VLOOKUP With Military Ranks

Oct 22, 2008

i am using this formula with military ranks as the primary value to look up. i know i am doing it correctly because it works with looking up values in another excel workbook when the rank is CPT, PFC, PV2, SPC, SGT, SSG, etc... but it does not work for any rank that is abbreviated with a number as the first character, such as 1LT, 2LT, or 1SG. instead i get a #N/A, which is false. i have looked all over the internet to include this website but cannot find an answer.

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Ranking With VBA - No Gaps Between Ranks

Feb 7, 2014

I have a problem ranking a large dataset(more than 30000 rows, 16 different columns need to be ranked). My problem is that I dont want the ranks to have gaps when there are ties.

See how it should be in table below.

Ext P$
Should be


I do have a working solution with an array formula similar to this, but it slows down my macro (30 minutes instead of 10 seconds) as I need it to calculate 16 times



I was thinking of using a for next loop to rank sorted columns but I dont know how to set it up properly.

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Unique Ranks Function

May 10, 2007

I have a list of data where some of the cell values are the same. I want to rank them uniquely but when I use the RANK function the cell values that are the same are given the equivalent rank. Is there any way of assigning the equivalent values a sequential ranking that is unique?

So in this example rather than producing the rank as this:

100 1
99 2
98 3
98 3
98 3
97 4
96 5
95 6

It would produce it as this:

100 1
99 2
98 3
98 4
98 5
97 6
96 7
95 8

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Complicated Data Lookups / Ranks

May 3, 2013

I am building a dashboard for a project, which is going to be on a separate worksheet for easy printing and providing only needed data from my database. I have attached a small example in the format I will actually be using as I think the formula is going to be specific to my dashboard.

Attached file, you should see a column "Rank" highlighted orange, with certain rows being numbered. My objective is to display certain data from that particular row, and display it (scroll to the right to see the dashboard display layout) on the dashboard. I think my main goal is to have the specified data displayed in ranked order 1-10 from the top down, and I don't know where to start with that....the other possiblity is to just have the specified data display in ascending order of the zip codes as long as something other than <blank> is in the "Rank" field.


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Macro Which Ranks Table Of Data

Oct 7, 2008

I have a large table of data which is currently just in alphebetical order. I also have a blank template of the exact table format on another sheet in the same document.

I am trying to create a macro which will pull everything into the current blank table but ranks each row by the overall score (%).

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Rankif Returning Sequential Ranks

Oct 18, 2011

Here is an example of my data and desired results:

[Material] [Receipt Date] [Order Received (Desired Results)]
1 8/1/11 1
1 8/1/11 1
1 9/1/11 2
2 8/2/11 1
2 8/5/11 2
2 8/5/11 2
2 9/1/11 3

I would like to identify the order in which each "material" was received but I would like the ranks to be sequential.

I am aware of the:
to return the rank but I would like to make them sequential...

One last request... I would LIKE to not use array functions if possible, however I will if I have to..

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Formula - (-) Shows Up And Ranks This As The Number One

Mar 16, 2007

On cell K7, i have this formula:


On cell L7 i have this formula:


The issue is that in cell K7 a dash (-) shows up and ranks this as the number one, even when i have no data in I7 and J7.

MTD Conv
Conv Goal
B/W Goal



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Formula That Ranks Dynamic Unsorted Data

Aug 18, 2014

The situation requires some context. I have a spreadsheet that is pulling data in from another location. It is simply a 'Location!A1' link - the source data updates daily as it is a Business Objects report that I dump out and I want to then bring that info into another spreadsheet.

My challenge is attempting to order the data as it comes in without having to manually sort the Business Objects report everyday. Because the link to the BO report is simply a cell look up, I have to take the data as it comes.

I've tried the rank formula according to a price (as this is what it needs to be ranked by) but because some products are the same price as each other, it simply doubles up (so if there's two products at $10, it ranks them both the same e.g. 4). Once I get the right rank, I can then vlookup the right order in a way I can then reference properly. EXAMPLE 180814.xlsx

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Ranks Columns Of Figures In Decending Order

May 15, 2009

I have a sheet diplaying 5 columns of percentages which I need to rank in descending order, i.e. assign rank 1 to the largest percentage and 5 to the lowest. See the attached sheet.

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Formula That Reads Grade And Then Ranks These By 1st-5th Place According To Score

Feb 10, 2014

I'm creating a Speech and Debate calculater that presents winners names by place according to their score. If you look at Tab HSSE Results it will read the inputed information from HS Speech English. I want the names of the students to appear in the correct ranking order in the respected grade rankings chart. I currently have a countif formula which reads the grade, but I think I need to link that with an index formula which I'm having problems with.

