Creating Spreadsheet With Large Amount Of Data?

Nov 11, 2013

I am creating a spread sheet with a large amount of data.

In column a I have a list of managers, in B I have a list of employees and C, I have a list of activities that have been recorded throughout the day.

What I want to do is create a list (on a new sheet) so in column A that would bring back all the managers. Then in column B, bring back the employee that is tied to the manager from column A and finally in column C, bring back the activity that is tied to the employee.

I know how I can do this by doing list validation with INDIRECT, but with the large amount of data that I have this would take forever in a day.

Is there an easier and quicker way to do this?

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Sorting Large Amount Of Data

Nov 21, 2011

I have a large amount of data, 97000 rows and 4 columns that I need to sort every 26 rows starting with row 26. I only need 2 columns but I'll take all four, any easy way to accomplish this task. The data is position and time and the time is in seconds from which I need the 0,.5,1,1.5... all the way to 12577 seconds.

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Finding Certain Values In Large Amount Of Data

May 8, 2013

I have a large amount of data and am trying to find certain values.

Firstly - I am looking for any cell which has the number 0 in it, as I need to edit that specific cell. However, when I search for the number 0, multiples of 10 (e.g. 10,20,30,etc) come up in my search. Is there anyway to find the number 0, without also finding the multiples of 10?

Secondly - I am also looking for values over 100, is there a search function which allows me to do this?

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Stop Large Amount Of Data On Clipboard Message

Sep 12, 2007

I have some code to open up another workbook, take the data from sheet1 in it, copy it to a sheet in the first book, and then close the opened workbook. My problem is that whenever it closes the workbook it gives me the large amount of data on clipboard window that I must then click 'No' on before it will proceed. I thought that making CutCopyMode = False would fix that, but it hasnt worked. Heres the bit of code that does this:

CutCopyMode = False
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
Windows("Inventory Report.xls").Activate
CutCopyMode = False

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Converting Vertical Data To Horizontal For Varying Data - Large Amount

Jan 20, 2009

I have a one column spreadsheet. The column contains this data:

1 Name
2 Address
3 City
4 State
5 Zip
6 Telephone
7 Fax
11 Name
12 Address
13 City
14 State
15 Zip
16 Phone
17 URL
19 Name
20 Address ... and so on

Where there may be one or two blank rows between the individual records and where there may or may not be a Fax number (or row) in the record.

I am trying to convert this data to a horizontal column format - which works fine if I do a copy/paste special/transpose. However I have to do this for 1,800 records and cannot figure out how to do this reliably.

I gave the above illustration to simplify but, actually this is a two column spreadsheet with individual row labels for every record using the above terminology. In other words the above text is in the first column and the data is in the second. Just thought I'd mention in case there was a way to do some kind of if/then formula.

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Using SUMIFS On A Large Amount Of Data - Numeric Value Stored As Text?

Aug 1, 2012

I was using SUMIFS on a large amount of data, but wasn't getting back the exact sum that I needed.

It turns out that I had cells with values similar to the following

Basically, text fields with the same numerical values, except for the number of leading zeros. Due to the nature of the table, the number of leading zeros is important.When I did SUMIFS, it counted the sum of the two values together. For example with the following:


It appears that even if a numeric value is stored as text, SUMIFS treats it like a number.

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Macro- Large Amount Of Data In A Single Spread Sheet

Jul 17, 2008

I have a large amount of data in a single spread sheet. Each row has a branch number on it, there are multiple branch numbers. Each branch number is located in Column A. I want to separate this sheet and put all of the branch numbers into their own sheet. how to do this without manually copying and pasting?

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Macro Close Workbooks - Large Amount Of Data On Clipboard Msg

Mar 8, 2005

I am using the close.workbook command in VBA to close a workbook I opened to copy data from. I am getting a message that says "You have a large amount of data on the clipboard. Do you want it available?" What command do I use in VBA say no to this message?

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Excel 2003 :: Column Function Insert Within Large Amount Of Data

Nov 27, 2012

I am trying to insert three columns within a large amount of data. I am using Excel 2003 edition. The three columns need to measure max, min, and standard deviation of month long ranges and the data goes all the way back to 1993.

Currently, I have a column that has the correct ranges but finds the average for each month


And many more ranges as it dates back all the way to '93. Is there a possible way to insert these three columns with their respective commands (=MAX... =MIN... etc.) while keeping all the ranges from the AVERAGE column.

In effect, I am looking to solely switch the begining of the column command

(=AVERAGE($H7214:$H7243)) to (=MIN($H7214:$H7243) etc...

