Forecasting Multiple Store Openings

Dec 8, 2008

I have a base model for site openings and opening schedule. I need to build a 5 yr model which reflects the base model for each opening. I have matched the month in the model to the opening month but how do I get the base model subsequent months to follow the opening month?

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Variable To Store Multiple Values

Aug 20, 2009

I need a bit of help with the below macro which I am trying to create. I recorded the below vlookup, which works perfectly. It checks a list on sheet “Map” and returns a value depending on whether the reference is one of the 6 or not. These 6 are likely to change over time so I would prefer to declare them as variables rather than build them directly into the macro

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Addin To Store Multiple User Settings

Jul 28, 2007

I'm creating an addin that will go on a shared server and be used by a number of different users. How do I go about being able to store user settings in a sheet on the addin if multiple users have different settings? Do I need to somehow make the addin read only?

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Store Multiple TRUE/FALSE Booleans

Apr 19, 2008

i have a list of variables with the suffix number incrementing

type3 ... etc to 100

and i want to run a function for each type instead of having repetitive code for each of them how can I concatenate the integer i with the string "type" and have it as a variable name?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim type1 As Boolean
Dim type2 As Boolean
Dim type3 As Boolean
Dim type4 As Boolean
Dim type5 As Boolean

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Forecasting Setup

Sep 14, 2006

If I have a database of 1000 records that are logged and counted as to which of these records are successful and unsuccessful sales,

can excel be programmed to give an accurate forecast of what will be the number/ percentage of successful sales records over the next 100, 50, 30 and 10 new record entry ranges, using the database history?, then which of the new records within each selected range are most likely to be successful sales using the database history?

If so, what components or data references are needed in a worksheet to meet these requirements to allow for creating an accurate forecasting application within excel?

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Seasonal Forecasting Trend

Apr 2, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to do seasonal forecasting based on volumes. I tried to use FORECAST but the numbers are not accurate.

I have actual data to work with to come up with my forecasting on a monthly basis. Our yearly calender is from Nov 08 to Oct 09.

Here's a sample of the data....

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Calculating Total Forecasting

Jul 15, 2009

I have a row of totals in a spreadsheet and I want to calculate a forecasted total based on the previous month's totals.

For example I have two months and I want to know how to calculate the forecasted Jun 09 total: ...

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Sumproduct :: Forecasting Purposes

Oct 19, 2009

I am trying to come up with the appropriate formula that can be used for possible forecasting purposes. Countif proves to be futile due to more than one criteria that needs to be met. Sumproduct seems to be more feasible but I am unable to get the correct formula or maybe I am wrong.

Here's the objective...I need to be able to plot the total number of people working on a project on a daily basis - # of people working on a Monday, Tuesday and so forth by means of referring to start and end date column..I am open to revisions so as to streamline everything.

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How To Work With Forecasting Templates

Dec 27, 2013

I do forecasting for my company. We have a forecast every quarter. Any good templates (simple or complex) for presenting different quarters (or time periods) and the actual results for management?

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Formula / Function To Collect Data From Multiple Sheets And Store Data In One Sheet?

Dec 17, 2013

- I have total of 13 sheets in a workbook - 12 sheets represent 12 months with data; 13th sheet is single sheet in which i would like to get complete overview of 12 months

- each of 12 sheets has actually sales results for multiple products with following data: internal code, manufacturer part number, name, and qty sold in that month

- situation is that some products have been phased out during the year and some were introduced so each sheet is slightly different in terms of in which row certain product is located

What i would like to achive is to make 13th sheet (whole year overview) do the following:
- there is a list of all the products in it, each product has unique internal code - this code (from each line) should be used to find that code in each monthly sheet, then find its monthly sales value (copy it) and paste it in sheet 13 in cell that represents this product and particular month.

In other words i would like to see for each product what was monthly sales throughout this year, but avoid manually filling in qty for each product per month.

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Forecasting Based On Two Years Of Data

Nov 21, 2011

Have to forecast/create a trend for the current year based on the data available for last two years. Below is the format of data. The current year data is kept blank as the data needs to be filled based on forecasting/ trending.


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Assistance With Budget Expenditure Forecasting

Jun 19, 2008

I am trying to use excel to forecast budget expenditure for the fiscal year, using actuals from months past + unknown (future months).

I have this formula in cell G2: =IF((worksheet A!G70>0),F2,IF((B2

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VBA - Macro Run When System Clock Changes - Forecasting With Live Feed?

Sep 21, 2013

I thought about using it for forecasting purposes. I might try to use it together with live data (temperature, seasonal patterns)... but if I graph it, it starts from left to right...

How to modify the code a bit...

Shift:=xlUp, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromRightOrDown

I tried to change the code, but it did not worked.