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Multi Conditional IF Function: Show Where The Tender Ranks Against A Set Of Criteria

Nov 12, 2009

I have a workbook which scores tender's, the calculations behind the front sheet work fine, I would now like to show where the tender ranks against a set of criteria. I have attached a sample and typed into the cell D12 what I am trying to with this list of criteria below starting in cell C15.

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Military Time (Text)

Jul 2, 2007

I have a column of numbers formatted as general. The data represents military time. When I try to change the format to time, the output is 0:00. How do I convert the existing data to time data IN THE SAME cell the existing data is already in? Is this possible? I have 26,000 lines of data I have to apply this to.

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Military Date Query

Mar 5, 2010

I have a cell that is formatted to the military date system
051125Z Mar 10 (ddhhmmmZ mmmyy) Cell D24

What I need is in Cell D25 to add 30 minutes to this date.

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Formula For Adding Military Time

Oct 28, 2009

I have four columns. In the first one I want to keep my START time (in format of military time), in the second column I have STOP time, in the THIRD column I have TIME USED in other words it is a DIFFERENCE between STOP and START and I used this formula for that: =B2-A2 and it works.

Now in the FOURTH column I wish to have the TOTAL TIME added from the THIRD column and this where the problems starts. I used this formula =SUM(C2:C500) and doesn't work correctly.

Let's say I have the following data: ....

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Converting Military Time To Hours

Feb 22, 2007

Looking for a formula that will convert military time into hours and total the hours in each row going accross up to 31 days. Only problem is the word 'OFF' is included on various days in each row.

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Simplifying Military Time Conversion Formula

Jun 17, 2014

I have written a formula to convert military time to 12-hour format.

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Military Time - Parse Cell Contents

Jan 13, 2014

I am parsing a cell that contains the date and time; "2013-05-20 13:20:39" and it reads this way in the active cell. In the formula bar it reads; "2013-05-20 1:20:39 PM" and looks that same way when I use text to columns. What do I do to keep the time in military time (i.e. the way it appears in the cell) when I parse the cell contents?

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Formula Involving Four-Digit Military Time

Jul 22, 2013

In A1, I've got a time for an event expressed in military time without colons, like 1130.

In B1, I've got two more times expressed the same way, like 1230-1300. These are the time the event was actually began and ended.

I've separated these two times into four different columns, the first two (C1 and D1) containing the raw numbers 1230 and 1330, and the second two (E1 and F1) containing those numbers formatted as times (12:30 and 13:00) via the TEXT function =TEXT(C1,"00:00")

Getting the difference between these two times (expressed in minutes) is not difficult. What is proving to be difficult (however simple it seems) is checking to see if C1 (time event began) is within an hour of A1 (time event was scheduled.) I was able to get this to work with times not involving 0000 or having, say, 0130 as an event time and 2300 as the time the event was started, but those two cases (switching 0000 to 2400, and moving between "days") is causing a hangup. Checking if A1

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Military Time Wont Total Correct In A Column

Aug 20, 2008

B. start time C. end time D. Total time (military time)
Example: 2300 - 0300 = 4 hrs worked.

I have a row for every date the hors is worked.

I cant seem to get the total hours to calculate correctly at the bottom of column D for a total hours worked in a particular pay period. It calculates a total up to 24hrs then reverts to zero. I have tried [h]:mm =SUM(XX:XX) and just about everything else I can think of and cant get it to calculate a correct total over 24 hrs.

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Excel 2010 :: Formatting Military Times And Calculation

Jul 2, 2014

I work for a freight company and have been trying to create a macro for a spreadsheet that I have to create every single day. I pull a report from a program called the AS400 and it sends me an excel spreadsheet with information about certain shipments such as close time and arrive time (which are in military time such as 16:00) along with driver names.

Anyways what I need to accomplish is to highlight the entire rows font in red if the driver arrived an hour or more past there close time. When I get the spreadsheet the military times are not showing in the HH:MM format under format cells. So I select the HH:MM format and try to do a formula such as Arrive time cell (M1) - close time cell (L1) to get the time difference it shows as #VALUE!. I've tried to convert it to different time formats and nothing works. The values just stay the same and will not allow me to do calculations with them.

