Adding 365 Text Chunks Into A Calendar Template

Jan 5, 2014

I have a calendar-template that contains entries - little text-chunks - and i also have a excel-sheet that contains 365 texts - those have to get imported into the Calendar-template. - see the attached files for more infos. Play around with the calendar-template.

Note: the attached data contain the following

a. the calendar-template (attachment a)
b. the excel-sheet - with the 365 text-chunks that have to get imported into the template (attachment b)

What is aimed - i want to have a weekly calendar for my own usage

To see what we already have - take the calendar-template.

You see the calendar-template contains the fully-fledged view of the second week in 2014.

If you jump to the filed A 2 in the calendar-template (attachment a) - here you see the date - actually the 2014-01-06
You can play around and see that the greek verses are already included for the whole year. If you choose any date of the year - the greek verses in the template already are added.

What is missing - are the additional text-chunks that are represented in the excel sheet.(b)

note. i have colored the fields in the calendar-template and the excel sheet with corresponding colors so we can see - which fileds have to get filled with which text-chunks of the excel-sheet. Additionally the calendar-template contains the fully-fledged view of the second week in 2014.

Question. can we do a automated version?

Attached files:
a. _calendar_2014_week_2_demo_excel_version - this is the calendar template
b. _words_2014_365_days_excel_version - this is the additional text sheet that contains the 365 text chunks - slogans

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Adding Columns To Accounting Template?

Jun 25, 2014

I just downloaded an income/expense template from Zillow to manage my rental properties. The template works great but it's only set up for 5 houses and I need more columns as I own more than 5. In the attached template the houses are listed by property codes and that is the column that I need to add to.

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Adding Dates Via A Calendar

Dec 14, 2009

I'm trying to limit the information people can put into my format and therefore to ensure they put in a the correct date etc i'm wondering if it is possible to have a calendar pop up to click on the date for a particular cell?

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Adding Number Of Calendar Days To A Date

Apr 22, 2014

I'd like to add a number of calendar days to a date shown on Col A

I have 2 columns
a margin with a row number --- and Col A

When I try to add say 50 to the Col A ie =A261+50 to get 50 cd from cell A261 ----

I get a # problem

Tried to place 50 in a cell and then add the 2 cells but got the same result -- #

Can I use the margin row number to add to -- this would work well as I'd get the Row number which would also be the date.

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Excel 2003 :: VBA - Adding Named Template Worksheets Based On Single Cell Value

Apr 24, 2012

I'm trying to make a macro in Excel 2003 to create x amount of named worksheets that are a copy of a different worksheet.

1. I have a main worksheet that will have a number manually entered into a cell (lets say A1);
2. I have a 'template' worksheet;
3. I'll assign the macro to a button on the main worksheet

If I enter '10' into cell A1 of the main worksheet, I'd like to click the button and have Excel create 10 copies of the template worksheet. These new worksheets should all share the same name with a number after them (ex: banana 1, banana 2..... banana 10).

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Deleting Chunks Repeatedly

Jan 16, 2008

I need some code that will keep one row, delete 5 or 6 rows keep one row and repeat the process over and over again until the end of the data.

like this:-

1 keep row
2 delete row
3 delete row
4 delete row
5 delete row
6 keep row
7 delete row
8 delete row
and on, and on......

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Copying Chunks Of Rows To Different Sheets

Sep 22, 2006

The problem sheet attached to this thread. I would like to extract all rows belonging to one person to another sheet named after the person and also their status.
For instance, I want a VB script which extracts all rows with Mark when his status is A/V to another sheet named as Mark and likewise for Steve.

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Autofilter To Delete Chunks On Unwanted Data

Feb 13, 2009

I am using an autofilter to delete chunks on unwanted data, by using Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlUp)).Select however it picks up the header row. Is there anyway I can either get the selection of data to select one less line, or a way to get it to leave the header line?

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Copy And Rename Sheet (template) From Cell Value Entered In Template?

