Check Distance Difference Based On Criteria

Feb 8, 2010

I have a Point A to Point B with the distance.

1. user can set a adjustable distance in cell J1. e.g 2000

2. User select Point A.

3. User select Point B

4. Then list out all the Point C where distance diff between Point A and Point B all within 2000.

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Calculate Difference Based On Criteria

May 5, 2013

I have a number which consist of 12 digits such as 765432123345. The first two digits denotes the year. I need to create a formula in the next column to calculate the difference in years by comparing to the current year of 2013. In this scenario, the difference will be 37. Is there a way to do this?

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Calculating Time Difference Based On Row Criteria?

Jul 30, 2012

I am conducting some analysis on alarm data of certain devices and am looking for creating a VBA algorithm that will do the following (refer to the table below for example data)

I want identify an asset in alarm (Column F) and based on its asset ID (Column C) and Fault Description (Column D) then find the row when the asset with the same asset ID and fault description returns to an 'ok' Asset State. After the row where the same asset ID and Fault description is found where the asset state returns to 'ok', I want to calculate the total alarm time based on the difference between when the asset ID and Fault description goes from 'Alarm' State to 'OK' state from DateandTime Column.

I want the result to be populated in a new worksheet that displays data with the following column headings as a result of the above calculations: Date, Asset ID, Asset Description, Fault Description, Alarm Time

I have added an additional column to show the type of output I am after.

There are up to 20,000 rows of data I want to perform the above calculation on.



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Scheduling Technicians Based On Distance To Customer

Apr 22, 2006

I need to dispatch 10 technicians across the US starting each Monday. They go to 10 different customers for the whole week. I know the distance between each technician and each customer. What I would like to do is assign each technician to a customer so that the total distance traveled for all the technicians is minimized. I know that if it was only 3 techs and 3 customers (as an example), I could build a table of all the possible combinations (3 factorial or 6 permutations), determine the distance for each permutation and select the minimum. I'm not sure that doing this method with 10 techs is feasible as the number of permutations is 10 factorial or over 3 million possibilities. Anyone see a workable solution?

I've include a spreadsheet with customers, technicians and the distances between them!

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How To Check The Difference When Given A Report With Two Different Format

Aug 26, 2009

i will receive same data from two different persons in different format. By right, the data should have the same total. However, it was not.

I have attached a file that contains two worksheets with simple example to illustrate what i meant. May i know which is the effective formula to detect the mistake?

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Difference Calculation Based On Other Column - Reset Based On Non-Zero Value

Apr 4, 2014

I require calculating difference between two columns. (Actual and Estimated).

Difference between these two numbers are calculated in third column, but it is reset every time actual number is non-zero.

-Estimated Numbers are always followed by an actual number.
-After actual number is obtained, estimated numbers till that date will be added and deducted from actual number.
-After this, again estimated number will be added till next actual number is obtained for deduction.

If estimated number is not followed by actual number, then no need for difference calculation.

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Find Difference Between Two Columns Based On Their Names

Apr 15, 2014

Reference the attached excel audit example. Column F highlighted in Yellow is finding the difference between "Authorized Post Allow" D9 "Post Allowance" B9 . The Column location of the two Columns changes on each audit. This means I have to manually fix the formula in Column F every time. Is there a formula that would find the difference between these two columns based on their names "Post Allowance" and "Authorized Post Allow" preventing me from manully fixing the formula.

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Find Difference In 2 Values Based On VLOOKUP

Jun 20, 2014

This is probably easier than I'm making it on myself. I would like a formula that would find the value in D2 of the current sheet on a sheet named 6-19 in D:D, then take the value from L:L in that row and subtract it from L2 of the current sheet.

I've attached an example workbook : Cost Calc Upload.xlsx‎

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Conditional Formatting Based On A Percentage Difference

Apr 3, 2009

Using conditional formatting i am trying to write a formula that changes colour on the percentage difference of another cell.

An example would be if cell A1 contained a target of 5% in cell A2 would be an actual. If cell A2 is equal to A1 or better then it would be green. If cell A2 was within 10% less of A1 (i.e 4.5%-4.99%) then amber and red for the target minus 10% (i.e <4.49%)

I want to do this as a conditional formatting formula as the target figure will change but 10% difference will remain the same.

