Derive Exponential Function From Limited Information

Dec 5, 2009

I've been working on a ss that requires me to create a function to determine a value from a exponential curve where the area of the curve is variable . The terminal points, 0,0 and 100,100 remain constant and the curve is symmetrical at the 45degree angle. How can I derive a function knowing only these things.

Here is an image to crudely illustrate what i mean [url]

The area can be 10, 20, 35% it doesn't matter, I need a way to determine the function from just the area!

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If Function Limited To 7

Oct 1, 2007

I have this formula in a cell and it works....

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Average Function Limited To The Number Of Students

Feb 5, 2014

I am working on an excel master marksheet which will be distributed to many teachers to fill in their students marks. How can I enter an average function that can work out the mean for those different classes. For example I'd like the main average function to be like this =average(d5:d50) but if a teacher has thirty students in his list the mean will be only limited to the marks of those thirty students. Same thing I want for the mode function and the median function.

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Derive Formula From Chart?

Mar 20, 2014

whether it is possible to derive the formula from a chart?

Right now, i have a chart and i want to know the formula, the purpose is to expand the values that the chart has.

Let say the chart has result at point 20, 30, 40, 50... Is it possible for me to know the point at 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and so on (with increment 1)

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Derive Formula For Multiple Variables

May 11, 2014

Is it possible to find the formula of a result that is based on three other values.

Here's my example:

I give three cases, but I am sure all three use the same formula. I made the team names up but the values are 'real'.





I want to know what formula was used to calculate the New Rating in the last column. I am not 100% sure if the formula to calculate the New Ratings as shown above includes a value for home ground advantage of which I might be unaware. For what its worth, the Blumps and Sharps were home teams and the Champs was a visiting team for the three matches shown.

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How To Derive Conditional Unique Count With Formula

Feb 25, 2012

I do have the following data set across B1:D23.

I want to summarise the data at the the top of the data set across D2:D5.

Is there any formula which can populate the same?


BCD1RegionTownUnique-Count Of PIN-Code(Desired Result)2EastTown143SouthTown234NorthTown3556RegionTown NamePIN Code7EastTown17000018700001970004210700100117004521270045213SouthTown240011514400118154001181640021417

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Exponential Format

Apr 25, 2008

I am working with a program that creates numbers as follows:

Instead of -2.74E-6, the program writes -2.74-6. The E is left off to save space.

When I import this data, Excel automatically "does the math" so the cell reads: -8.74 instead of -2.74E-6.

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Exponential Value For Larger Numbers?

Feb 27, 2014

I have the following data

A1 - 65.23
A2 - 1923.52
A3 - 945.18
A4 - 182.54

In column B

B1 =exp(A1)
B4 =exp(A4)

both are fine, however

B2 =exp(A2) - it is showing #NUM
B3 =exp(A3) - it is showing #NUM

Same case for all larger numbers

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Calculate Exponential Forecast

Jun 18, 2008

I have inherited a series of data relating to a change in a specification over a period of time and a number of cycles.

See attached.

There is already a chart which shows the data and has an exponential line.

I want to find the value of Cycles where the Average Flash exponential from the chart line is 0.131.

FYI this is to plot deterioration in a piece of tooling, 0.131 being the accepted warning level. If you feel there is a better statistical model to use for that application then I'm all ears!

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Multiple Columns Of Information Function

May 6, 2009

Ok this is what I need to do:

I have worksheet A with cell AC2 to enter a team id# like 51922 for example. In Cell B3 I want it search sheet11 for the team name according to the number and put the team name in B3. Sheet11 has 11 columns the first one list the 613 team names, the remaining columns have #'s like the example giving for the teams. What formula would I need to perform this function?

This is a football game the other 10 columns represents 10 worlds with identical 613 teams to control in each world, but the teams have different #'s to identify the world, team, and coach.

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Function To Write Information To Another Cell

Jan 12, 2007

if there is an Excel function out there that will copy over the contents of one cell into another by what is typed in another cell. Did that make sense?

Lets say that I have info in

(A1) John (B1) Smith (C1)X (D1)

Now I want to be able to copy over A1 & B1 to another part of the spreadsheet/workbook if I were to type the words "leave" into D1.

So basically it would look something like this...

