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Worksheet Access Log

I want to create a log of everyone who opens a particular workbook. I'm using Excel 2003. I found this macro, and created a worksheet called "Log", but I've opened the workbook several times and nothing appears on the Log sheet.

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Log Of Changes To Worksheet
Every time an MS Excel file is saved, I need to append the following information to a protected sheet in the same workbook:

Address of modified cell, old and new content, user name, date and time Can anyone suggest / provide the code for a macro which would perform this task automatically?

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Log Worksheet Changes
I am building up an Excel tool that helps a team define a project. As such, we need to be able to track the significant changes the team members bring in the tool (they will only be allowed to change data in specific named ranges).

I looked first into the Track Changes functionality, but the Excel tool will stay in a Sharepoint site, so sharing will be a problem. It may be possible, but I am not that experienced with that (or with VBA code, mind you) so I don't want to open another can of worms.

I found this bit of code that, by the description, does exactly what I want:

However, this is a function and I am not sure how can I make it auto run when opening the tool.

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Log Function In A Macro: Take Log Of Each Number (on The Base 2) And Show The Result In The Adjacent Column
I have a lots of number arranged in a column. I want to take log of each number (on the base 2) and show the result in the adjacent column. I want this to be in a macro and the results to be displayed all at a time (I dont want to drag the cursor down to get log values for number corresponding to each row).

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Copying From One Worksheet To Another Until Text (log)
Im building a data logger and all the info from data logger goes to sheet1 using serial port. I need to separate log1, log2, log3 to each individual sheet. Log1 must be copied to sheet2, Log2 must be copied to sheet3 and etc. The reason I need to separate Logs into different sheets so I can create charts for each Log automatically. Also I dont know how big each log can be. Here is sample data what Im getting to sheet1. I can change my datalogger to output text log1, log2, log3 to any numbers such as 9999 to make it easier. I need your help to be able sort out each data Log to each worksheet.

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Log Time On Worksheet When UserID And Pw Is Correct
I have a file which ask for UserId and password. If password is correct, the time stamp should be recorded on the worksheet. However I have some slight probelms on the code I am working on. can someone help me check my coding?

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Access Another Workbooks Worksheet
In another thread I was able to access another workbook with a listbox.

I'm now trying to do the same thing with a command button. Here's what I have so far without success.

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
With Range("'Estimate_Database.xls'!ELECTRICAL")
End With

End Sub

The file path being C/Documents/Estimate_Database

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Best Way To Populate Worksheet From Access Database
I have an excel worksheet that I need to populate with a few thousand data points from MS Access. Currently I do this through vba code somewhat similar to this:

rst2.Open myQueryString, cnn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTableDirect
Do Until rst2.EOF
wsht1.Cells(1+counter, 1) = rst2!val
counter = counter +1

Now this method works, but it is pretty slow to load. I remember reading as a general excel optimization technique you should avoid using long loops accessing cells on an individual basis.

Is there a better way for me to dump large clumps of Access data into Excel, instead of populating it cell by cell?

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Exporting Worksheet To Access Table
I have a script that exports an excel worksheet into an access db table and thsi is working fine. However i want to define a specific worksheet where the data is being exported from within the code but im having trouble doing, its using just a range at present.

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Restrict User Access To Worksheet
I am creating a spreadsheet for work - I have a column that is all the formulas projected sales minus actual sales.

I need to lock this column so that no one BUT MYSELF can change the codes. In other words "idiot proof" the worksheet. there are only 18 sections that I want anyone else to be able to type in.

is there a way to do this without adding users? half the ppl have personal emails and half have company emails.

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Make Worksheet With Name Containing Word "log" Active
How can I put a VBA instruction to select the worksheet which its name contains the word "log" active? I played with some wild cards, but I guess I couldn't get the syntax right.

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Macro To Access Worksheet Via Popup Box
I have a macro below that gives me a popup box that lets me type in the new sheet i want to access. etc(sheet1.xls) It give me 2 boxes one i must type the old sheet i currently access etc(sheet0.xls) and the next is the new sheet i will now be accesssing.

Is there a way to change this so i only get one box that will let me type in the new sheet i want to access?

