Change The Value Of More Than Once Cell At A Time

May 10, 2007

If I try to change the value of more than once cell at a time, it cause excel to crash. By crash I mean, excel freezes and I have to manually end the program with ctrl + alt + delete.

Here is an example of the

If [a1] = "True" then

[b5] = "Text"
[c5] = "TextTwo"
[d5] = "TextThree"

End If

If I only have the code write to B5 and no other cell, it works fine, but if I try to fill in all three cells it crashes.

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Automatically Change Cell (With Time) Color After Time Period Has Passed

May 23, 2008

I have a protected worksheet. Users wish to be able to track changes in the input cells. The suggested approach for this is to temporarily disable sheet protection and allow them to change the font color, then protect afterwards. What I would like to do is:

i) check whether they are in an input cell
ii) if so, then prompt the user with the 'Font Color' dialog box
iii) apply the font color selected to the input cell

I'm struggling to find the dialog box I need. I can launch the one to change the interior color, no problem (Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPatterns).Show). But that's no use to me, I just want a color palette that specifically relates to the Font Color

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Change Cell Value According To Date Time

Mar 22, 2009

I have an excel worksheet to display all debtor amount and create date.

When the create date compare with system date which is over 90 days, the debtor amount will be deducted and bad debt amount increased.

How should I use VBA to work out this? The debtor and bad debt are in 2 worksheets.

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Time Delay To Change Cell Reference

Jun 16, 2009

I need a code which will take a lump of data, B2:AW366 and cycle through the data in a single cell (A1)

So to clarify Cell A1 should cycle through:

Continue until cell AW366 reached.

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VBA To Change Cell Entry Into Time And Date

Feb 17, 2012

I am looking for a formula or VBA that will be in each in cells D5:D300 and will look at the value entered into the cell in column C and change the 4 digits into the date and time in the same format as NOW() returns.


2045 becomes 17/02/2012 20:45

But I would also want it to see if the 4 digits that represent the time are after 14:00 and before 00:00 then the date would be the date in cell A1-1


Cell A1 18/02/12

2045 becomes 17/02/2012 20:45

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Static Date & Time Corresponding To Cell Change

Aug 15, 2008


What I need is lets say I have 3 columns Name, Date & Time

Name field has a drop down menu having a list of names

Now what I need is - lets say from the dropdown menu someone selects a name - THEN at the same instance the Time & Date fields gets populated with the Date & Time of that update.

and that Date & Time shouldn’t change if someone selects the same or different name in the row below

Kindly assist in lay man terms as I am a novice to Excel


In this format what I need is like above , the start date & start time should update real time ONLY when a name is selected

and when the End date is selected the End time , Date Elapsed & Time Elapsed should Populate automatically.

However there should be NO effect if data is entered or changed in the Request Id or Issue Cells - basically the triggers should only be Name field & End date Field

Can you attach an example sheet as well please

Have enclosed an sample attachment

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Macro / Formula / VBA To Change Time Format And Data In A Cell?

Mar 7, 2014

I have a time format in one excel sheet, I need a macro or a formula to change it into a specific format, this is to be able to import it to another software.

I have attached a file here you can see an example, this I manually, I want Row D and E into the format in A, I s it possible to make it in a macro or formula, manually it takes a long time.

File Type: csv TimeFormat.csvā€ˇ

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Change Color Of A Cell For Some Time Based On Its Value That Is Not Manually Entered

Oct 25, 2012

VBA macro to change the color of a cell automatically for a specific period of time -say 5 minutes, based on the value the subject cell holds at that time. The cell value is not manually entered but comes from a sub.

There will be hundreds of such cells so that the macro must be able to be repeated for other cells utilizing their individual cell values as well.

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Excel 2007 :: Current Time Causing Cell To Change Colour

Jun 4, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2007 which holds information about the airline Emirates which I have created using information from the internet. I am currently creating a sheet which has all their flights in and holds information about the departure time and arrival time of the flight and the type of aircraft ect. I am wondering if there is anyway in being able to have the cell which has the flight number in to change colour (Green or Red) if the flight is in the air or not by using the departure and arrival times already set on the sheet. I am wondering if you possibly need to have a live time on the sheet so that it can work with that .....

