Auto Consecutive Numbering

Sep 28, 2007

I have a form that I use often, but numbering is slow because I go in and number the form, print, go back and put in next number, print, etc. Is there a macro or formula that will automatically update the consecutive numbers when I enter or print?

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Consecutive Numbering Based On Populated Cells

Jun 26, 2013

Is there a formula that would search for rows, or cells withing a row, that contain information and populate consecutive numbers in an adjacent column. For example if I am working with rows 1-4... F1 and F4 has information populated, while F2 and F3 are blank. I would like for the formula to populate E1 with the number 1 and E4 with the number 2. So the formula should decipher that F2 and F3 are blank therefore ignore these rows in the consecutive number scheme for column E. I would like for the formula to be scalable to any number of rows

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Recommence Consecutive Numbering Based On Blanks

Mar 17, 2008

a macro that will populate a column with consecutive numbering, recommencing where there is a blank cell to the immediate right.

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Auto Numbering A Tag Name

Dec 26, 2007

I would like to know if there is a way to Auto number a text.
I have a column with text tags (lets say Column B). These cells look at a specific cell (ex. A1) and see what text is written in it then copy the text into their own cells B1, B2, B3 and so on. So if cell A1 reports AAA then Column B cells become AAA all the way down.
Now what I like to do is for column B cells look at A1, copy the text and add _01 infront of their copied text. so for Column B, B1 reports AAA_01, B2 is AAA_02, B3 is AAA_03 and so on

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Mar 25, 2006

i have formulas in a range L5:L15 which sometimes return some value and
sometimes zero. i want to give them auto numbers in column M in a way that it
should only count the cell which has some value.
suppose formula in L5 returns some value, L6 also then L7 & L8 have no
value(but formula persists), cell L9, L10, L11 has values then L12 has no
value L13, L14 has value and L15 has no value (but it has formula in it)
values in these cells changes and some goes to zero and some return values.
now i want to give them Auto Numbers in a way that cells with some value
should only be considered.

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>>> Auto Numbering Cells?

Oct 24, 2007

Is there some feature that lets you auto number cells? IE (1-20) Instead of me having to manually type in 1-20 in each cell or making my own formula up to do it.

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Auto Numbering And Workbook Log

Jan 11, 2008

I want to create a template in Excel for a change order system. Every time I have a new change order I want it to be numbered. I want Excel to automatically keep a log of all the changes orders to date with change order number, date, title, etc.

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Auto Numbering .. For Each Range

Apr 5, 2009

After applying subtotal function based on city, i have blocks of data with subtotals at different places. if i want separate numbering starting at 1 for each range , what i have to da. at present i am doing it manually ...

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Restart Auto Numbering

Apr 22, 2008

I have just successfully added a code to Visual Basic in order for it to insert a sequential number automatically upon opening the worksheet. It works great, but how do I restart the numbering now that I know it works?

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Auto Numbering In Invoices In

Nov 27, 2008

Could someone give me the exercise to be followed to create auto numbering in invoices in Excel as same urgently required.

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Quick Auto-Numbering

May 4, 2009


just an example:-


The Column above is the first column on a selected sheet.

i will select 56 and from there (End-Shift+Down arrow) which selects all the values from 56-60...

My question is from here on if there is a shortcut key or 'vba macro' that can autonumber from 1.

Thus giving output result of..


i want to record the solution for above problem in a macro recorder for different numbers that is why i have to do (End-Shift+Down arrow)

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Auto-numbering The Forms

Jun 1, 2006

I have created a bill of lading form that we use in shipping. Each time they need a new form, they copy the "blank" form. Is there any way to have these forms "auto-number"?

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Auto Numbering Cell

Jun 27, 2006

I've Created a workbook with 30 sheets, and i want to make
auto numbering for each sheet .

if i put in sheet "1". cell"A1" = 100
the sheet "2". cell "A1" = 101
sheet "3". cell "A1" = 102

and so on ...

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Auto Numbering Rows

Jan 4, 2007

I have a requirement where, in one of the column i would like to have an auto numbering (similar to Microsoft access). I know this can be done using Macros, but is there any other better alternative.

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Auto Numbering Of Printed Forms

Feb 6, 2014

Many people use Excel to generate forms that will be printed off and carried around on a sheet of paper, because the boxes and lines are nice and square, and straight, Word is not so co-operative

There have been lots of queries how to auto-number such forms, so that you can later file or issue them in a particular order, or use the numbers later as a reference doing other stuff.

Here's what I want to do:

I run a limousine service taking clients from places like hotels to various destinations

I have a little travel voucher form, to be filled by hand, 3 copies to a sheet, so we are gonna print them, and cut the page into 3 lil vouchers. Like printing lottery or competition tickets. The vouchers have artwork to suit the place requesting my service.

They are NOT invoices, to be opened, numbered, worked on, and THEN printed

Cell G2 will start autonumbering at 1001, Cell G18 would be 1002, Cell G34 would be 1003, then when the second page prints, we get 1004, 1005, and 1006 respectively. Each sheet has to be individually cut and stacked

Alternately, we decide a quantity to print (50) and start G18 at say 1050 and G34 at 1101. This would be better, because when cutting the paper up with a guillotine, the first 50 vouchers are already in number order, the 2nd 50 get stacked under them, and finally the 3rd 50 below that, so now my stack of vouchers runs from 1001 to 1150 nice and easy and neat

A drawback with this is that I have to do specific print runs and somewhere in the document, specify the starting number for G2

I have heard of a method to print, say 20 forms, starting say, 1001, ending 1020 and a text file saves the last number used, so the next print run picks up from there, at 1021, can that method be combined in? I'm working in a small office that needs these vouchers but we dont wanna have a commercial printshop tool up (big $) to do small print runs

I can also do the vouchers for other suppliers to use with different artwork

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Auto Numbering Cell While Printing

Sep 9, 2006

Looking for a way to print out a worksheet with auto number while printing. The worksheet does not have a header or a footer and contains needed information.

