Find And Copy Partial Contents Of Cells

Nov 19, 2007

I have a list of about 2 million phrases. The list was created by combining two lists in all possible combinations:

a list of about 800 street names
a list of about 1000 property names


church street flat
church street apartment
house church street
house king's road

what I would like excel to do is the following:

look at each cell and determine which of the 800 street names it contains. write that streetname into adjacent cell.

this would then leave me with the original column, where each of the 2 million cells has been assigned one of 800 streetnames.

for example:

church street flat | church street
church street apartment | church street
house church street | church street
house king's road | king's road

that's all. I think that can't be too difficult, and probably it has already been discussed here in the forum. unfortunately I did not know for which keywords to search, that is why I couldn't find the posts.

I hope somebody can help me as I need to get this sorted for work as soon as possible. All semi-automatic ways I could think of to accomplish this would take me days that I don't have.

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Testing Contents Of 2 Cells - Ignoring Partial Matches

Jul 6, 2012

I have two columns, some of the cells in these columns contain more than one value separated by a space. Example:

Col A Col B
1.99 1.69
39.95 6 119.94 29.99 6 149.94
135 250 135.00 250.00
11.6 11.60

What I am trying to achieve is to test that the values in column A match those in column B and have a TRUE/FALSE response in column C. At present i'm just using =a=b, however I want the formula to give me a TRUE response for the third and fourth lines in my example, as I want it to ignore the zero after the decimal place, at present it gives me FALSE.

So the results I want to see in col C for the above example are:

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Copy Partial Strings From One Cell To Multiple Cells

Apr 5, 2007

I am trying to copy partial data from Column A into Columns B and C, then I want to delete Column A without affecting the results in Column B and C. Column A consists of a stock number in the format "1234-56-789-0000" (including the dashes) and is formatted as TEXT.

I'd like to paste the "1234" from Column A into Column B and the "56-789-0000" from Column A into Column C AND remove the dashes (-). I need to do this for the range (or number of rows) that is populated in Column A. This could be as many as 50,000+ rows of data. After this is done, I want to delete Column A. I tried using the LEFT and RIGHT formulas, but they are dependent on keeping Column A intact.

........... A .................. B .............. C ......
1234-56-789-0000 ..... 1234 ..... 567890000

and then eventually like this:

. A ............. B ......
1234 .... 567890000

On occasion, leading zeros in Column C have disappeared, and it's necessary it stay in a 9-digit format. There are 2 additional columns of data, but they shouldn't be affected by the above.

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Extract Partial Contents Of A Cell

Dec 12, 2007

I need to extract partial contents of a cell.. right now in the cell it looks like

address: 9999

so I want my code to see the cell... dropp the "address: " and only retrieve 9999.

I know it's on google somewhere but I can't seem to describe it properly for the right results to come up.

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How To Return Cell Contents If It Contains Partial Text

Jan 2, 2014

Below is a small sample of Column A from a spreadsheet I'm working with. All cells in the column begin with a 6 digit number:


What formula would allow me to enter only a 6 digit number and return the entire cell contents, i.e, search for 115403 and get a return of 115403_WACO ? I have tried INDEX and MATCH, but I'm not getting the results I need.

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Find Highest Value In Column And Then Copy Contents Of Another Cell In That Row?

Aug 18, 2014

I have a worksheet where columns C, F, I, L, O record scores within a league. Each row records a persons score in that league and there are two rows per person recording their score and their handicap score. So Person A would be on rows 3, 4, Person B on 5, 6 etc. The persons name is recorded in Column B.

What I would like to do is to have a cell(s) elsewhere in the worksheet which show the highest score in that league and display that score and the name of the person who achieved it. This ideally would need to be done for the highest score and the highest handicap score.

For the life of me I can't even begin to work out how to do that or even know if it is possible in Excel.

So to clarify, lets say the highest score is in cell L7 and the highest handicap score was in M3. The cell(s) containing this formula should then show the name in B7 and the score in L7 and below it the name in B3 and the score in M3.