(A1)John (B1)Smith (C1)X (D1)leave (want info to go here---->) (M4)John (N4)Smith (O4)currently on leave

And then have it automatically add the names below the one in M4-O4. so it would add names in M5-O5, M6-O6, etc

I have this spread sheet that has over 1000 names on it & it would help out alot if I could just use a function that could copy the information to another part of the spreadsheet or another workbook.

I know that I can use the filter, but I may want to have this stuff on another worksheet alltogether.

Also, if this is possible, is there a way that it can be automatically removed if I were to delete the word "leave" from the cell?

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Excel 2007 :: Exponential Interpolation

Dec 12, 2013

I have a frequency table (attached) that I need to be able to interpolate values between the known values on something other than a linear basis (e.g. exponential or logarithmic).

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Exponential Interpolation For Different Types Of Curves?

Apr 16, 2014

interpolating numbers in excel for an exponential function. I want to know how to be able to curve a curve in 4 different ways essentially the 2 that make up the two halves of a peak and the 2 that make up the two halves of a trough. I've tried using the LINEST function to create this interpolation and it's good to get 1 of the 4 curves I'm interested in. how to do the other 3? I'm also interested in knowing if these functions "whip the tail up" as in almost like how the tail end of a "sin" function flips back up. here it is.


For this example of the exponential function, it creates the curve in one particular direction. I was wondering how I would do it to have it curve in another direction, for example I was testing the same function, but going downwards, and also having the tail curve back up (by hump I mean to simulate a gaussian distribution with the tails) how would I do that. seems like I now have part 1 of 4 aspects of the curve. here's the attached file to show what I mean. I want to get the hump going up and then sort of reflected along the y-axis and then similar features if I were to reflect the curves on the x axis. is it possible with the functions in excel? Linest test.xlsx

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Changing Default Exponential Format

Jan 28, 2014

In excel if it changes number to exponential format it would default to, for example if number is 12345 -> 1.2345e4, 0.012345 ->1.2345e-2

I was wondering it is possible to which a function to change this default format ie for example 0.012345 -> 12.345e-3

I basically want this kind of formatting as its would display information in terms of milli, micro, pico (or the opposite side kilo, mega, giga and so on).

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Avoiding Exponential Numbers During Import

Dec 16, 2008

I have some short code that imports data and account numbers that is "|" delimited. The problem I am having is that during the import, excel converts some of the account numbers to exponential numbers.

e.g. it converts 542690E24 to 5.4269E+29.

Is there a way to avoid this from occuring during the import? I tried to format the destination cells as '000000000' (all accounts are 9 digits) but it didn't work.

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Exponential Weight Volatility Average

Jul 25, 2006

to write a function that will exponentially weight a series of returns by a certain decay factor.

I have excel spreadsheets that can do this over several columns, like this

series of returns... rtns squared
2.50% =2.50%*2.50%
3.50% =3.50%*3.50%
5.00% =5.00%*5.00%
1.01% =1.01%*1.01%
0.75% =0.75%*0.75%
4.01% =4.01%*4.01%
-2.78% =-2.78%*-2.78%

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Exponential Trend Line Is Off From Input Data

Dec 6, 2013

I am trying to find the exponential equation from a set of data in excel. The problem is that the graph does not follow the scatter plotted points on the graph. How would you remedy this?

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Code Converting Text To Exponential Notation

Dec 26, 2009

I have a bit of code that is grabbing only the first 9 positions of an alpha-numeric string. The problem I am running into is that when the alpha-numberic value contains an "E", the code turns it into an exponential number in error.

For example, I have the following in column G: 01877E107000. When I run the code, it turns into an alpha-numeric value. The result should be 01877E107 (in column K). I tried using the text function within the code.

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Exponential Number (formatted As Text) Appearance

May 1, 2007

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do away with the "Exponential" appearance of numbers (in Excel) when they are formatted as text. I am working with National Stock Numbers and there are no required computations based on them being formatted as a number ... AND ... one of my constraints is that they are required to be formatted as text when imported into an Access database ...

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Bloomberg - Excel Function To Get Information Through ISIN Code?

Apr 15, 2014

, just by using the ISIN code of a Bond in bloomberg, to get in excel:

- Coupon
- Cpn Freq
- Day Cnt
- Maturity

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User Defined Function To Extract Information From Closed File

Feb 7, 2014

Herewith I attached a sample excel file.

