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Exponential Number (formatted As Text) Appearance

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do away with the "Exponential" appearance of numbers (in Excel) when they are formatted as text. I am working with National Stock Numbers and there are no required computations based on them being formatted as a number ... AND ... one of my constraints is that they are required to be formatted as text when imported into an Access database ...

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Join Text With Formatted Number
I had a hard time to put a suitable title to this query, not sure if above is good enough for my query. I am entering combination of text and number in a cell using a formula. I am wondering if it is possible to add formula which can format number such that it is displayed in accounting format. Example:

Expected output = Trial 1,000
Using this formula
="Trial "&Sheet1!A1
where A1 in Sheet1 = 1000
Output is Trial 1000

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Determine Whether Cell Contains A Number Formatted As Text
How can I interrogate the contents of a cell to determine whether or not it contains a number formatted as text? I intend to run a .value = .value over each such cell to convert it to a number format, but I only want to do this to relevant cells.

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Stop Hexadecimal Number Displaying As Exponential & Convert To Decimal
I use hex2dec frequently and input with a hex 'E' such as 05e8 is misinterpreted as exponential notation. I can use =hex2dec("05e8") to get the correct value, but when the hex number is in another cell, I get the exponent assumption/ conversion (to 5 x 10e8), or a # NUM error if it is in quotes. This seems like a blatant problem but I've found no mention of it in searches or FAQs.

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Code Converting Text To Exponential Notation
I have a bit of code that is grabbing only the first 9 positions of an alpha-numeric string. The problem I am running into is that when the alpha-numberic value contains an "E", the code turns it into an exponential number in error.

For example, I have the following in column G: 01877E107000. When I run the code, it turns into an alpha-numeric value. The result should be 01877E107 (in column K). I tried using the text function within the code.

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Sum Text Formatted Numbers
Is it possible to sum cells that contain numbers converted to text? I used TEXT function to convert them because I needed to format them (to display three decimal digits, if number < than 0.05, three digits otherwise). But now SUM Formula doesn't work.

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Lookup Numbers Formatted As Text
The solution below to look up numbers in an array formatted as 10 characters as text.

This has worked well except now I have received the data and the text I want to lookup has been reformatted (previously leading zeros) to the number with trailing spaces, still a total of 10 characters but the above formula no longer works. Is there an easier workaround other than using "Find" to locate the position of the first space.

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Formatted Currency Text In Formula
I am in need of a formula.
I am subtracting one number from the other and if the result is negative, “Short” otherwise “Add”, I want to use subtracting result in the formula. So for example A1 has 50,000 and A2 has 40000 so the formula in cell A3, should say add $10,000.

Or something like this, =IF(A1-A2>0,”ADD”,”SUBTRACT”,”&TEXT(A1-A2,”$#,##0.00”)

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Find And Replace Formatted Text
I want to find strikethrough text and replace it with blanks. In my sheet there are cells that contain both strikethrough and normal text. I tried using the 'Find and replace' tool, specifying the format. I've attached a picture with the settings from the Replace window.

The problem is that Excel finds the cells that contain strikethrough text, but replaces with blank ALL the cell content. I would like to replace only the strikethrough text from the cell and leave the normal text as it is!

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Assign Value To Text Formatted Cell
I want to be able to "count" apples and oranges. Is there a way to record a particular text in a text formatted cell and count it. e.g. 10 cells, 3 say "apples", three say "oranges", 4 say "plums". I want excel to keep track of the three types of fruit when I change them and give me a running number of each.

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Conditionally Formatted Cells Which Turn The Text In Them To Red If The Value Is Less Than 40
I have a series of conditionally formatted cells which turn the text in them to red if the value is less than 40. This works fine.

Occasionally however a value of less than 40 will need to be entered along with the letter 'v'.

ie. 39v

I'd still like this to be coloured red, but it's obviously coming out as black.

Is there a way to sort this out?

edited to add : Im actually using a separate cell to enter the value 40 (as the value can change).

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Can You Delete Specifically Formatted Text From A Cell
Is it possible to delete the work 'Strike' purely based on it's formatting I.E: as having a strike through set against it?

Im thinking it's not! I know you can use 'Find and Replace' for single cells with single words in, but not out of a sentence?

