Extract A Number And Name From Middle Of Text

Mar 22, 2007

I have a several hundred rows of data that are telephone line type, number and user name all concatenated. This is the way the data arrives. I need to extract the number and user name into 2 separate columns - I do not need the phone type. Is there a formula that can identify numbers within text. I can't use Text to Columns as the leading telephone line type varies and I don't want to use VBA to do the work. There are at least 10 different line types, example of some:

M/BANK (Spectrum) 0740318578 MB TO 4429

the following phones start witn an "N"

Can this be done or will I have to resort to code.

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Extract Middle Text

Jan 10, 2007

I want to write a macro that is able to copy the 5th position to the 10th position characters from one cell to another. For example, in Cells(B1) contains: Mon Jan 8 09:00:02 2007. Then I want to copy "Jan 8" to Cells(A1). How do I do that? Also, i am not supposed to hardcode the cells. The codes should look something like that

start = InputBox....
end = InputBox...

For i = start To End
Cells(i,"A").Value = (whatever Function To copy 5th To 10th char of Cells(i,"B")).......
Next i

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Function That Enable To Extract Text In The Middle Of Cell

Feb 25, 2014

I need to extract text from the middle of a cell. I know you can use the MID function but with the complete function as i need to extract text string from Name to the end of their full name (I have highlighted below in bold). Of course their full name will change in each row.

Example text in cell B2: ID: 197993043 Name: Ben Fred Company: ID: 197992821 Name: Hello World!

A2 cell: =MID(B2,15,??????

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Extract 1st 2 Words & Middle Section From Text String

Jun 18, 2008

I have a text string with 3 data to be extracted and then split throu range, but only specific parts is needed.

string is like that:
Name Surname - Number : ################ - Exp : YYMM - Centre etc etc....

Lets say its allways happens in cell A3, for example:
Adrian Kukuwas - Number : 1235467890123456 - Exp: 1009 - Centre... I would like a macro:

*that runs only if string starts with a letter, then if so
*takes Adrian Kukuwas to cell D3
*takes 1009 (the exp) to B3 and makes it look like 09 10 (or 09_10)
*in A3 leaving only the number 1235467890123456 text formated (sometimes the copy source formats the cell for bad)

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Extract Middle Words From Text String With Multiple Dots?

Oct 22, 2012


I'd like to extract just "blue.red.yellow.green" to the following spreadsheet column, keeping the intermediate dots, but getting rid of the first/last words and their succeeding or preceding dots.

I've tried using RIGHT, LEFT, MID formulas unsuccessfully

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Pull Number From Middle Of Text String

Mar 24, 2009

I would like one formula to remove "5206" from this string. I tried a combination of right/left formulas together, but I could not get it to work.


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Extract Number From Text

May 10, 2014

I want to separate the numbers from the text. And put each number in the column

Ref. No.

Peter Rumsfeld - 109/158

Marian Morgan Abraham - 108/160

Antonio Kelly Richard Harris - 111/1158

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Extract Car Number Plates From Text

Oct 10, 2012

I have a considerable amount of long text data in column A( thousands rows) and I need to extract all the car number plates in each cell of the near columns ( B,C,D..as many as necessary - one result per cell; the car number plates mainly match one of these formats :

BC06UTA ( two letters/two digits/three letters), BC068UTA( two letters/ three digits/three letters) CA7845XC ( letter,letter/4digits/letter/letter), B042068 ( letter/six digits), BC042968 ( two letters/six digits), CAA001 ( three letters/three digits) and AK1234AB ( two letters/four digits/two letters).

The number of the possible results is variable from 1 to 10

I would need also to have the possibility to edit the "matching car number plate format" if other formats will be identified (letters/digits/letters)

Basically each car number plate starts with a space and ends a space .

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Extract Number From Text String?

Apr 28, 2014

Below is a sample of data I need to extract the 8 digit number:

In a spreadsheet, I had set up three columns where:

A: removed first three characters. WO_32092_56228491_115130-WP55 to 32092_56228491_115130-WP55
B: removed up to the _ . 32092_56228491_115130-WP55 to 56228491_115130-WP55
C: captured the first 8 characters left. 56228491_115130-WP55 to 56228491

I am pulling the data into Excel via an ODBC where there is thousands of rows of data. The three column process puts a tremendous strain on the processor.

Is there a formula that will extract the 8 character number without a three step process?

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Extract Text Or Number From A Cell

May 12, 2014

I have a file of 2000 rows I would like to Extract from each Cell the size of the product.

Chlorella Powder 100g Organic

Chlorella Powder Organic

The first row shows how it is at the moment the second row shows how I would like it to be.

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Extract Text & Number From Cell

Aug 17, 2009

How can i extract text and number from a cell .For example I have a series of data like 453x, 45y in Column "A". I want text in column "B" and numbers in "C" column. The cell has variable data with diffrent length.

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Extract Number From Text Cell

Aug 17, 2009

I have an extract from a call logging system; one of the columns is a description of the call (this column is extracted in Text format). Within some of the descriptions is a reference number which I need to extract (sadly this number isn't kept in its own field) - is there any way to determine whether a cell has numbers in it, and if so is there a way to pull them out into a seperate column? (preferably using a formula as I'm no good at VBA!)