While keeping all of the specified ranges from the AVERAGE column.

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Reconciling Large Amount Of Data When VLookup And Match / Index Not Ideal

Nov 12, 2013

I need a little coaching on big data. I have two reports, one from a production system the other from the invoicing system. I need to reconcile the two reports to ensure our invoicing ties out to production. At this time I am focusing on 1 particular item code, but there are potentially hundreds of item codes.

I have 1 Item Code.
I have a around a hundred invoices. (Sample 100)
I have a few hundred different customers. (Sample 100)
I have several hundred lines of billing data. (Sample 650)
I have several thousand lines of production data. (Sample 40,000)
In the billing system, per invoice I might have 1 or more billing lines for this item, usually no more than 2.
In the production system, per invoice I might have 5 to 50 or more production lines for this item per invoice.

Prod System:
30 lines of data has a run amount and a total run amount for each line.

I am looking for tools to reconcile this data. VLookup and Index/Matching is not cutting it. VLOOKUP does not move beyond the first line found. Index/Matching wants to add all the prod together. I can get subtotals easy enough. I have tried Concatenation, but when it takes multiple production data lines to equal 1 billing line, this does not work. I needs some thing that can look at the Qty on a billing invoice and tie it out to various lines of production data to identify which production jobs went on that line of the invoice.

Here is a sample. These are fairly easy to resolve, but others are not so easy due to number of production and billing rows.

Invoice number
Billing item
Est. Quantity
Actual quantity
Billable Qty
Sales order
Position number
Billing source
Total Billable Qty

[Code] ..........

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Creating List From Large Set Of Data?

Dec 3, 2013

I have a large list of in rows with multiple column headings: ie. Name, date, amount. I need to generate a separate list whereby the rows that correspond to a given criteria are extracted and listed sequentially.

I have attached a simple example to demonsrate what i mean.

in the attached spreadsheet, i have a column of colours, and a column of objects- RED book, BLUE hat, etc.

I'd like the criteria that i type in the green cell (a choice of colour), to generate a list of all the items that match that colour, and be displayed in the orange cells. So, if the green cell says BLUE, the list should pick out the BLUE dog, BLUE hat etc.

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Extract Data From Large Spreadsheet?

May 29, 2014

I have a very large spreadsheet that was exported from an ecommerce site with close to 1000 products. I have one column that I need to extract some text from. This column holds all of the html from the product description and is huge. I only need to extract the actual description of the product, but am having a very hard time figuring out how to do it. I've tried using the mid, left, and right function; but not all of the html is the same so it's not really working the way I need it to.

I have multiple tags throughout the html that I can use with the mid function, but there is more than one occurrence of them. So, how can I tell it to start at the 4th occurrence? I've spent countless hours searching, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to excel and I don't even know what to search for. I end up looking through sites that explain how to pull the Y out of XYZ, which is what I need, just on a much larger (and more complicated) scale.

It was suggested that I set up a macro that will find the 4th occurrence of the word, and then uses the mid function to pull the data out, but when I try to find the word, it says it doesn't exist even though I can see it right in front of me.

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Extracting Specific Data From Large Spreadsheet

May 22, 2014

I have a large spreadsheet which contains multiple rows of rate data by employee. I have sorted by effective date with most recent date on the top to get the most recent rate of pay, however, is there a way or formula to be able to identify or extract the previous rate of pay after that? I have included a sample below. There are different #'s of rows of rate of pay based on how long someone has been in company, as well as different rates of pay and effective dates.

Employee #
Rate of Pay
Eff Date

John Smith
$ 99,000.00

[Code] ..........

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Excel 2010 :: Extracting Data From Large Spreadsheet

Jan 31, 2014

I work with Excel 2010 and have a very large spreadsheet with data that I need to manipulate in several different ways. I have been filtering and then cutting and pasting but this is very time consuming . Is there a way to extract specific data from the spreadsheet and transfer it to different worksheets? I don't really know how to use macros.

[URL] .....

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Split Data From A Large Spreadsheet By Selected Column Into Multiple Workbooks

Aug 25, 2009

I have a large spreadsheet which I need to split into individual workbooks by reference to a particular column.

Rather then doing this manually and splitting the data out one at a time - I would like a macro to do this for me.

I am a novice excel user.

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Link Large Amount Of Cells

Jan 19, 2007

I need to link 153 cells from one workbook to another
Is there a code that can do this ? The cells are not contiguous.

Something like.

If not intersect.....
With tartget.Copy.... ??

