Formula To Calculate A Fee Based On Performance

Sep 8, 2009

I need formula to calculate a fee based on performance. For example I have 4 unique keys with the following performance:


I need to work out how I can formula drive a fee calculation based on performance which is subject to different ranges:

KEYMin FeeFee 1Fee 2Fee 3Fee 4

For example key 20 has a min fee chargeable of 100, however a fee is chargable based on performance as follows:

Fee Range 10-9999
Fee Range 210000-19999
Fee Range 320000-29999
Fee Range 430000-99999999

So key 20 gets charged 0.1% of amounts between 0&9,999, 0.2% of amounts between 10,000&19,999, 0.3% on amounts between 20,000& 29,999 and 0.4% on the rest.

How can this be combined into a lookup/range/low-high formula to extract the correct values????

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Formula To Calculate Staff Performance

Nov 6, 2008

I am trying to work out a % score for a telephone operator. To explain further, I would monitor a call that an agent takes. The agent starts at 100%. There are 20 points to be scored and they are scored like this

1 - Yes
0 - No
left blank - n/a

B3 counts the number of entries in the column
B2 counts the number of 1's in the column
B28 = B2/B3

Seems to work fine until the agent makes a fail which would enter a 0 in the column. Somewhere I think I need to take account that there are 20 possible fails or passes?

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How To Show Monthly Performance Based On Products

Mar 4, 2014

What I'm trying to do is show monthly performance based on products of a few different areas. Where I'm running into problems, is with the month listings. If the report shows one month at a time, I can get it to work with SUMIF formulas, however when there is more than one (and there will always be three).

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Array Formula- Performance Rating

Jun 26, 2007

I have a list of employees who each have a performance rating (very top, consistent, etc). Each employee is also either above the midpoint of a salary range or below (which is represented by a separate column with 'Yes' for above and 'No' for below).

What I am trying to do is apply a separate set of %'s for each group of employees. So, for the employees who are below, I want to return 10% and 8% for each respective rating, but for those employees who are above, I want to return 8% and 6%. (for example).

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Comparing Male And Female Salaries Based On Performance And Gender

Jun 19, 2014

I have a list of employees split out into gender and performance rating. I want to graph this to compare male to female salaries and performance. Data attached.

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Formula To Calculate Based On Criteria

Apr 20, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has staff id in one column and the work items number that they have done in a daily basis in another column.

The actual list is very long. I need to summarize in another column how many work items that they have completed in a daily basis.

I have attached a sample spreadsheet as an example. I would need to summarize in column H based on the staff ID. Some work items are shared by two staff but it will have to be counted as one work item completed for each staff. If work item B123466 is completed both by staff M56 and M54, then it will be counted as one for each.Currently, I am doing this manually with the filter function which is very tedious and often has mistakes. I would like to formularize this task.

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Formula To Calculate Result Based On Range

Dec 13, 2012

I have a scorecard that looks something like this:

90% or greater=3

I need the "cell" to react accordingly and I'm lost.

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Formula To Calculate Age Based On Date Of Birth

Dec 10, 2009

I need a formula to calculate age today based on a person's date of birth. I used to know this but I have not used it for awhile.

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Calculate Colum Total Based On Formula

Dec 8, 2009

I would like to have something that looks like a running total, but isn't.

I have in a colomn 'rate' and after that a column for each month in a year.
I would like to have at the bottom a total cost, so rate x hours.
have a look at the picture.

is there a formula for this?
$10 2,02,01,0
$12 2,03,00,0
$10 3,02,05,0
$15 4,02,53,0

total cost $134,0 $113,5 $105

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Formula To Calculate Price Based On Sheet2

Apr 23, 2009

I am looking for a formula that can change the price of some of the items on sheet1 in column C by the amount found on Sheet2 in Column D. I would like it to base the calculation on column C in sheet2 (so I can choose if I want to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or make the price exact). I would like all prices that don't match these UPC codes to remain unchanged.