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Extract Number Of Variable Length From Text String

Jan 25, 2007

Imagine that I have this list of thousands of customers, who are listed in column B in the format "customer no+space+customer name".

Now I want to extract ONLY the customer no from the text string in column B and insert it as number value in column A on the same row.

Would have been easy with "Left" command, but as the customer numbers have variable length, I have a problem.

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Place Currency And Number In Middle

Feb 2, 2009

I have a problem here with the currency style, when I put the number in the cell and clicked the currency style button, the currency is placed in the left side and the number is in right side. How can I make it both in the middle? http://i44.tinypic.com/bfnbqd.jpg

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Extract Fraction From Text Without Converting To Date Serial Number

Jul 16, 2009

I have a cell with the following text in it that is being imported from a website "5/1 Smith T win". What i want to do is extract the "5/1" part without it being in the format of a date. I want it to be extracted in the format "?/???". I have entered the following formula to extract the "5/1"

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Removing Text From Middle Of Text String?

Jan 31, 2012

I am trying to remove a middle initial from a text string however not all of the cells have middle initials. In column B I would like to return the first and last name. If needed I can have the first name in column B and the last in column C then combine them.

John A Smith John Smith
John Smith John Smith

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Suppression Of Zeros Even In The Middle Of Number Fault

May 17, 2013

I have a large excel spreadsheet which looks at a number of test results for students in school. The worksheet being prepared by marcos to display different class results dependent on the teacher select so they can view their class data. The sheet works fine and does all I need but have a fault with the transfer of test results which contain zeros. These are transfered with the zero missing even if the zero is in the middle of the number eg 203. The display if zeros is not suppressed and I have no format to suppress zeros but also understand these commands on suppress empty cells containing just zero.

This code will bring up the fault shown above and will loose zeros so 10 on source sheet becomes 1 and 102 becomes 12

VB : =IFERROR(SUBSTITUTE((VLOOKUP($A11,INDIRECT($H$14),550,False)),"0",""),"")

I wondered if the SUBSTITUTE command is causeing issues but cannot remember quite what this command does - may have copied from elsewhere and not fully understood it.

The following code is used elsewhere on the same worksheet to display the same test result but in a individual pupil format rather than as a class sheet.

VB : =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$7,INDIRECT($H$14),888,False),"")

This picks up the same result but does not suppress the zeros. It cannot be used to do the job of the upper code as it reads from the original source where as the upper line of code reads from a central point which does not change so the data from 6 different areas is copied into this area.

These are not part of macros just in a cell. The cells are not formatted and then right click format cell is just "general".

Needless to say I need to know what I have done wrong to get the test result to be displayed incorrectly so I can correct it to get the sheet right.

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Averaging Middle 10 Numbers Of A 12 Number List

Aug 1, 2014

How I could get an average of a 12 number list while at the same time removing the highest and lowest numbers. They aren't in any order either.


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Cell Reference In Middle Of Text

Jul 10, 2009

I'm trying to create a VB Script for an AS/400 app. It's all written but I'm trying to feed the data for part from an excel file. If B5 was 10 I need the final output in my cell to read:

autECLSession.autECLPS.SendKeys "10"

Here is my current formula ="autECLSession.autECLPS.SendKeys"""""&B5*100&""""""
It's reading as autECLSession.autECLPS.SendKeys""10"" which has two sets of quotes not just one and no space between sendkeys and "10"

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Delete Middle Part Of Text String

Mar 30, 2009

I am looking for a formula to delete information from the middle of a text string. I have ~ 1,000 lines of data. Each text string is composed of the same way. The data I am looking for is two parts of the string (1) all the text up to and including the first % character (2) the last six characters.

Raw Data
UST BILL 0%09US TREAS BILL 0%09 UST BILL 0.0 092409
WORLD SAVINGS 4.125%09WORLD 4.125%09 WORLD SVGS 4.125 121509
JP MORGAN 5.375%12JP 5.375%12 JPMORGAN CHS5.375 100112

Desired Result
UST BILL 0% 092409
WORLD SAVINGS 4.125% 121509
JP MORGAN 5.375% 100112

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Formula To Pick Out Text In Middle Of String And Return

Jan 20, 2014

I am looking for a formula to remove the text 2.2 from the string Rav4 2.2 D-4d X or 1.33 out of Yaris 1.33 Vvt etc, I have tried using the formula


But it just keeps returning #N/A. I have all the variables outlined in cells AM$1:AN$25 hence the reference. I currently have the formula


Which is working perfectly @ finding and returning the start of the string but just cannot get the one to find the middle characters.

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Extract Text From Given Point In Text String When Data Points Do Not Share Given

Jul 9, 2014

I have a set of task descriptions that I am attempting to trend on. Some of these (Column B) have the customer's name added to the description; others do not. I need to be able to make a list of task names (ColumnA), removing the name from the text string.

The formula I am using is [=LEFT(B3,FIND("for",B3)-2)].

