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Break 1 Cell Up Into Invidual Cells..

I have an email contact list with over 100 people in it. They are all in the same cell and are separated by semi-colons. How can I tell Excel to create a new cell every time there's a semi-colon?

In other words, after all is said and done, I should have over 100 separate cells with only 1 email contact in each cell.

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Break Apart City State And Zip Into Different Cells
I have a column that has data like this in it:

cityname, stateAbbreviation, XXXXX
sacramento, CA 95814

The tricky part is that sometimes there's a comma delimiting these fields and sometimes there is just a space between these fields.

So, I suppose the script would have to assume a length of 2 chars for the state and when it finds that it knows that what was before that string of 2 chars was the city.

Also, sometimes there is a longer zip with 10 digits code like this:
cityname stateAbbreviation XXXXX-XXXXX
sacramento CA 95814-82202

How might I write some VB code to loop through this column and break up this cell into 3 other cells?

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Referencing Cells By Page Break
I have a macro that uses subtotals on a dynamic list to generate page breaks by Department. Rows 1:6 of the table are set to print at the top of each page and column A is not set to print at all. Would it be possible to get cell B6 to return the value of the first cell of each page break (from column A) when the page prints. (Column A contains the department names, and though I don't want to print the column itself, I would like the name of each department to appear at the top of the page.)

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Merge Row Into One Cell With Line Break
I have a row of data. I want to merge it all into the first cell and have a line break between each line (from each of the cells).

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Break Up And Move Text To Next Cell
There are basically four fields of text (date, trans. #, merchant, $ amount) all in one cell that I would like to have in 4 separate columns without having to cut-paste, cut-paste, cut-paste. Is it possible for me to break this information up quickly into 4 separtate columns? I have about 400 lines of text like this and would like to find a faster way to do it.

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Count Characters In Cell Per Line Break
I have a cell in excel that has 5 lines of text and I would like to count how many characters there are in each line of the cell. Is there a formula/macro to count them?

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Page Break Based On Blank Cell
I need to insert code to add a page break whenever there is a blank cell in column A. Here's the code I'm using to print.

[PHP]Sub Printlocation()
Columns("C:C").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
lngLastRow = Columns("H:H"). Find(What:=" ", SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, SearchOrder:=xlByRows).Row
With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.PrintTitleRows = "$5:$6"
.PrintTitleColumns = ""
End With
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$5:$P$" & lngLastRow
ActiveSheet.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
Columns("C:C").EntireColumn.Hidden = False
End Sub[/PHP]

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Cell Text Loses Break Characters When Extracted
I'm trying to automate a very laborious process where text data is taken from a series of cells in excel 97 and is turned into HTML tables - I've got it all working except for one thing, when I extract the contents of the text the paragraphs are lost and are merged into one long piece of text - obviously I need to insert <br /> characters where the paragraphs are to get this working. how I can extract text from with some kind of marker for the paragraph sections? Or is there a way to insert characters where the excel cell has a paragraph mark (ie a return key has been pressed).

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Page Break By Asking The Input File For Page Break To Be Done
The code which you provided works fine no problem for a page break. I need to run the macro for the page break by asking the input file for page break to be done.

For Example, If excel filename "A" contain the code which you have given need to ask to input the filename "B" and process need to be done in file "B".

I have added some code to your code which you provided but it gives error message "1004" "Method 'Range' of object '_Application' failed" at following line :

Set rng = oExcel.Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp))

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Break Cell Content Into New Line Where &quot;µ&quot; Exists
i want to break content of my cells in excel into lines. Normally it is done with [ALT] + [ENTER]. How can i use find and replace(or other method) to break contents of all cells where "µ" exist. I MS word that is pretty easy but i dont know how to do that in excel!

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Break Apart A String
breaking apart a string in a cell.

in cells A6:A112 my trial balance export from QB Online is account # [SPACE] Account name:Sub Account:Sub Account

eg. 70160 Administrative Expense:Travel & Entertainment:Travel & Ent.-Travel & Lodging

I would like to break the string apart so I have only account # in column "a" and the right most sub account name in column "b". So if I use my example from above, I would have 70160 in "a" & Travel & Ent.-Travel & Lodging in "b". Note all the account name & sub accounts are separated by ":"

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Break Up One Row Into Many Columns
I am herewith enclosing the sample data, which is one row, containing the branch name, branch code, itemcode, rate, qty, amount . Each branch has several items with different quantity of various rates, which has come in the horizontal line. Now I want that in one by one, for converting that data into oracle.