Intended Results can be seen on Sheet1 in Column E. Not sure if I should a formula with the Vlookup function or a macro, or maybe there is even a better solution.

Example spreadsheet may be viewed at

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Formula To Calculate Pay Based On Hours Worked

Jul 21, 2006

i am trying to make an excel spreadsheet so i can keep track of my hours and pay at work... i know how to do mult and add but i wanted to know how to do the 2 together.... for example

Hours ST OT Total Hrs Gross Pay

8 2 10 ?

i would like help figuring out the gross pay if say for example my st time rated is 21.21 an hr, and the ot rate is 31.82 how can i get the 8 times 21.21 = 169.68 and the OT 2hrs times 63.64 to show up in the gross pay as a total of 233.32 - what would the formula look like?

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Calculate Formula Based On Cell Criteria

Aug 30, 2006

I only want the formula to operate when there are values to calculate and then ONLY refer back to the last calculation. If there are gaps between the calculations I would like those to remain blank. Is that possible?
I have attached an example of what I am trying to do.

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Mega Formula To Calculate Results Based On Several Conditions

Aug 25, 2009

I have in column A a list of investment fund names. In columns B to D is respectively for each fund its Market Value, the Rate of Return and the Rank (1, 2, 3 or 4). I am trying to create a formula that will calculate the market value-weighted rate of return for each ranking.

For example, the 3 funds that rank first have market value weights of 10%, 12% and 13%, and rates of return of 1%, -3% and 5%. The total market-value weighted return for the top-ranked funds would therefore be 0.39% (i.e. 0.10*0.01-0.12*0.03+0.13*0.05)

The formula would first need to look in the ranking column to identify those funds with a particular rank (column D), then calculate their weights by dividing their market value by the total market value of all funds (column B), and finally multiplying these weights by the rate of return (column C), before summing the results to say, for example, that the total market-value weighted return for the top-ranked funds is 0.39%

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Formula To Calculate Monthly Deduction Based On Date

Jan 30, 2013

I'm looking for a function that calculates a fee deduction based on the 28th of each month.

I'm paying back £200 on 28th of every month starting 28th Feb and was hoping that a formula could keep track of this...




How to do it but basically I'm trying to put a formula in D2 as follows:

If Today's date (C1) equals C2 I need B1 to reduce by the amount in B2

How to continue it calculating reductions per month by duplicating the formula...

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Formula With If Condition: Calculate Bonus Based On Productivity

Jul 10, 2006

I have a file to calculate bonus based on productivity. The bonus percentage is dependant on productivity percentage and the category of employee. I have given in the below attached file, the range of productivity% and the bonus % for each category. I want to build a formula, to get the bonus % in a seperate table. I tried to do the same using "If" condition, but its not working, as the number of nested IFs are going beyond 7. I have highlighed the column where I want to calculate the formula.

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Formula To Calculate Percentage Based On Number And Text In Cells

May 14, 2014

I have a form in work which acts as a tick sheet for tasks complete on a construction site. When a task is complete I copy & paste from a key of dates i.e. week ending 11.05.15, this allows me to see what week a task was complete.

Generally I only marked off tasks which were 100% complete but my manager wants me to enter the % of the task complete also, i.e. 80% in the box.

So my question is how can I have the formula assume that any box with a date & shading is 100% and any cell with a number i.e. 80 is only 80% complete. I need it to monitor around 150 cells and give me the overall % complete based on what i have discussed.

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Formula To Calculate School Grade Of Child Based On Their Birthday?

Jul 10, 2014

When speaking with parents I want them to enter in their child's birthday i.e. 12/1/1998 in one cell and then automatically generate what grade they should be in the next cell. If the grade year cutoff date is Sept 1.

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Formula Based On Dates - Calculate Annual Salary Divided By 12

Aug 6, 2014

I've got a spreadsheet where the start date is amendable and this is what I wanted. E.g. start date is Jun-14 and I want the formula to to calculate annual salary divided by 12 in each month from June onwards until Mar-15 (Financial year is April to Mar) and the same way to not show anything in April or May as they started in June... How can i achieve this please as I tried IF statements and it doesn't recognise dates and years...

