Compare Two Columns Side By Side To Highlight/change Color Of Difference

Nov 7, 2008

Is it possible to compare two columns side by side to highlight/change color of difference between the two cells

I need to compare and show the changes to the record from previous version and generate a report which will highlight the changes (Rather than just saying that record has changed It should tell what has changed)

For example if the

Column 1 (Previous Version) :The structure contains Wire, Bolt, Stmaps etc

Column 2 (Current Version) : The structure contains Wire, Bolt, Stamps etc

Data Changed: YES

In report is should show two columns side by side and in Column 2 it should highlight "Stamps"


Rearrange Side-by-side Columns Into Vertical Columns?

Mar 17, 2013

i have a sheet that contains side-by-side,below two formatted colums which has continuous weeks appearance(named PE sheet). i wanna to rearrange the colums to be a single top-down colums according to continuous weeks(named sheet2.are there any easier and faster techniques?a macro probably or a function? arrange(english).xlsm

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Side-By-Side Pivot Table Or Multiple Report Filters?

Dec 21, 2011

Is there a way to have separate Report Filters for each column in a pivot table?

I am trying to create a pivot table with 3 columns - 1: account code 2.current year (2011) 3. prior year (2010)

My Row Label is an account code field - each row is a different account code that sums up dollar amounts for the two financial years. The problem is that I need Columns 2 and 3 to have separate Report Filter criteria. So in Column 2 - I need the filter to weed out anything that is not 'Financial Year 2011'. In Column 3, I need the filter to weed out anything that is not 'Financial Year 2010'. Setting up a filter for one screws up the second, and vice versa.

Alternatively, how can I make two side-side-pivot tables that each have their own Report Filters?

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Two Sheets That Need To Have Unique Partial Matches Aligned Side By Side

Jul 31, 2009

I have two sheets that need to have unique partial matches aligned side by side. My first sheet is my database. The righter most column of this sheet contains a unique combination of letters and numbers.

My second sheet contains a single column which I export each month from our CMS and is a list of URLs. Within each of these URLs appears the unique set of letters and numbers from sheet 1 (and only appears once).

There are about thrice as many URLs in sheet 2 as there are entries in my sheet 1 database.

Ideally, I would like the URL from sheet 2 that contains the unique combination from sheet 1 to be pasted in the cell immediately to the right of the given unique combination.

However, I will settle for a list of trues and falses next to the URLs in sheet two that I can erase the falses, sort and paste next to the sorted list from sheet 1.

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Change The Color Box On The Left Hand Side See Attached Image

Mar 19, 2008

I have a form where I want to change the color box on the left hand side see attached image. Now it is a static and I want it dynamic where the user chooses the color. Now it is constant using an image with the color green, red, blue, etc... I want a color picker so user can pick their own colors and when the color is picked the code will pick the color number.

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Find And Match: Delete Any Row On The Old Side That Is Not Contained On The New Side

Jun 3, 2009

i have 2 excel worksheets. One of them contains over 20,000 rows of entries (old side) and the other contains about 900 rows of entries (new side). Both contain the same 9 column headings. I've shortened the list in my workbook example.

What i need to do is excel to delete any row on the old side that is not contained on the new side. I don't need the rows to match fully but the column A's (Doc number) are what i want it to check against. I've included a summarised version of the database and the old and new are separated by a heavy blue line. Need to be left with the same rows on either side of that blue line at the end.

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Conditional Formatting From Cells Side-by-side

Jan 6, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how some conditional formating and I cant get it to work.

What I want is for column H to be highlighted based on the value of column I.
So... If I2<721, then H2 will highlight green. If I2 is between 721&780, then H2 will be highlighted yellow. And if I2>780, then H2 will be red.

I know how to do it one cell at a time, but I need it to apply to the entire column based on the cell next to it.
Also, I dont have access to visual basic.

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Function To Swap Text From Side To Side

Mar 1, 2014

I need function that swaps text from side to side. Text at the left of "x" should be placed at the right side of the "x" and from right to left side:

6x15 -> 15x6 plaah plaah xsomething -> somethingxplaah plaah How to do this?

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Macro To Put Repeating Blocks Side By Side

Feb 26, 2008

I have a sheet with a number of repeating blocks copied down.

