Date Filter For Listbox

Mar 19, 2008

I have a list details in ranges "CV:DC" column CV has date entries so with the code given above i just select the date from combo box and check the details by pressing command button..Actually this code is doesn't work with combo box but it works with textbox except date data entries in
this mode.
So how can i improve this option if im going to use it in combo box.

Private Sub CommandButton26_Click()
Dim a, i As Long, ii As Long, b(), n As Long
With ComboBox6
If .Text = "" Then Exit Sub
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range("cv:cv"), .Text) = 0 Then
MsgBox "Bad Data"
Exit Sub
End If
a = Range("cv1", Range("c" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Resize(, 8).Value
For i = 1 To UBound(a, 1)........................

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Filter By Date & Use Filtered Data In ListBox

Jul 20, 2006

I have been advised to use this code to search for my spreadsheet for dates

Sub FilterTo1Criteria()
With Sheet1
.AutoFilterMode = False
. Range("a1:d1"). AutoFilter
.Range("a1:d1").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:={date entered here]
End With
End Sub

It works but i have two problems

1:Instead of typing the date I want to be able to type a date into a textbox in a userform, is this possible?

2: How would I then go about inputting this data into a list box in a userform?

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Filter A Listbox

Jan 10, 2008

I've created a sheet and associated VBA codes and userforms for call logging in my department at work, which works beautifully at the moment, but I could do with some help with the next step.

I've a listbox at the bottom of the main userform which lists all calls received by my department, but I'd like to be able to filter this for either open, held or closed calls but can't seem to get this to go.

I was hoping that I could simply filter the worksheet it came from and it would affect the listbox, but this doesn't seem to work. The only examples I've managed to find of anything similar are a little too complex for me to work out what does each bit.

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Listbox That Alters A Filter?

Feb 12, 2010

I'm trying to alter a filter ion a range to include all items selected within a listbox, here's what i have so far: ...

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Filter Results In Listbox?

Dec 4, 2013

I have a UserForm with a TextBox and a ListBox

I'd like when I type a last name (for example) and press a button, it filter the results and these results should appear in the Listbox

I have a code that does the same but with numbers (ID, Tlfno number, or other)

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Filter A Listbox From The Selection In A Combobox

Dec 9, 2009

Is there a way to filter a listbox from the selection in a combobox?

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Listbox Advanced Filter First Letters

Dec 11, 2006

aboute searching big database (10000 rows) with names of streets for one town. Each day I get list with 50 address and I need to look in database to see details aboute street in wich is address. I was thinking of user form with listbox for list of 50 addresses and then use first four letters of that address for advanced filter. I'm stuck with code for that four letter thing. When I see the desired information I need to insert it to 50 address table.

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Use Combobox Text To Filter A Listbox

Sep 18, 2006

I'm trying to use 2 combobox's to filter a listbox with 7 columns. I need to match the 1st 3 chars. and the last 2 chars of the 1st column field to filter the list that displays in a listbox on a form. Is there an easy way to do this? I tried working with the autofilter, but couldn't get rid of the dropdown selection arrows.

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Listbox To Filter Pivot Items

Jun 11, 2008

I'm running reports in one workbook on different types of spend for 12 business units using 1 worksheet containing the raw data, and 6 other sheets with pivot tables showing different levels of detail.

I've used simple VBA to prepare to standardise the raw data and refresh all the pivot tables with no problem

I need to filter the data to show spend for specific business units. I'd like to do this using a listbox showing the units where I can select the unit(s) to report on, which in turn will only make the units selected visible on each table in the workbookwith no other intervention.

There is another thread on here (showthread.php?t=55041) that shows how to use the list box to control 1 pivot table on one sheet but I can't find anything which shows me how extend this to cover multiple tables over multiple sheets.

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Show Name Without Duplicates Using Filter Data Using ListBox

May 9, 2014

I am filtering data using listbox (userform).

I want listbox show only names(without duplicates).

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Filter Listbox With Combobox And Search Button

Aug 4, 2014

Attached small application. Open the application and click on the LISTBOX button. Code for the Filter by Item button or the Filter by Representative button. I would like to select an item from either of those dropdowns in the search box, click on the relevant button and the list box will populate to show the results.

For example, if I were to select Chocolate Bars from the dropdown and click filter by item, I want to see only the three lines [i.e. line 2, 6 and 7] present in the listbox, and I want to be able to doubleclick on any of those lines to go to the record if I wish.

Similarly, if I select Robert from the other dropdown and click Filter by Representative, I want to see the relevant three lines [i.e. 4, 5 and 8] relating to Robert, present in the listbox, where I can again double click to go to the record [i.e. the data entry userform related to particular record selected.

