Copy Only Values (not Formulas) To New Sheet

Jun 4, 2014

I have this code:

[Code] .....

I want only values to be copied, not formulas.

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How To Copy Excel Sheets Values Only To A Master Sheet Without Formulas

Jun 28, 2014

I have an excel file with 9 sheets and I want to copy all the data from those sheets to a master sheet but with out the formulas . I need the values only to appear in the master sheet. I used the following vba macro code which I found it while I was searching for an answer, it did it perfectly except for the formula part. !! I guess, it has to be edited by adding some codes with paste options but I don't know how!

' CollectMasterData Macro
Sub CopyToMaster()
Dim wkSht As Worksheet
Dim DestSht As Worksheet
Dim DestRow As Long
Set DestSht = Sheets("MasterData")


Note: my headers are @ row 1 and 2 and my formula is in column A.

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Copy Values Instead Of Formulas

Oct 24, 2007

I am working with an Address Worksheet where the house#, street name and street type are 3 seperate columns. I need to combine that data into one "Address1" column. I can use a Concatenate() formula to combine the data, but I need to be able to have that data output to a new column, independent of the formula.

The problem that I am having is if I try to "copy" the concatenated data to either a new column or new worksheet it only wants to copy the formulas. I don't need the formulas anymore, I need the data.

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Code To Add New Row And Copy Formulas Only (not Values)

Jan 28, 2014

Im looking for code to add new rows and copy the formulas only (not values) into the cells A, B, C, D and F. I have found code that does this in various places online but in every case I have found they duplicate the row then remove the values (so the formulas are left behind). The issue I have however is that it triggers some change event code I have on the sheet which interrupts the process.

Is it not possible to simply insert a new blank row, then copy down the formulas only without values?

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VBA Copy / Paste Values Only (not Formulas)

Feb 19, 2013

I have the following macro that copies data from a calendar-style setup on one sheet and pastes it in a contiguous list on another sheet:

Option ExplicitSub move_daily_data_to_ordersvstips()
Dim OutSH As Worksheet
Dim findit As Range


I would like only the values from the "Data by Month" sheet to paste to the "Orders vs Tips" sheet. However, all my attempts are returning various errors/inconsistent results.

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Copy Rows Formatting And Formulas But Not Values

Jun 4, 2009

How would you copy a row's formatting and formulas but not value. for example: A1 1 B1 =a1+2
I would like the copied row to be: A2 (blank) B2 =A2+2

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Macro To Copy Paste Values And Formulas

Oct 13, 2009

I have an existing macro that copies a worksheet and pastes it into another workbook, renames it and then attaches it to an email. My problem is that it pastes just the values. I need it to paste part of the original worksheet as values and part copy the formulas. So on the new workbook Columns A through F will be values only and G through Z will copy the formulas.

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Copy Worksheet Values (without Formulas) To New Workbook

Sep 6, 2012

I have a workbook that has quite a bit of data and goes through a lot of processing to arrive and a final summary worksheet. I want to take this summary worksheet and copy the values to a new workbook.

The issue is when I use the following code, it pulls the worksheet into a new workbook with the formulas (which turn to error messages since there is no longer a connection to the data source).

I could lengthen the code to create a new workbook, select the original data, copy, paste values into the new workbook, but that approach seems longer than needed. I'm sure there has got to be a way to copy just the values quickly and simply.

HTML Code:
Dim Template As Workbook
Dim SourceData As Worksheet
Set Template = ActiveWorkbook
Set SourceData = Template.Sheets("Summary")

At this point I now have a new workbook with one worksheet full of "#N/A" and "#VALUE!". Is there a way I could do something like "SourceData.CopyValues"?

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Seach Values (Sheet 1) And Match Values (Sheet 2) And Copy And Paste?

Apr 11, 2014

I am trying find a match from multple "text" values.

The values I'm using are flight numbers from sheet "Indiv case" in column (range H2:H51). The flight number could occur multiple time in the column.

The associated flight number sheet "Code & categories" in column (range H2:H257) are associated with the last port of embarkation (range I2:I257) in "Code & categories" sheet.

I need to copy & past the name of the Last port of embarkation from sheet "Code & categories" into sheet "Indiv case" adjcent to the flight numbers in column (I2:I51).

Example: Sheet "Indiv case" from Column (H2:H51) Fligh number Data: UA863, VA4148, EK432, BA15, BA15, VA98, QF8, AC33 etc Using these value from "Indiv case" from Column (H2:H51) search and match valuse in "Code & categories" in column (range H2:H257)

If match found copy valuse from sheet "Code & categories in column (i2:I257) in to sheet "Indiv case" into column (I2:I51) Last port of embarkation".

H2;H257, I2:I257
Flight, Last Post
3k111, Singapore
3k131, Singapore
AC33, Vancouver

Copy and Past "Last Port" into sheet "Indiv case (I2:I51) adjcent to matching flight code.

