 pkgs than a 1000 and a 200.
If I need 400 pieces, it's cheaper to order 600 at $4.99 than to buy 2x200 at $3.00/pkg.
If I need 1250 pieces, it's cheaper to buy 2x600 @ $4.99/pkg plus 50 pieces at $0.06/piece......

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Conditional Formatting Userform Textbox Based On Textbox Value?

Jul 3, 2014

I've been using the following code to conditionally format userform textboxes based on a specific value (in this case 2490):

[Code] ........

What I'm looking to do now is amend this so rather than use a specific value, to use the value in a specific textbox on the same userform.

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Userform Textbox Event That Fires After I Exit The Textbox

Feb 2, 2010

I need a userform textbox event that fires after I tab or click out of the textbox. Going by the list of options:Beforedragover, BeforeDroporPaste, Change, DblClick, DropButtonClick, Error, Keydown, Keypress, keyup, mousedown, mousemove, mouseup.

I can't figure out which one will do what I want. The change event happens instantaneously which doesn't work. I need to fire off the event when my focus leaves the textbox.

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Copy One Value Of Textbox ActiveX On Worksheet To Userform Textbox

Jul 25, 2014

I need the value of active x control textbox on my worksheet 1, to be copied to a textbox in my userform, that pops up from that sheet....

And I want it to display after the textbox on my worksheet has been updated and the comman button for the userform is clicked...

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Mouse Focused Onto Textbox When Option Button Selected?

Mar 9, 2014

I was trying to have the the mouse focused on to the textbox when an option button is selected, but it seems not working.


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Adding Text From One Userform Textbox To Another Textbox

Oct 12, 2011

Private Sub cmdSearchButton_Click()
Dim txtbox As String 'stores lookup value
Dim x As Variant 'value for wwid txt box
Dim ForeName As String
Dim SurName As String
Dim wwid As Variant
Dim iPosition As Integer

[Code] .......

Here is my code, it does a vlookup and if the persons name is not found it will split the text entered into forename and surname but when i try and add

frmAdd.txtForename.Text = "&ForeName &"
frmAdd.txtSurname.Text = "&SureName &"

It actually displays &ForeName & in the text box of the next from rather than what ForeName is..

eg. John Smith -> search button -> user not found msg -> user wants to add user -> string is split into forename and surname -> forename = John , surname = Smith -> display this in the second form.

What code should i be using to do this, i thought that &ForeName & would work.

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Copy Value Of Textbox On Worksheet To Textbox On Userform

Jul 27, 2014

I tried looking for everywhere, but i still cant seem to find the solution.. I have an Active X textbox on a worksheet, and I need it's value to show up on a textbox on my userform, that shows up through a command button on that worksheet. I'm fairly new to vba.

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Copy From Textbox To TextBox In Another Userform

May 23, 2008

I am trying to copy data from a Textbox in a Userform to a Textbox in another Userform. Is it possible?

In Userform1 I have a button from which I can open Userform2 keeping the Userform1 opened. When closing Userform2 I want to copy the data from TextBox2 in Userform2 to TextBox1 in Userform1.

I was trying to guess the code... but it is not working...:

UserForms("Userform1").TextBox1.Value = UserForms("Userform2").TextBox2.Value

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Retrieve Option Button Value From Outside Userform

Aug 15, 2013

How to retrieve the option button value from outside the userform (not inside the userform).

I mean from the main module i want to retrieve the value selected.

E.g.: Optionbutton1 Optionbutton2 Optionbutton3

If i select Optionbutton1 then i want to retrieve this value from outside the userform.

For reference i have attached the excel file wherein I have created the three userforms that is:

1. password (to mask the password
2. ChaseRecons (to use the option buttons)
3. Userform (to display the logo and selet folder option).

In userform Named ChaseRecons i have created three option buttons & want to retrieve the value of these from outside the userform not from the inside.