I would like a macro that when I select the first block, say range "A1:D30", the macro will cut the blocks below and put them side by side, so that I can compare them across.

i.e cut "A31:D60" and put it in "F1:I30" and so on ...

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Split The Spreadsheet To Show Both Side By Side

Nov 22, 2008

I have created a spreadsheet that has information about networks, subnets etc..

The top header for both companies in (CSV format) reads:
Network Namenet_addr1net_addr2net_addr3mask_lengthorg_idcidrlast_upd_dt

I basically split the spreadsheet to show both side by side.

I have this information for both networks that I am trying to compare what subnets, names, IP address etc... over-lap.

We are merging two companies into one, and I need to identify or highlight what information on both companies over-lap.

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How To View Two Or More Documents Side By Side

Nov 5, 2009

why a person such as myself cannot have two or more Excel Docs on the screen side by side at the same time? And if it can be done, how do you do it?

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Side By Side Split

Apr 28, 2009

on the attached workbook i have date on the left jand side and some info from this data will be produced on the right hand side.

Can i have the worksheet so that if the user scrolls down the data on the left the info on the right is still in view?

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First Value From Right Side In Selected Cells

May 4, 2009

i try do function, which will be search/monitoring in selected cell (colored yellow, orange, blue) and display (in green/results column) the last value in row colored/selected cell (first value from right side results will be only for row).

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Set Formula On Right Hand Side Under Column?

May 5, 2014

I have created "front page" which allow user to enter their enquiry.

The formula will be as per below.

World Bank -->if amount less then 500,000 = amount x 0.03125%; if amount from 500,000 - 2.5mil = amount x 0.015625%

Royal Bank -->amount x 0.0625% x no. of month (min charges 100)
Deutsche Bank -->0.025% per 3 months (min. S$50)

Stand By LC
World Bank -->0.02% per quarterly (3mths) - Amount X Rate X 1 (1 to 3mths) or X 2(4 to 6 mths) or X3 (7 to 9 mths) or X4 (10-12 mths)
Royal Bank -->0.25%p.a by day (Principal x Rate x Day divide by 360 day x 100)

Am I able to set a formula for example:-

1. When I click on Mode of payment - Issuing

2. On my right hand side under column "Bank Name" will list down all bank available

3. On my right hand side under column "Estimate cost" will auto calc the cost base on the bank's formula.

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Table Headers Down Side Of Worksheet Instead Of Across

Dec 18, 2013

Is it possible to have table headers that are down the side instead of going across the top?

I have searched but have not found an answer so far.

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Put Numbers On Right Side Of Comment Box According Name List?

Jan 22, 2014

I have a name list of my student with images using comment box. The problem is i want to put numbers on the right side of comment box automatically according the names list which makes easier to me to recognize them.

Files given... commentbox.jpgcommentboxnumbers.xlsx

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Move Vertical Axis To Right Side?

May 16, 2012

is it possible on a line chart to move the vertical axis to the right side? or perhaps show it on both the left and right?

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Code To Run All Sheets On Right Side Of One Specified Sheet

Apr 1, 2013

How can run a loop for all the sheets on the right side of sheet tab named Target?

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Return Values Either Side Of Maximum Value

Jan 23, 2008

How can I select specific values either side of a peak value?

In the attached file I have a peak value of 10 and would like to select both values of 5 so that I can then identify the frequency they occur at.

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Vba: String Compare And Highlight The Difference

Aug 25, 2008

I have a string compare function that compares two strings and return 1 if matches. Each string has multiple words separated by ",", and all these words need to be matched.

This function is done, but I want to add a little feature to it. For each string, if one word cannot be found in the second string, change that word's size to 14, fontstyle to bold.