The problem I am having is when the description does not contain the "for" built into the formula, I get "VALUE" error. What adjustment can I make to the formula to pull over the Description if the "for" does not appear in the text string?

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Extract Multiple Text Strings From A Long Text String

Sep 4, 2009

An original text string entry appearing in an Excel cell would be:

"N7C Neuroprotective J5Z Antiviral, other M2Z Antiarthritic, other J5A Antiviral, anti-HIV"

I need to extract N7C, J5Z, M2Z and J5A from this string and list these alphanumeric values in separate cells adjacent to the original text string. The challenge is that these alphanumeric references may appear in different positions within the original string with no fixed value e.g. a "," separating them. The alphanumeric references may also be 3 or 4 characters in length and there may be different numbers of alphanumeric references in the original string.

Another example would be (very different from the first):

"T2Z Recombinant, other K5B Radio-chemoprotective J3Z Antibacterial, other D3A Vulnerary A10C Symptomatic antidiabetic K6Z Anticancer, other R8A Antiasthma B6A Septic shock treatment I1Z Immunostimulant, other S1Z Ophthalmological R8B Antiallergic, non-asthma M1A1 Anti-inflammatory"

You can see that in this further example "A10C" & "M1A1" are 4 character alphanumeric strings wheras the others feature 3 characters.

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Extract Numbers After Text In Text String

Mar 12, 2014

I am trying to extract numbers after a specific text in a text string, for eg :abc SN 12345 xyzedf SN No. 456 mnoAs per above, i want to extract any numbers afters "SN". the numbers can be vary in digits i.e. it can be 3 digit numbers or 4 or 6. Also, at times there is some other text in between (like SN No.) numbers and search word (i.e. SN)Any formula to get result as "12345" and "456".

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Extract Specific Text From A Text File

Jun 22, 2006

I had VBA run a third-party program ("HYD") using data listed in my spreadsheet. HYD produces a textfile and I want to extract a number from that log (line 58, columns 6-10 to be exact).

I started with

Open "C:TempHYDLOG.TXT" For Input As #1

but I don't know how to have it skip down to line 58 or which function to use to extract the number I want. I've read through tons of help files and forums but none of them treat anything as simple as scrolling down to specific lines.

The entire subroutine up to that point is as follows: ....

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Formula To Extract Number Only?

Apr 16, 2014

I have list of item numbers which some of them contain letter "C" or "S" at the end. For example,


Is there a way to select number only?

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Extract Number From Cell?

Aug 21, 2014

I have a reference in cell A2 I need excel to look at the text and extract the contents depending on the value example below

E600XXX4W1T12 - Excel to extract W1
E600XXX4D1T1 - Excel to extract D1
E600XXX4W10T12 - Excel to extract W10

So basicaly i need excel to extract the text from 4 to T

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How To Extract Number Of Rows

Jul 18, 2012

I'm working on an inventory spreadsheet that includes a user form to gather the data, inputs that into a new row and then I can't get the formula that counts the total inventory to include the newly inserted information.


Private Sub AddToInvButton_Click()
Range("C9").Value = Me.BrandText.Text
Range("D9").Value = Me.StyleText.Text
Range("E9").Value = Me.VitolaText.Text
Range("G9").Value = Me.RemainingNum.Text


I know the last Range statement and MyCount are off, but that's my stab at it to try and show you what I want it to do. I want it to count the number of rows between G8 and the end and use that number to modify the cell that has the simple =sum(G8:G-whatever the last number is minus 1 - since the very last row is the one where the sum formula is)

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Extract 2nd Number From A String

Feb 15, 2013

I wanted to return the second number in a string such as this:"0 of 0 jobs ... View all jobs"

The following worked perfectly:=MID(U3,FIND("f", U3)+1,LEN(U3)-FIND("f", U3)-23)

Until this line came up:"1 of 1 job ... View all jobs"

Obviously the "jobs" changed to "job" because of there being only 1, so the "-23" no longer worked. I need this to get the second number out of the string and it can change because the data is being refreshed from a website so it could easily change from one line to another.

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Extract The Last Number From A String?

Jun 20, 2014

It's for listing items to eBay. Ink Toners to be precise, the macro I have creates everything I need for a listing with a few msg prompts and importing data from another sheet. Saves me hours of work. Each cartridge has a Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. The macro works fine for cartridge sets that go under one name. E.g: Brother TN325 Black, TN325 Cyan, TN325 Yellow... etc.

I've run into an issue with some cartridges which have different names: HP C530a Black, C531a Cyan, C532a Yellow...

I set the macro up to deal with different number, by removing the last character of the "tonername" string "C530", then replacing it with "C531".. etc.

What I haven't factored in is the ones with an A on the end. I need a way to tell it to ignore the a if there is one.

To make it clear, I will be inputting the text: C530a From this, I need to create 3 more strings: C531a, c532a and C533a

Here's the snippet of code I'm using to achieve what I'm already doing.

Selection.Replace What:=A, Replacement:=Left(y, Len(y) - 1) & "1"
Selection.Replace What:=b, Replacement:=Left(y, Len(y) - 1) & "2"
Selection.Replace What:=c, Replacement:=Left(y, Len(y) - 1) & "3"


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