I have attached a file : Form.xlsm‎

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VBA Code To Filter Listbox As You Type In A Textbox

Nov 26, 2008

I have a list of customers in listbox1 (the text values of which come from a spreadsheet), that I want to refine as I type in textbox1. I'm not sure if it's possilbe, but I would like it to work similar to the itunes search (if you're familiar with it) where it searchs for any occurance of the text within the list as opposed to just searching for the letters at the beginning of the word.

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Listbox Selection To Filter Pivot Table

Jan 29, 2010

I have a Pivot with a Userform containing 3 cascading Listboxes, each listbox fills down to the next. What i am trying to do is have the result of the listboxes to filter the Pivot table. Keeping it simple for a moment, in listbox1 user has a list of Departments and clicks "Liquor" then the Pivot should only show items within the "Liquor" departments. How do i achieve this? Also when looking at other treads and seeing the code offered, should i be trying to filter the Pivot Table field in the Page or Row area?

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Excel 2013 :: Filter Date Using Timeline Filter

Dec 23, 2013

I just got into the world of PowerPivot, Excel 2013 and Pivot Tables and am in the process of creating a Dashboard which I will then be uploading to SharePoint 2013.

On top of page I added the new timeline filter which I've linked to my pivot charts. Now what I would like to do, is create an additional pivot chart which looks at whatever date range has been used in the timeline filter and subtract 5 years from that. So, when I select a date range of November 2013 - December 2013 in timeline filter, the additional pivot chart will show the details for November 2008 - December 2013. This is where I get stuck.

I'm using two SSAS cubes which I'm combining together in PowerPivot and then display in Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

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Filter By Multiple Criteria Coming From Listbox That Can Be Different Sizes?

Jan 16, 2014

I have a line that is commented out in the bottom - that is an example of what types of filters I want to do but dynamically. Users choose multiselection from a list box then it filters the sheet for them. It is pulling the data from the listboxes but when it is more than one item it is Putting the whole thing in as if I said text = "ABERTI", "AMALON", "BCASTE", "BGELLE", "CFRANC" - No I want to filter by each of these (it believes this is one long string)

Here is the code:


This code does not filter correctly.

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Filter Sheet Based On Checkbox & Listbox Selection

Nov 28, 2007

I have a spreadsheet in Excel, there are 13 columns of information being used. 3 of the columns have just data I typed in (model name, item code, original price) the other 10 have formulas (these formulas are price discounts that will be taken off of the original price. 9 of them also have a check box on the top of the column so if the the checkbox is selected, the formula will give the customer the amount discounted off the original price(keep in mind that not all of the columns can be used together, for example, on product "A" maybe only 3 of the boxes can be used whereas on another product maybe 5 can be used). I made a multiple listbox, so that if a customer selects a product or multiple products and clicks the ok button, the sheet will only show the specific products they selected. My problem is that when I press the "OK" button nothing happens. I don't know how to link all of this together.

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Filter A List By The Criteria Selected In A Listbox, And Activated By A Command Button

Dec 14, 2009

I'm trying to Filter a list by the criteria selected in a listbox, and activated by a command button. My problem is the sort criteria. I have 11 regions, numbered 01EPS through 11EPS. Sorting by any of these criteria works just fine.

The problem is that I also want to be able to sort by ALL of the regions at once. I can do this by using a custom filter. I recorded a macro to see what the difference was, and it simply a matter of changing 01EPS to "=*EPS". However, adding that to my case list results in an error message of "Compile Error: Syntax Error".

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Create Macro That Filter Date In A Column From One Week Previous Till Current Date

Mar 14, 2014

I have an excel sheet wherin there is a column that has the data where in the dates are displayed and many other columns.

I get this excel every Thursday so i want to filter this date column in such a way that it give me the data related to the date of the previous week only yet there is a catch here. When i say previous week i mean.

Suppose today is 03/14/14 then i want the data from 03/07/14 till today ie Last week friday to this week full( so cant use Current week option) and then paste it in a new sheet.

I tried the Record part but in that it is taking a hard coded value as i am selecting the date myself. I dont want to change the date manually every time.

this was the macro that was created

ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$BX$58").AutoFilter Field:=1, Operator:= _
xlFilterValues, Criteria2:=Array(1, "3/10/2014")
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(R[-4]C:R[-1]C)"

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Filter Data By Date Within 3 Months Of Today Date?

Mar 20, 2014

I'm trying to filter 2 date columns to include only data containing dates within 3 months of today's date.