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Update Large Amount Of Worksheets

Jun 19, 2009

I have a large amount of worksheets that require a formula update. Update itself is simple. Each formula in the cell has to be devided by different cell. My problem is that I have a big number of worksheets to do this in and they are in different workbooks. Is there a faster way of doing it besides manually updating each cell?

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Split One Large Dollar Amount To Multiple Cells?

Apr 11, 2014

I have a group trip coming up where we took in a $1000 deposit per person. The total amount is only in the main members cell. There will be two more payment amounts coming. I need to make certain each person has paid the total amount they are required for the trip. There are two possibilities for total trip amount. Double occupancy is $15,500.00 and Triple is $14,500 per person.

There is a unique Identifier for each registrant, except when there is a multiple person under one registration the identifier has all the same number except at the end. I figured out a way to strip the number down to just show the same number in one registered group. There could be up to 10 people under one registration. I might not have the best option for breaking down the Identifier number, but thought it would be a good start. Used the code Left(column, number).

Issue is this. How can I now take the total number of people under one group take the total deposit and split it between just that unique group so I can then determine what is still owed after payments are made.

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Absolute Cell References For Large Amount Of Cells?

Aug 13, 2014

I want to link a number of cells on one worksheet back to another worksheet within the same workbook. Say everything from Cells A1 to M90.

I find the fastest way to do this link A1 on second worksheet to A1 on first worksheet (by using = and click on worksheet 1 Cell A1).
I then click on cell A1 on worksheet 2, grab small square in bottom right hand side of cell, and drag accross to M1.
While A1 TO M1 is still highlighted, I then grab small square on bottom of cell M1 and drag down to M90.

This makes all cells within this range reference back to worksheet1. In advanced settings I have unchecked for all blank cells to show a zero in woksheet 2.

Therefore I now have what I currently want, although I would like to make all reference absolute?

I tried doing this from the beginning again making A1 absolute at the start, but dragging the cells across and down does not provide the info I am looking for in all cells?

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Creating Form On One Spreadsheet Then Pushing The Data To Another?

Aug 2, 2012

I am a personal loans officer and have created a worksheet to input a range of information about an application. The information is personal details and details about the loan. The data I input runs down Column D [with line breaks to seperate the answers into categories] with the question beside it in Column C.

I do this for every new application as I use it for reporting on my loans as well as mail merge to produce documents for the loan.

Currently I am doing one per loan but would like to have a button at the bottom of the page that once clicked, it will push the data onto another worksheet so that all my loans for that month are on the one spreadsheet. The data will be pushed onto a row, not a column, but it will also need to find the next available row to put the data on.

Once the button is clicked, the first worksheet will clear ready for the next loan to input and the data will transfer to the 2nd spreadsheet. And, if possible, on the first sheet will be a drop down list of all the current loans so I can recall any application details to the first sheet if needed to update details. So if the 'loan number inputed' already exists, it wont create a new line on the 2nd spreadsheet, but will know just to update the fields.

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Creating Button To Generate Spreadsheet From Exported Data?

Jun 9, 2014

sample pic.png

I have two spreadsheets of data I export regularly from an outside source. I want to consolidate the data from these two sheets into one large sheet with all the data in a more concise form bringing in only the data related to certain parts I am conducting analysis on. I have a list of these parts already. My first thought on how to do this would be to use the list in an entry for an input box and have that list be the index for a for loop in which i searched for a part code, copied the entire corresponding row, and pasted it back into the master sheet. I have gone through and tried to do this but I am running into problems because sometimes I have multiple rows of data that correspond to a single part number. I have attached a template of the way that the data should look in the master file with the multiple rows of details that correspond to just one part entry.

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Increasing Value In Spreadsheet By Set Amount Monthly?

Jul 31, 2014

I need a series of cells to increase by varying amounts after each month, however this needs to happen automatically so if I send the spreadsheet to someone else, it will update for them automatically. I'm hoping that I can set up a function that will ONLY increase the cells after 4 weeks after they select a date from ANOTHER drop down menu (i.e they select the starting date from cell A1 - then input their starting numbers into other cells which then increase on that same date, 4 weeks later).

The cells that need to increase already have a formula in them as well; as this number is their predicted 1RM based off formulas in other cells.

I will attach a screen shot when able.

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Creating Specific List From Large Dataset?

Jan 2, 2014

We collect loan payments for 36 months from customers.

Column A lists 1000+ customers.

Column J lists the date we received payment 1 ... Column Q lists the amount we received on payment 1.

Column R lists the date we received payment 2 ... Column Y lists the amount we received on payment 2.

