VBA Create Sheets With Buttons That Hyperlink To Different Sheets?

May 13, 2013

I run into is that many of our staff don't know there are tabs at the bottom of the page that show different worksheets. writing some VBA code that would grab the names of all the sheets and create a single sheet with the tabs listed as buttons that would hyperlink to each sheet of it's given name. Kind iof an index for the sheets.

Also bonus if 3 rows could be insterted on each of those pages with a button that links back to the index page.

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Button That Creates New Sheets With Buttons In Those New Sheets?

May 27, 2014

I'm editing some else's workbook. He has a button on sheet 1 that creates sheets 2 ad 3. I can see and edit his old code. I need to add a differet button to these sheets and 3. I can easily do this once those pages are created, but I need those buttons to come up as the sheets are created from the button on sheet 1. T

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Hyperlink To Other Sheets Within Workbook When Sheets Change Name

Mar 24, 2012

I want to create a hyperlink to a sheet named "adsf"

I am currently in a worksheet named: "62b Arcus"

I want the hyperlink to be set by grabbing the name from another cell.

For example, In cell h7, I have the text: adsf

In cell g7, I want to place a formula such as: =HYPERLINK("adsf!")

Except, instead of this, I want: =HYPERLINK("h7!")

In this way, i want it to hyperlink to a sheet name based on the text that is in h7.

But neither of these formulas work. Both say the following: "Cannot Open the Specified File"

After reading up on this I have discovered that I must save the file and include the file name inside the formula.

My file name is: [Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm] =HYPERLINK("[Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm]adsf!A1","LINK")

This hyperlink actually works. Yet I have a problem. What if I rename the file. For this reason, I want it to grab the current file name using "filename". I have tried this by the following:


This grabs the current file name "Excluding the text outside of the [ and ]. I was able to create this formula myself.

How come I can't replace the part with [ and ] =HYPERLINK("[Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm]adsf!A1","LINK")



These two formulas together would be:


I also want to replace the "adsf" part with a cell number such as h7. So that it says h7!A1","LINK") or in full:


This doesn't work either

I know that I have probably created a ridiculous formula for what I am after. I'm almost there but not quite. You may know something far, far more simple.

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Buttons Available On Multiple Sheets?

Feb 4, 2012

I have a workbook with 20 worksheets. Sixteen of them represent the months and quarters of the year. On those 16 sheets, I would like to have two buttons (32 buttons in all). One button is to print (and does quite a bit of formatting) the report for that month and the other submits the report (formats, saves, and e-mails notifications) after the user completes it.

Rather than having to maintain 32 buttons, I would prefer to have two buttons that are available to each of the 16 sheets. Is there a way to do this?

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Hyperlink To Hidden Sheets

Apr 5, 2013

I have a total of 15 sheets on my excel documents. I've hidden 10 (5 sheets will be shown) of those sheets so i can hyperlink to them from the sheet called "The plan". The name of the hidden sheets are called:

"Week 1"
"Week 2"
"Week 3"
"Week 4"
"Week 5"
"Week 6"
"Week 7"
"Week 8"
"Week 9"
"Week 10"

On "The plan" I have hyperlinked the words to the corresponding sheets then I hid the sheets, now the hyperlinks don't work. What should I do?

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Hyperlink & Hide Sheets

Feb 22, 2007

I need to hide all sheets appart from one sheet.

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Hyperlink To Other Sheets Depending On Cells

Jan 6, 2009

how I would do the following, as I have been having a play but not managed to get anything.

I have two cells, C10 and C11, they both contain numbers. I want to create a hyper link that goes to the sheet called: Semester C11 Year C10

e.g. if the cell values are 2 and 1 respectively, I want the link to go to the sheet called 'Semester 1 Year 2'

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Hyperlink A Cell To Multiple Sheets

Jan 25, 2005

Is it possible to link a cell with multiple sheets, normally a cell can be
linked with only one sheet.

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Exclude Sheets From Hyperlink Index

Jul 6, 2007

I am currently using the VB code from an older post in here.
Index Worksheet Plus

The problem I got is that i do NOT want all sheets to pop up in the index page. I got several sheets that I do want to exclude from the index listing. The sheets I want to exclude is not hidden.

Is there any way to exclude sheets from the index ?

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Hyperlink To Specific Sheets Which Created Automatically

Jul 7, 2013

my 1st sheet like this : A1="Reg.No."


i want -when type a No.&Name in A2 & B2 to inserted a new sheet (sheet2)which is it's name is that No.&Name and also a link between the cell and sheet...

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Hyperlink Index To Changing Sheets Tab Names

Jan 11, 2008

I have a long list of tabs listing "projects" which have changing names - on the first sheet, I want to have the table of contents automatically update and link to each tab - I want the user to only have to change the tab name to have the table of contents and link update -

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Open Formula Sheet And Hide All Sheets Except Clicking Hyperlink

Feb 22, 2013

I have a file having around 57 sheets.But here,I have taken a example.I want a file whose show me only summary sheet.But when,I click the cell no.C7 then the related sheet should be open i.e.FNDADRSCC,and all the sheets should be hide.I have little knowledge of HYPERLINK formula but not to the desired stage.