Function StringCompare(value1 As String, value2 As String) As Integer
''this function compare the words from 2 strings
''each word is seperated by "," and the order of these words does not matter
''return 1 if matches, 0 if not match
Dim v As Variant, u As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Dim answer As Integer, answer1 As Integer, answer2 As Integer
answer1 = 1
answer2 = 1

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Selecting Cells Each Side Of A Selected Cell

Feb 13, 2014

I have a column of values D1:D200. Using this =CELL("address",INDEX(D1:D200,MATCH(MAX(D1:D200),D1:D200,0))) it displays the cell with the largest value in. I have been trying to using VBA to select the 10 cells above and below the displayed CELL reference and so far I have failed. The largest value will always be somewhere in the centre of the column of values (between D50 and D150). I am looking to chart the trends leading up to and passed the largest value. I have been trying Range and Cells with no success

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Macros Is Saving Server Side And Not Local

Feb 17, 2009

I have a macros in my spreadsheet when I open it a number in the macros goes up 1 each time the worksheet is opened. I want to put this file on a server that can be accessed by various people. The problem I am getting is every time someone opens it from a different location with a different PC the number starts at 1 again. I want to keep the number going up 1 each time no matter who opens it.

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Macro For Compare Worksheet Highlight Difference

Sep 29, 2013

I have 1 workbook contains 2 Sheet with Name and Address in Column A,B,C,D. Sheet1 always contains New Data of Name and Address and its import from another software.

I need a macro to Compare these 2 sheets, Highlight the rows which is not in sheet2

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Compare Two Sheets - Cells Highlight If Difference Is More Or Less Than 5%?

Mar 19, 2014

I have the following code, which works great, but I need the cells to highlight only when the difference is more or less than 5%

how can I adjust for this?

Sub RunCompare()Dim sheet1 As String
Dim sheet2 As String
sheet1 = InputBox("What is the First Sheet Name?")
sheet2 = InputBox("What is the Second Sheet Name?")
Call compareSheets(sheet1, sheet2)


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SUMIF Function But The Sun Range Is On The Left Side Of The Criteria?

Aug 19, 2014

I am trying to SUM the total task done per date. The problem is, (for the sake of this problem) the DATE is in Column B and the Task Total is in Column A. I know that SUMIF is not possible because the SUM RANGE should be always on the right side of the CRITERIA.

My question is, is there other formula other than SUM IF to figure this out? or I have no choice but to Interchange the data in a matter that SUMIF function will run.

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How To Show Vertical Axis On Both Right And Left Side Of Graph

Nov 22, 2011

Is there a way to show the Vertical axis on both right and left side of the graph or at least on the Right hand side?

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Move The Sheet Tabs From The Bottom Of The Screen To The Side?

Aug 5, 2008

Is there a way to move the sheet tabs from the bottom of the screen to the side?

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Shortcut Key That Displays The + And - For Expanding And Contracting Subtotals On The Left Side Bar

Oct 7, 2008

I know there is some shortcut key that displays the + and - for expanding and contracting subtotals on the left side bar - so you don't have to use the new commands on the ribbon bar in 2007.

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Excel 2010 :: How To Move Comment Box To Left Side Of A Cell

Feb 23, 2014

I have an excel spread sheet and on the last column on the right hand side I have some comment boxes but when I hover over them they pop up to the right of the cell, and then they are off the screen.

Can I alter it to make the comment box pop up to the left side of the cell.

[Code] ....

Is it possible to adapt this code to get me the desired results or will it have to be a separate one.

Also i'm not sure if I have the code right because if I run the macro then open a comment box in the (M) column as in the code the comment box is the default size then if I run the macro again once I have the little red tick in the corner of the it changes to what the code says.

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Find The End Value In A Row (right Side) And Select The Empty Cell To Its Right To Paste Data In

Nov 27, 2007

i need a method to find the end value in a row (right side) and select the empty cell to its right to paste data in.

problem is the row where this data is may change so using

limit = (row, col).end(XlRight).Col

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Recognize Tiny Indent On The Left Hand Side Of A Cell

Jun 9, 2009

I'm working with text cells I get this tiny indent on the left hand side of a cell about the size of one hit of the spacebar button.

Excel doesn't recognise this as an indent and I can't get rid of it. It's, pardon my french

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Move Pivot Table Total To Left Hand Side

Feb 8, 2008

Need a way to switch the default positioning of pivot table row totals? I would like to left justify them insead of always having the totals on the far right side where they are often out of view to the user without scrolling. I end up having to place 2 pivot tables side by side so that I can make the totals appear first.

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Return Text From Left-hand Side Of Ragged Array Where Entry Found

Apr 11, 2012

I've been given a spreadsheet that is poorly constructed but I'm not allowed to alter.