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Copy Contents In 2 Cells - 1 Of Which Is A Date

May 7, 2014

In column A, i have cities.
In column B, i have dates.

I would like column D to have both the city and its corresponding date e.g. "paris (12/06/2013)"

However, I am getting "paris (41437)". Is there anyway to make the date appear properly?

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Copy Row Based On Contents Of 2 Different Cells.

Apr 5, 2009

I would like to do now would be to only copy the rows that also contain the word sold in column C. I guess that I could do this in two stages, first copying the rows based on the year then copy again based on the word sold in column C. It would be nicer to make a slight modification to my code and do it all in one step.

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Match 2 Cells On 2 Worksheets And Copy Contents Of Another Cell

Jan 3, 2014

Setup: I have 2 worksheets with between 8 and 9,000 rows on each

Column A in both worksheets Sheet1 and Sheet2 have an email address in them.

Not all addresses in sheet1 will be on sheet2 and visa versa

Column J on Sheet 2 contains a date

What I need: Column M on Sheet1 is empty

I need a formula to place into Column M on Sheet1 that will

Look at Sheet1:A

Locate the corresponding value on Sheet2:A

Pull the date from Sheet2:J same row into Sheet1:M

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Copy Only Part Of Cells Contents Based On Condition?

Jul 6, 2014

I will have 2 columns. In column B, will be a list of invoice numbers. Now each one starts with the "job number" (Ex. 51APGC01) then a dash and unique number per invoice. (Ex. 51APGC01-01)

In column A, will be a list of Purchase Order numbers sent by the customer so we can bill. Now, sometimes we get one PO for multiple invoices, (Ex. 03, 05, 06, 07.....)

What I am looking to do, is when I get these PO's, I enter them in and then I print a report for our billing Dept. The way the output line (cell) will read, is Job Number, then each unique number: (51APGC01-03, 05, 06, 07)

There are multiple jobs and each one has it's own report, so the job number will be dynamic and defined else where in the workbook. I can define that. It's just getting the numbers after the "-" and putting them in only.

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VBA To Loop Column And Copy Cells Contents To Another Cell

Dec 17, 2013

I have a script that copies data to files based on many cells contents but where I am having a problem is creating series numbers for each file.


In my current code I copy files to folders by date and each folder I need series of files (Lab Testing series)

In column A1:A100 I have a series of numbers 01, 02, 03 ...100

Column B contains the Files to be saved

So this works fine

I now need the Script to do is to loop to Column A and select Cell 2 and do the File Copy again on the Next series


When Complete repeat until it reaches the end of column A

Since my Cells are populated by all the data in the workbook I thought at the end of my copy script I would take the next Cells data in A and put it in Cell H8 where all the constants are for the file names.

Column B is built using


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VBA Copy Visible Cells Then Paste Contents As Values Over Same Location

Oct 4, 2012

Have a slightly unique issue that I can't seem to find the specific solution for. I am wanting to filter a range, using row 1, then copy the visible cells (Excluding the title row 1) and paste into the same location, so over the data as Values.

I can do the filtering part and the selection of the visible row. Only trouble is pasting it to the same location.

this is the code so far - anything better would be great

Sub Macro2()
Sheets("GF_Scoring Database").Activate
Dim extvalue As String
Dim rng As Range


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Find Last Partial Value In A Column

Feb 26, 2014

I've tried lookup, match and sumproduct and nothing works.

I have a lot of different values in a column B, I would like to find last value in a column that begins with "KBI-", all values have 8 characters. Eg.:


The Value I would like to retrieve is KBI-0103.

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How To Find Data Using Partial Lookup

May 12, 2014

[Code] .....

My data are ABC:apple and im looking in a column where data are like these : apple, melon, lettuce.

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How To Find Partial Text In A Cell

Jun 8, 2012

I have the following code to find text on a sheet. It works perfectly except that I want it to find partial text in a cell as well.

Thus, if the text in a cell is Goodwood, it will find it if I type in Goodwood as my search. I also want to find Goodwood if I only type in Good.