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Forecasting Using Historical Seasonally Effected Non-linear Data

Jan 15, 2010

Forecasting using historical seasonally effected data

I organize my thoughts in numbers so it will be easier to understand.

[1] Say I have this data from January 2009 to December 2009:


As you can see, the growth is not linear.

[2] So then, I start with this data point for Janaury 2010.


[3] I now want to forecast that data point for the rest of 2009...using the growth in [1]. SO i guess that's an easy task right? Take the percentage change from Jan 08 and Feb 08...and apply that to the 26...and so on. (am i correct here at least).

[4] But lets say we have a GOAL. So, this become a forecast/plan. In December 2010, i want to grow double the amount of that in December 09. So 25 x 2 = 50. Now, the "known" data is like this:


So how do i do this now?

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SEASONALITY Based On Names Of Months In Forecasting Model

Jul 16, 2007

I have historical sales for each month from the last 3 years. I would like to set up a seasonality adjustment for forecasting. I know that it won't be perfect and some may even suggest using regression, but I'd rather not. I'd like to do the following:

In a control sheet, list the months in chronological order beginning in cell A1; January, A2, February; etc., etc. through December.

Next, below each month, I'd like to have a factor. For example, in B1 beneath January, I'd like to be able to plug in 75%. This would say that for each January going forward, that it is 75% of the annual historical average for all periods. Whereas, say in June, it is 140%.

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Forecasting Purchasing: Setting Up A Spreadsheet That Will Allow Me To Look At Previous Orders And Forecast

Apr 11, 2007

how I would go about setting up a spreadsheet that will allow me to look at previous orders and forecast what I need to buy. He never got into trouble for ordering too much, but he did get caught on ordering too little. I am thinking something along the lines of the attached. However, if anyone is using something that looks or works better (or those who solve this little problem have done a better looking or working sheet) let me know.

There will be some Vlookups that need to bring in description and price (or some other function if there is a better way to do it). The min need and max need will be populated and brought in by vlookup. The order column should be where the forecasting happens based on previous orders. I am willing to have all the data in the same workbook. The second or third sheet can be used to store data in what ever format that is needed to be done.

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Index/Match (value Exists In The Tab Name "store-allproduct", Cell C2, Then Take The Value From "store-allproduct" Cell A2, And Put That Value Into "testing-allproduct Cell" A2)

Nov 6, 2009

Look at the tab "testing-allproduct" cell C2. If that value exists in the tab name "store-allproduct", cell c2, then take the value from "store-allproduct" cell a2, and put that value into "testing-allproduct cell" A2.

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Using For / Next To Store 3D Array

Jul 30, 2012

I am trying to write a VBA procedure that uses nested For/Next loops to store the contents of a range in three worksheets to a 3 D array and then input the array into another location.

I have no problem doing this for a 2 D array, but am completely stumped on what changes I need to make in order to perform the same task on a 3 D array.

I will post my code for 2 D arrays below and will also post the uncompleted 3 D code, although, it is currently of no use because I am so lost on the 3 D array.

How do I reference sheet1,sheet 2 etc. when declaring my 3 D array? I know how to reference the rows and columns for my 2 D array by using the cells or range object, but what to do for the different sheets.

Two D Array:

Public Sub For_Next_Two_D_Array() Dim I As Integer
Dim J As Integer
Dim MyArray(4, 4) As Integer

For I = 1 To 5
For J = 1 To 5
MyArray(I - 1, J - 1) = Cells(I, J).Value

[Code] ........

Three D array:

Public Sub Store_ThreeD_Array()
Dim I As Integer
Dim J As Integer
Dim S As Integer

[Code] ......

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Store VBA Variable For Later Use

Sep 16, 2009

I have some code (listed below) that will open 2 groups of files(for testing purposes, I have been using for only 2 file prefixes, but will need for upwards of 10, and more may be added in the future), depending on what files have been opened in the past (it will skip those) and then import the new ones.

I am now trying to clean up my code, and having alot of it abled to be maintained be editing a spreadsheet (administator controlled)
What I would like to do is something similar to:

defvar= cells(1,1) 'where cells(1,1) has all of the info for that file to import
Selection.TextToColumns defvar

I realize this will probably be a little more complicated than this, and may even be its own sub or funtion.

Here is my starting code, and it works fine: ...

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Number Store As Text

Mar 15, 2014

I want to store number as text like green sign display at the top left corner.

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Any Way To Store Pairs Of Data

Jun 9, 2014

I want to store a list of strings in an array with their position so that I can sort them alphabetically and then be able to put them back in their original order again e.g.

John 1
Charlie 2
Paul 3
Andy 4

So when they are alphabetized (is that a word?) they become

Andy 4
Charlie 2
John 1
Paul 3

My plan was to store them in an array, but I can't think how to do it. In python, I would just make a list of tuples, what is the best way to do this in VBA?