BR.NAME BR.CODEITEM CODEITEM RATE QTYAMOUNTITEM CODEITEM RATE QTYAMOUNTITEM CODEITEM RATE QTYAMOUNTITEM CODEITEM RATE QTYAMOUNTITEM CODEITEM RATE QTYAMOUNTxx1104.5100450153250750263.25158513.5394.5180810506.55003250result should be like thisxx1104.5100450xx2153250750xx3263.25158513.5xx4394.5180810xx5506.55003250

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Break The String
how to break the string into 3 variables.

Example: Given string is : -4.98e-005x^2+0.368x+0.0588
All the string there will be two + symbols.

I have to break the above string into 3 parts and store it into variables like

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Break All Links
Is there a simple code I can add to the end of my macro that will break all existing links in the active workbook?

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Break Apart Web Query
I have managed to capture a table from a website and currently have it going to range"a1"

Set mytable = IeApp.document.getElementById("maindetail")
Sheets("sheet1").Range("b1").Value = IeApp.document.getElementById("maindetail").innerHTML
Application. ScreenUpdating = True

What Id like to do is breakapart this data, remove the html tags, and place each element of the table in its own cell (a1, a2,a3 etc.). Anybody have any ideas, I'm just not familiar enough with the IE DOM.

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Multiple Page Break
to have a page break by grouping id together, Heading need to be printed on each page. I have attached the sample file.

eg. the ID.

---- need page break ---

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Break Points Not Working
I have a spreadsheet that I have been using for some time.
Suddenly, in just the Worksheet_change event procedure, break points will not work.
In the same sheet break points do work for other events.
I've tried everything.

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Page Break @ Every Change In Value
I would like to put a page break everytime a column value changes. Example:

Page Break
Page Break

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Break Down Time Frames
I have a spreadsheet with agents schedules. What I would like to do is to break down the schedules to determine how many hours are worked between different times. This is what I have: C7:C11 is Sunday Start Times D7:D11 is Sunday's End times. The sheet does Sun-Sat. so Saturday ends at Q11. I want to find out how many agents work from 6am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm, etc. I was originally trying to use a sumproduct but had some problems getting it to work. This is what I was trying: sumproduct(--(C33:C40>=(0,0,0)),--(C33:C40

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Scoring To Break Tie (i.e. Golf)
I couldn't find a solution to where I'm at now, but Derks formula...
= SUMIF($J$5:$J$44,J5,$K$5:$K$44)/COUNTIF($J$5:$J$44,J5)

excel formula

...Almost gets what I need, but my data will not always be in a high/low descending order. I'm braindead; I can't think of how to make this formula work.

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Page Break Every 32 Rows
I have macros that then run through and hide all unnecessary questions and paste the selection to another work sheet.
what i need next is the issue.. Because the questions vary in size ( row height) and include blank cells for comments, i can not come up with a macro to print with any conformity

What i have come up with is that after all this is said and done, i would like a macro to print only 32 rows per sheet ( portrait) , then have a page break.

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Force A Page Break In VBA
I have a report which is produced by a macro, it works well. The report grows over the year to maybe 20 printable pages, landscape, and nicely readable.

Summary information is produced alongside the report over more columns than can be diplayed, so I have copied the summary data as a picture and pasted it below the main printout and adjusted the size of the "photo" to fit the page width.

I would like this photo to always appear on a new page of its own - not just tagged onto the pages before it.

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Macro Get Break When Save
I have looked and found a few solutions for the "enable macos or show a warning sheet" The one that seems to work the best is Ozgrids Enable Macro under the free downloads section. However I seem to have been able to break it, and thats been my problem.

When you run EnableMacro program and you select "Disable Macros" it displays the page with the yellow box, good. However when you click "enable Macros" and it opens normally, but when you save it in that fashion, this is where it breaks.. now open it again, and select "disable macros" and the normal warning sheet doesn't open. I incorporated this program in my project and it works, until the normal exit save of the program and after the 1st save, it doesn't work.. any

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Break An Infinte Loop
Taking the following as an example, where you find yourself in an infinite loop. How can you interrupt the sub and keep the code. All because you where to stupid to save it before running it.