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MS Access Data Import Into An Excel Worksheet.
I currently have a userform, and on commandbutton_click, it performs
the following code that adds a column in a access table to a combobox(cbList)

Private Sub CmdName_Click()
Dim rstName As ADODB.Recordset
Dim strClientDatabase As String, strConnectionString As String
strClientDatabase = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "9001.mdb"......

After its listed on the combo box, upon commandbutton_click on another button, i wish to extract a particular record, based on the selection made on the combobox(cbList). This is where im having problems caused i have no idea how to do so. I just want it to extract the particular record row, based on cbList, and insert it into range A100:D100 in a particular worksheet. It is then updated and added to a listbox which ive already done the coding for, and with another button click it would add the details in the listbox into the appropriate location i wish to.. The only place im stuck is with extracting the data from access into a A100:D100 range in any worksheet. what ive come up with, but is incomplete is :

Private Sub CmdImport_Click()
Dim adoRS As ADODB.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String
Dim strClientDatabase As String, strConnectionString As String
strClientDatabase = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "9001mdb"

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Access/read Data From A Hidden WorkSheet
I'm trying to access/read data from a hidden WorkSheet in Excel 2003 using:

Application.Worksheets("Hidden Sheet").Activate
With ActiveSheet
**** Data ****
End With

The accessed **** Data **** refers to another ('unhidden') WorkSheet. How can I read the data without making the WorkSheet visible to the User?

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Access Worksheet Controls Properties & Methods
I am trying to implement code that can handle a dynamic number of objects, specifically check boxes.

I know of eval( ) in perl that allows one to dynamically create command lines. For instance, the following code would change all of the Checkbox values to 1. The syntax may not be correct but the idea is solid.

Do While i < num_checkboxes
eval("Checkbox" .i. ".Value=1)

Does this funtion also exist in excel?

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Show Worksheets Tabs On Current Worksheet For Easy Access
You could use:

If ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count < 17 Then
Application.CommandBars("Workbook tabs").ShowPopup
Application.CommandBars("Workbook tabs").Controls("more Sheets...").Execute
End If

The code doesn't do anything on my excel workbook which currently has like 20 workbooks, and it grows daily by like 4 or 5 worksheets.

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Entering Formula- Data Imported From Access And Saved As A Worksheet
I have a workbook with just one worksheet. It's just a list of data imported from Access and saved as a worksheet. When I try to enter a formula ie '=4+4' it goes in as text and will not calculate. I have tried various formatting to no avail. I added a second worksheet to see what happens and this works fine. (XP home, Excel 2003).

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Programmatic Access To Trust Access To Visual Basic Editor
I am Generating Excel file with Macro using my (c#) application.

I am able to generate Excel file in development environment, but in Production it gives following error:
"Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted Line: Microsoft Office Excel"

I did googling a bit and found that I have to open Excel file physically make few security related changes in macro as below.

1. Open the Office application in question. On the Tools menu, click Macro, and then click Security to open the Macro Security dialog box.
2. On the Trusted Sources tab, click to select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project check box to turn on access.
3. Click OK to apply the setting. You may need to restart the application for the code to run properly if you automate from a Component Object Model (COM) add-in or template.

Can i do above changes at runtime (using some code)?

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Access-Like Report Without Utilizing Access
I have an Excel file ( named "Classes.xsl"), that has a worksheet (named "RawData") that is layed out something like:

Name Dept Class
John 0547 Class 1
Jane 0368 Class 1
Jim 0368 Class 2
Sue 1235 Class 2

I am trying to get an Access-Like report without utilizing Access. Is there a way to generate a report similar to below using Excel as the data source (could be mail merge, perhaps a macro with a printout) I am not sure which way to try and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction...and possibly provide an example.

Class EnrollmentClass 1John 0547
Jane 0368Class 2Jim 0368
Sue 1235

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Response Log
I'm trying to find a formula I can use to figure response time. The working hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM and I do not want to count the hours between 3:00 pm and 7:00 AM of the next day.


Cell A1 has the call in DATE 12/06/07 and cell B1 has the call in time of 10:00 AM.

Cell C1 has the response date of 12/07/07 and cell D1 has the time of 9:00 AM.

