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Auto Consecutive Numbering

I have a form that I use often, but numbering is slow because I go in and number the form, print, go back and put in next number, print, etc. Is there a macro or formula that will automatically update the consecutive numbers when I enter or print?

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Recommence Consecutive Numbering Based On Blanks
a macro that will populate a column with consecutive numbering, recommencing where there is a blank cell to the immediate right.

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i have formulas in a range L5:L15 which sometimes return some value and
sometimes zero. i want to give them auto numbers in column M in a way that it
should only count the cell which has some value.
suppose formula in L5 returns some value, L6 also then L7 & L8 have no
value(but formula persists), cell L9, L10, L11 has values then L12 has no
value L13, L14 has value and L15 has no value (but it has formula in it)
values in these cells changes and some goes to zero and some return values.
now i want to give them Auto Numbers in a way that cells with some value
should only be considered.

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Auto Numbering A Tag Name
I would like to know if there is a way to Auto number a text.
I have a column with text tags (lets say Column B). These cells look at a specific cell (ex. A1) and see what text is written in it then copy the text into their own cells B1, B2, B3 and so on. So if cell A1 reports AAA then Column B cells become AAA all the way down.
Now what I like to do is for column B cells look at A1, copy the text and add _01 infront of their copied text. so for Column B, B1 reports AAA_01, B2 is AAA_02, B3 is AAA_03 and so on

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Restart Auto Numbering
I have just successfully added a code to Visual Basic in order for it to insert a sequential number automatically upon opening the worksheet. It works great, but how do I restart the numbering now that I know it works?

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Quick Auto-Numbering

just an example:-


The Column above is the first column on a selected sheet.

i will select 56 and from there (End-Shift+Down arrow) which selects all the values from 56-60...

My question is from here on if there is a shortcut key or 'vba macro' that can autonumber from 1.

Thus giving output result of..


i want to record the solution for above problem in a macro recorder for different numbers that is why i have to do (End-Shift+Down arrow)

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Auto Numbering .. For Each Range
After applying subtotal function based on city, i have blocks of data with subtotals at different places. if i want separate numbering starting at 1 for each range , what i have to da. at present i am doing it manually ...

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>>> Auto Numbering Cells?
Is there some feature that lets you auto number cells? IE (1-20) Instead of me having to manually type in 1-20 in each cell or making my own formula up to do it.

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Auto Numbering In Invoices In
Could someone give me the exercise to be followed to create auto numbering in invoices in Excel as same urgently required.

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Auto Numbering And Workbook Log
I want to create a template in Excel for a change order system. Every time I have a new change order I want it to be numbered. I want Excel to automatically keep a log of all the changes orders to date with change order number, date, title, etc.

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Auto Numbering Cell
I've Created a workbook with 30 sheets, and i want to make
auto numbering for each sheet .

if i put in sheet "1". cell"A1" = 100
the sheet "2". cell "A1" = 101
sheet "3". cell "A1" = 102

and so on ...

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Auto Numbering Rows
I have a requirement where, in one of the column i would like to have an auto numbering (similar to Microsoft access). I know this can be done using Macros, but is there any other better alternative.

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Auto-numbering The Forms
I have created a bill of lading form that we use in shipping. Each time they need a new form, they copy the "blank" form. Is there any way to have these forms "auto-number"?

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Auto Numbering Cell While Printing
Looking for a way to print out a worksheet with auto number while printing. The worksheet does not have a header or a footer and contains needed information.

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Auto Numbering .. Number The Rows In Column B From Row 4
I have an excel spreadsheet in which I would like to number the rows in column B from row 4.

Code I wrote:

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Random Numbering
I have a list of names in Column A going from row 2 to 15. I want to randomly assign them a number ranging from 1-14, but that random number can not be assigned twice. I only need each number once.

I am putting the formula in column B.

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Numbering In Forms
I have created a form to input parking ticket data to a spreadsheet, it all works exactly as i want it to, but i really need it to tell me the next available number or empty line, so i can use that for filing and audit purposes, ideally i would like it to do sequential numbering, but i've been looking for weeks and cant find a soloution, i have basic knowledge of VBA and i'm really struggling with this,

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IF Statments And Numbering
Heres an example of what I'm trying to do,

if I select form a list a certain name (i.e. "Plt") then I want it to populate a list of numbers (1-102) and the same with "SO" populating numbers 1-119.

and here is what I have so far

=IF(OR($F$1="Plt",$F$1="SO",$F$1="Plt LR",$F$1="SO LR"),"1.")