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Display Result Based On Time Difference

Feb 15, 2008

I want to make a formula based on 2 times ex: 10:07:00 and 10:09:00. This formula should display "intime" if the diference between both is under 20 minutes, "outime" if the diference is above 20 minutes and it should display "error" if the time is under 0 minutes (this will only happen when someone makes a mistake typing in the time. For example 10:37:00 and 10:36:00)

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Hide Based On Time Difference Column

Mar 2, 2008

Have 2 columns with time values and the third showing the time difference ( no Problems). what to hide the row if the time diff is > 2 seconds? (problem) What would be the best why to do this

{Sub TimeDiff()
Dim i As Integer
Dim timevalue As Date
timevalue = "00:00.20"
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With ActiveWorkbook. Sheets("Racing")
For i = 4 To . Range("M1") - 1
If .Range("P" & i) > timevalue And Rows(i).EntireRow.Hidden = False And .Range("P" & i) <> "" Then
Rows(i).EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If
Next i
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Conditional Formatting Based On Difference Value Between Figures In Two Cells?

Apr 10, 2014

I would like to use conditional formatting to mark cells with arrows depending on the difference between the values in those cells and figures from different cells. Namely, I have percentage values in column A and B. I need cells in column B to be marked with arrows (up, right or down) when the difference between value B and A is bigger than 2%, bigger than 0 but smaller than 2%, and smaller than 0 respectively (see the spreadsheet attached).

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Variable Cell Reference Based On Minimum Difference

Feb 12, 2010

I have a monitoring system that records a data point with a date/time stamp several times a day at random intervals. For each reading I want to calculate the change compared to the first reading that was more than 24 hours ago, which could be anywhere from 1 to 20 rows above the current one. Hence with the timestamp in col A and the value in col B, the formula in col C, for example cell C20, needs to read something like =B20-Bxyz, where xyz is the row number of the first reading that is more than 24 hours, i.e the first row xyz where A20-Axyz >1.

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Create Numeric Series Based On Difference Between 2 Columns

Apr 23, 2008

I have a small sheet that has a number in Column A and a larger number in Column B along with some data in Columns C and D. I wish to make a separate sheet that has rows numbered using the numerical range from Column A and Column B along with the data from Columns C & D

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Automatically Create Columns Based On Difference Between Two Dates

May 2, 2008

I have been perusing various Excel sites in hopes of finding a macro or function that can create columns based upon two dates input into specific cells. My ultimate goal is to use this macro or automated function so that when the user inputs the dates, the columns would automatically be created for them, rather than having them do it manually.

ideally, the 'start' and 'finish' dates are named cells and the macro could determine the difference between the two and automatically insert columns to the left of a ' Totals' column.

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Color Cells Based On Difference In Months Of Dates

May 14, 2008

I have dates in Column D (mm/dd/yyyy). I'm trying to write a macro to compare the date in any cell in Column D to the current date. Then, if the date in that cell is within a month of the current date, color it red. If the date is within two months, color it orange. Etc, for up to six months. I've read up a little on dates in VBA, but I'm pretty lost.

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Check Criteria In Workbook On Open

Dec 25, 2007

My company used Excel with VBA as a sales tool. We recently updated to new application all together. The sales force, being familiar with Excel and most of them finding it much easier is still giving old pricing quotes based on some of the built in product forms and calculating tools from the Excel files. I want them to still be able to view the excel files they made in order to see old customer data and projects they built but I needed to disable all the features so they cant save as just build another quote using the tool

I've locked down a copy of the tool how I want it locked down but now I need to figure out a way that anytime excel is opened by anyone in the domain; I need to check if certain criteria exists on that workbook (Sheet1. Name = xxx And Sheet21.Name = zzz) etc. f it meets the criteria I need to import my revised modules (module1 and module3) and form (frmsplash) over the existing copies of the modules and form. If not I need to allow the intended workbook to open as intended.
They employees initially got the document by downloading it under the same name, but have since saved the document as many other names.

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Vlookup Using Multiple Criteria To Check Values

Jan 15, 2014

Have spent ages on this to no avail. Need the attached sheet to verfiy the values in the "Reconciliation" are correct when referencing the "Prices" sheet. I need column F (Reconciliation sheet) to lookup the "Code" in column B in the "Prices" sheet and then further look up the "Payment Frequency" (column D in the Reconciliation sheet) in the "Prices" sheet to verify that the price is correct.

Due to slight decimal point issues, if the value has a greater than 0.02 difference then display "ERROR" otherwise 0.

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Formula To Find Two Cells Based On Dropdown List And Then Workout Difference?

Jun 5, 2014

I have a list of Names that has numbers accumulated over months. I am looking for a formula to use in a search tool that uses a drop down list to identify the name I am looking for and then the formula will show me the increase that happened in certain months.