Link: [URL] ....

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Formula To Calculate User Fees Based On Variable Rate Table

Nov 15, 2013

I am looking to setup a formula to calculate a Fee that is based on the number of users of a service in a month, with the rate varying by the number of users. The first million users in a month will bring in $0.40 per user, for users 1-4M it will bring in $0.30 per user, for users 4M-7M it will bring in .20 per user, and for users beyond 7 million it will be .10 per user. So for example, if a user count was 9 million in a month, the calculation would be ($0.40 x 1 million) + ($0.30 x 3 million) + ($0.20 x 3 million) + ($0.10 x 2 million). I know the answer to the problem is obviously $2,100,000 but I can't build the formula that solves that and can handle instances where the user count is capped in one of the individual brackets. (IE if there are 3.5M users)

I've attached an example spreadsheet : Variable Fee Schedule.xlsx‎

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Formula Not Adding Correctly, Calculate The Results Based Off Of What Is Shown In The Cell

Apr 9, 2009

Basically a cell might have a number with 3 decimal places

For Example 90.554, and i will format the cell two 2 decimal places. But when i use those cells which are formated to 2 decimal places in a formula it produces results based of all the decimal places in that cell.

Is there a way for the formula to only calculate the results based off of what is shown in the cell? . This is messing up our accounting area by alot of dollars since we sell many items.

I included an example of what i mean in this excel file which should clear up any confusion.

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IF Formula - Calculate Subscription Amount Based On Capacity Of Wind Mill

Apr 5, 2014

I need to calculate the subscription amount based on the capacity of the wind mill.

The slab rates are as follows:
1. Up to 0.6 MW - Rs.3,000
2. more than 0.6 up to 3MW-Rs. 7,000
3. 3 MW up to 98MW -Rs. 7,000 for the first three MW and Rs.1,500 per MW in excess of 3 MW
4. Above 98 MW -Rs. 1,50,000

I had tried IF statement but was not successful.

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Writing Formula To Calculate Monthly Returns Based On Annual Growth Rate

Jul 10, 2014

I have a model that makes projections based on annual growth rates. However, I need to evaluate the data based on monthly intervals. With an 8% return on an investment of $1,000,000 my ending balance at the end of the year should be $1,080,000 and in year 2 it would be $1,166,400 and so on. In order to evaluate the monthly data I need each month in year 1 to be based off $1,000,000, so it would be 8%/12=.006666% or $6,666.66 per month. The next year would be based off $1,000,000 + (6,666.66*12) = $1,080,000 and each month would be $7,200.

writing a formula to evaluate over 360 periods.

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Formula To Calculate Based On Start Month Number And Duration Number Of Months

Mar 14, 2014

I need a formula that will calucalte the monthly total based on the following conditions:

Col A = Yearly Cost
Col B = The number of the month when the costs are starting (1=Jan etc)
Col C = The duration or the number of months for which the costs are to spread
Col D is Year 2013 with the months across columns D-O. Row 1 above those columns shows the month's corresponding number.

Right now I have =IF($B3<=D$1,$A3/$C3,0) however if my start month is 1 and my duration is 5, I need the costs to stop after May. I've attached a sample file. Calculate based on start month and duration.xlsx

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Formula- To Calculate The Amount Due Based On Cumulative Sales Once A Breakpoint Amount Is Reached

Jan 28, 2009

I need a formula to calculate the amount due based on cumulative sales once a breakpoint amount is reached.


cum sales are > 500 pay at 3%
cum sales are >1,000 pay at 2%

month/ sales/ cumul sales/ amount due
jan/ 100.00/ 100.00/ 0
feb/ 600.00/ 700.00/ 6.00
mar/ 600.00/ 1,300.00/ 18.00

and so on...until the end of year.

I tried using an if formula by could not get it to work.

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Dynamic Range Performance

Nov 10, 2006

I have a relatively small Excel workbook that is using numerous lookup and Match function combinations. I also have a number of dynamic ranges defined and a few UDFs.