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Excel 2007 :: Real Time Formula Change When Cell Selected

Mar 6, 2012

I am an Excel 2007 user.

I have a formula (below) that looks only at records based on specific filtering criteria or conditions; one of those conditions is the month of the year: ('Data Dump'!$Q:$Q,Summary!$A$26). This portion of the formula would change as a month is selected.

Opposed to having to rewrite the formula every time that I want to view a specific month, I want to automate the formula to change the first condition when a user selects a month from Column A. This would be a real time, automatic refiltering and recalculation as the user selects different months from Column A

Current Formula that filters and shows only January records.
=COUNTIFS('Data Dump'!$Q:$Q,Summary!$A$26,'Data Dump'!$D:$D,Summary!$A$2,'Data Dump'!$M:$M,Summary!C$2)

Column A (January is in cell A26)

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Excel 2010 :: Insert Date And Time In Column Upon Data Change For First Time Only

May 3, 2013

I am looking for a macros VBA where a user insert or update a data the date and time should be insert in column I and save the workbook.

Note: If the column I already have the date and time inserted before then it should give message record already have date and time.

I am using office 2010.

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Change Number Into Time

Apr 16, 2014

My question is i try to change the numbers in to min and sec like this here below.

Table row:

300 > in to this 3:00 and not like this > 00:03:00
1000 > in to this 10:00
10000 > in to this 1:00:00

that all automatic for the whole row.

Is that possible ?

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Time And Date Change

May 19, 2009

In a particular month, I have some transactions with a consumed date. If the time falls at 12.00 AM in the end of the month, then the transaction goes into the next month. Below is an example:

3/25/2009 12.00.00 AM

4/1/2009 12.00.00 AM

I want all the transactions that fall on 4/1/2009 due to 12.00.00 AM to convert to 3/31/2009.

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Time Format Won't Change?

Apr 26, 2013

I have a column with times in it, it seems to be formatted to HH:MM I would like to change this to HH:MM:SS but it will not seem to change at all by formatting the cells, does this mean I will need to go through each individual time and change it to the new format or is there some sort of work around?

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Time Zone Change?

Dec 30, 2011

I have a large number of events listed with date and time of the event, but the time of the events a listed in central time.....I need them to be listed in eastern time.IE 3:00pm Needsto read 4:00pm. I have tried to add 1 to the cell, but that does not work(=C2+1) it reads 3:00pm?

is there a way to add an hour to the cell?

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Change Date And Time Format

Jun 24, 2013

Need to Change date and time Format.

23 June 2013 14:02:10 BST
" 23 June 2013 00:47:58 BS"
23 June 2013 13:22:21 BST
23 June 2013 13:22:21 BST

Find the attached dump : jlr.xlsx

Required Output

06/23/2013 14:02

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Change Working Shift To A Time?

Apr 19, 2014

In Cell A1 I have the date. In Cell B1 is the shift. There are three shifts labeled as 1, 2, and 3. Is it possible to create a rule that will convert 1 to 0700, 2 to 1500, and 3 to 2300? Below is an example of how I need the shifts converted to time (military).


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Automatic Time And Date Change?

Feb 14, 2014

i am trying to make one cell automatically change to current date and time when the cell next to it has changed value. ive search other posts but cannot figure this out. so if cell A1 changes value cell B1 should automatically fill with current date and time cell A1 changed value.

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Change Date Time Zone

Feb 15, 2009

I receive from my broker in the States a financial report that shows transaction dates in American EST. As I'm in Australia this is somewhat annoying. Is there a way, perhaps adding an extra column, that converts this time to Australian Eastern Standard Time?

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Change Time Format To Text?