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Text And Formatted Date & Time In Cell
I am trying to get a single cell to display the following:

Last Updated: 3/18/2008 15:08 (GMT+2)

Entering =NOW() in a cell displays the date and time as required.

But entering ="Last Updated: "&NOW()&" (GMT+2)" displays the date and time as a serial number. Formatting the cell to Date does not change the serial number to date and time format.

The only way I have found to get the desired result is to use =NOW() in another cell (F13), format that cell to general to get the date/time serial number, then use ="Last Updated: "&TEXT(F13,"m/d/yyyy h:mm ")&" (GMT+2)" in the required destination cell.

As I said this works, but it strikes me as an inefficient method. Is there a formula I can enter or formatting I can apply to get the desired result without using an addition cell?

The result needs to be in a single cell. Splitting text and date/time into 3 adjacent cells will not work with my worksheet setup.

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Identifying Numeric Values Within A Range Formatted As Text
how to convert number into text (acutal formating)

Eg. : 150500

One Lac Fifty Thousand Five Hundred

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Deleting Page Breaks From Text File Formatted
I am trying to figure out how to create a Macro code in Excel that will delete text file page breaks. Each page break starts with a square in column A and ends with the word continued in column D. I've tried several times, but when I test the code and I highlight the section to delete, it only deletes those specific rows next time. How can I get it to delete the rows from the square to "Continued" throughout the document without making reference to specific cell numbers?

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Command Button Appearance
I have a Userform with one RefEdit control and three CommandButtons. The RefEdit has the focus. But one of the three command buttons is the default (it varies). I would like to make the default button look like it has the focus (even though the RefEdit does). How can one hightlight a command button? I'm currently using underline, but that is too subtle.

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Change Command Button Font Appearance
I am looking for a way to alter the appearance of a button when a second one is clicked. I have two buttons, "Yes" and "No", and when one is clicked I would like to 'grey' the font in the other without disabling it, and vice versa. I have tried recording a macro as I go into the button's properties and change the foreground font, but it does not record the font change, only the selection of the button object.

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Changing Cell Comment Default Appearance
I wish to be able to change the default appearance of a cell's comment. Currently, the default font size is too small to be useful - is there a way of changing this setting, without reverting to a VBA tidy-up?

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Join Date And Time String And Keep Cell Appearance Same
I am joining two cells together, date and time.
I1 & J1
12/13/2005 12:35:00 PM

I want it to appear as
12/13/2005 12:35:00 PM

but after joining i get the serial value of:
38699 0.524305555554747

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Exponential Format
I am working with a program that creates numbers as follows:

Instead of -2.74E-6, the program writes -2.74-6. The E is left off to save space.

When I import this data, Excel automatically "does the math" so the cell reads: -8.74 instead of -2.74E-6.

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Calculate Exponential Forecast
I have inherited a series of data relating to a change in a specification over a period of time and a number of cycles.

See attached.

There is already a chart which shows the data and has an exponential line.

I want to find the value of Cycles where the Average Flash exponential from the chart line is 0.131.

FYI this is to plot deterioration in a piece of tooling, 0.131 being the accepted warning level. If you feel there is a better statistical model to use for that application then I'm all ears!

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Avoiding Exponential Numbers During Import
I have some short code that imports data and account numbers that is "|" delimited. The problem I am having is that during the import, excel converts some of the account numbers to exponential numbers.

e.g. it converts 542690E24 to 5.4269E+29.

Is there a way to avoid this from occuring during the import? I tried to format the destination cells as '000000000' (all accounts are 9 digits) but it didn't work.

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Exponential Weight Volatility Average
to write a function that will exponentially weight a series of returns by a certain decay factor.

I have excel spreadsheets that can do this over several columns, like this

series of returns... rtns squared
2.50% =2.50%*2.50%
3.50% =3.50%*3.50%
5.00% =5.00%*5.00%
1.01% =1.01%*1.01%
0.75% =0.75%*0.75%
4.01% =4.01%*4.01%
-2.78% =-2.78%*-2.78%

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Derive Exponential Function From Limited Information
I've been working on a ss that requires me to create a function to determine a value from a exponential curve where the area of the curve is variable . The terminal points, 0,0 and 100,100 remain constant and the curve is symmetrical at the 45degree angle. How can I derive a function knowing only these things.