Is there anyway of making excel do this?

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Numbering System
Wondering if there is a formula for Excel that could replicate a numbering format like in Word?


and so on...

Idealy I would like to go farther than the 3rd level.

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Numbering For Coordinates
how to get a single cell (C2) and (D2) to make the numbering format go from (## ## ##) to (######).

The Excel spread sheet is a coordinate converter, designed to take Degree's minuets seconds and convert it to Decimal Degrees, the formula is set up and work Great, but every time I copy and paste the coordinate to the excel spread sheet, i have to manuelly erase the spaces between the numbers so the formula can work properly. How can i get the cell to automatically delete the space between the numbers to save me time.(I.e 29 35 42.34325 -to-> 293542.34325)

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Automatic Numbering In VBA Etc
I'm trying to create a bug reporting tool (with a bunch of text boxes and drop down lists) and have the following problems...

1. I would like to get a unique number inserted automatically in a textbox (it's supposed to be the bugs id (1001). How do I do this? And when I click OK after inserting all info I want this number to become +1 so the next defect can be added immediately.

2. Why are my drop down lists empty as default and their values only appear if I enter a value. Why aren't the lists displayed when i just click on them?

3. I have a multipel row text box. How do I get the text to jump to the next row automatically instead of using crtl + enter?

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Duplicating A Row And Numbering?
I've been given an excel file with 75 addresses (1 address entry per row) and I have to make 150 copies of each address while also numbering column D for each row 1-150.

So in the end it would go from: (sorry for the periods.. extra spacing didn't work!)
AAA...123 Street...City...<blank>
BBB...456 Street...City...<blank>
CCC...789 Street...City...<blank>

AAA...123 Street...City...1
AAA...123 Street...City...2
AAA...123 Street...City...3~
AAA...123 Street...City...150
BBB...456 Street...City...1
BBB...456 Street...City...2
BBB...456 Street...City...3~
BBB...456 Street...City...150
CCC...789 Street...City...1
CCC...789 Street...City...2
CCC...789 Street...City...3~
CCC...789 Street...City...150

I don't mean to be lazy and just ask for a macro code, but I'm a complete excel novice and just looking for a quick and easy fix rather than copy/pasting these entries manually.. edit: this file has a deadline for it, which is the reason for the quick fix not to just get out of learning how to do it

I've tried to make a macro consisting of inserting a row, copying a row then pasting it, but that only worked for the first row that I'm duplicating.

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Numbering Macro
why the Macro below works fine when the spreadsheet is not filtered, but once you filter the spreadsheet it does not work. and if possible a solution.

Sub Count()
Dim MyInput As Integer
MyInput = InputBox("Enter Start Number")
MsgBox ("Start number is ") & MyInput
mycount = Selection.Rows.Count
MsgBox mycount
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = MyInput
For Num = 1 To mycount
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = MyInput + 1
MyInput = MyInput + 1
Next Num
End Sub

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Sequential Numbering
I have a workbook with two worksheets. Worksheet #1 is a form that will be populated with data and saved as a new worksheet, then cleared and used repeatedly as a master form. Worksheet #2 is a log / register of the unique forms completed and saved from the master each time. I need to assign a unique sequential # to each form when it is saved and record this number in a column on Worksheet #2 (the Log). I am using some macros for the copy work but struggling with the auto-numbering of the forms when completed and saved.

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Numbering By Group
i have items listed in groups and need to number them


in the column beside this i need these items to be numbered

1 1111
2 1111
3 1111
1 1222
2 1222
3 1222
4 1222
1 1444
2 1444

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In Sheet Row Numbering And TOC
is possible to add a hyperlinked TOC (Table of contents) within a spead sheet (Excel 2003) like it is possible to do in Word. Also how do I go about sequential numbering of rows with sub numbering as shown below? Where if i add a row between 1.2.2 and 2 it would be 1.3.


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Numbering A List
I'm trying to make a sequential resultlist starting with nr 1, 2, 3, etc under the column: Rank ? This should be part of a macro, so autofill is not an option... As you can see, the number of rows are different from each group, and starts with nr 1 for every group. (Some formatting became all wrong posting this.........