At first I thought this was because the program was sending those values as text. I tried to use the date>text to columns>finish button on the columns but did not work. I've tried to remove the":" then use the HH:MM cell format but still wont work. I've even tried a time value formula to try to convert the values such as =TIMEVALUE(LEFT(A1,2)&”:”&RIGHT(A1,2)).

But nothing works it will not allow me to add or subtract from the time values no matter what I do. I am running excel 2010 on Windows XP the english version.

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Break Time Difference Into Minutes & Military Hours

Sep 14, 2007

if someone called me at 4:55pm and ended the call at 5:10pm, the whole call lasted 15 minutes. So, I want to show on excel that the call lasted 5 minutes in the 16th hour of the day (4:55pm) and 10 minutes in the 17th hour of the day (5:10pm), for a total of 15 minutes.

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Converting Text To Military Date Time Group Format

Apr 12, 2014

I am trying to find a way to have excel recognize text data input as date/time.

[Code] .....

Where 02 Is the Date, 2020 is the time (military) Z is Zulu/GMT, MAR is Month and 14 is Year. I believe excel recognizes

[Code] .....

But I have a spreadsheet (on a confidential system) with thousands of entries that I need to convert. Also, the people I have working for me are not remotely. I reject the idea of entering data that way.

I am also trying to keep the display the same format: ddhhmm"Z" MMM yy

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Time Calculation (Spanning Dates And Using Military Time)

Jul 15, 2014

I have 4 distinct columns.

Adm Date Adm Time Trans Date Trans Time
1/16/2014 937 1/16/2014 1045
1/1/2014 121 1/1/2014 121
1/14/2014 800 1/11/2014 735
1/30/2014 100 1/30/2014 205
1/13/2014 800 1/12/2014 1202

I would like to calculate the difference (# hours spanned from the dates shown). Unfortunately when we transfer the data the COLON is dropped from MILITARY TIME so I am having problems in the calculation. This is also made more difficult as some of the calculates span over two dates.

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Military Date Format Needs Converting To Civilian Date Value

Jun 21, 2013

I have a program that exports the date as 20120621 (4 digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day). I have tried =datevalue(cell) but it returns #value!. I have tried =today()-(cell) and it also returns #value!. Is there a formula or something I can do to covert this field to a date?

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Convert Standard Time In Military Time

Jun 21, 2007

I need a simple formula to convert standard time (1:05pm) into military time (13:08).

I've read through several posts, but all I've found is reformatting or time subtraction type information. The reformating works to an extent, it gives me the hours in military but the minutes stay standard.

Basicly, all I need is:

Cell A1 = 1:05 p
Cell B1 = formula that shows/converts 1:05 p as 13:08

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Time Difference Using Military Time

Feb 28, 2007

I'm trying to calcuate the time difference using military time.

For example:

A1 has 0400 A2 has 0430 A3 SHOULD be :30
B1 has 1500 B2 has 1715 B3 SHOULD be 2:15

Unfortunately I either keep getting all zero's, or the correct answer but without the ":" in the answer (b3 would look like 215)

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Military Time To Standard Time

Jul 11, 2007

How I could convert military time to standard time? The format is HourMinuteSeconds.

For example, in column C, I have something like

92412 ---> So this is 9:24:12 AM
152209 ---> So this is 3:22:09 PM

I just want to change the format from military time to standard time so that I can do a sort.

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VLOOKUP With INDIRECT (become Dynamic As The Table Array Part Of The Vlookup Will Change)

Aug 18, 2009

I have a Vlookup which I want to modify so that it can become dynamic as the table array part of the vlookup will change.

So the basic vlookup is as follows:
but the data I am looking for wont always be in the range M60:P73.

So I tried to make it dynamic by doing the following:
The idea being that U1 and V1 would be numbers that can change so in this case U1 would equal 60 and V1 would equal 73

This vlookup is giving me #N/A and no matter how I modify it I cannot get it to work.

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Hyperlinks And VLookup: VLookup To Find EMail And Web Addresses

Oct 5, 2009

I have a sheet using VLookup to find EMail and Web addresses. I can get the address to show up but not as an active URL address. Is it possible to have the address "active" so I can click on it and activate the EMail or Web Site?

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Write VLookup Where Data Array Changes Each Time VLookup Used

Oct 29, 2012

I'm trying to do a Vlookup on a file that gets automatically downloaded to the computer from a website. The data is in lots of different data sets, like so:

Loans to countries

Loans to banks

Every month a new row of data gets added to each table, meaning the start and end cells of the array also shift each time.

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