Structure file which i attached herewith include all the cost center details. normally it is a big file contain more than 1000 cost center details. Structure File.xlsx If i want a cost center name for some cost center code, i have to open this file and find a specific name.

What i plan is develop a macro function called "CC".

If I type =CC("D232") I need to print cost center name for D232.

But the problem is i don't want to open the structure file, without open that file, when i type this function i need a result.

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Stop Hexadecimal Number Displaying As Exponential & Convert To Decimal

May 31, 2008

I use hex2dec frequently and input with a hex 'E' such as 05e8 is misinterpreted as exponential notation. I can use =hex2dec("05e8") to get the correct value, but when the hex number is in another cell, I get the exponent assumption/ conversion (to 5 x 10e8), or a # NUM error if it is in quotes. This seems like a blatant problem but I've found no mention of it in searches or FAQs.

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Using Lists Function Calculate The Outstanding Work Estimation Based On Available Information

Feb 10, 2009

I am trying to create a worksheet which can calculate the Outstanding Work Estimation based on available information.

The information available with me is presented in Rows 3, 4, 5, and 6. For these types of work orders, I have information regarding their Previous Outstanding Status, New Orders, Completed Orders, and at presented Unworked Orders (or Outstanding orders at the end of Jan 2008).

Second set of information is available in rows 9 to 23. This information provides for which type of orders were completed by Staff 1 and Staff 2.

Based on these two sets of information, I am trying to get to the point where I can calculate the following:

a) Applying the weight of orders (namely 1A, 1B, 1C and Blend) by using the drop down list function in column B, I should be able to get the results in Column C (C25 onwards till C40), Column D (D25 onwards till D40), and Column E (E25 onwards till E40). Simlarly for all other months...for February, March, and so on...till December 08.

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Derive Curve From Values Then Apply Curve To Another Dataset?

Jun 5, 2014

I have a data set (Set#1) that consists of a positional rank (1-240) and a dollar value ($46-$1) for each positional rank. It's not a straight line set.


What I need to do is take that curve and apply it to another data set (Set#2) (1-240) and assign a dollar value ($46-$1) to each positional rank.

A "corner cutting" way of doing it would be an Index/Match to simply carry over the dollar value from (for example) #45 from my Set#1 to #45 in my Set#2. This could work reasonably well with data sets of the same size, but mine aren't always the same size, so I need to apply the curve itself. I

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How To Sum Limited Time Only Offer

Dec 12, 2013

Basically I am trying to work out the impact of a limited time offer (say 6 months) which offers customers a discount on their phone bill for a period of time (say 12 months).

I'm getting stuck on the formula (if there is one!?) which takes into account the fact the build up and then roll off of customers - i.e. in month 14 the customers that signed up in the first 2 months will no longer benefit from the discount. I have attached a spreadsheet which hopefully illustrates this a bit better!

Marginal revenue.xlsx‎

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VBA Sort Limited To 3 Selections?

Nov 15, 2011

Any way to sort by more then 3 selections.

I want to sort by Date, Team, User, Item, then Sub iTEM.

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Memory Usage Limited To 1 Gig

Jun 24, 2006

I was reading in the sticky post about the new version of Excel that is due out this year. One of the improvements listed was the increase of usable memory by Excel from 1gig to the amount of Windows memory. In reading this, am I to understand that increasing a machine's physical memory above 1gig is useless for Excel in the current version? My specific issue is I have a very involved worksheet that takes about 2.5 minutes to calculate and this will increase as more data is added, it is heavy formula laden. I was going to increase memory from 2gig to 4gig to assist in reducing the calculation time.

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Protection For Limited Field In Doc

Sep 20, 2006

I need to attach some of my docs (either excel sheet or word sheet) to my client via email. Supposedly the excel or word sheet is to be fillled by them (certain field) but at the same time i need to protect amendment on some fields. for Example.

user can fill wording within the underline colume but they cannot change my "Diagnosis" word to something else.

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Workbook With Limited Rows And Columns

Oct 30, 2008

i've seen workbooks in the past that have a limited number of rows and colums but im not sure how to set that up in excel.

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How To Get The (average Or Sum) In A Limited Period Of Time

Jan 22, 2009

This code help me in typing the date and time in any cell of column (B) automatically just in case I enter somthing in any adjacent cell of column (A)

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