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Sheet Numbering
I'm wondering if this is the way things work and there's nothing to be done about it (but I doubt that). I have a workbook that I load data into from a csv file. The csv file is "divided" into regions, and I want each region's group of data to be loaded into a separate sheet. To be on the safe side, I delete all the sheets before loading the data with the following code that I found in this forum

Sub delete_all_sheets()
Dim sh As Worksheet
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
If sh. Name <> ActiveSheet.Name Then
End If
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub

Then, for each new region, I create a new sheet with the following code

On Error Resume Next
sheet_nr = sheet_nr + 1
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add after:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)
End If
On Error Goto 0...............................

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Insert Bullets And Numbering
Is it Possible to Insert Bullets and Numbering in Excel. Especially Bullets

And what is the Easiest way to insert Bullets.

ABC1ItemsWant this2BindersŲ Binders3Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets4PencilsŲ Pencils5BindersŲ Binders6BindersŲ Binders7PenŲ Pen8BindersŲ Binders9BindersŲ Binders10BindersŲ Binders11PenŲ Pen12PencilsŲ Pencils13DeskŲ Desk14PencilsŲ Pencils15BindersŲ Binders16Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets17BindersŲ Binders18BindersŲ Binders19PenŲ Pen20Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets21PencilsŲ Pencils22PencilsŲ Pencils23BindersŲ Binders24DeskŲ Desk25PencilsŲ Pencils26Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets27BindersŲ Binders28PenŲ Pen29BindersŲ Binders30PencilsŲ Pencils31BindersŲ Binders32PencilsŲ Pencils33PencilsŲ Pencils34PenŲ Pen35Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets36BindersŲ Binders37Pen SetsŲ Pen Sets38PencilsŲ Pencils

The "Ų " Indicate Bullets that means " Ų in Column C

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Numbering Blocks Of Data.
I have 250000 lines of data and at the moment they are in seperate blocks of different sizes, and seperated by 5 blank lines.

For Example







What I would like to do is give each block a number.

1 112
1 1523
1 523
1 1523


2 12
2 23


3 344
3 4563

The lines in between will come out eventually I just need them there as they are difineing the blocks of data.

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Automatic Sheet Numbering
I have a report blank that is comprised of numerous excel worksheets (fixed letter size). During the completion of the report, one may add, delete, and/or move worksheets. I want each worksheet to have a cell that dispalys 'page # of total number of sheets'. Is there a way to automatically update this information?

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Sequential Numbering Macro
I need a macro that will number a cell (A1 for example) starting with the number 1, and another cell (A2) with the number 2, then back to the first cell with 3, then back to the latter cell with 4 and so on.

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Sequential Numbering With Gaps
I have a column in which I enter a date, and an adjacent column which automatically enters a sequential number, using ...

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Numbering Copies While Printing
I have a label which I print from excel and I print multiple copies of the same label.

I need the number of copies printed on the label also such as 1/20 ,2/20. I found a good macro on this site but i can't get it print 1 of 2, 2 of 2. Can anyone help me?

Sub PrintMany()
Dim i As Long
For i = 1 To 20 'change 20 to number needed
Range("A1").Value = i
Next i
End Sub

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Group Numbering In Steps
I am trying to produce a list of numbers (preferred Sheets Function and not VBA).

Every group should be of 5 Identical Numbers - starting with 2 and step of 2.
(An Example is shown in the attached picture).

I would like to produce that list with the help of ROW() and all available build-in Functions.

If possible, I will appreciate very much some explanation as for the principal of producing such a list when, for inatance, the step is 3 , starting from 3, while every group includes only 4 identical numbers and the first cell, to present the first value, is A11 and down to A26 - presented here in Horizontal layout:

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Numbering And Sorting The Data
I have a excel file which looks like the following:.............

The file contains more than 25,000 rows. What I need is, I have to give numbering to the above including parent id no as well. The nesting level can go to a maximum of six. The result should be

1 Electronics 0
2 Sound & Radio 1
3 MP3 & Portable Audio 2
4 Mp3 Players 3
5 IPod 4
6 Nano 5
7 5GB 5
8 10 GB 5

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Unique Numbering Of Pages When Printed
Would it be possible to have a unique number appear on every indivually printed sheet?

My worksheet in Excel fits onto one sheet of paper and I would like a unique number to appear whenever I print, even after closing system and re-opening file at a later date (the last printed sheet is 'remembered' so the next printed sheet is the next number in sequence).

So the first time I print a batch of say 100 I would have 100 x identical pages EACH with a unique number, i.e., '0001' to '0100'. The next time I print another 50 say, I would have '0101' to '0150' and so on.