Problem is I am encountering some fairly severe performance issues. Changing a single value on a sheet is taking ages.

I suspect it may be due to the workbook dynamic ranges recalculating. Is there a limit to the amount of dynamic ranges in a workbook? And when do they get recalculated? Could it be something to do with sequencing of the calculations?

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Maximize Performance Of Array In VBA

Jun 20, 2007

I'm trying to write some code that is performing operations on large arrays, using a pair of For loops. In languages like C++ and Fortran, it makes a big difference to the performance of the code which way round you put these 2 For loops, due to the way that array data is stored in the computer memory. However, for VBA, I've no idea which way round this is. For an array, A(i,j), do I want

For i = 1 To N
For j = 1 To M
A(i,j) = Cells(j, i).Value
Next j
Next i

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VBA Autoshape Arrows To Show Performance

Oct 2, 2008

Morning all. I'm trying to use VBA to generate autoshape arrows to track changes in values.

Something allong the lines of Column B (Jans data) C (Febs Data) E (autoshape arrow, green up, for improvement, or red downwards for a worsening).

The problem I'm having is postioning my autoshapes. The only way I can do it at present is to keep all columns and rows a standard width, and position using multiples of those.

Is there anyway to set the autoshape to the cell height and width, and position it within the boundries of the cell? This way I don't have to worry about rewiting my code every time I change a cell width?

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Visual Basic Compiler - Odd Performance

Nov 23, 2009

I am encountering a situation wherein each line of VBA code is essentially compiled as I type on that line, instead of when I move to a different line. For example, if the code I entered is incorrect, the compiler waits about half a second and then turns it red. Also, if I enter a space, it deletes it immediately.

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Excel To Analyse Weightlifting Performance?

Jan 17, 2013

I have thousands of rows of data sorted chronologically in a flat list. What I'm looking to do is have a pivot table or formula which picks out the highest value for a given person. Sound simple?

- column A: date
- column B: name
- column C: exercise weight
- column D: exercise rep's
- column E: exercise predicted max (essentially, weight x reps)

Now, I have a pivot table which picks out each persons highest "exercise predicted max" (right click on table, field settings, MAX) but I want to know the actual weight they've lifted and how many reps they've done with it.

So basically, I want a simple table which shows me the date, persons name, heaviest weight they've lifted and how many reps they did with it. I've used the CONCATENATE function to group the "exercise weight" and "exercise rep's" in to one cell but the pivot doesn't return any values (all cells in pivot = 0).

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Macro Performance - Speed Tuning

Jun 4, 2008

I run a simple macro loop to clean some data across nine columns. The purpose is to collapse the data in the columns so that column 1 has the first value found in that row, for the set of columns. For instance, if columns 1-4 are empty, it deletes / shifts everything left until the first column is not empty. Then it goes to the next row and repeats. Data can range from a few rows up to 6000.

[I have a period in the data as the cell content to evaluate]

Sub A_Rollup_collapse()
StartT = Now

Dim Col As Integer
Col = Range("IV1").End(xlToLeft).Column - 9
LastR = Range("A60000").End(xlUp).Row

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
For R = 2 To LastR
Do While Cells(R, Col) = "."
Cells(R, Col).Delete Shift:=xlShiftToLeft
Next R
EndT = Now
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

msg = "Done. Duration: " & Format(EndT - StartT, "h:mm:ss")
MsgBox (msg)

this macro (B) runs after another macro (A) that populates the nine columns with data using vlookups. Macro (A) It builds out a chain of information from col 2 to col 9, converts to values etc. Nothing odd.

When macro (B) is called right after running macro (A), it can take about one minute for 500 rows of data.

When I save and close the workbook, reopen it and run macro (B), it only takes one second.

When I insert a ThisWorkbook.Save between the two call statments, macro (B) still takes over a minute.

A minute is not too bad but when I'm dealing with thousands of rows, the difference is more like 30 seconds vs. 9 minutes which is a problem.

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