For more clarification, refer attached file.i.e. BOM Sheets

Desire result file have attached also i.e. Excel_formula

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Create Sheets From Ranges

Oct 16, 2009

I have this file, I would like to create a sheet for each different supplier code (column D), and each sheet named with the supplier code.

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Create New Sheets And Rename VBA

Jul 24, 2012

I have a worksheet titled "master plan" with many columns of data. I want to create many tabs based on this data.
One tab I want that just has the data from columns C, F, A, E, G and L (in that order) Starting with the header data in row 2. And titled "LOB".

Then I want a different tab for each unique item in Row C with these same columns (C, F, A, E, G and L from "master plan" tab or A, B, C, D, E and F from new "LOB" tab). The tab name should be the unique row C value.

So for example, say that there about 20 rows where 'A' is in column C, about 30 with 'B' in column 'C' etc .... There should be a tab with the name 'A' with those 20 rows of data and a tab with the name 'B' with the 30 rows with B and so on.

I also would prefer not to have to delete the existing 'A' and 'B' tabs every time before recording the macro so if it can either create a new tab or replace an existing tab with that name if it already exists.

To make things a little more difficult.. for the (in this example) 20 items with an 'A' in column C, there are (at this time) 3 different possible items in column B of 'master plan'. I'd like to create 3 separate tabs for each unique value in column B and I want the name to be dependent on the data in Column B (for example, the three unique items in column B with a column C of 'A' are Red, Green and yellow. I want three new tabs set up for each and the tab names to be: if B = Red, then tab name = 'Stop', If B = Green, then tab name = 'Go', if B = Yellow, then tab name = 'Slow'.

I have something that partially works, but I have to create the 'LOB' tab first and it doesn't work if any of the sheets already exist. And it doesn't do the Red, Green, Yellow part.

Here is what I currently have:

Sub DeptTabs2()
Dim strSrcSheet As String
Dim rngSrcStart As Range
Dim rngSrcEnd As Range
Dim rngCell As Range
Dim strLastDept As String
Dim intDestRow As Integer
On Error GoTo ErrHnd

[Code] ..

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Create Multiple Sheets

Jul 16, 2009

i have a master Sheet which have 15000 Entries (A:A15000) many are Duplicate, Unique is 63 . Now i want to make the 63 Sheets in a Same Workbook as per these Entries.

I record the Macro for the first 7 Sheets. Now how can I Modifiy this Macro to 63, Instead of record again for another Entries.

Actually, I have recevied a File some time it has 15000 Company Names sometime 20000 and sometimes 2000, Now i want to Make the Sheets according to Company Name Wise.

Now , i know how to record the Macro, but i want to know how to Modifiy the Macro.

" How to Learn and Modifiy the Macros"

My code

Sub CreateSheets()
' Macro1 Macro
' Macro recorded 7/16/2009 by AAditya
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+w

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Create Range Across Sheets

Feb 26, 2008

This is more acedemic than anything, but I'm trying to create a range that refers to ranges on more than one sheet... is this possible? "Union" doesnt appear to work when the ranges are on different sheets. Netither of the Set My_Range3 statements work below.

Option Explicit
Public Sub test()
Dim My_Range1 As range
Dim My_Range2 As range
Dim My_Range3 As range
Set My_Range1 = Worksheets(1).range("A1:A10")
Set My_Range2 = Worksheets(2).range("B1:B10")
'Set My_Range3 = Union(My_Range1, My_Range2)
'Set My_Range3 = range(My_Range1, My_Range2)
My_Range3.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End Sub

Both Set My_Range3 statements will work if the ranges are on the same worksheet.

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Declare A Sheets(1).Buttons("CommandButton1")

May 13, 2006

I have in sheets(1), a CommandButton. attached from the "forms toolbar". msgbox Sheets(1).Buttons("CommandButton1").Caption. shows me the caption of this commandbutton. I am using this commandbutton so often so... I would like to refer to this button say:

Dim CM As control
msgbox cm.caption

* * *
But i am not able to know the declaration I have to use, I mean

Dim CM As shape??
Dim CM As As CommandBar??

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How To Create Mirror Copy Of Sheets

Feb 22, 2013

I want to make a mirror copy of worksheet so that i can use filter option more than one names for the same column and for same sheet.

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Create Multiple Copies Of Sheets?

Apr 5, 2013

how to create multiple sheets ? in a workbook if i want to create multiple copies of the same sheet, what is the shortcut method to do that?

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Create One List From Multiple Sheets

Mar 5, 2014

I got an employee list from couple of Site in different sheets it contains Employee name & Department but not a continued list, i.e.

on the attached file, i am looking to populate Summary Sheet, no of Sites, deparments & agents varies.