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Automatic Unique Numbering In MsgBox
After entering some values in a form I want to get a unique id for that record to be displayed in a message box and thereafter inserted into column A in the same row as the rest of the information. The numbering should be 1, 2, 3 etc and when I use the application the next time the id displayed should be the next number. This is what I've got so far, but now my unique id is always 1 (not very unique at all).

Private Sub UserForm1_Initialize()
Dim rIds As Range
Dim MaxId As Long

Set rIds = .Range(Cells(A, A), Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp))
MaxId = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(rIds)
With Me.IdBox.Value = MaxId

Private Sub DateBox_Change()
DateBox = Format(Date, "yy/mm/dd")
End Sub

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Remove The Periods In This Numbering Sequence
How do you remove the periods in this numbering sequence with the end result being 102030405? Note also that the colum contains various combos that can be any combination of numbers from 1.01 to I use both versions 2003 and 2007....

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Taking Matching Fields And Numbering Them
I have a column where a lot of the fields match. What I want to do is set up a formula where all of the matching fields are numbered (1,2,3,etc). For instance:.......

I want the numbering to read the matching items and count them (not a sum but rather just a numbering/ordering column)

This is what I would want it to look like:...........

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Automatic Numbering Based On Last Number
I have got 2 sheets:

- list (list of transactions)
- accepted (accepted transactions).

I want to make macro, which will:
1. select max value from sheet.accepted "B:B"
2. enter max value +1 in sheet.list "B8"
3. automatic fill down from B9 to the end of list with number increasing by 1 (in B9=B8+1, in B10=B9+1 etc.)

I tried with this:

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Conditional Numbering Of List Values
I have a list of 48 000 zeros and ones (0 and 1s) (and 12 separate lists).

If there is a 1 then I will return a zero.

If there is a zero then I need to find the next 1 and return the 'distance' to that 1.

For example

The first zero will have to return 4, the second 3 etc.

I have tried using Match(1,[ range],0) but this takes for ever to run.

I could write a udf to do this but figure that it would have to be based on a loop.

In the mean time I will implement the udf.

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Incremental Numbering Based Upon User Input
I have created a macro that processes through information for the creation of checks.

I would like to have a way for the user to input a check number, and Excel to take that number, drop it into cell A2, then increment it and drop the next number in A3, and so on until all of the checks have been numbered. The process should stop at such a point as there is no more text in column B.

Here is an example. Let's say I have 35 checks to write. The first check number is 200. I would want a user box to pop up which asks me for the first check number. I would enter 200. Then the process would place the number 200 in cell A2 (A1 is part of the header information for the checks.) In cell A3, the number 201 would be placed. The final check number would drop into cell A36. No check numbers would appear in cells A37 and greater because cell B37 is empty, signifying that there is no further check data.

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Automatic & Dynamic Row Numbering For Outline Numbers Like #.#.#
I would like to ask for some assistance to my Spreadsheet problem.

To illustrate my problem please see below:

1------------> Level 1
1.1----------> Level 1 Sublevel 1
1.1.1--------> Level 1 Sublevel 1 Item 1
1.1.2--------> Level 1 Sublevel 1 Item 2
1.2----------> Level 1 Sublevel 2
1.2.1--------> Level 1 Sublevel 2 Item 1
and so on

I need to have a formula to automate the adding of outline numbers from "Level 1, Sublevel 1, Item 1..." So that if I deleted or added a row, the rest will automatically update themselves.

I will be the one manually inputing the Top Level and Sublevels I just need that the Items will be automatically added and computed basing from the previous level.

What I am planning to do is:
1. Check previous cell if the format has two decimal points or periods --> kinda stuck here

2. If there's only one then it will be the Sublevel 1 Item 1 (or depending to its location)

3. If there's already two periods "." then it will compute automatically for what item it is already.

1.1.2----->Checks the previous cell if it has 2 decimal places then if it does then it will add 1

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Sequential Numbering For Duplicate Cells In Column
In my worksheet i have several rows that are duplicates and i need to give each row a unique number. For example the first duplicated row needs to be 1 the second 2 etc.

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Consecutive Count
I need to count the maximum amount of consecutive crosses that appear in a list. For instance:




the result would be 4, because the highest amount of consecutive crosses in this list is 4 times.

Would anyone mind providing me with a formula for this, please? The list is from C5:C52.