Feb 21, 2013

how to create a copy of my employee attendance template. Is there a way to create a copy of the template by entering an employee name in the "name" cell of the template and it automatically renames the sheet that employee name and also saves or recopies the template for use with the next employee?

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Open Text File Into Excel Template

Jan 10, 2010

I work for a company that has about 650 locations. Each location has a location manager that is responsible for submitting a Performance Review spreadsheet for all the employees at their location.

Currently I have an Excel file that has all employees/locations. One of the columns on my spreadsheet is "Location ID"...which is literately a number we've assigned to our Locations. I have an Excel template saved that I'd like each Location to open into.

Can someone help me? I need each location to be it's own spreadesheet...which I have a template created already. I'd prefer to find an automated way to do this...rather than manually creating 650 spreadsheets.

I'd prefer to do this in anoter application, such as MS Access, but senior management already made the decision this will be done in I'm stuck with what I got.

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Updating Excel Files...Old Template To New Template?

Jan 5, 2009

I Have a number(30+) of excel files based off of one template. I have since updated the template, thus making the the old ones obsolete. Is there a way to update the older files to use the new template without having to copy and paste the addition's row by row column by column?

None of the additions to the template will change the placement of existing data, nor will it change the data itself. It will however add Values to cells that were previously empty.

Hints, Tricks, or Ideas?

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Calendar Control 11: Selected On The Calendar Is Greater Than 12 The Date Is Entered Correctly Onto The Sheet

Jan 8, 2010

I have a program where I can update the calibration due date of an item. I have attached a cut down version of my program showing the relevant areas. There is usually password protection on the worksheet so it can only be edited via the form (the vba coding removes the password protection before editing, then re-enables the password protection after editing). The "Update Calibration" button is usually on a "Menu" sheet.

Once the form is opened a serial number is typed in the textbox. The calendar button is then clicked, which brings up another form with the calendar on. The due date is selected on the calendar. When "OK" is clicked, the date label caption is then changed to the selected calendar date. When "Submit" is clicked, the spreadsheet will search for the Serial Number, once found, the label caption (being the date selected) will be entered into the cell to the right of the serial.

If the day selected on the calendar is greater than 12 the date is entered correctly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 15/01/2010. shown on sheet as 15/01/2010. However, if the day selected on the calendar is 12 or less, the date is for some reason entered incorrectly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 08/12/2010. shown on sheet as 12/08/2010???? What is going on here? how come the day and month are swapped around if the day is less than 12????

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Excel 2007 Calendar Control - Select Date From Calendar In A Field

Dec 24, 2009

Using Excel 2007 Calendar Control:

I want to select a date of choice from a calendar in a field within an Excel spreadsheet.

I do not know how to do userforms and so that is why I wonder if I can add this in just a spreadsheet.

This is how far I have gotten so far: After doing the following, I have a static calendar setting in my spreadsheet like a text box showing the current date.

More Controls
Calendar Control 12.0

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Make Calendar That Can Change Year In Text Box?

Jun 27, 2014

I' using 2007 I'm trying to make a calendar that you can change the year in a text box e.g. 2014 - 2015 and it will change the date and days in the calender rather than having to do it manually.

Is there a way to make this formula refer to a cell rather than having the specific year in there?


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Set Date Through Calendar In The Userform Text Boxes

May 10, 2007

I have a userform and a calendar form, on the user form I have three text boxes named (txt1, txt2, txt3) and three buttons named (cmd1, cmd2, cmd3).

when I click I cmd1 button the calendar form opens and after selecting the Date from calendar, the value of the calendar assign in txt1.

the same for cmd2, cmd3

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Add A New Sheet From Template And Edit A Template

Apr 23, 2009

I created a one-sheet template, and a new workbook from that sheet. When in that new workbook I go Insert>Sheet>Other and select the aforementioned one-sheet template, Excel crashes, or if not, it adds the new sheet, but then no longer saves the workbook and starts producing error messages (like: "An unexpected error has ocurred. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel.").