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VBA For Editing In Store Data

Jul 29, 2014

Currently We enclosed a Workbook (with exiting VBA code) In this workbook 3 sheet exit (Edit, Details, Summary)

In Details Sheet store Detail Entry of Invoice & in Summary Sheet we store all generated Invoice details in summary form

We want new VBA or correction in existing VBA.

My Exiting VBA work following..

When Enter Invoice Number in Edit Sheet (Cell B2) then Display Entered Invoice Data

First Code Find Invoice Number in Summery Sheet if Invoice Number found then Record Display of Selected Invoice

Here we Edit As per our requirement then We Press Y in Edit Sheet Cell C30

If Found C30 "Y" & "Data ok" in E30 then DELETE Selected Invoice Data From SUMMERY & DETAILS SHEETS & COPY THIS EDITED DATA (RANGE A33 TO G33 In Summery Sheet & Range A35 to A60 in Details Sheet)

My Exiting code work perfectly as per above

We want only following thing

Currently when we copy edited data that move to end of sheet We want to Change & same place where data exit previously before edited. Because serial number disturb.

NOTE : in Editing Time is it possible Few Item Delete or Few Item Add

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Store A Value Without Storing It In A Field

May 17, 2007

Can I store a value with out storing it in a field? -with the macro ending?

Ex macro1 runs and gets A1.value
Stores the value (Not in a cell)

I later run macro2
Gets the stored value

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Arrays Store In A Macro

May 10, 2008

In a cell I will be having many strings separated by a ";" for ex

columna A
a; b; c; d ; e
f; g; h; i; j; k
how to store this in a macro?

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Store Data Daily

Dec 31, 2008

I have a two rows of data one containing names and the other containing corresponding numbers. The names are static and the numbers change on a daily basis. I want to be able to copy the numbers to a static table next to each name on a daily basis (so I can see what the value was a few weeks ago).

Is there anything I can write to do this job?

My thinking was to set a vlookup to grab the data but i'm not sure how this would work because the vlookup would change daily when the numbers change

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Store Macro For Use In Any Workbook

Aug 11, 2007

I have tried to look for this in several websites and have not found the appropiate answers. So i figured one of the Wizards in this board can help me. Right now when I built a macro it has to be dependent to a file. However I like to build a macro button that when I use it, it will actually just work for any given currently open sheet.

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Store Cell For Later Retrieval

Aug 18, 2007

I'm sure this is a very easy question, but I have been having trouble finding the answer on this and other forums.

Our macro has a search routine where it looks through a column for particular cell contents. Once those contents are found, we want it to save that cell's location, go do something else, and then return to that location afterwards. How would we go about doing this?

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Store Current COUNTIFS Value In Each Row In MS-Excel?

May 6, 2014

I have a simple Excel file with some columns as you can see from here:


I have a simple formula (COUNTIFS) to count occurrence of certain condition that I specified. everything works fine here, but I also need to write current value of count cell at the end of each qualified row.

Data entry is random and I may work on row 1 and then row 25, so incremental row numbers that is shown by excel is not my answer. I need exact number of occurrence for each qualified row.


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Store & Compress Old Workbook Versions

Mar 19, 2007

I'm looking for is ComplyXL and that costs $300 to buy. So, as a poor grad student, I'm looking for an alternative solution - either a freeware program or a hassle-free VBA code.

So here's what I need the code or program to do: When I ask excel to open a pre-existing file, I'd like it to automatically rename (& compress?) the last used version of the file & save that to a filename-specific archive somewhere (hidden?), before opening the file as requested. Alternatively, I suppose that a mirror copy of each 'just used' file could be created & saved to an archive folder whenever the used file is saved & closed.

--Note: to avoid making copies of EVERY workbook I ever use, I suppose there should also be a button in the toolbar or a file-associated setting that lets me identify which files I want this task to apply to...

Basically I'm looking to have excel automatically save versions of certain key files (like Word's 'Versioning' feature) without having to remember to 'Save As', without the versions taking up much space, and without having to store the older file versions in the same place as the most recent one.

And yes, I know that a similar problem has already been posted & solved here, but they didn't include a way to choose which files used versioning nor (if it's possible) a way to compress the archived versions to save space (maybe by adding it into a WinRAR archive somewhere?).

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Store Cells Value As String Variable?

Aug 2, 2014

I have several words in word per line. every line in sheet1 should be checked and deleted if the line (colum 3 and 4) contains any of the words in sheet2. i decided to go with two for-loops, my Problem is a error in line 7 and 9 (indicated by arrows). it seems to me that ...Cells(...).Value is not allowed for strings. i already tried .Text, checked several VBA Forums but could not find a solution.

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