Hyperlink To Other Sheets Within Workbook When Sheets Change Name

Mar 24, 2012

I want to create a hyperlink to a sheet named "adsf"

I am currently in a worksheet named: "62b Arcus"

I want the hyperlink to be set by grabbing the name from another cell.

For example, In cell h7, I have the text: adsf

In cell g7, I want to place a formula such as: =HYPERLINK("adsf!")

Except, instead of this, I want: =HYPERLINK("h7!")

In this way, i want it to hyperlink to a sheet name based on the text that is in h7.

But neither of these formulas work. Both say the following: "Cannot Open the Specified File"

After reading up on this I have discovered that I must save the file and include the file name inside the formula.

My file name is: [Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm] =HYPERLINK("[Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm]adsf!A1","LINK")

This hyperlink actually works. Yet I have a problem. What if I rename the file. For this reason, I want it to grab the current file name using "filename". I have tried this by the following:


This grabs the current file name "Excluding the text outside of the [ and ]. I was able to create this formula myself.

How come I can't replace the part with [ and ] =HYPERLINK("[Maintenance Color Codes of Houses - colour coded2.xlsm]adsf!A1","LINK")



These two formulas together would be:


I also want to replace the "adsf" part with a cell number such as h7. So that it says h7!A1","LINK") or in full:


This doesn't work either

I know that I have probably created a ridiculous formula for what I am after. I'm almost there but not quite. You may know something far, far more simple.

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VBA Create Sheets With Buttons That Hyperlink To Different Sheets?

May 13, 2013

I run into is that many of our staff don't know there are tabs at the bottom of the page that show different worksheets. writing some VBA code that would grab the names of all the sheets and create a single sheet with the tabs listed as buttons that would hyperlink to each sheet of it's given name. Kind iof an index for the sheets.

Also bonus if 3 rows could be insterted on each of those pages with a button that links back to the index page.

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Change Sheets In New Workbook Does Not Work

Apr 21, 2009

I am using Excel 2003.

I tried to change the number of new sheets in a new workbook, e.g. from 3 to 1.
But the option has no effect on new workbooks. They still show 3 sheets.

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Renaming Sheets (newly Opened Workbook And Change It's Name)

Feb 12, 2008

I'm experimenting a bit with this code. The idea is the following:

I've got one spreadsheet (ThisWorkbook) were I define 5 names for 5 worksheets in all files of a specific folder (c: emp). I get stuck at this line: "wb.Sheet2.Name = myval2", since I'm for some reason not able to activate the newly opened workbook and change it's name....

Sub wd_testing()

Dim I As Long
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim firstrow As Long
Dim sht As Worksheet
Dim cell As Object
Dim count As Integer
Dim myval2 As Variant
Dim myval3 As Variant
Dim myval4 As Variant
Dim myval5 As Variant
Dim myval6 As Variant
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

It's important to mention that there is no name conflict and the names work when entered manually.

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Combine Three Sheets Into One With Facility To Change Sheets Name?

Jun 2, 2014

Create a macro which will combine three different sheets with their names from 10 to 15 sheets.

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Printing Multiple Sheets In Workbook With Hundreds Of Sheets

Feb 18, 2014

I have a work sheet named "Main_List"...In column D starting with "D2" I would like to list worksheets that I would like to have printed via VBA.

The workbook has several hundred worksheets and I would like to list in column D only worksheets that I would like to print with VBA code.

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Hyperlink To Hidden Sheets

Apr 5, 2013

I have a total of 15 sheets on my excel documents. I've hidden 10 (5 sheets will be shown) of those sheets so i can hyperlink to them from the sheet called "The plan". The name of the hidden sheets are called:

"Week 1"
"Week 2"
"Week 3"
"Week 4"
"Week 5"
"Week 6"
"Week 7"
"Week 8"
"Week 9"
"Week 10"

On "The plan" I have hyperlinked the words to the corresponding sheets then I hid the sheets, now the hyperlinks don't work. What should I do?

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Hyperlink & Hide Sheets

Feb 22, 2007

I need to hide all sheets appart from one sheet.

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Hyperlink To Other Sheets Depending On Cells

Jan 6, 2009

how I would do the following, as I have been having a play but not managed to get anything.

I have two cells, C10 and C11, they both contain numbers. I want to create a hyper link that goes to the sheet called: Semester C11 Year C10

e.g. if the cell values are 2 and 1 respectively, I want the link to go to the sheet called 'Semester 1 Year 2'

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Hyperlink A Cell To Multiple Sheets

Jan 25, 2005

Is it possible to link a cell with multiple sheets, normally a cell can be
linked with only one sheet.