Here is an image to crudely illustrate what i mean [url]

The area can be 10, 20, 35% it doesn't matter, I need a way to determine the function from just the area!

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Get/Convert Number From Clipboard As/To True Number, Not Text
Does clipboard method gettext retreive the text from clipboard only, not number? What if numbers are copied (Ctrl C) to clipboard?

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Join Text & Number & Retain Number Format
I used to get data from a database (CorVu & MIMS) in this format "0122458/001". Due to changes in those Databases I now get the data as 2 columns " 0122458" and "1" .What I need to do is somehow get this back to the old format including the leading zeros.

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Insert Text In Front Of Text OR Number - User Defined Format
I can't seem to make user-defined format that puts a text in front of a number and/or a text.

Let's say I have A1: 13, A2: texttext A3: text7 and I want to format a lot of cells to "Ilike 13" / "Ilike texttext" / "Ilike text7"... ie add the same text in the front of the cell, no matter what the content is.

I did manage it seperately, with "texttext" @ for text and "texttext" # for numbers, but what's the general one?

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Number Store As Text & Text Date With 2 Digit Year
I have a macro which will import data to the worksheet, then perform some formatting on the data, then assign the month & job description based on the lookup table. The problem is that when I import in the data, the data in column B&C will be store as text instead of number and the date in column E will store a 2 digit year instead on 4 digit year which cause error to my macro. I have try to preset the column format to number, i even try to change the column format to number when i run the format macro data. But the problem is still there.

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Importing Text File (excel Treat Row Of Text As Number)
I created a vb macro to open a text file then process the file then close the file. Here is my problem:

Problem: THe text file has rows of data in it as follows


This row of text gets converted to


because excel treats the row of text as a number but i dont want it to do this transition.

When i save the file and then reopen it using say NOTEPAD i see 5.16E+42 and not the long string of text.

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Seperating NUMBER TEXT NUMBER Into Different Columns
What If we had to replace any number..
Lets say, if we had to seperate NUMBER TEXT NUMBER in different combinations....
B2 contains values like these then

TOM CRUISE 123456789
123456789 TOM CRUISE
123 TOM CRUISE 456

[ = SUBSTITUTE(B2,"1234567890","") ]

I am at my wit's end pondering over it?

How to make the SUBSTITUTE function work for each individual digit?

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Show Text & Number With Number Format
I have a standard block of text with numbers in it pulled from various calculations in a financial model. I have done this through a formula

e.g. ="You gross profit percentage is " & D9 & "% and your gross profit is $" & D10 & "." Problem is i'd like to format the numbers that pull through so they are easier to read. At the moment in the above example D10 results in $-600000000. I'd like it to look like $(600,000,000).

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Find A Text Or Number In Text Boxes
I have a couple of excelfiles in which someone made a flowchart with text boxes. I would like a search code that would help me find a text or number in those text boxes. The CTRL+F function only works on cells. Does something similar exist for text boxes? Or can this be made in a macro?

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Inserting Formatted Row
I'm working with a line of code I can't seem to get right. I've got this string that will put breaks in, but I've realized it would make my life easier if the code, along with inserting a break, then inserted a formatted gray divider, it would make it easier. Here's what I have:

Sub BreakSections()
'This macro breaks the new data on sheets into their individual groups, inserting a blank line_
'which will need to be filled with a gray dividing line
Dim i As Long, j As Long
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With Sheets("Contract Manufacturers")
. Cells.UnMerge
i = .UsedRange.Rows.Count
End With
For j = i To 2 Step -1
If Not IsEmpty(Cells(j, 5)) And Cells(j + 1, 5) <> Cells(j, 5) Then Rows(j + 1).Insert
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

I've tried then to put this code in after the Insert:

Range(ActiveCell, Range("AJ" & ActiveCell.Row)).Select

and then the formatting code.....

But I end up getting a whole mess of gray rows, displacing a lot of data. Is it possible to do these things together, or I should write another macro that just looks for the blank spots? It seems like it would be easier to do it all at once.

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Text Number String To Number
I am looking for a way to add the 123 plus 456 to get 579. I have had some ideas that almost work, but I cannot get rid of the ' .

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Counting The Number When You Have A Number And Text
I have a column for EE or SP and a column that has an amount of insurance
coverage like 10,000 etc.

