How To Combine Text Values Of Formulas In Addition To Adding Text

Jun 15, 2013

I am trying to combine the text values of several formulas in addition to adding some text (punctuation) in between.

Here is the data that I am trying to combine

C14: 2013
C15: Period 6
C16: Week 1

In Cell C13, I would like to have this value returned: "2013 - Period 6, Week 1"

Is there such a way to do this?

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Adding Text To Formulas - Formula Too Long

Jan 29, 2010

Is there a work around to pull data from cells in excel to another tab with standard language? For example the template language will stay the same except in example A's case the last sentence "0.0" hrs will vary based what's sitting in B34.

It's stating the formula is too long. Is there too much text?

Sometimes the link would be in the middle of the text as shown in example B below with dates 00/00/00.

For any leave of absence that is granted for more than 10 days, time off is governed under the Disability Bank Policy. Under the Disability Bank Policy there is a 10 day elimination period which must be satisfied prior to gaining access to your disability bank. During this 10-day elimination period, you are required to use your sick time for the first 6 days (48.00 hours) and vacation time for the remaining 4 days (32.00 hours). After this elimination period, we use all the time accrued in your disability bank. Currently, you have a disability bank balance of "00" hours.

After this disability bank is exhausted, you will use all remaining and future paid time off balances from your vacation/CME/holiday banks. Because your leave begins in 00/00/00 and ends in 00/00/00 we will advance you future paid time off balance thru 00/00/00. Once those balances are exhausted the remainder of the leave will be unpaid. Per our policy, should you not return to work, you agree to pay back any time advanced to you within 30 days of your separation from the company.

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Combine An If And Or Formula For Text Values

Aug 19, 2009

I have a column say column A that holds text. If the values match say:

ABC1 or
ABC2 or

And also match column B if it shows "Yes" then show "Correct" or "Not Correct".

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IF THEN For Text And Adding Values Associated To Those

Apr 3, 2013

I am trying to create a spread sheet where I have different columns. The columns consist of name and dollar amount. Names may occur more than once. I would like to scan the column with the names and copy the different names to another column. Once that is done, I am hoping to copy the value or sum of all values associated with that name to the column beside it. I am going to have a long list of names with different values and I would like to sort them and add up those values. I have attached an example of what I am hoping to achieve. I am hoping my 'Sum of Values' is actually summed, I left it longhand for explanation sake.

Sum of values


[Code] ....

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Convert Formulas To Values In Text Box?

Sep 26, 2012

I am copying the value in a cell to another sheet's cell. I want to convert the formulas on the second sheet to reflect their value. I do this all the time within cells by using Past Special and Values however it doesn't give me that option within the Text Box

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CountIf Adding Up Text Values

May 10, 2013

I have names in A1, A2, A3 and A4 and in cells B1:C4 I have atendance for am and pm.What I need is it to count if someone was in on a day. So if B1 or C1 or both contains "in" then the subtotal will be 1 and added for each row, so it shows how many are in whether it be for 1/2 or a full day

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Combine Cell Content With Text File & Save As Text

Feb 21, 2008

- I have excel file with data I need
- I have fixed txt(html) template that i need to integrate Excel information into
- Final result that I want to achieve is saved .txt(html) file with combination of fixed information (text) and data from excel cells.

I need to writing a VBA code for each of above (integrating text & cells, saving results as text)

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Adding Text Values Representing Time

Aug 23, 2005

The times listed in column A are formatted as text.
When trying to add them using a simple SUM formula (=SUM(A2:A5)), a false result of 0 is returned.
How can we add text values correctly?

Use the SUM and TIMEVALUE functions as shown in the following Array formula:

To apply Array formula:
Select the cell, press

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Comparing Text Values In Two Cells And Adding 1 To Result Column

Apr 14, 2013

I have an excel file with some data in it. I have two columns with one of four words in it. For simplicity I'll call them RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow. A few columns over I have columns "Same" "Good" and "Bad". I'm trying to figure out a way to get excel to put a 1 in the appropriate column, if cell A1 is Red I need excel to look at the word in cell B2 and put a 1 in the "same" column if A1 and B1 are the same word. If the word in B2 is Yellow I need excel to put a 1 in the "Good" column. If the word in B1 is GREEN or BLUE I need it to put a 1 in the bad column. The tricky part is each of the four words RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow have a different set of words that will be called "good" or "bad". So if the word in cell A1 if Green for example it will have a different set of good and bad color words.