Column Z lists the date we received payment 3 ... Column AG lists the amount we received on payment 3.

This repeats for all 36 payments.

New customers are loaded in each month, so be aware that Column J, Column R, Column Z (and so on) have dates from 2011 and 2012 and 2013.

We'd like to create a list of all customers that have not made a payment for the current month as of a certain day (say the 12th). So this month, on January 12th, we'd like to search our data for all customers that don't have a payment listed between January 1st - January 12th.

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To Design A Spreadsheet To Allocate An Amount To Different Bands

Feb 9, 2009

I'm trying to design a spreadsheet to allocate an amount to different bands.

For example - I have the figure 1750.

Band 1 : 0-500 (1)
Band 2 : 501-1000 (0.8)
Band 3 : 1001-1500 (0.6)
Band 4 : 1501-2000 (0.4)

Each unit in each band has a value (in brackets). So as you can see, the value of a full Band 1 would be 500. But the next band is only worth 400 when full, and Band 3 is only worth 300. I want band 1 to fill up first, then band 2, then band 3, then finally band 4.

I would like to be able to allocate the figure 1750 to all the bands automatically - starting with band 1, then 2, then 3, then 4.

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Creating Frequency Distribution Chart From Large Dataset - VBA?

Dec 16, 2013

I have a table that can at any point have from a couple hundred up to a couple thousand rows. Within this table lies a column entitled " Offer ". I want to plot the figures in the offer column as a frequency distribution chart.

I plan to do this by listing the x-values (Offer figures), and then using count if formulas to calculate the frequency of that x-value. Then using a simple clustsered column chart to create the visualisation of the frequency distribution.

My question is.... in my large data set, is there any way to get VBA to insert a list of the range of figures in the Offer Column, ? I can figure out how to copy down the countif formula to populate the corresponding frequency column, but how can I have some VBA to dynamically adjust my x-values (offer figures)?

For example... say in the first data set I have

Offer, Frequency
1 10
2 20
3 25
4 20
5 15

that's fine if I make the chart, but what if the data set changes, I want VBA to give me a list of all the offer values, and then I can write some code to insert and copy down along the frequency column the countif formula.

The ultimate goal is to have a frequency chart that will be synced to the self-updating dataset.

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Convert Large Spreadsheet Tp Pdf For Printing?

Jul 10, 2013

I need to be able to convert a large spreadsheet to pdf for sending to a commercial printer. The spreadsheet is a family tree and covers an area a1 to ca107. The printers normally do the conversion from an emailed copy of the .xls file but charge for this.

Printing will be done on a wide carriage printer so the pdf has to be one sheet not a large number of a4. I have a copy of Acrobat but cannot work out how to get the spreadsheet to save as one sheet.

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Delete Every Nth Column From A Very Large Spreadsheet

Mar 12, 2009

I have created a sample spreadsheet (the real data is sensitive) but I am basically faced with a spreadsheet of many columns of which I would like to remove the 4th,5th, 8th,9th, 12th, 13th etc...

So every 3rd column starting from Column B, and also every 3rd starting from Column C, (every 3rd, and every 3rd + 1 starting from B?), it's obvious what I'm after from the spreadsheet I've provided.

Unfortunately manually isn't an option, this needs doing every week, and it goes all the way across to column HZ!

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Macro To Move Around Large Spreadsheet....

Jan 6, 2010

Need the code to put into a command button which jumps from the cell selected, X number of cells to the right. Also will need the code to jump back again when clicking on a different command button.

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Large Spreadsheet - Capitalize All Text

Mar 1, 2002

I generated a large spreadsheet and now for legal reasons all the data has to be in Upper case. Is there a quick way to convert all the text.

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Large Spreadsheet With Conditional Formatting

Apr 3, 2009

I have multiple large spreadsheets of questionnaire data. Responses are as %'s
What I would like to do is use conditional formatting to pick out the top 3 of each set of questions per column not including 0% (if it falls in the top 3). Using different shades of green in the cell background and a white font.


The spreadsheets are up to 3000 rows long and up to column BB wide. The sets of questions are of random length spaced by an empty row. So question 1 may have 11 parts to it, each taking up a row so 12 rows in total. Question 2 may have 5 parts taking up row each so 6 rows in total...............Question 80 may have 7 parts so 8 rows in total and on and on.

What I have been doing is working down the first column of responses and manually adding the conditional formatting. Then using the format painter to copy across the relevant rows and columns. For example if Question one was from c5:bb26 I would format c$5:c$26 with the top three then use format painter to drag across to bb5:bb26 ...

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