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Auto Numbering .. Number The Rows In Column B From Row 4

Jun 2, 2009

I have an excel spreadsheet in which I would like to number the rows in column B from row 4.

Code I wrote:

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Auto Numbering Based On Sets Of Unique IDs?

Mar 28, 2012

I have sets of data that need to be numbered example:


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Auto Numbering With Mark (Dash) Combination

Apr 6, 2014

How to make auto numbering with mark "-" combination and result placing in D column, like this below ;



[Code] ........

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Auto Fill Dates In Consecutive Order

Jan 12, 2014

I am trying to do a column full of Month,Year dates in consecutive order (i.e. Jan 14, Feb 14, Mar 14, Apr 14, May 14.)

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Auto Consecutive Numbers After Saving Of File

Jun 29, 2003

I have a 'Customer Quote' template form which requires a new number every time it gets saved, this will need to be a 'read only' file.

Can I also have it auto name itself this consecutive number automatically every time it is 'saved as'.

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Use Data From Consecutive Rows Into Non-consecutive Rows On Different Worksheet

Feb 26, 2013

I am working on two worksheets. On my first worksheet I have one column with consecutive numbering starting from Cell 8.

A8 = 1
A9 = 2
A10 = 3
A11 = 4
A12 = 5

On my second worksheet I want to link to the values in the first worksheet but not in a consecutive manner. Each number will have an interval of 15 cells. As shown below:

D15 = 'link on Sheet1!A8'
D30 = 'link on Sheet1!A9'
D45 = 'link on Sheet1!A10'
D60 = 'link on Sheet1!A11'
D75 = 'link on Sheet1!A12'

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Numbering For Coordinates

Oct 24, 2007

how to get a single cell (C2) and (D2) to make the numbering format go from (## ## ##) to (######).

The Excel spread sheet is a coordinate converter, designed to take Degree's minuets seconds and convert it to Decimal Degrees, the formula is set up and work Great, but every time I copy and paste the coordinate to the excel spread sheet, i have to manuelly erase the spaces between the numbers so the formula can work properly. How can i get the cell to automatically delete the space between the numbers to save me time.(I.e 29 35 42.34325 -to-> 293542.34325)

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In Sheet Row Numbering And TOC

Nov 3, 2008

is possible to add a hyperlinked TOC (Table of contents) within a spead sheet (Excel 2003) like it is possible to do in Word. Also how do I go about sequential numbering of rows with sub numbering as shown below? Where if i add a row between 1.2.2 and 2 it would be 1.3.


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Automatic Numbering In VBA Etc

Dec 18, 2007

I'm trying to create a bug reporting tool (with a bunch of text boxes and drop down lists) and have the following problems...

1. I would like to get a unique number inserted automatically in a textbox (it's supposed to be the bugs id (1001). How do I do this? And when I click OK after inserting all info I want this number to become +1 so the next defect can be added immediately.

2. Why are my drop down lists empty as default and their values only appear if I enter a value. Why aren't the lists displayed when i just click on them?

3. I have a multipel row text box. How do I get the text to jump to the next row automatically instead of using crtl + enter?

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Duplicating A Row And Numbering?

Mar 3, 2009

I've been given an excel file with 75 addresses (1 address entry per row) and I have to make 150 copies of each address while also numbering column D for each row 1-150.

So in the end it would go from: (sorry for the periods.. extra spacing didn't work!)
AAA...123 Street...City...<blank>
BBB...456 Street...City...<blank>
CCC...789 Street...City...<blank>

AAA...123 Street...City...1
AAA...123 Street...City...2
AAA...123 Street...City...3~
AAA...123 Street...City...150
BBB...456 Street...City...1
BBB...456 Street...City...2
BBB...456 Street...City...3~
BBB...456 Street...City...150
CCC...789 Street...City...1
CCC...789 Street...City...2
CCC...789 Street...City...3~
CCC...789 Street...City...150

I don't mean to be lazy and just ask for a macro code, but I'm a complete excel novice and just looking for a quick and easy fix rather than copy/pasting these entries manually.. edit: this file has a deadline for it, which is the reason for the quick fix not to just get out of learning how to do it

I've tried to make a macro consisting of inserting a row, copying a row then pasting it, but that only worked for the first row that I'm duplicating.

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Numbering A List

Mar 6, 2009

I'm trying to make a sequential resultlist starting with nr 1, 2, 3, etc under the column: Rank ? This should be part of a macro, so autofill is not an option... As you can see, the number of rows are different from each group, and starts with nr 1 for every group. (Some formatting became all wrong posting this.........

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Numbering System

Oct 19, 2009

Wondering if there is a formula for Excel that could replicate a numbering format like in Word?


and so on...

Idealy I would like to go farther than the 3rd level.

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Numbering For Same Cell Value

Oct 24, 2011

I have a spreadsheet, there is large number of items entered. Now I want to numbering of this Items. There is approximate 250 items that are start with A, there numbering will be 1-250 then start with B, there will be numbering 1- something like this, then start with C....

To do this numbering is there any formula?.

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Random Numbering

Jan 30, 2007

I have a list of names in Column A going from row 2 to 15. I want to randomly assign them a number ranging from 1-14, but that random number can not be assigned twice. I only need each number once.

I am putting the formula in column B.

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