So it seems I need four different functions depending on what word is in A1. In the column next to these lists of words I have the date which I'll need to use to give me the sums of same, good, and bad for each day. But first things first. I think I need to use a combination of IF functions and MATCH function, but I can't figure out anything that works. Below is what I'm hoping it will look like when I've got the right formulas.

First column
Second column


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Excel 2007 :: Extracting And Adding Values From Within Text Strings?

Jun 2, 2013

I am trying to extract values from a text string and add them up in Excel 2007. So far i have been successful in extracting the value out of the text string like this - =MID(I6,AD6,3) where AD6 holds the position number in the text string to start from. So it's working OK for one row but i need to do the same thing on multiple rows where the text string can be in different columns and I'd like it to automatically pick up the non-blank cell.

each row only has one column with text in it and the value i need to extract is always after "$". this is a working spreadsheet so the text string could move from column to column over time and I'd like my formula to be able to detect which column to read from. I then need to add up all the values from each row.

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Combine Worksheets....just Values No Formulas

Aug 3, 2009

i have about 100 worksheets in my workbook ..i need to combine them into one worksheet ...all my 100 worksheet has many formulas in some of the cells.

i want to combine all the worksheets one below the other with a gap of 5 blank rows after each worksheet contents....i just want the values in each worksheet to be pasted and no formulas...

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Adding Text To The Start And End Of A Cells Text In Another Cell?

Nov 28, 2013

I have some text I wish to add some content to the front and back of it. i.e. the text in the cell is "" and I want to add "http://" to the front of it and ":9999" to the back to it, so it looks like "" in a different cell.

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Adding Up Values In Nth Cells With Text In The Cells In Between

May 22, 2009

i have a problem adding cells every 5th cell for example i have


this adds every 5th row in this range and it does it right as long as there is no text in the cells in between

it works fine when it looks like this


but it does not work when it looks like this


when this happens it appears as #VALUE, meaning an error but i don't understand why if i'm just telling it to look at every 5th row and those specific rows have no text in them

i have a spreadsheet with text in between the cells that need to be added so i need a formula that only adds up the cells with numbers on it, to be specific the numbers are either ones or zeroes.....

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Count Unique Text Values (number With Text And Quotation Mark) With Formula

May 14, 2012

I am trying to find a formula that will count the number of unique entries there. I have tried the solutions posted on various websites to no avail (most recently:


The answer should be 4,457.

Ticket Number


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Text To Row Instead Of Text To Column Using Comma Separated Values And Associate Cell To The Left

May 16, 2013

Is there a macro that will allow me to create text to row from a comma separated cell, but also associate the cell to its left automatically?

The table below exemplifies what I need. The top of the spreadsheet is how my data is currently. The portion after the break is how I would like it to be.

I have over 600 rows that needs this done.



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Match Row That Contains Text Text String; List Associated Values From Pivot Table

Mar 28, 2009

refer to the attached workbook for reference. I am looking for a function in Sheet1, Column E that will search for the value of Sheet1, Column A within Sheet2, Column A. When a match is found, the function should look across Sheet2, Columns B - V for values of 1. When such values are found, the function should return the associated value from Sheet2, Row 2. There may be multiple values of 1, and as such, the function should separate values with a comma.

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Search Word For Text And Send Values Next To Text To Excel File

Apr 30, 2009

I am using Windows XP and Office 2003.

I am looking to automate a process where information is sent to someone in a text format and they in turn transfer that data to an excel file. It basically looks like this (but includes a lot more info):

Service Request #: 123456
Instrument Type: New Instrument
Lot/Serial #: 123456
SR Type: Product Complaint
Service Coverage: Maintenance Agreement

The info on the left (text preceding the colon) is always the same but the values following the colon can change. The excel file has all of the text before the colon and they just enter the information into the cells. I am looking to make it so that an Excel macro (or maybe a word/outlook macro) automatically scans the text document and sends this info to the exact same cells in excel every time.

The text file is actually a message from an Oracle database and I am not going to be able to make any changes to the way the data comes in.

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VLookup For Text And Add Relevant Values If Text Matches In Range

Jun 19, 2014

Check the attachment, i could not make out this using vlookup, how to overcome this problem.


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Combine Date Plus Text?

Sep 23, 2007

I have a date of the "Sep-07"in a1 in a2 i have "fred" and in a3 "expenses" when i try and combine them so that i can save the file name as a variable ie sept-07 fred expenses. I get


How do I get the date not to read numbers?