I want the Site, Department & Agent Name to Populate into one continues list without empty cells .

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Create Sheets With Specific Color For TAB

Mar 28, 2014

We have A,B,C,DE scenarios and we need to create 6 sheets for all the scenarios and a "Result" sheet in the spreadsheet:

ATC1.....ATC6 - All A in Black colour
BTC1.....BTC6 - All B in Yellow colour
CTC1.....CTC6 - All C some Light Blue
DETC1.......DETC6 - All D some Light Grey
Results - This will be Green color

I did a manual work around by recording a macro:
Create Sheet
Rename as ATC1
Coloured sheet as mentioned above.
Copy paste for each sheet name which will be around 25 times of the below code snippets but ofcourse change colour and change sheet names.

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Create Report Comparing 2 Sheets

May 12, 2009

Every day i create a attendence sheet with names, who was attening a club the last 21 days.
I need some kind of report showing who is in Sheet1(Today) and not in Sheet2(Yesterday)="new people" and who is in Sheet2 but not in Sheet1 (people that stoped attending, droped out the list).

I tryed with "countif" and "Vlookup" but have to change the formulars on two sheets every day and i would rather like to leave leave the Sheets untouched.

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How To Create Array Of All Sheets In WorkBook

Nov 11, 2011

Sub Macro2()
Dim stgSheets As String, Cnt As Long
Dim arrSheets()
Cnt = Sheets.Count
ReDim arrSheets(Cnt - 1)
For i = 1 To Cnt
stgSheets = stgSheets & Sheets(i).Name
arrSheets(i - 1) = stgSheets
'sSheets = sSheets & "", ""
Next i


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How To Create Sheets From A List Of Names

Mar 1, 2012

I have a macro that creates sheets from a list of names. I have a template which is copied.

Sub CreateSheetsFromAList()
Dim MyCell As Range, MyRange As Range
Dim MySheetName As String


Sometimes I have to update that name list.

What I need is to have some addition that checks if the sheet does exist, if it does I want to skip and move on to the next name.

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Create Sheets Based On Lines

Mar 25, 2014

result of command is like below:

YYY,24/03/2014,222 , 0002,ALARM TEXT DIFFER IN TIMEFORMAT , 1, 1,3.03030303
YYY,24/03/2014,333 , 0001,SCRIPT FAILED , 31, 6,93.9393939
YYY,24/03/2014,111 , 0003,ALARMS NOT RECEIVED , 1, 1,3.03030303
YYY,9999992867290,24/03/2014 ,333 , 0001,SCRIPT FAILED , 7, 1, 100
YYY,9999992813525,24/03/2014 ,333 , 0001,SCRIPT FAILED , 3, 1, 100


Now I'm looking is when opened in Excel, it should create a two sheets excel file 1) with the First Section and the 2nd with second section . based on headers included in file.which then will be used for PivotCharts..in 2nd stage of automating..

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Create List From Same Cell On Other Sheets

Nov 22, 2007

I have a workbook with a main worksheet "template", from which other sheets are created. Each worksheet has a specific value found in cell D8.

I want to collect the values found on each worksheet (in cell D8) and list them on the first sheet.

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Create Ledger Account In Multiple Sheets?

Mar 13, 2014

I have CASHBOOK Worksheet and I want to create a LEDGER Account in Multiple sheet

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Create Separate Sheets For Each Team By Year

Feb 27, 2014

I have a code that will create separate sheets from “SDL_Calendar” sheet for each team and its working fine. Modify the code to create sheets for each Team BY YEAR based on user selection in Cells “H6”, “H7” and “H8” in “P6_Report” sheet. For filtering BY YEAR Column "D" Can be Used in “SDL_Calendar” sheet.

I have attached the work book of what I am trying to accomplish :

[Code] ......


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Create Summary Sheet From Multiple Sheets

Mar 4, 2014

My boss requires me to prepare forms for vouchers that we release to our suppliers.

I encode the details manually to excel with his prescribed format. each voucher are encoded on separate sheets on one file.

Now he requires me to prepare a summary for all the voucher forms which is now becoming a pain since i now hold 50+ suppliers. and each day i encode about 120 vouchers.

I found through this forum that there is a way to automate tasks on excel like preparing a summary sheet.

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VBA - Create Folder With Date In Name, Populate With Sheets

May 27, 2009

I have a workbook that will have many modules (5) that will perform all sort of checks etc. The output for each module is a worksheet that i need to export to a new workbook named with the name of the original sheet and current date appended e.g. "Dbase 27 06 2008.xls".

Every time any of the 5 modules is run a check is performed whether a folder with a specific name and date exists e.g. "Audit Tool 27 06 2008" and if it does not exist yet to create it. The new workbook should be saved to this folder with above mentioned name e.g. "Dbase 27 06 2008". I found some info on this topic but I just cannot assemble all pieces of code together (I am new to this).

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