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Copy And Paste Formulas To New Excel Sheet?

Jan 13, 2014

I was wondering if it's possible to copy and paste formulas to a brand new excel sheet. I created an excel sheet with some forumlas but when I try to copy and paste it to a new page it only pastes the values and not the formulas.

Is there any way to transfer the formulas as well?

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Easy Way To Copy Columns And The Formulas To A New Sheet?

Nov 3, 2013

I was wondering if there was an easy way to copy columns (headings) and the formulas to a new sheet. I'm currently working on Sheet 1, need to copy everything onto a new sheet so I can keep things separated by week..

Example, Sheet 1 is Week October 30th, would like my 2nd sheet to have same exact headings and formulas which I would then rename to Week Nov. 1st etc..

Also, is there a way that I can then copy the 4 sheets that would make up a month into a new spreadsheet so I can then start December...

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Copy/Pasting Formulas But Only Changing Certain Values In Formula

Feb 24, 2009

I'm trying to copy and paste this formula to multiple cells and am having difficulty doing so without everything in the formula changing.. SUMIF(Bankroll!Q14:Q6000,U143,Bankroll!Y14:Y6000)

I only want the U143 to change to U144, U145, etc. Yet when I copy and paste down the sheet it changes the Q14:Q6000 and the Y14:Y6000 values as well. I've been having to go through and paste the formula one line at a time and then manually change the U143 to the current U cell that I want it to represent in order to keep the rest of the values the same. Is there a faster way than this?

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Copy The Information From The Row Directly Above The New Row And Paste (values, Formulas, Formats, Etc) Into The New Row

Dec 18, 2008

1. In whatever cell is selected when the macro is run, enter a new row.

2. Copy the information from the row directly above the new row and paste (values, formulas, formats, etc) into the new row.

3. Return to column P in the new row, i.e if the new row is row 11, then return to P11, for row 12 return to P12, etc.

I have tried recording the macro but because it is hard coded to specific rows, its not working. I have attached a sample copy of the sheet (had to zip due to the size of the file).

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Creating Macro To Convert Formulas To Values On Data Sheet?

May 16, 2012

I am creating a Macro to convert formulas to values on a Datasheet after each entry from a form (worksheet) is carried over. Since each entry will go on a separate row I created formulas to give the new datas location. I just can't get the syntax correct for it to run.

Sub Convert_Formulas_to_Values()
Range("Reviews!$B$202").Value: Range("Reviews!$AF$202").Value.Select

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Copy The Block Of Formulas And Formats Down The Sheet A Few Hundred Times

Aug 27, 2009

In my spreadsheet, I have approx. 300 'blocks' of data, one for each 'vendor'. I am tracking 5 stats for each vendor for 12 months. Each 'block' has 5 formulas WITH conditional formatting (only one condition used) for each month, so each 'block' has 60 individual cells with conditional formatting. Excel throws an error when I try to copy the block of formulas and formats down the sheet a few hundred times. I have figured out it isn't the formulas that is the problem. It must be some kind of limit Excel 2003 has for how many cells in a workbook can have conditional formatting.

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Copy Cells From A Sheet And Transfer Only The Values To Other Sheet?

Feb 20, 2014

I'm trying to copy the cells from a sheet and transfer only the values to other sheet.

I did it via code and it worked fine, except for the dates. In the new sheet the months and days are swapped.

The original date is composed via the concatenate function, since it gets inputs (day, month and year) from the user in different cells. It's in the format D/M/YYYY (examples: 4/2/2014, 10/12/2013). I believe the excel interprets it as Text, even if I formated the cells to Date.

I think it may have something to do with the default format in different countries. Here in Brazil we use DD/MM/YYYY, but my Excel is in english and in US the format is MM/DD/YYYY, am I right?

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Paste Formulas As Values (strip Out Unwanted Formulas)

May 13, 2008

I have a macro running this code to strip out unwanted formulas and formatting.

Sub Quote_Wrapup()
'To stop screen flicker
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Range("qdata5,qdata6").Font.ColorIndex = 2

'To delete delivery address lines if 1st line empty
If IsEmpty(Range("deliver_line1")) _
Then Sheets(1).Range("deliver_rows").EntireRow.Delete
'No End If required as only one action as a result of the If

Columns("A:E") = Columns("A:E").Value .........................

A spreadsheet based on my template has been sent to me because the macro won't run properly. When I try to run the macro I get a Runtime Error '1004' Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed on the following line. Columns("A:E") = Columns("A:E").Value.

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Copy For Cell Values Present And Not Formulas Present

Sep 11, 2009

The following code fills down column B for rows 3 to 110, regardless of the inserted "If Not IsEmply' statement. I've got formulas in Column A from row 3 to 110, but visible values in rows 3-5. I want it to fill the for the visible values only.