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Combine Two Cells And Add Text

Feb 25, 2014

I want to combine two cells and add text. Then delete column D.

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How To Combine Text+value In Formula

Jun 16, 2008

I want the user to select a currency pair in cell B4, eg, EUR/USD

Then cell R4 will look to see if there is any data in B4 and, if so, return the following value into Cell R4....

=MT4|BID! & cell B4 & "m"

the cell b4 is the bit i am not sure about.

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Combine Text From Cells

Nov 30, 2006

am trying to code a loop but I have no idea where to start.

With the help of you guys I have already got some code from a previous thread which gives me a list of hierarchical data now I want to be able to loop through this and actually have the 'parent' next to it.

For example:

1 Shops
2 Butchers
3 Meat
2 Bakery
3 Bread

I would like to be able to say

1 Shops
2 Butchers Shops
3 Meat Butchers
2 Bakery Shops
3 Bread Bakery

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If Integer Function And Combine Value And Text

Oct 12, 2008

I'm trying to write a statement something like: B1 = data. B2=IF(B1/8=0,"",IF(B1/8=INTEGER,B1/8 & "8/8",B1/8+1)). This is meant to identify which relay on a relay board is associated with the given data. For example if data=3, B2 = 1 3/8 meaning the 3rd relay on board 1. If data = 77, B2 = 10 5/8 meaning the 5th relay on board 10. I could do without the 10, but the 5th relay on that board is important to me. In summary, I think my trouble is identifying when the product of B1/8 is an integer. I may also be having trouble combining value and text. Well, there it is. I may very well be going about it all wrong.

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Combine Several Lines Of Text Into One Cell..

Oct 23, 2008

In column A I have product names, in B I have product categories and in C:H the product categories from column B are titles and the name of the subcategory is written in the cell. Because there are mutlipule sub categories that a product can belong to the report produces mirrored lines with one sub category on each line. What I need to do is combine all of these subcategory entries into one cell separated by a comer (,).

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Combine 2 Strings Text Into One (IF Formula)

Jan 28, 2013

I have two columns each column has a combination of the same 3 words "cash", "card", and "trade". The are formatted as "Cash & Card & Trade" or "Cash & Card" or "Card" ect. I want a formual that can combine the entries written into each columan into one column. I will put an example below.



both (formula in this column)

name 1
Cash & Card & Trade
Cash & Card
Cash & Card & Trade

name 2
Cash & Card


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Combine Text From Many Cells Into One Cell

Apr 15, 2009

Column A has the following values:


I want to combine the text from each cell into a text string so that each cell's text is separated by a comma, thus:


I can do this with a formula,
but this may exceed the 255 character limit when the text string needs to be transferred to a query.

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Combine Text And Round Function

Oct 9, 2009

with a formula that would find a text data point (comma) and round the number to 2 decimal places that is located prior to the text data point (comma) within a string of data. see examples below in Column A and the intended results in Column B.

Column A
row 1: Joe 1.234, Al 6.89656,
row 2: Sam 6.5,

Column B
row 1: Joe 1.23, Al 6.90
row 2: Sam 6.50

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Combine Text With Carriage Returns

Nov 30, 2006

I have 4 cells with text in them that I am trying to combine into one cell and not have any blank lines between the text. The cells are arranged like this:

A1="One"B1=Cell where the text is combined

I set the cell alignment in B1 to wrap text and use the following formula in B1:

The problem is if there isn’t anything in one of the cells in column A it makes a blank line between the text in column B. I am trying to get the text to the top of B1 and not have any blank lines between the lines of text. Is there a way to change the formula so that it will do the following three things:

1. If the cell A1 doesn’t have anything in it then don’t put the value in B1.
2. If A1 has something in it and A2 has something in it then put the text of A1 in B1 and HAVE a carriage return after the A1 text.
3. If A1 has something in it and A2 does not have anything in it then put the text of A1 in B1 but DO NOT have a carriage return after it.

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Convert Formulas In Text Into Formulas

Dec 12, 2007

If you have a cell with the value ="2*c2+3" NB: (Notice the ""), then to make excel convert the formula in another cell to =2*c2+3 (notice the removal of ""), so that it can calculate the value of the cell instead of showing a textstring?

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Syntax Correction: Combine Text With Variable

May 8, 2009

I have the following VBA code and try to sum the range from B2 to CY2 for DA2; then B3 to CY3 for DA3, etc. Therefore I use the for loop. It results in "Application defined or Object defined error".

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