The Lookat:=xlPart does not seems to work.....

Dim rFound As Range
Dim iCount As Long
Dim Text As Range
Dim MyRange As Range
Sheets("All Codes").Visible = True


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Find Cell With Partial Formula

Aug 27, 2012

I need to find the last row of a table I'm manipulating with VBA. The last row contains only the subtotal of a specific column. I am currently using the following code to find the last row. (NB:'j' is the the specific column, the formula in the last cell is shown in the Do While conditional, but the value 109 can change)

Do While Cells(i, j).Formula "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BID PRICE '#1])"
i = i + 1

However, this code will not work if the user adds a row to the table. I've tried using a partial string search, but the do while conditional is always true. I assume this is because the cell contents are a formula and not a string.

Can I change my conditional to search for just the "=SUBTOTAL" portion of the formula?

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How To Find Sum Out Of Partial List Of Numbers

Dec 19, 2012

How do you tell Excel to find a sum out of a partial list of numbers? Let's say, I have sent 10 invoices with different totals to a client, and he returns payment for only 5 of those invoices without any reference. I need to know which invoices are paid.

Is there a function that can do this?

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Find Value In Array Based On Partial Input From User

Feb 22, 2013

I am trying to find a value in an array based on partial input from a user.

The user will enter the last four digits of a number.

Then the formula should find the number in a list and return that complete number

I will explain using example.

Here is the list of numbers (array):


User input= 3233

formula output = 3003283233

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VLookup - How To Find Partial Match Within Larger String

Apr 9, 2014

I'm trying to lookup a 10 digit number against a string of numbers seperated by commas. And then return the Carrier Name and On-Time

Order #(s) Carrier Name On-Time
5082940535,5082940507 Freight Lines Yes
5083055781,5083056150,5083056098 Ocean X No

Order # Carrier Name On-Time
5082940535 ? ?
5083056150 ? ?
5082940507 ? ?
5083056098 ? ?

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Search Variable Number Of Sheets To Find Partial Match On Name

Jun 19, 2014

I have a monthly report. Worksheets for each month, each row is a type of fruit (column A), and the number sold (column B). A new worksheet is added each month with the information. I also have a Summary worksheet - running total of all months: Type of Fruit (column A), Number sold (column B), and Total of all fruits - number sold. I would like a formula for the Summary worksheet - to match that fruit (column A) to any of the other worksheets - matching the fruit (column A), and bring back the number sold (column B). (note some apples are Fuji and some are Honey crisp - those would be totaled together)

Tab = Jan 14
Fuji apples3


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Copy A File By Specifying A Partial Filename

Oct 7, 2008

I'm attempting to copy some files into an archive folder in the same main folder. These files appear weekly in a folder that contains numerous other files.

Each of these files has a filename such as:


with time being the time that the report was run.

Every week the filename stays the same but the time and date changes. I was hoping to be able to simply use the "Filecopy" command and specify the source file with a "*" after the main file name. However this does not seem to work.

Is there a simple way to do this? (I dont want more than a few lines of coding really as I will be duplicating it for each file and then changing the file name as needed.

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Combine Contents Of Two Cells Depending On Contents Of Another?

Jan 14, 2013

I am trying to combine the contents of two cells depending on the contents of another, I have tried to use the If function but am coming up stuck!

I have provided a link to the example file below:


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Macro To Add Empty Row And Partial Copy Formulas

Apr 5, 2012

I am looking for a macro that will insert a new row and copies the formulas from the row above, but not from all the columns.

This is the current situation:


Project Nr.
Work Order

[Code] ......

What I want is that if column G contains "11374340" an empty row will be inserted above and the formulas from column E until M to be copied a row down. And the sum function in the last row of M needs to be changed automaticly as well (if possible).

I already have the macro to insert a new empty row which is as follows:

Sub InsertRows()
Dim i, LastRow
LastRow = Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For i = LastRow To 1 Step -1
If Cells(i, "G").Value = "11374340" Then
Cells(i, "G").EntireRow.Insert
End If
End Sub

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Copy Partial Data To New Range In Spreadsheet

Feb 19, 2008

I have data in columns a - d; the number of records can vary from a few to a huge number which (to me) makes the problem more complex.