The layout is:
Box Name Box Date ID1 ID2 ID3 ....
Where there is not a fixed number of IDs in each box
(There are five different sheets so I'll have some fun concatenating results)

Given a list of IDs I need to return the box name and box date that the ID's file sits in. The spreadsheet has blanks everywhere and the numbers contained in rows are non-consecutive and smaller values can appear later in a column than larger ones.

I think I need some combination of index, offset and maybe sumproduct? TBH, I avoid sumproducts like the plague, preferring to utilise sumifs and dynamic named ranges since this improves clarity so I'm basically a newb at them.

Any skeleton framework that you think would work to return the text values for the LHS where the number could be anywhere? Once I can see a rough example I should be able to get to grips with the logic and wrangle it into the necessary solution.

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Compare Two Columns And Return Difference

Sep 25, 2013

I have two columns of values and I want to compare them and return differing values. So I named the ranges "A" and "B" so if your in B but not in A I want that value in C.

I started with a vlookup but that doesn't seem appropriate to the way I was using it.


Is there a function better for this.

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Compare 2 Different Columns-show Difference

Jun 3, 2007

I'm looking at trying to view 1 large keyword phrase list of about 40,000 phrases to another large list.

All I want is a macro, I can assign a button to. Click it and in a new sheet it shows only the rows of data that are different.

I have tried googling it.

I found 1 that looked very good (Not that I really know anything about coding, but I couldnt get it to work.

I'm using excel 2007.
As a note the link was here.

I might as well post the code,, but I just couldn't get it to work, shame, because it sounds like it could be what I was after, I'll post it now, but if anyone can help me with this that would be great

Sub CompareWorksheetRanges(rng1 As Range, rng2 As Range)
Dim r As Long, c As Integer
Dim lr1 As Long, lr2 As Long, lc1 As Integer, lc2 As Integer
Dim maxR As Long, maxC As Integer, cf1 As String, cf2 As String
Dim rptWB As Workbook, DiffCount As Long
If rng1 Is Nothing Or rng2 Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If rng1.Areas.Count > 1 Or rng2.Areas.Count > 1 Then
MsgBox "Can't compare multiple selections!", _
vbExclamation, "Compare Worksheet Ranges"
Exit Sub

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Compare 2 Columns From 2 Tables And Get Difference In Another Column?

Aug 6, 2014

I need to look colB and colC should be equal to colH and colI, IF both cells matched, then copy the EmpNo(ColB or colH) and Counter(colC or colI) get the difference of values in another colomn

If there is any row for Employee or Counter issing from either of tables populate with RED in either of 2 colomns,

for example:at row 17, table 1 has a missing colC, and row 17(table1) = row18(table2), it should populate the row17 for table2, as a reference.

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Put "share Price" On The Side Of The Chart

Feb 14, 2007 How do I put "share price" on the side of this chart?

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Worksheet Change To Trigger On A Highlight Color

Apr 18, 2008

I am sure that a worksheet change would be the best way to go for this, but I am unsure how to test for this.

I am looking to prevent users from using a select set of colors for highlighting. If the user tries to highlight using one of these invalid colors, I would like to flag a message telling the user that this color is reserved and highlight the selection to the previous color.

The previous color may be a tricky part as I do not know if this can be done.

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VBA - Compare 2 Columns Highlight Data Not Common To Both

May 9, 2014

Looking for some code to do a simple compare column A to Column B (row 1 contains headings) and highlight any differences.

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Compare 2 Columns To Another Sheet & Highlight Matches

Dec 23, 2007

I have a workbook with two sheets imported from different sources. Sheet 1 is an AdHoc query from an Oracle 10g based program. Sheet 2 (PBIC 8 in my file) is a report generated from a property accountability program. The information from Sheet 2 is manually inputted into the Oracle program that generated Sheet 1.

I would like to have a macro that would compare the cell contents in columns "RegistrationNbr" (column S) and "SerialNbr" (column T) with the cell contents in Sheet 2 (PBIC 8). The match in Sheet 2 could be an identical match or part of a longer string. The matching cells in both sheets should be highlighted.

One thing to be considered is the column names in Sheet 1 will always be the same but the column letter designation may change base on the fields selected in the AdHoc query.

I didn't realize my file was too large and didn't upload.

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