See the attachment the result is coming from Denominators tab, I want the answer displayed in the Display tab, you will see a drop down list at C3 in Display, I am trying to show the answer in cell D9-I9.

how many the denominator has increased in that month. so for D9 it will come from denominator tab column c minus b, E9 will be d minus c

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Formula That Will Check Multiple Criteria Before Returning Answer?

May 14, 2014

Attached worksheet which is an sales incentive plan. I need cell B69 to represent the amount in b68 unless neither b30 or b99 are > 0. In other words if even 1 of the cells b30 or b99 come back positive, you get the amount in b68. If it comes back 0 in both cells b30 and b99, then they get 0.

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Distance Between Coordinates?

Dec 8, 2013

I have created a sheet that shows distance between coordinates. Also working on something to put them in order of the closest point. I used a fixed point to find the nearest coordinate, but since i'm using a fixed point it doesnt go the order I want it to. I have attached the excel file I am working on.

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Distance Between Zip Codes

Feb 26, 2009

I have two columns, zipA and zipB. There are over 7000 rows and I need to calculate the distance between zipA and zipB for each row (so the result should be over 7000 rows of distances (in miles)). I posted this in the programming board because I figured it would require some. I don't have any add-ons.

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Distance Between 2 Geo-points

Mar 14, 2009

Need a direction for this type of calculation.

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Distance Between 2 Zip Codes

Feb 24, 2007

At my last job we purchased a zip code addin from spheresoft that could give you a distance between two distance ie: =ZipCodeDistance(zip1, zip2)

This worked well but I am now at a new job and wondering if there is any data out there that could help me build my own sheet. I just need California

I have both zip codes now just need the distance, I could sit down, drink a ton of coffee and enter zip codes all night into Mapquest but am hoping for a better way.

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Sum Range Based On 1 Criteria Of Column & 2 Criteria Of Another

Mar 4, 2008

i m trying to use the sumproduct formula, and OR but i cannot seem to get this right! =Sumproduct(--(A1:A10="Yes"),--(OR(B1:B10="Yes",B1:B10="Mayby")),C1:C10)

I have also tried Array Formula as follows; {=SUM(IF(A1:A10="Yes",IF(OR(B1:B10="Yes",B1:B10="Mayby"),C1:C10)))}

I have also used UDF to for the sumproduct, but cannot make that work! keep giving me value message

Function Customer(Service as Range, Outcome as String, Service2 as Range, Outcome2 as String)

Customer = Sumproduct(--(Service = Outcome),--(Service2 = Outcome2), Result)

-Didnt get thru this bit to start building on the Function! keep giving me #Value!

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Counting Distance Between Number 1

Mar 27, 2014

I need a formula, from which I need to drag (if needed) and to fill with numbers, by following principles:

- when the left cell contain the zero, it needs to find on the same column if there exists another zero, or another one and count them, let's say if find three zeros untill find number one, return 3.
- when find a number 1, after another 1, has to return a zero.
- the formula need to initialise from the top of the column, only finds the first number 1.

I have a relevant example down bellow. I used to count them visually and sometimes errors sneak into my spreadsheets.

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Calculating The Distance Round An Arc

Jan 27, 2009

I am looking to calculate the distance around an arc, given A-B = 70 and the depth is 70cm.

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Lookup & Find The Distance

Apr 2, 2009

I have a distance grid with place names down column A and along Row 1 with distances in the middle. I then have a place name in cell A1 on sheet2 and a distance in cell B1 on sheet2. Ideally I want cell C1 on sheet2 to lookup the place in cell A1 on Row1 of the grid on sheet1 and then find the distance in B2 in that column before displaying the correspoding value from Column A on sheet2. I've tried various Match and Index functions with no success.

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Calculating Miles, Distance & MPH

Jul 7, 2009

My wife wanted a excel sheet to track her walking. See Attached. I think I have the time calculations wrong, for example I am entering 1.07 for an hour and 7 minutes.

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Minimum Distance Between Points

Jul 24, 2009

I want to know the minimum distance between customers that I visited in each day.

If i visit customer 1, 2 and 5 in one day, which distance is smaller? 1-2, 2-5 ou 1-5 and what is the corresponding value?

I have in columns DATE, CUSTOMER 1, CUSTOMER 2, ..., CUSTOMER 5 and in each row I put the Day and 1 or blank for each customer (visited / not visited). I also have a mileage chart for each customer in another sheet which is the source for my distance data.

I tried INDEX and MATCH but all I get is ZERO... I think it is comparing the same CUSTOMER.

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