I want to count the total number of EE have that level or type of coverage

My columns are like this:
C1 EE K1 10,000
CE SP K2 200,00

I have tried numerous formulas from the various discussions and I can't find
any that works.

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Clear A Formatted Cell
I have a cell that I've formatted to dd/mmm/yy, It used to work, but now it doesn't. When I type in 1/2/03, the formatted cell shows 0-Jan-00, The formula bar shows =1/1/2. I seem to have a formula in the cell, but I can't get rid of it. I know it's most probably somethinmg I've done , but I don't know what. I've tried everything I know. I can't seem to re format the cell , and I can't delete the formatting in it. I'm stuffed.

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Copying Formatted Data
I have a cell that calculates an etch time, eg 41.88. The cell is formatted to give me whole numbers and quarters only so that the operators input is made easier, in this case 42.

When I use a macro to copy this to another worksheet, although it appears as 42, the actual cell data is 41.88. Anyway I can get the actual cell data to be 42?

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Columns Won't Stay Formatted
I have Excel 2008 for Mac (vers 12.0). On a basic spreadsheet, the first column is for date which I have formatted so I can type in 15/8/9 and it appears as 15-Aug-09.

However, each time I open Excel after having Quit it, I have to reformat the cells in this column again as they revert to converting my date input with something like 39,123.

My other columns are formatted to currency and are always okay.

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Entering A Barcode Without Getting +12 Formatted In
I'm trying to copy about 10,000 barcode over to a new spreadsheet, the prob is that when I copy them over they appear as XXXX+12 and then when I try and use them it doesn't like it. I can solve it if I format the column to text - and then double click it. This is ok for a hundred or so but fingers start to hurt after that!

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Formatted Date In Message Box
this code works fine on my desktop but on 2 of work's pc's it produces a error at the msgbox line

Private Sub Workbook_open()
Dim dDate As Date
dDate = Sheet16. Range("a1").Value
MsgBox "Today is the " & Format(dDate,"dd/mm/yy"), vbOKOnly
End Sub

i have changed the security settings in macro's and one of them was using office 2000, not sure about the 2nd one but i will check next time iam at the office and grab the error codes.

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Updating Only Cells Formatted As Currency
I am trying to write some code that will loop through the workbook (selecting all cells formatted as currency), updating the cell value and rounding to 2 decimal places. The updated price must be rounded as these prices are used in calculations.
The prices are not in a contiguous range and are in different cells on each sheet, but all within the range (“B1:V200”)
I need the user to enter the required increase I,e 1.05 (5%) in Price update sheet, cell “F6”, then run the code from this sheet (which will be the only sheet I do not want to run the code on, which will be the active Sheet)
This is the code I have so far
I don’t know if it will work yet as it errors out (Type mismatch) on this line.
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value

Sub UpdatePrices2()

For Each Ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If Ws.Name ActiveSheet.Name Then
For Each cell In Ws.Range("B1:V200")
If cell.NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00" Then
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value
cell = WorksheetFunction.Round(cell, 2)
End If
Next cell
End If
Next Ws
End Sub

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Automatically Formatted As Scientific Notation
I'm trying to filter a long list to look for specific employee numbers. The employee numbers are so long that they have to be formatted as text or they are automatically formatted as scientific notation (they are 18 digits long). For some reason this is causing the filter not to work properly.

Employee ID

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Vb Code To Find Formatted Cells
I currently have a spreadsheet that i am using to track invoice pages when I receive them. I have added a conditional format on the worksheet that turns the Date red when each invoice is due and i manually shade each cell grey when the invoice is received, however as i have many invoices due on the spreadsheet its a bit dificult to track all of them... i have been told that a VB code will help. (I am new to this)...

I want to put a Command button on the spreadsheet that will take me to the next cell that has the text highlighted as red and the background color is white i.e not shaded.

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Moving Data In Formatted Table
Receive worksheets with data in different layouts that needs to be moved into formatted worksheet with unique layout and field size to import in to Access database.

Example of formatted table layout ....

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Sum Conditional Formatted Cells By Color
I'm trying to use the SUMCOLOR function found on your website to sum cells which have conditional formatting (background colors with bold writing) applied to them, but it doesn't work.

I'm attaching the code found on the website as a reference.
I read some content on Cpearson but it's way beyond my understanding.