Sub TEST()


****MsgBox "YOU IDIOT"

****GoTo LabelA

End Sub

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Automatic Page Break
I have a worksheet where the print area is 16 columns and ~90 rows. have it set to print on one page in page set-up, which generally scales to about 80%, and this has worked fine for years. A couple of months ago I was traveling for work, but got a call that the worksheet was printing each cell as a separate page. My co-worker messed around with it and it seemed to fix when she cleared and reset the print area, and has been working fine ever since.

Today it popped up again. It is setting automatic page breaks every few cells so page 1 is A1:A7, page 2 is A8:A11, etc...Both Print Preview and actually printing a page show me my few cells in the lower right hand corner of the page. Viewing the page break preview shows that they are all automatic page breaks, and if I try to move them I get the error that Microsoft Office Excel cannot move the page break because doing so would reduce the scale below the minimum 10%.

As I mentioned I have it set to "fit to" 1 page high and 1 page wide, which it right now is saying sets the scale to 10%. If I instead choose the scaling to be "adjust to" and set to 100% it only wants to take up 4 pages, but if I try to manually drag the break over afew columns it reverts back to wanting to print every few cells.

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Insert Time Break
Is there a way to insert a line of code that, once all workbook open code has completed, will count for 5 seconds and then perform another piece of code?


Once my workbook opens - i would like a message box to appear 5 seconds after.

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Line Break Not Working?
I have this code that is to long for the vba window so I read around and found I had to add a space and _ to extend the line.For some reason I get an error in the code when I do that?

However I copied the formula right from the working cell?

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Break Down How Many Days In Each Month
I have is a start rent date and an end rent date. They want to break down how many days in each month the item was on rent so they have a column for each month. For example say an item was rented on 12/14/08 and returned on 1/12/09. It was rented for a total of 30days 18 days in December and 12 days in January. So I would need a function in each column that would return a 14 in the December Column and a 12 in the January Column. there are over 350 rows and they are doing the process manually right now and taking several days.

Also I just noticed that the date range is currently entered as a text in the format 2008-12-14 so YYYY-MM-DD. Don't know if the text will be a problem.

Just attached an expample. In it I am trying to find a function to fill in the green cells.

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Changing The Page Break ?
I have a workbook that is not showing everything that I would like it to on one page (but I know that all the information would fit onto one page (width) but I cannot seem to be able to change the page break. I tried following the directions in the "excel help" but just can't seem to get it to work. I have attached a sample workbook so that you can see what I mean.

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Multiple Links - To Break Just One
I've got a file that is currently linked to two other files. The links are summed in the cell as below:

='[Book1.xls]Funding and Interest'!D$17+'[Book2.xls]Funding and Interest'!D$17...and so on.

I want to get rid of the link to Book1, so I'd zeroed the values in Book1 and my plan was then to Break the links to this, leaving zeros and the links that I want, but because both files are linked in the same cell (the same nested SUM), when I go to Edit, Break Links, it breaks the links to both files, even though I only select one form the list.

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Calculating Break Between Duty
i have a formula on my worksheet that tells me how many hours break i have between my finish time on say monday and my start time on tuesday, now..ive added another column but in this one i need it show either a 9 or 11. so if i have lets say 10.75 hours break or less between duty then i need the cell to show 9 however if i have 11 or more than 11 i need it to show 11. here is the code that i have at the moment


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Break All Links To A Workbook
Somehwere in a review of your book, it referred to an add-in that attempts to break all links to a workbook. I looked on the site (microsoft) with the provided URL but could not find it. Is it still there? Does it work for EXCEL 2002?

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Page Break Macro
I am inserting a page break with the following macro, however a page break is also inserted when the word " Total Miscellaneous G&A" is found. I am sure there is an easy solution, I am just not very proficient with VBA.

If Not (Application.IsErr(Application. Find("MISCELLANEOUS G&A", UCase( Cells(myCounter, 1))))) Then
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.HPageBreaks.Add before:=Cells(myCounter - 1, 1)
End If
Next myCounter

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Macro - Inserting Page Break
I would like to create a macro that will automatically insert a page break based on the contents of the cell.

A1:A4 = has value
A6:A14 = has value
and so on....