Now, the complication is that this is working when I do a model operation with a generic template sheet. So I checked the template that I actually want to form sheets after, and Excel finds no errors, nor does it's name contain any unusual characters. What could Excel prevent from working with a template like this?

How do I edit a template? The only way I can find is to manually find the spot in finder, open, and save with the same name. But: if I do that, the documents basing on that template don't change accordingly. If they're intended not to, the whole template procedure makes no sense. I could then just as well copy a file. — I've been searching for tutorials on that, but google doesn't even return a single result on Excel "edit template". Therefor my very basic question here.

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Exporting Data From Master File To Template File (Auto-Populate Template)

May 6, 2014

I've attached 2 test files, one is the database master file containing the projects (each row represents a project, unique reference number in column A) and the other is the blank template file i'm hoping to export data into and then save down with the naming convention "column A_column B.xlsx"

Kept the test files simple but would need to modify any code to apply to much larger database consisting of many more fields etc.


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Phil Johnson's Calendar - Pop Up Calendar Without ActiveX

Mar 7, 2009

I am using a great pop up calendar without ActiveX made by a guy called Phil Johnson. When you click a specified cell the calendar appears. The only problem is that the calendar doesn't default to today's date when it opens.

I have the original file Calendar source code if anyone needs it.

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How To Combine Text Values Of Formulas In Addition To Adding Text

Jun 15, 2013

I am trying to combine the text values of several formulas in addition to adding some text (punctuation) in between.

Here is the data that I am trying to combine

C14: 2013
C15: Period 6
C16: Week 1

In Cell C13, I would like to have this value returned: "2013 - Period 6, Week 1"

Is there such a way to do this?

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Copy From Template And Select Any Sheet That Starts With S And Copy / Paste This Template To

Aug 19, 2008

I have a list of invoice #'s on a sheet named "Temp Sheet".

I have a VBA macro that created a new tab for each entry and named it the invoice #. So basically the vba code created a new tab ( based on the number of invoice #'s on my list ), and named each tab an invoice number. So if I had a list of 10 invoice #'s, named S1-S10, the vba code created 10 tabs, named S-1, S-2,. S-3.....

Now to my question.
I have a template sheet I want to copy from ( "Template" ), and select any sheet that starts with "S", and copy/paste this template to.

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Adding Text To The Start And End Of A Cells Text In Another Cell?

Nov 28, 2013

I have some text I wish to add some content to the front and back of it. i.e. the text in the cell is "" and I want to add "http://" to the front of it and ":9999" to the back to it, so it looks like "" in a different cell.

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Export Data From A Template File To Total List File Using Macro In Template File

Dec 18, 2012

I have a template file for ordering trafolyte and steel plates. I have added macros to this template file. The existing macros do the following (shortly described):

Macro 1: clears order
Macro 2: update order date + send a read only file to the supplier of plates + save a read only copy of the file into one of three folders acc to info in one of the cells.

It's the Macro 2 I want to edit.

I want to add a "function" which copy a selection of data.column A to N from row 12 to 548 but only the rows where there is a value in column A.

Row 1 to 11 includes standard order info and Macro buttons.
Row 11 includes the heading for order data.

For everytime someone click on the Macro 2 button in the template file, I want the selection to be paste into the first "available" row in a "Total list" file.

The "Total list" file may have to be open (or a function to open, paste selection and then close the "Total list" file may be added)

File and Folder info:

To simplify suggestions, the following file and path info can be used (I can change to the correct later):
Template file name: template_order.xlsm
Template file location: \servershared emplate

Total list file name: total_list.xlsx
Total list file location: \servershared otal

Selection info:

The template file exists of a "general order info area" A1:N10
The column heading for order data is located at A11:N11
The selection to be copied is A12:N550 - But only rows where column A includes data (not empty).
(If the spesific order consists of 14 plates than there will be item no 1-14 in column A and I then I want to copy A12:N25 (row 25 will be item 14).