Oct 12, 2013

provide an easy way to accomplish the following, turn a list like this:


into a list like this:


where the time is essentially text or a number now

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Time Based On Change In Value In Column A

Jun 27, 2014

I have data in column A and when i change that data in A, then time stamp should occur in column B. The problem is even when i press enter key in A column cells, i get a time stamp. how to avoid this?

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How Do I Change Time Frames In Cells

Oct 12, 2009

I have a column that has time ranges in it. Example: Column N Row 6 thru
253 has the following time ranges: 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 12pm-5pm, 8am-12pm

I need cells with 11am-1pm to read 13:00
I need cells with 1pm-3pm to read 15:00
I need cells with 12pm-5pm to read 17:00

Is there a formula that I can use the look up the entire column and make all the changes at once, or do I have to use the find a replace. The correct format can appear in a different column.

** I found a reply for someone one a different website with the similar problem. Below is the response but it did not work for me.

Try this formula =--SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(MID(A6,FIND("-",A6)+1,11),"pm"," pm"),"am"," am")

Also change format to show 13:30 timeframe

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Date & Time Of Last Worksheet Change

Dec 28, 2009

I have a workbook with 120 LOI worksheets that all tie to one master data sheet, and I need to know the date and time of the last change on each worksheet and not the date and time of the last save. The date and time could either be located in a worksheet cell or in the individual worksheet header

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Revolving Time Change Formula

May 27, 2009

I have a worksheet that needs revolving times based on the time now, if the time in the cell before the time now it moves up keeping in order, if it is after the time now it moves to the bottom of the list and starts again and this is based on a 24 hour period.

I don't know if this would work as a ranking formula or vba, either solution would be ok, but this on has me stumped.

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Change Format Of Cells To Time Value

Oct 15, 2011

I have a consolidated sheet which I maintain to keep track of the scores of my team. Unfortunately from time to time, the format of all the cells is getting changed to "time" value. I do sometimes use an addin which I have downloaded from (excel password remover) and I am not sure if this add-in has anything to do with this.

I am having to change the format of almost 20+ columns every time this happens.

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Change Lesson Time Automatically

Feb 26, 2013

I have a speadsheet with a column of student names with corresponding columns of classes and class times. The class times are on a rotating schedule and will be35 minutes later every week. Groups A to D have rotating lessons at 8.55, 9.30,10.05, 10.40 and groups E and F have rotating lessons at 11.45 and 12.20. I need to print slips with student names and class times each week. I want to be able to update the lesson time for the next week automatically. The only way I have thought to create a custom sort list with lesson times and I drag and fill series for new lesson times. However, the list doesn't return to the beginning of the series, it creates a new lesson time. My question is, is there a better way to update the lesson times?

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Insert Same Row Every Time There Is Data Change?

Jan 30, 2014

I have spreadsheets I generate weekly that have 100s of rows. Everytime there is a data change in a certain column, I need the same row entered. I found a macro from this site that got me sort of half way.

I am trying to paste the macro that I found, but I am such an idiot I can't figure out how without it losing its formatting. Regardless, it only enters a blank row at every data change. Is there a way to enter a row with the same labels already entered in it?

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Insert Time On Change In Value Within Row - 2003

Aug 17, 2009

Im searching for a script to help me insert the current time value when a value within the row is changed. For example, if a value changes within the specified row, i.e. B1 changes, then within B12, the current date is inserted. However if B1 does not change then the old B12 value (old last change date) stays the same.

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Change Color Depended From Time

Sep 21, 2006

If no any changes or clicks or actions on worksheet Is it possible to get automatically changed the color of cell if defined time comes?

For example if cell A10 value is 12:45, at this time automatically color of cell B10 changes from red to green.

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Inserting Time (or Date And Time) In Cell On Row When Cell In That Row Changed

Aug 21, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where an engineer is expected to record sample temperatures of water outlets, along with the time he took the sample. Each outlet has a row on the spreadsheet with a column for the Temperature and column for the time. I would like to automatically input the current time(or time and date) on each line as the temperature is entered.

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