I need a macro that will copy every 3rd record into rows e - h; and every 5th record into columns i - l, etc.;

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Compare Column C On 2 Worksheets If Partial Match Copy Row To New Worksheet

May 27, 2014

Basically, i have a workbook that contains 2 worksheets with stock data for two stock holding sites, we're consolidating our stores and need to confirm what stock is held at both sites. I need to compare column C on both sheets to find if an item exists on both sheets, and if so copy the entire row from Sheet 2 onto the next free row on a new sheet. Col C on each sheet contains the stock number, however, on Sheet 1 the stock number is abbreviated ot the final 7 letters, with Sheet 2 showing the FULL stock code.

I need whatever is in "Sheet 1:Col C" (for example '1234567') to be compared to whatever is in "Sheet 2:Col C", and if a match is made (for example 9999-00-1234567) then the row containing the match be copied to the next free row on Sheet 3.

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Find Cells Containing #N/A & Copy

Jan 14, 2008

Im currently making a macro that vlookups similar information from one sheet into the other but i was wondering if there was a way to create a vb code for the macro that would allow it note cells that have come up as '#N/A' and paste that cell and an accompanying cell into a separate section of the sheet?

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Partial Match In Two Cells (text)

Jul 11, 2014

How to check for a partial match looking in one cell, A1 for example, and checking to see if the contents of B1 show a partial match (example attached).

I can't use the vlookup because I only want to look at cells specifically, not a table/list. Please also note that the attached example has no formulas.

Forum Example.xlsx‎

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Dynamic Find Copy Non-zero Cells

Mar 31, 2007

Attached is a spreadsheet that has Months in column B and Number of Reviews in column C. What I'm trying to do is create code or maybe just a formula that will scan the Reviews column (col C), find the first non-zero cell, and then copy/paste that value into F4. It would then find the corresponding month that is tied to that value and place it in E4. It would then repeat this process for the rest of the months and copy/paste all the rest of the non-zero cells and their corresponding months into columns E and F. The attached shows in italics what the final product should look like.

It is important to note that the numbers in column C are not static... in some cases the first non-zero cell may be the first cell or it could be the tenth cell. In other words, it's data is dynamic.

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Find And Copy Multiple Cells

Aug 28, 2007

I am looking for a way to perform a find, and then copy multiple cells. The code below is what I have this far:

'The code under this section opens the first file and copies the Surrogate Compound components

Dim basebook As Workbook
Dim mybook As Workbook
Dim mybook2 As Workbook
Dim sourceRange As Range
Dim destrange As Range
Dim SourceRcount As Long
Dim N As Long
Dim rnum As Long
Dim rnum2 As Long
Dim rnum3 As Long
Dim MyPath As String
Dim SaveDriveDir As String
Dim FileName1 As Variant
Dim FileName2 As Variant
Dim FileName3 As Variant

The code above will actual perform the find, and copy what is in the criteria of the search. However, I am trying to find a way to perform the search, copy the data that is in the search creteria plus data that is in another cell. The data in the other cell will always be different, so I cannot use that in a find criteria. The other data will always be found in the "E" column. I was thinking that possible there might be a way to perform the find, copy that entire row, and then just delete the columns that are not needed. However, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

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Flag Partial Match Where Cells Contain Key Words

Jun 2, 2008

I have a list of customer names. These include one-off customers and companies. Unfortunately, they are not always keyed correctly and in the same format. What I need to be able to do is flag any companies. These will be those that contain key words, such as Ltd, Ltd., Limited, PLC, & Co, & Sons and so on.

My customer list may look like this:

1. Bill Jones & Son
2. Mr B Smith
3. Posh Homes Ltd
4. Posh Homes Limited
5. Mr A Singh
6. Bill Jones & Sons

I then need to flag no.'s 1, 3, 4 and 6 as Companies while 2 and 5 are flagged as non-company.

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