So what I need is a formula in cell E1 that would count from 10:00AM untill 3:00 PM on 12/6/07 then pickup the count on 12/07/07 at 7:00 AM and go untill 9:00 AM.

So in this Example the final response time would be 7 hours or 7:00.

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Log In Some Drawings
I opened a log book in Excel today to log in some drawings, in the date field I entered 08/04 (it always fills in the year). What actually posted was 04-08-08. I checked my format, everything seemed to be correct. I decided to try to enter 04/08 and it displayed 08-04-08. When I happened to look at the formula bar it said 04/08/08 but that was not what was showing in the cell.

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Log User Changes
I am trying to integrate an optimization model to a simulation model using VBA in Excel. I am using ShellandWait and calling some batch files to call scripts for application command line operation. Everything ran fine until I tried to read in additional data using modules from an Excel add-in that I customized (err, more like butchered actually). Now, as far as I can tell sporadically (the call to the new module occurs randomly), Excel just closes in the middle of the simulation. Are there certain types of errors that behave this way? Is there someway to view or create an error log or similar, that I can go over after the crash?


I actually solved the problem (it was a database timer expiration initiated in a fortran routine by the customized add-in). This was just pure dumb luck - in effect, I was trying the brute force approach and happened to hit the solution relatively early. If anyone knows of some method of logging Excel or VBA activity (I guess that is the right term)

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Get UserName Or Log In Name
I've got a sheet with a "Last Edited By:" field and I want this to be populated with the current users name i.e. I suppose I mean the user name that is assigned to Excel, as opposed to the XP log in... although I guess either would do. I'm OK on the change event thing, but just dont know the function to find the the current users name.

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Populate A Table From A Log
I want to enter data in a table from an expense log. I am looking for a formula to put in the Data Sheet to do this.

Sheet Log
Range A3:K50
Column B = Account #
Column D = Date (day/month/year)
Column F = Dollar Amount

Sheet Data
Column B = Date (day/month/year)
Row 2 = Account #

I have tried various formulas (lookups and index/match) but have had no success.

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Problem With Log Function
The following function (which is supposed to give me the log base 2 of the input argument) gives me a ref error.

Public Function hp2(X)
If X 0 Then
hp2 = Int(Log(X) / Log(2))
hp2 = "BAD VALUE"
End If
End Function

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Creating A Log File
I've got numerous vba-coded spreadsheets in use with lots of different users, and have found that some users try to hide errors of their own making by blaming the spreadsheets (I know - what is the world coming to!)

I've decided to add a script which creates a log file each time one of my spreadsheets is used - opening a log which relates to the user's spreadsheet and recording username, date/time, path & file, and the vba being used.

I'll probably add an "on error" script to save copies of all open workbooks too.

The issue I have at the moment is how to record the name of the macro being run?

Here's my code so far: ....

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Calendar Into Log For Many Things
I have a few excel calendars.

I was wondering can I take a calendar and then put hyperlinks or vba to make a sheet if clicked on.

So If I click on an icon on a date, it will copy a certain template sheet, then link it to that date and that icon.

See an excel calendar, I have a few others to play with aw well.

But this one gets updated on the same the page and not sure how the links/icon would follow the dates. I was hoping for maybe 3-4 different icons on a date.

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Show User Id/Log On
I need either a formula or VBA code to display the user ID with which the user is logged on to the computer where the Workbook is opened.

Is there a way to get that with Excel?

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Log Of Who Has Opened File
Is there a way to create an outside log of who has opened an excel file and when?
I am looking to add some accountability to a project.

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Setting Up A Log Equation
It looks like this (log(X/Y))/log2. The X and Y are celldirections (E2 or F4 and so on). How do i setup that formula in excell?

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Log Macro Process
I need to know if it's possible to log the process of a series of macros
either to txt file or to a Sheet, (either way won't matter but txt file would be perfect)

For example:

Sub MyMacro1 ()
End Sub

Sub MyMacro2 ()
End Sub

If this process was logged, then the log file would look something like:

Date Time : Sub MyMacro1
Date Time : End Sub
Date Time : Sub MyMacro2
Date Time : End Sub

But it would be a in text just like a log file.
Is this possible with Excel ?

The reason is because my Workbook is huge and I am forever tweaking and adjusting or fixing and I require reference points.