If i use (If ChaseRecons.optionbutton1.value=true then) its working fine inside the userform but not outside the userform.

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Disable Option Button On Userform?

Jan 26, 2014

I have two option buttons on a user form, one for a temperature of <250 & one for a temperature >250. I want the option button >250 to be greyed out or have it so that you cannot choose it & option button <250 selected if a certain criteria in a list box is selected. The list box is called Valve_Model & the criteria i want it to work on is if the valve model HPBV Soft is selected & HPBV Soft AC.

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Validate Option Buttons In Userform

Jul 9, 2009

I have a simple user form with 8 frames each containing four option buttons. I need a routine to validate that a each frame has had a single option button selected once a command button is clicked.

Here is the code I'm currently using but it isn't working correctlt.

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim Cnt As Integer
Dim Ctrl As MSForms.Control
Dim WS As Worksheet
For Each Ctrl In Me.Controls

If TypeName(Ctrl) = "OptionButton" Then

If Ctrl.Value = False Then

MsgBox "Please answer ALL questions"

Exit Sub
End If

MsgBox "Thankyou for completing the questionnaire"

Unload Me
Exit Sub

End If
Next Ctrl

End Sub

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How To Print Only Contents Of Textbox From Userform Not Whole Userform

Apr 26, 2014

I Have a Userform which Have My Data i Print User Form Using Print Command Button And My Code Is

[Code] ......

But Its Printout Whole Form I only Wants To Print contents of Text Box's Or only Text From Userform TextBox. How To Print out Only Content of User Form Not The Whole Form ...

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Bind Specific Userform Per Option Button?

Apr 2, 2014

I am working on a file composed of 3 userforms.

Userform1 = Made of 2 Option buttons namely Data 2 and Data 3 and the usual command buttons.

Userform2 = I would like this to be the one that appears if I choose Data 2 and click Ok.

Userform3 = I would like this to be the one that appears if I choose Data 3 and click Ok.

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Change TabIndex On Userform Option Buttons?

Oct 29, 2011

I have a userform with Option Buttons. I have them all initialized as deactivated except for one at a time as the user performs certain tasks (e.g. Create a new worksheet with the name "database"). Once each task is completed, the previously activated option button becomes deactivated and another option button becomes activated. That works fine. My problem now is that I can't change the default tab index settings to put the black dot next to the activated option button:

This doesn't seem to work:

If Sheets("Database").Range("A1") vbNull Then
Controls("OptionButton1").Enabled = False
Controls("OptionButton1").TabIndex = 1
Controls("OptionButton2").Enabled = True
Controls("OptionButton2").TabIndex = 0
End If

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Change Option Buttons To Checkboxes On Userform

Apr 21, 2012

I have a userform with a lot of OptionButtonson it.

(a few pages on the userform * a lot of OptionButtons per page = a lot lot OptionButtons)

I need to change them all to checkboxes ... Is that possible? For example:

Dim oCnt As Controls
For Each oCnt In myform.Controls
If TypeOf oCnt Is msforms.OptionButton Then
TypeOf oCnt = msforms.CheckBox
End If

Syntax error in line: TypeOf oCnt = msforms.CheckBox

But I always have an error.

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Adding 'select All' Option To Userform Listbox

Apr 1, 2007

I have a userform with 5 listboxes on the first page, each with multiple options. They are all set up so any number of options can be chosen.

2 are populated by the 'add item' method, and the other 3 pull data from 3 columns of the database when it's initialised to ensure all possible options are included.

My question is this - as there may be many options in each listbox to scroll through, if someone wanted to search on all the options in the listbox, it would be easier to have a 'Select All' option at the top, but I have no idea if this is possible, let alone how to do this -

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Select A Chart Type In A Userform Using Option Buttons

Jul 14, 2006

I have made a simple procedure (which will extend to make something that I have to make but for time being) it asks user to select a chart type in a userform using option buttons and then the chosen chart type is taken as the chart type and makes the chart.

problem is that the typechart - variable to identify the chosen chart type - is not being recognised. Here's the coding, the variable is not passed (in yellow bolded) from one procedure to another?