I would like to put a page break in A5 and A15....and for those cells that are blanks.

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Automatic Break When Executing Code
I have finaly completed my project to include all the bells and whistle needed to make an ok task a bit more exciting. However, i am having a problem when the code is executing. It seems to "break" at random points in the process. I am not able to duplicate this error at my home (nor do i want to) and I can not quite figure out what is causing this as it only happens at my work computer. I have tried my coworkers computer and the code executes flawlessly like at my home.

Strangely enough, when the code breaks I am able to hit 'continue' and it continues on its way until the next hiccup. Please assist as this fluke is causing my brain to spiral.

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Break Refedit To Individual Variables
I have a userform where users select a range with a REFEDIT control say:


I need some VBA code to break this down to the following variables:

a variable giving me the first column i.e. "G"
a variable giving me the last column i.e. "AA"
a variable giving me the first row i.e. "38"
a variable giving me the second row i.e. "39"

If it's easy for you, I also need an error handler to ensure that only two consecutive rows are selected by the user.

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How To Break Ties In The RANK Function
I am using the RANK function to rank the data in several rows. There are some times ties in the result.

I want to break that tie by taking the greatest value in a different cell in that row
Greatest value wins the tie.

same situation if there are multiple ties (4 "RANK"'s of position 2) ...

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Break Up Inventory Number Into Three Parts
I am having some difficulty with a macro. I have a column that contains a series of inventory numbers. I need to break it up into three parts and then have each part put into a new column. Here is an example of the data:

Column B = list of inv no.’s such as “ABC123.45” I need to divide it into three parts and put each part into a new column … so a new column X would get the “ABC” part, a new column Y would get the “123” section, and a new column Z would get the “45” ** ( I don’t need the decimal between 123 and 45) .

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Pivot / Formula To Right / Page Break
I have a simple pivot. In the columns to the right I have a few formulas. The user simply sees the pivot and extra columns---they have no idea they are looking at a hybrid type thing and they DO NOT EVER manipulate the pivot in any way other than choosing a particular DEPT form the page area.

I set this thing up by first select: ALL for the Dept and the dropiing my formulas down to the end of the sheet (actually a few hunded lines after that to allow for some data over the year)

The trouble is that if the user picks a particular dept, at the end of the dept data, not only does the user see the formula extended down numerous row (I can use cond formating to make the font white, ie hide them) BUT worse when printing it prints numerous extra pages.

So, is there a way to only make it print to where the pivot data ends.....not where the formula ends..WITHOUT the user having to do a SELCT PRINT AREA type thing.....

Ex: User picks Dept 1003, data ends after Code 99, formulas extend down past that in case user selects ALL Depts. We want printing to stop after Code 99 though....NOT to print a bunch of 'extra' pages....

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How Do I Get A Loop To Resume At Break Point
I've got some code (at bottom) which works very well for small groups of data but when it gets large it hangs excel. Had heard that I can make code which will get it to pick up on the row after where it left off rather than having it run the entire loop again. Specifically speaking of the raw data sheet. It is sorted by date and by code so that if it works on the first code for the date it won't have to return to that row again for data. Uncertain how to implement that approach. (sample data layout below)

Option Explicit

Sub DoubleDirectionLoop()

Dim Wb As Excel.Workbook
Dim Ws1 As Excel.Worksheet, Ws2 As Excel.Worksheet
Dim iCol As Integer
Dim iRow As Integer, iRow2 As Integer
Dim Loop1 As Integer, Loop2 As Integer
Dim Loop3 As Integer, PeakSum As Long

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Code To Break A Number Down Into Groups
i need code that can look at cell d23 and take that number( say it is 13) and break it down into groups. that have 3, 4 or 5 per group. in this example 13 can be broken down into

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Blank Line Break In Message Box
I have created a message box and I want leave two blank lines in the middle of the text. Is this possible?

At the moment my code for the message box line looks like:

Msg = "This process will print each site for " & UserSlection & ". Before continuing please ensure you have the right printer selected. (I.E. a colour printer where available). The process may take several minutes to complete. Do you wish to continue?"

I just want to move the "Do you wish to continue?" down two lines so that it is easier to read.