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Log All Cell Modifications
I have to write a VBA code for log all activity on current worksheet (modifications). I share a file with another 50 collegues and all make odifications to this file. I want to transparently trigger a logger on Save action occurs. I only want to know a method to log cells modifications. I'll put the values on a text file - example: "The user (current windows user) modified cells: A1, A4, C7, B8 .... on 14.08.2007, 11:23 PM"

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User Name & Password Log In
I have a 3 2 user forms, plus a calandar pop-up user form. One is a Log In Screen with a user id combo box and a password textbox referenced to ranges in a very-hidden sheet.

My second form is a spend tracker with mulitple fileds, text boxes, combo boxes, etc.

One of the fields in the spend tracker is user name, what I would like to do is when a user enters their user name and password the entered user name as long as it matches one in the database be populated in the user name field and not allow it to be edited. Is there a way to do this, if so, what is the code and where do I put it.

I will attach my file so you can check it out. Log in: tester

Password: test01

Programmers Access Code is 1234.

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Filling Log By Qty Values
I fill mentioned data by Qty values in Sheet2?



Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

Required result like this.



Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Make Entries Into Time Log
I am creating a log to keep track of my start and stop times when I work on a project. I have two columns labelled START and END and I can use a macro button to make the current date and time appear in the cell under these headings. What I haven't been able to find is a way of getting the macro to move to a new blank cell ready to accept the next entry. For instance, move one cell to the right or move one cell down and one to the left.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? (recording it just names the cell so it always goes back to that named cell.)

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Macro: Log On To Secure Site
I've created a VBA-Form to import csv files into a spreadsheet.
Problem is IT have moved them to a secure server, and i've been given FTP Access to this server: \

I have a module which can locate a folder and count how many csv files are in that directory. Problem is if i put in the ftp address it doesnt connect because i need to login via the RUN window, by putting the FTp address then entering my userID and password.

Is there anyway i can bring up this dialog box without using the RUN window. i've attached a spreadsheet with a screen dump of the dialog box

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Auto Numbering And Workbook Log
I want to create a template in Excel for a change order system. Every time I have a new change order I want it to be numbered. I want Excel to automatically keep a log of all the changes orders to date with change order number, date, title, etc.

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Create Mileage Log From One Sheet To Another
I am trying to create a very simple mileage log that would get data from one sheet when I input it into another. (I attached the sheet). I have it set up so that it the formula is on bottom of sheet labeled store to store mileage but I would like to be able to track it easier on a different sheet called mileage log. So basically what I would like to do it put a formula in the mileage log so that I can just type in the store number in the to and from cells and have it populate it from the store to store mileage shet. I am an amateur. If it is easier I can just make another simple excel sheet that is on a seperate worksheet instead of using the mileage log.

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Write Log To Text File
Are there any examples, instead of having MsgBox, but have a log file created ?

So instead of MsgBox, it might be MsgLog

Is there such a thing in VBA ?

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Generate Unique Log In Passwords
I have a list of e-mail addresses stored in an Excel file (column A). I need to generate some passwords basing on these e-mail addresses which would then be automatically stored in the same row as the passwords, only this time in column B. The passwords could be numbers based on some text to number conversion (which I could additionally add some mathematical operation to, to make the password harder to crack). The passwods would then be distributed among the owners of these e-mail addresses.

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Import Log File With Macro
I did a macro the import a log file from a specific directory and now i want that the user could enter the path of the directory that contain the file Is there a way to do it?

ub ALL_Logs_files()

' Logssss Macro
' Macro recorded 3/4/2007 by dzaitoun

ActiveSheet. Name = "Foresight FP Data"

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"TEXT;C:Documents and SettingsdzaitounDesktopLog out filesforesight.fp.out" _ , Destination:=Range("A1"))
.Name = "foresight.fp"
.FieldNames = True
.RowNumbers = False
.FillAdjacentFormulas = False
.PreserveFormatting = True ..............

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Display Sheets Based On Log In Name
I have a workbook with 3 worksheets the first one is a login screen, however how do I disable the tabs at the bottom of the screen?