Function SumColor(rColor As Range, rSumRange As Range)


'Written by Ozgrid Business Applications


'Sums cells based on a specified fill color.


Dim rCell As Range

Dim iCol As Integer

Dim vResult

iCol = rColor.Interior.ColorIndex

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Macro To Insert Formatted Rows
I need columns A, B, and C to have borders all the way around each cell in the row. Then, columns D through H need to be merged, with one border around the merged cell. The row height needs to be size 16 font, which I've been solving by putting in one letter that size, colored white so it doesn't show up when I print.

Basically, I have a spreadsheet of a bunch of tools, and I need to insert a row below each entry for the mechanics to sign their initials for three stages of the repair process, and also have the larger, merged cell for notes.

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How Do I Format List Of Names Formatted Last,first To First Last
ANYONE KNOW, OTHER THAN CUT AND PASTE, A METHOD OF "flip flopping" names in a list, from last, first to first last? (maybe "telling"the list to separate into 2 columns the words separated by the comma, last in one column and first in another). I have a list of 360 names and not looking forward to cut and paste this list.

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Copy Numbers That Are Being Custom Formatted
Column A has a custom format of 000. Therefore the numbers in that column always have leading zeroes if they're less than 3 digits long.

I want to copy these leading zeroes to another column, but I DON'T want to have to custom format the new column. I just want the values copied over with any leading zeroes, if applicable.

When I "Paste Special" and select "Values", numbers like "1" that show up as "001" in Column A will show up as "1" again in the new column. How can I get the actual value "001" to be all that's in the new column?

If it's easier for you, pretend I need to copy over these custom formatted values in to another program which does not retain any custom formatting.

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Formatted Cell With Leading Zeros
I have a whole number in cell C2, but i am formatted it in Cell C3 to always have leading zeros combined with the number in Cell C2, where the result will be 8 digits long. example, my number in cell C2 = 572 but i need it formatted to be 00000572, but if the number was 19 it needs to be formatted to be 00000019 and so on.

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Pasting Formulas In A Formatted Spreatsheet
I have been asked by my manager to make new shelf labels for all our stationery products for the VAT change in the new year. I'm sure I can get excel to help me make the task quicker but i'm just having trouble with pasting the formulas into the label template that I have to use, I was wondering if anyone could tell me why and if it is possible to do with the way I set the document out. Attached is what I have so far.

if there is a simpler way of doing this. The data sheet is the item description and the old price. The labels sheet i need to be able to print off in that format so i can cut it up and use the labels on our shelves. The formula for the VAT change is on the labels sheet, it works on the old price on the data sheet. I want to be able to quickly apply the formulas and format of the labels to more cells in the sheet so i can print off multiple pages of labels.

I have tried just copying the current formatted cells (A2 to C29) which I have seperatley typed the formulas into (takes ages) and pasting them beneath that. It doesnt continue the formula though. Instead of the next label cells formula carrying on and being Data!A43 it become Data!A29. Perhaps what I want to do is not even possible!

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Dd/mm/yy Minus Yymmdd (formatted As General)
I use the first six numbers of a SA Identity number to calculate the age of a person as these six digits are actually the year (yy) followed by the month (mm) followed by the day (dd), I am born 01 September 1962, and therefore my first six digits are 620901.

Assume the figure 620901 is placed in Cell A1

Now, in another cell, say A4, I have a future date, but this value is formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. Assume this value to be 01/10/2017.

Firstly, I'd like to know How old I AM at that date and secondly, just because I am battling so, how old I will be on my next birthday, because adding the figure 1 to a total has never been so useless - it just doesn't work! I tried adding all sorts of numbers for months and days in a year but there was no consistency.

So here is my question: Simple - how do I get this to work?

On 1/10/2017 I will be 55, or turning 56 At Next Birthday. I have the following function that gives the answer of 55, but not 56 ANB even after 1 additional year is added to the function (the cell is formatted as yy):

Cell A6 Function = A4-DATE(LEFT(A2,2)+1900,MID(A2,3,2),MID(A2,5,2))

Also, ON my birthdate, 01/09/2017, it says that I am 54, and it has to be wrong because I would have turned 55, unless the function uses time and not just the actual date somewhere. On the next day it does, at least, see me as 55.

how to add calculate what my age will be AT MY NEXT BIRTHDATE for any given date in A4?

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