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Exclude Sheets From Hyperlink Index

Jul 6, 2007

I am currently using the VB code from an older post in here.
Index Worksheet Plus

The problem I got is that i do NOT want all sheets to pop up in the index page. I got several sheets that I do want to exclude from the index listing. The sheets I want to exclude is not hidden.

Is there any way to exclude sheets from the index ?

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Hyperlink To Specific Sheets Which Created Automatically

Jul 7, 2013

my 1st sheet like this : A1="Reg.No."


i want -when type a No.&Name in A2 & B2 to inserted a new sheet (sheet2)which is it's name is that No.&Name and also a link between the cell and sheet...

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Hyperlink Index To Changing Sheets Tab Names

Jan 11, 2008

I have a long list of tabs listing "projects" which have changing names - on the first sheet, I want to have the table of contents automatically update and link to each tab - I want the user to only have to change the tab name to have the table of contents and link update -

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Open Formula Sheet And Hide All Sheets Except Clicking Hyperlink

Feb 22, 2013

I have a file having around 57 sheets.But here,I have taken a example.I want a file whose show me only summary sheet.But when,I click the cell no.C7 then the related sheet should be open i.e.FNDADRSCC,and all the sheets should be hide.I have little knowledge of HYPERLINK formula but not to the desired stage.

For more clarification, refer attached file.i.e. BOM Sheets

Desire result file have attached also i.e. Excel_formula

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Creating New Workbook / Copying Sheets And Saving Workbook - Subscript Error

May 30, 2014

Trying to create a new workbook from another open workbook, then copying all the sheets that aren't called "Summary" to that new open workbook and then saving it. I get a subscript error on this line:


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Copy Data From Multiple Sheets In Workbook To Different Workbook But On One Worksheet

Feb 7, 2014

I am looking for a code that would copy the data from each worksheet in a given workbook and then paste to just one worksheet within a different workbook. The Sheet names are auto generated when I run this canned report but the naming structure is always the same...the first worksheet is named Repair Details and then the next sheet is named Repair Details_1, the next sheet is named Repair Details_2 and so on for every sheet in workbook. So I would like to copy all of the data(Headers to last cell) and then paste in a worksheet(ex: Master Repair Report.xlsx and the worksheet could be titled Master Repair Details) on a different workbook, then the next sheet would copy from the one under the header to the last record and paste to the same workbook. This process would repeat for every worksheet in the Repair Details Workbook and paste to Master Repair Details worksheet in the Master Repair Report workbook.

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Delete Sheets And Create New Workbook In Shared Workbook

Jun 2, 2014

I wrote a code in unshared workbook and it works fine. But when i make it shared i get Run-time error '1004' Delete method of worksheet class failed.

The Deleting of worksheet only occurs once (when the new wb is created) so is there i can unshare and share it back when the process is complete?

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Create New Workbook With Separate Sheets From Data In Another Workbook

Jul 16, 2012

I have been tasked with creating a macro which creates a new workbook wherein each sheet contains the information for one site from the active sheet. The active sheet already has the values sorted by the site such that all information needing to be copied from the active sheet into the new workbook is together.



There are 8 different sites on the active sheet: ATL, CEN, DAL, HAR, JAS, JCK, VIS, NOV

The macro needs to find the range for all of the data of each site and copy/paste that data into a new workbook such that ATL would have its own sheet, CEN would have its own sheet, and so on. The data ranges from A:R.

So, for example, the macro would find that the last row with ATL in the "B" column is 6095 and would then copy A2:R6095 and insert that data into the new workbook under Sheet 1.

I had some code that I had adapted to select the range for each of them, but the code loops through the entire sheet (which is 44,307 rows long) for each site making it a quite clunky and very slow step in an even longer macro. Since the data is already sorted, I know there must be a way to have the macro stop searching when it reaches data not equal to the data the row before, however, my experience with VBA is limited, and I have been unable to find a solution. Also, the data does not have to be conserved after being sent to the new workbook, if that would speed up the macro.

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Macro To Create New Workbook And Sheets Inside Each Workbook

Mar 31, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which has all the names of trips from a warehouse, the day that they operate (1,2,3 etc) and the job line allocated to each trip. It looks something like that:


I would like to create a macro that will be creating 7 new workbooks and then in those workbooks as many sheets as the trips. In these sheets, the customers should be displayed.

How do I write it? I could not find how to have a "dynamic choice" in the macro. I.e. not to have the criteria as "1", "trips1" but to choose from the range of inputs that are available.

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All Dates On Different Sheets Change At Once?