When I try to use record macro it looks like it only records what's happening in the template file - It doesn't record the pasting in the total list.

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Populate Calendar If Date In Associated Cell Show Date On Calendar

Apr 4, 2013

I currently have a worksheet that when a user clicks on the cell, a calendar form opens. From here they can select a date, click ok, and the date gets placed in the corresponding cell they clicked on.

Now if the user needs to change that date, i want them to be able to click on the cell again, and when the calendar opens, the date in the cell would be selected on the calendar. I was able to do this in a userform, but im not sure how to edit it to work on the worksheet. I am using the below to populate the calendar.

private sub worksheet_selectionchange(byval target as range)
if not intersect(target,range("aa16:aa24")) is nothing then .show calendar
When the user clicks the date, the below code places it in the cell.

private sub ok_click()
with active cell
end with
unload me
end sub

Now the below code was used when I was using a userform, but im not sure how to edit this to pull the date from the active cell.

privatesub userform_activate()
if not tb is nothing then
if isdate(tb.value)then me.calendar1.value = tb.value
end if
end sub

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IF THEN For Text And Adding Values Associated To Those

Apr 3, 2013

I am trying to create a spread sheet where I have different columns. The columns consist of name and dollar amount. Names may occur more than once. I would like to scan the column with the names and copy the different names to another column. Once that is done, I am hoping to copy the value or sum of all values associated with that name to the column beside it. I am going to have a long list of names with different values and I would like to sort them and add up those values. I have attached an example of what I am hoping to achieve. I am hoping my 'Sum of Values' is actually summed, I left it longhand for explanation sake.

Sum of values


[Code] ....

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Adding Text Msg To Code

Jan 22, 2010

I have the following code that updates columns A,B and C. The columns are hidden and have some 500 plus rows. Cell E2 reads the last entry in column A (a date, such as 1/22/10). I would like to add a line in the code that, if cell E2 equals todays date, will prevent a second update and display a message "Update Complete".

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VBA - Adding Set Text To The End Of A Range?

Dec 1, 2012

I've got a range of cells that I'd like entered into other cells, followed by _SheetName.

For example, I've tried the following:

Sheets("AllData").Range("D6:J6").Value = Sheets(1).Name & "_" & Sheets(1).Range("D6:J6").Value

But it runs a run-time error '13', type mismatch.

However, both

Sheets("AllData").Range("D6:J6").Value = Sheets(1).Name & "_"


Sheets("AllData").Range("D6:J6").Value = Sheets(1).Range("D6:J6").Value

Do their respect parts of the process so I'm not sure why the combined version doesn't work.

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Adding A Scrole Bar To A Text Box

Feb 21, 2007

how do you add a scrole bar to a text box?

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Adding Text To One Cell

Oct 18, 2007

I have Abbreviation in column A and their full description in column B. I need them both (A + B) to be in column C.

in column A
Blank cell

In column B
Annual Leave
Before Tax
Net Profit
Blank cell
Sub Total
Grand Total

In column C at cell C1
AVER – Average
ANNU – Annual Leave
BEFO – Before Tax
CALC – Calculated
NETP – Net Profit

In column C7
TOTA – Total
SUBT – Sub Total
GRAN – Grand Total

I am manually type this and using ALT+ENTER keys to place cells together in column C

If I can have VB code to do this task would be great. The code is to add a group of cell in column A and B then place them in column C and also reverse them back to where they were if I needed to.

I’m trying to attach the HTML file if I can, otherwise, please see the above example ....

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Adding Formula With Text

Apr 2, 2008

Is it possible to have in cell A1 "Sales Reviewed Weekending" and then the formula =TODAY()-WEEKDAY(TODAY())+1) all together?

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Repeat Text While Adding To It

Dec 6, 2006

I need to create a macro to add a string of numbers into a cell. The cell has content already. This is an add on the content of that specific cell.

1.1.1 and so forth

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