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How To Copy Values Only From Sheet 1 To Sheet 2

Aug 4, 2014

I want to copy (values only) from A5:A548 (sheet 1) to C7:C550 (sheet 2). However it cant be done by record macro.I think it can be done with correct VBA code.

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Copy / Paste The Values From One Sheet To Another

Mar 15, 2014

I have basic values in sheet named 'Basic"

i have aggregate values in sheet named "Aggregate"

The values shown in B5:D5 in sheet basic is an outcome of a formula.I want this values to be copied to E3:G3 in sheet named aggregate.

likewise the values shown in B11:D11 in sheet Basic to be copied to E4:G4 in sheet aggregate.

i can do this manually by copy and paste special-values.

But is there any way to done it automatically by excel?

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Concatenation-copy Values To Another Sheet

Feb 9, 2009

I have a huge list that i need to copy over to another workbook but have a problem. the data i have is stored on 2 separate columns, A & B. I need both values to be combined into one cell and separated by a '/'. The CONCATENATE functi0n works perfectly, but when i copy these values across to the other sheet, of course i loose these becasue the original look up values for concatenation are elsewhere. How can i copy these concatenated values across to my other sheet?

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Copy Sheet And Paste As Values?

Jul 13, 2014

I'm getting better with Excel and have gotten pretty good with formulas, but my VB/Macro understanding is limited, if not non-existent!

What I need is to assign a macro to a button so that when executed, it copies the entire sheet and pastes all as values.

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Adjacently Copy Values To A New Sheet

Mar 16, 2009

a code that will allow me to copy values from one sheet and adjancently paste them into another sheet?

I would like to have theses values be pasted right under the next available blank line.

Specifically, I would like a code that will select a particular range and pasteonly the cells with values to the Sheet1 on the next available blank line. And select another range and adjacently paste only the cells with values to the Sheet1 on the next available line, and so on.

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Copy And Paste Values Only From One To Another Sheet?

Jan 5, 2012

in my original sheet, I have lots of formulas. I'd like to create a new sheet that uses the same values from my original sheet.

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Copy Unique Values From One Sheet To Another

May 30, 2012

I am trying to copy unique records from one sheet (timliness_etcc) G column to another sheet analysis starting from column A row 29

Sub Test()
Dim Sh1 As Worksheet
Dim Rng As Range
Dim Sh2 As Worksheet
Set Sh1 = Worksheets("Timliness_NAV_details")
Set Rng = Sh1.Range("G1:G" & Sh1.Range("G65536").End(xlUp).Row)
Set Sh2 = Worksheets("Analysis")
Rng.Cells(1, 7).Copy Sh2.Cells(29, 1)
Rng.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CopyToRange:=Sh2.Range("A29"), Unique:=True
End Sub

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Add Sheet After Last One And Copy Last One Values Not Formula

Apr 18, 2013

I'm trying to copy only values (not formulas) of the last sheet and name the new sheet "Games". I'm using this:

Sub CreateColumn()ActiveSheet.CopyCells.CopyRange("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesApplication.CutCopyMode = False ActiveSheet.Name = "Games" Application.ScreenUpdating = FalseEnd Sub

But it's creating a new Workbook (file), not a new sheet after the last one. Plus, the last sheet is not the one active all the time..

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How To Copy Certain Values For A Cell To Another Sheet

Nov 29, 2008

I would like to be able to copy the values of certain cells to another worksheet if a certain condition is met. In return - I would also like to delete the information that was copy to the new worksheet if the condition has changed.

I realize I can just filter out the data to get the information that I need but, I am creating this spreadsheet for several sales people to use and some are not to diverse on excel.

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Copy Trendline Values To New Sheet

Apr 25, 2006

I need VBA to copy the values from a treadline output box on a chart to a new sheet. The macro recorder produces the code below, but I need to make the 5th line generic so that the code will apply to any workbook. The code below will not run without the "Windows("Test.xls").Activate" statement, which restricts the code to a workbook of a specifc name (Test.xls). How can I make this run for any workbook name?

Sub CopyTreadlineData()
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
End Sub

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Copy Values From Sheet And Paste In Userform

Jan 17, 2013

I have a userform that I use to add a new record to a csv sheet.

In my workbook I have a table with the same format that my userForm has. What I am looking to do is copy the values from my lookup table on my sample sheet and past them in my add userform in the correct corresponding cells. I have been trying to make the code work for some time now with no luck.


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Copy Text And Values From Same Workbook Onto Different Sheet?

Mar 23, 2006

I have a commissions workbook with about 20-30 sheets. In A1 of every sheet is a Name and in column G is a bunch of Numerical Values. I want to create a "Grand Total" sheet where I have the Name and the Values corresponding from each of the sheets onto my final one.

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