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Add Page Break Based On Keyword
I am using the following code to insert pagebreaks based on changes in column D. I would like to change it so that page breaks are inserted after the appearance of the word " Total" in column D. Note that the word total will typically be preceeded by other words. Example "Sales Total" or "G. Smith Total". If possible, I would like to suppress this logic when the words "Grand Total" appear as I would end up with a grand total page with nothing else on it.

Sub set_page_breaks()
Dim NumRows As Long
Dim iRow As Long
Dim FirstRow As Long
Dim LastRow As Long
ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 85
NumRows = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row 'get the row count
With ActiveSheet
FirstRow = 2
LastRow = NumRows
For iRow = FirstRow To LastRow
If ActiveSheet.Cells(iRow, "D").Value _.........................

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Break Link To Non Existing Workbook
I inherited a spreadsheet that contains a link to another spreadsheet. I want to remove the link and I can not find a way to do this. I have checked under Edit/Links but there is not a delete or break links options. The linked spreadsheet does not exist.

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Break The Link Or Change The Source
I've recently aquired a spreadsheet previously maintained by someone else. After my initial review the speradsheet has many links that need to be updated, which I do via Edit-Links, but there are also some links that no longer need to exist. I have reviewed all sheets and some links just no longer exist, however when I try to break the link or change the source nothing happens. I have had the original owner also check and confirm and they have the same issue. Finally I tried copying all the tabs into a new workbook, but the link shows up again.

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Unable To Break Links To Another File
Last week I copied a worksheet from one spreadsheet into another, and have since been working from the new one. When I open the file I get a message box asking if I want to Update links from the other workbook. But I've deleted all named ranges, formulae, shapes, everything that could possibly link to the other workbook. I've also (in my frustration) completely deleted the sheet that was originally copied and re-made it from scratch. But it STILL comes up with this update box. In Excel's Help it says to go to Edit/Links and press Break Link, which I have tried but it doesn't do a thing. The link is still sitting there in the display box in the Links window - it says that the Type is Worksheet, I don't know if this makes any difference that it's not a formula or anything?

Also, in complete desperation when it wasn't deleting the link, I changed the source to a random file, so it now comes up with an error in updating (which it obviously would) however this doesn't have any effect on my file because as far as I can tell it no longer has links to the other file! I'm tempted to just go to the option that says don't show the Update prompt on opening (the file is to be handed in as coursework on Wednesday) but this doesn't solve the problem, only bypasses it! Each time I made a major change (e.g. recreating the copied worksheet, changing the source) I saved the file under a different name, so I have all old copies just incase I've completely messed it up!

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Break Down List Of Pivot Table
Originally I considered posting in the Excel / Email area but I know how to automate the email part of this already once I get the data collection I'm looking for. Let me explain. I have a pivot table that consists of reps, accounts, items, and sales data in that order.

For each rep I want to create an email of affected accounts and items with thier respective sales data. Because each rep has a variable number of lines I'm having trouble defining the exact range. I've used a few pieces of code taken from various posts from this forum to start me off but nothing seems to be working, else I'd post what I already have.

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Calculating Time, Potential Lunch Break
I am creating a worksheet where employees schedule work throughout the day
eg task 1 will be start time 9am, finish time 11am. The result is 2 hours to do the task.

The problem i'm having is that I need to do a calculation that if a task includes lunch then the result takes an hour away from the task time.
eg task 2 will be start time 12pm, finish time 3pm, excel displays 3 hours, i need it to say 2 hours because 1-2pm is contractual lunch.

I can't just do a day formula that says minus 1 from total as this is task orientated and will vary depending on start and finish times of each task.

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Subtracting Break From Total Hours Worked
This is probably a very simple problem that has me going around in circles. I am attempting to set up a time roster, where I simply want to check:

If "end-time" minus "start-time" is greater than 4:00 (hrs), then deduct 00:30 (minutes) and place that result in another cell.

If it is not greater than 4:00 (hrs) then leave unchanged. I have read thru countless examples on the Forum - but I think that such great learning is driving me mad. Although I do believe that I have the correct format [h].mm - but attempts with IF's have got me confused. This is one of those "Looking down the tunnel towards the flickering light" moments.

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How To Break Up One Long Line Of Names Into Rows
Suppose I have in A1, names of people seperated by comma....

James Dean, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, etc

How do I break them into rows like

James Dean
Bruce Lee
Marilyn Monroe
Tom Cruise

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