I see there is a data filter option for "next quarter" but not 100% sure if this covers the quarter from today's date?

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ListBox Date Formatting

Jul 11, 2006

the following code populates a 9 column listbox in a userform. Me.ListBox1.List = Sheets("temp"). Range("A1"). CurrentRegion.Value.

The first column of the listbox contains a date and this is where my problem lies. The date formatting from the "temp" sheet is not being maintained when the listbox is populated. Can I run a loop or something to scan down the first column of the listbox and if the entry is numeric convert it to the date format "dd-mmm-yyyy", at the moment it seems to be using the date format "mm-dd-yyyy". Also, is there a way to autofit the columns of the listbox?

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Format Date In Listbox

Sep 12, 2007

I have a sheet that has Date in a column that colunn is formated as DD-MMM-YY, I have defined a named range which has 3 columns including the date.

I have used the following code to read the 3 columns into a list box.

dataarray = Workbooks(wbn).Worksheets(wsn).Range("data")
Me.ListBox1.List() = dataarray

When the data is displayed in the list box get the MM/D/YY format is there an easy way around this.

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Setting Date Format In Listbox

Jun 14, 2014

How do I force the Date and Time format when I import data into an Array that is listed in a listbox?

The desired format is YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm and I do not want to be dependant on the system settings.

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Populate Listbox With Current Date Value

Feb 24, 2009

I am trying to populate a listbox in a userform with only certain data. Currently I am able to populate all rows in a worksheet but I need to have only rows with the current date to show. In col A is the date and col B is a persons name.

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Format Date In ListBox On Userform

Apr 24, 2009

I've attached a picture of how my userform is set up - all of the code is working fine and does very dandy, even if I do say so myself, but as you can see when I load data into the listbox, the date on the left hand side becomes M/DD/YYYY whereas I want it as DD/MM/YYYY.

All of the columns except Due Dateconsist of text/numbers and these load fine however even if I change the format of the Due Date data within the worksheet before loading it in it still loads incorrectly. Is there any way to format the date to how I want it within the ListBox?

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Filter With Date Error

Dec 31, 2011

I am having a code like :

Dim lFeild_Num As Integer

With Selection
lFeild_Num = .Columns(13).Column - .Columns(1).Column + 1
End With

Application.Dialogs(xlDialogFilter).Show lFeild_Num, ">=", 1, "

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VBA Filter On Specifice Date

Aug 20, 2008

I am writing a simple macro and trying to filter on a specific date. I thought it would be as simple as this;

Dim mydate As Date
mydate = Range("r4")

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=mydate, Operator:=xlAnd

The filter doesn't seem to work as it doesn't return any results, even though there are results in the table.

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Filter For Latest Date

Nov 26, 2009

I have a data field of about 2000 rows & 30 columns.

These contain records on accidents for 56 offices.

One of the columns contains the date an individual had the accident.

There can be a number of records for each office as there are a number of employees in each office who have had accidents over the last few years.

I need to be able to run a macro or set up filters or formulae to show the row containing the most recent accidentin each office, by office. I also need to display the total number of days since the last accident occurred at the end of each row.

The offices are listed in Column B & the date of the last accident is listed in Column V.

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Filter Date & Times

Jan 10, 2007

I have a column that can be found in the example attachment. My primary question is, how would I go about filtering out all of the Excel Dates & Times that do not have a multiple of 5 minutes in the "Timestamp". Can this be done w/ out the use of macros by use of the custom filter? My ultimate goal is averaging every hours worth of data so it would rather be hourly data rather than the 5-minute data given. More specifically I would be averaging the "Flow" data. The example given is actually a very small portion of what I am working with. I actually have a years worth of 5 minute data.

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Filter By Date & Other Criteria

Oct 24, 2007

Anyway, in my workbook I have a master sheet which contains all the information entered (this master sheet will continue to grow as more information as entered). I want to create a userform to allow someone to search the data by selecting a date range (from/to) and a criteria (Pending/Settled) and for the results to be copied into a new sheet (simply I don't want the raw information tampered with in an unregulated way).

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Filter By Each Maximum Date

Dec 2, 2007

I have an Excel- sheet with 2 columns (Salesman and Date)

Salesman Date
A 2004-01-01
A 2006-01-01
A 2007-01-01
B 2003-01-01
C 1999-01-01
C 2002-01-01
D 2005-01-01
D 2007-01-01

I would like to filter the sheet so that every salesman is listed only once with his/hers latest date - The result of the example above should be:

Salesman Date
A 2007-01-01
B 2003-01-01
C 2002-01-01
D 2007-01-01

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