May 30, 2014

I have 32 schools monthly report and I have to change Dates on each page at the end of every month. change the dates at once on each sheet..I have highlighted the dates that need to be changed.. though I have the sheets in word rather than in excel..

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How To Change Sheets Quickly

Mar 16, 2013

I am building an excel folder with 200+ work sheets in it. there is a master sheet which i collect the rest of the data for the other sheets. My problem is, is that i want to be able to change the sheets quickly on the master sheet when i copy and paste or drag down. The formula that i am using in the cell on the master sheet is =SUMIF(sheet18!$B$4:$B$30,"rd1",sheet18!$E$4:$E$30)

Is there a way to quickly change the sheet from 18 to 19 to 20 and so on, or do i have to go into each formula and change it manual??

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Change Only Specific Fonts All Sheets In Vba

Mar 17, 2009

i answered another q. here
but op wants to only change specified fonts on all worksheets to ariel and leave others intact.

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Formula To Change VLookup To Various Sheets?

Oct 30, 2012

The formula below (in cell under Product 1) is accurate and works. It simply pulls data from sheet A159CLE. My problem is this formula has to be copied down 400 rows and over 50 columns. At every row change, the formula needs to change to reflect pulling from a different sheet. The sheet names are in Column A1 listed as Display Pog #. I have been using the find and replace to change out the new sheet names, but with 400 rows this gets very tedious.

Stores: 183

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Sheets As Array And Change Color

Dec 24, 2013


Sub TabColor()
Dim mySheets As Worksheets
Dim mySheet As Worksheet
Set mySheets = Worksheets(Array("sheet1", "sheet2"))
For Each mySheet In mySheets
With mySheet.Tab
.Color = 9
End With
End sub

I'm getting a type mismatch at line 4. Can I not group the sheets like this? This is just a test program, my real one would have 10 or more tabs in the array.

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Fastest Way To Change Links Between Sheets

Jul 29, 2014

I have workbook #1 sheet1 that is linked to a master workbook sheet1. The master workbook has a bunch of sheets. I need to make copy of my sheet1 in workbook #1 and change the links from a sheet1 in my master workbook.

So for example, if my worksheet in workbook#1 is linked to master workbook in worksheet1 tab1, i want to make a copy of my sheet in workbook#1 but now have it linked to tab2 in the master workbook.

I know i can just highlight and do a find replace right? Is there a faster way to do this because i have a bunch of sheets.

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Change Value On Spcific Cell Different Sheets

Apr 7, 2008

There's this cell g3 on every shweet on my workbook that needs to be set manually each time and i'm looking for a way to input values on every sheet on this cell,and i dont want to have to do it each time by scrolling through the worksheets.

What can i do in order to minimize the effort?

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Copy Data From Sheets In Workbooks In Folder To Main File Sheets Of Same Name

Aug 29, 2008

I would like to use VBA to search a folder and copy data from tabs within the excel files there. The data will be pasted to a tab of same name in the the main file. All the files are in the same format.

So far I have only managed to list the files in the folder using code I found on your site!

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Select Multiple Sheets And If Value In Cell Is True Then Copy Values In All Sheets And Hardcode Data

Feb 26, 2012

I have a workbook that updates from external source and creates sheets depending on a cell range.

I have put tab 1 and tab 0 on either end of where the new sheets will be inputted, will never know how many sheets

What i need to happen is if someone fills in "complete" in A7 in my "summary" sheet then the values in row 6 in all the other sheets get hardcoded. This needs to happen from A7 down to A26, so A8 = complete then copy row 7 etc
This is what i have so far

I get compile error here ........Sheets(ArrSh(1)).Activate

Also need it to work for all the other rows.

Sub hardcode()
'Sheets("Summary"). Select
If Range("a7") = "complete" Then
Sheets(Array("1", "0")).Select

[Code] ......

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Run-time Error '1004' Method 'Add' Of Object ' Sheets' Failed Adding Multiple Sheets

Aug 9, 2007

I have been running a simulation for about 18 hours now and just received:

Run-time error '1004':
Method 'Add' of object ' Sheets' failed

I have been creating new sheets, importing data, pulling some values from the data then deleting the respective sheet. I am using:

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)

The sheet is actually being added to the workbook, seemingly before the error. I resume the code, and a new sheet is placed in the workbook and it errors again. The Debugger stops and highlights on the code above.The sheet count number was 10895 at the error, just as an indicator of how many times the simulation has performed successfully. I am hoping this is something I can fix without having to start over...

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Sorting Sheet That References Data From Other Sheets (Google Sheets)

Jan 25, 2014

[URL] ....

I want to sort the Inventory Checklist sheet based on Column D but it gives me nothing but references errors.

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