Private Sub NextButton_Click()
Call ShowType
If bFlag = False Then
MsgBox "Not Selected"
Call ShowType
Call MakeChart
End If
End Sub

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Option Button To Make Visible Multi Pages In Userform

Jul 6, 2013

I have a user form with multipage.

With the use of the option buttons,the page needs to made visible or invisible.

Example: on Page one, i have placed radio buttons as page2,Page3&page4.

By default only page 1 should be visible and when we select radio button page2, page2 should become visible or else it should be invisible,when we select radio button page3, page3 should become visible or else should remain invisible.

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Userform With Remember Password And User Id Option Or Check Button

Sep 12, 2009

I have userform in excel which asks user to enter user id and password. I want a to have "Remember Me" check button on my userform which will remember user details and he wouldn't have to enter user id and password again and again.

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Populate Userform Textbox From Another Userform

Nov 22, 2007

I want to populate a textbox (output) on one userform with data from a textbox (target) on another userform.

The data in the textbox (target) is the result of calculations in the userform code and is not gathered from or saved to a cell.

I want the textbox (output) to be populated at "Userform intialize" event.

I have tried various other methods without any success.

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Copy Range As Paste As Values Based On UserForm Option Button Choice

Nov 3, 2009

I have a frame (Frame1) on a userform added using Microsoft Forms 2.0 Frame. I have added option buttons to the frame named OptionButton1 thru OptionButton4. I am trying to add code where certain cells are copied and pasted depending on which optbutton is selected. I tried the following code but because the option button is a frame object it doesn't seem to trigger the event.

Private Sub OptionButton1_Click()

'copy level 1
If Me.OptionButton1 = True Then
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:= _
xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
End If

End Sub

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UserForm – Data From TextBox To Cell Then Cell To TextBox

Aug 23, 2009

I have a form “RiseSpan” with three TextBoxes, “txtInSpan”, “txtDepth” & txtOutSpan”.
I wish to enter values in “txtInSpan” and “txtDepth”. These values are placed in cells A1 and A2. If both “txtInSpan” and “txtDepth” are greater that zero, I want “txtOutSpan” to show the value of cell C11.

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Tab To Next Textbox In Userform

Jun 4, 2014

Want to tab to next textbox in a userform.

Sample workbook has a userform with 4 textboxes.

When I enter something in textbox 1 and then try to tab to the next box, it tabs within the same box.

Attached sample : Form1.xlsm‎

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Userform Textbox Value

Jun 25, 2006

i have a tabbed userform, that has 13 text boxes on each ,

how can after i have updated one tab unload to a specific cell in excel ?

textbox1 i need value when i "Unload" to b $F$6
textbox2 will be $F$7
textbox3 $F$8

etc etc

but i have no idea how to do this , i have a cmdbutton on bottom ready to unlaod to excel , can anyone start me off on right tracks

also is there a way to when this sheet is opened this userform is shown

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Userform Textbox Limitation?

Sep 11, 2013

i have couple of textbox in my userform and i want to limit them for 7 number and one letter e.g. 7777777X.

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Can't Get Textbox In Userform To Wrap

May 8, 2014

How do I get the text to wrap inside the text box? I have the Wordwrap property of the textbox = True.

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Userform Textbox Sum Values?

May 22, 2014

I have textbox1 through textbox8 and all have a number value controlled by their respective spinbutton. The total of those txtbox's adds up into textbox 9, but I currently have a command button to sum the value. would I would like is textbox 9 to update as I'm updating txtbox 1-8 automatically. let me know if possible

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Userform Refers To Textbox?

Jun 20, 2014

I'm having a problem referring to the value in my text boxes. I'm trying to refer the value in those to certain columns and rows that will be deleted after.


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