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Consecutive The Dates
I received the answer on assigning consecutive dates but what can be done to
the formula



1. Not include weekends
2. Only assign the date to a certain person's name if there is multiple reps
on the spreadsheet.

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Consecutive Numbers
I have 3 columns, in column 1 and 2 there will be numbers and I want automatically to get in column 3 the range of numbers between Column 1 and Column 2
Column 1 - 100
Column 2 - 500
Column 3 - 100, 101, 102, ..., 500

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Air Force Mission Tracker-Auto Counting & Auto Copying
Making a mission tracker that requires less upkeep than my units previous methods. I am using Excel 2007 and have some things in mind that I would like it to do.
On the down side, I have only basic experience with excel and have never used macros or VBA.
Even if what I am after could be solved with functions (which I prefer), I simply do not quite know how to make what I want without assistance. Ok, now on to the description.

The mission tracker aside from showing a list of the missions we have done during our program, it needs to also generate metrics automatically. In my worksheet, I am using columns A-G and rows 1-501.

The mission scheduling type in Column E are listed below. The letters on the left are what I am using in the sheet, the part to the right is what it really means:

Column D has the day of the week listed as: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.

now the metrics I need to be generated are the number of different types of each mission compared, how many of each type of mission was flown per day of the week, how many of each type of mission was flown per month.

Basically what I need is a way to automatically count the number of rows that meet a specific criteria throughout the range. This would require being able to check the value/text of multiple cells at a time and count the number of rows that meet that criteria.

[SOLVED] 1. The first part would be to have the worksheet be able to count the number of each type of the 9 mission scheduling codes throughout the range. I would be storing the count in new cells that would then be connected to pie charts.

[SOLVED] 2. The second part would be to count the number of each type of mission that was flown per day of the week. That would require searching both mission type and day of the week. All I would need is a working formula for 1 set, then I could switch mission codes and weekdays to match all the 63 possible outcomes.

3. Knowing the number of each type of mission flown per month. This would be checking the date and the mission type. The trickier part that comes up in my mind is that our programs span multiple calendar years, so it would have to track it by month and year, that way there is a difference between Jan 2009 and Jan 2010. The counted numbers would be used to make histograms. It would be nice if the chart titles could be automatic based on the dates inputed in the mission tracker. If I needed to choose a maximum time length for it to cover, I would pick 3 years.

4. I would like to figure out how to make an inputted line of data on the main tracker sheet to create a copy in the corresponding worksheets based on schedule type, that way a person could look at/print a specific type without having to sort the main list.

The actual goal is to make it where a person can enter the 1 line of data per mission (cells A-G) and the mission metrics update automatically after each mission is inputed allowing upper level supervision to have current information quickly whenever it is needed. Currently we need about a weeks lead time to get the information asked for on our current progress.

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Count Consecutive Values
I'm trying to use this formula to count consecutive values but somehow it doesn't work properly.
Does anyone see what's going wrong here or is there a better formula to this?

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Count Consecutive Dates
I am a remodeling contractor trying to monitor trips my employees are making to the lumberyard. I am able to export to excel from our accounting program a column of dates that invoices are made and another column that tells me whether trips were made before 8:30, between 8:30 and 3:30, after 3:30, or whether materials were delivered involving no trip. So I can count "time of day" trips. I also want to know if multiple trips were made in a single day, or if trips were made 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. days in a row.

Column 1 Column 2
Monday, July 6 2009 Before 8:30
Monday, July 6 2009 Between 8:30 and 3:30
Tuesday, July 7 2009 Between 8:30 and 3:30
Wednesday, July 8 2009 Before 8:30
Friday, July 10 2009 After 3:30
Monday, July 13 2009 Before 8:30
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Before 8:30

In this example, I have 2 trips made on a single day; 1 instance of trips made 3 days in a row; 1 instance of trips made 2 days in a row (Friday, and then again on Monday since we don't work weekends) and 1 instance of 1 trip made on an isolated day. Additionally, we have 4 trips made before 8:30; 2 trips between 8:30 and 3:30 and 1 trip made after 3:30. Columns for a single job could range to 30 or 40 trips or more, and we have 6-12 jobs running at any one time, so I could be looking at data for all of those jobs once a month if I can figure out how to make it easy to do. I have figured out how to count up the time of day trips (but included the example here for a fuller picture of what I'm trying to do) but cannot figure out how to count the number of 2,3,4,5 etc.-day-in-a-row trips that are being made.

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