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Button Click Log File
I have a spreadsheet with 6 buttons on it. Ive been using the code from Daves Download Page to log users of the spreadsheet, however im now want to log which button is being clicked the most. Is this possible? Ive tried to do it myself, by adding a hidden sheet, and adding code to each button to add a line to the new sheet each time the button was clicked etc, but faield miserably.

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User Log Error Message
I've got the below code which I use to log users who opens my spreadsheet. It's a Event so runs when the spreadsheet is open with macro enabled. The spreadsheet is on a shared drive which has the prefix "K". Most users it works find but one user gets a error Message "Path or Drive" error. I got around it by adding "on error" but how do you overcome issues with drive prefixs and the drive address e.g "K" vs "\CRD2000"

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "usage.log" For Append As #1
Print #1, Application.UserName, Now
Close #1
End Sub

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Prompt Early Log Out Time Using Msgbox
i have an excel file which tracks break time. The program works by logging in the start time of break and the log out time of the break of every employee. What I would like to do is to have a prompt if the user immediately logs out at an early time. Say if the user's start time break is 1:00 PM, if he happens to log out immediately, he should be given a prompt that he can only log out after 25 of his total 30 minute breaktime. Thus he can only log out at 1:26 PM.

My code below currently logs in and logs out the time but without the prompt i would like to have.

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Grouping Log In Times Into 15 Minute Intervals
I have been given the task of finding out who logs in at what time of the day.

I have attached the raw data that I have to work with.

In essence I need to see how many login's there were for 06.00 - 10.00 at 15 minute intervals e.g:

06:00 - 5 Logins
06:15 - 1 Logins
06:30 - 3 Logins
06:45 - 11 Logins

Has anyone got any suggestions?

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Log In Problem To XLA Add-in File
Our organisation is currently upgrading the network OS from Windows 2000 to Vista. One of the users has a .xla file that they access in Excel, using a username and password. Now before you think it's something to do with breaking the password, it isn't.

The problem is that since changing over to Vista, the username and password (that we know) is being rejected with a bad password error. The file can only be opened when you are logged in as the the user on the old Windows 2000 PC. I've tried logging in as myself to that PC, and cannot access the file using the username and password. This makes the problem seem like it is profile specific.

My question then really is, how is this possible? Can you tie the specific user to the file as well as password protecting it? Is there a specific registry key that needs to be copied to the new profile on the new Vista PC, or any other specific files from the users profile?

I can see the code in the XLA,

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Electronic Log Of Sheet Usage - Remote
I send out multiple versions of the same sheet every month. I want to be able to have a script run every time the spreadsheet is opened to send an electronic log directly to a text file on my machine (or something similar)

Is this possible or some sort of a pipe dream?
It would be used for me to monitor usage of the sheet, and i'd require only the same of the spreadsheet (which is always unique), the date/time and possibly the computer name / username? (not really needed)

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Macro To Import Log Files With Different Delimiters
I need to import a number of log files into a spreadsheet, each log will go into a separate tab. The logs are text files (.log) that have the same structure but slightly differ from each other.

For example all the logs will have many lines of data all starting with a date and then a number of delimited fields. In some logs the delimiter is a coma, in others is a unique charachter such as "{" or "@". Also the delimited fields are not a given quantity, they can vary too from log to log. How can I write a macro that understands what delimiter needs to be used and then imports all the file accordingly into one spreadsheet (in separate tabs)?

I tried something with the macro recorder and browsed for directions on the internet but really am clueless on this one. I am using windows 2000, and referenced Windows Scripting Runtime.

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Keep A Record Or Log Of Every Value Input In A Specific Cell
I am trying to create a continuously updating record or log of the numbers in a particular cell that has numbers that change frequently. I want every number that was every in that cell recorded in a table or column so I can analyze those numbers. Please note that I do not have much VBA experience.

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Retrieve Data From Web That Requires A Log In
I have a webpage with a form, where user can enter their login info and a location number.

- Based on these information I would like the location number to be fed into a Macro, when the user was authorized. The Macro then extract required information and give it back as txt-file ( this Macro is already written).

- The result txt-file need to be convert to an excel file and be availabe on web for downloading.

- -> All of this process must be automatically done. <--

My question is, which language (VBA, PHP, Perl,...) should I use to do the work and how can I do it?

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