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Formula To Increase A Number By 10%?

formula to put in microsoft excel 2003 to increase a number by 10%, so for example, 20 by 10%.

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IF Function Formula Logic: For Every Increase Of Of Mhz, Give 25.00 Per 100 Increase
I have a test due in the morning, and I really need this question answered ASAP, if anyone could. I need to create an IF formula for this situation: the standard Mhz is 500. Give 55.00 for that standard. But for every increase of of Mhz, give 25.00 per 100 increase.

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Increase Reference Number
in cell A1 I have a ref no. eg aa/01/bb
in cell A2 I have a ref no. eg aa/02/bb

only the middle number increases in the reference each time eg: /01/

is there a formula that can achieve this or am i doomed to manual input, I have made a few attempts but cannot work it out.

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Macro To Increase A Number
what i need is a macro to run when I print a form. I am making a job card with a unique number on it ie: 100. when I print the form, I then need the 100 to change to 101 and so on. I cant work this one out.

EDIT - Ive attached my work in progress. It is for a computer repair shop. I have a few macros in there as I need to email a copy of the workbook too.

when you open the workbook, you will see the job number in red. I just need a macro tht will increase that number +1 every time it runs. I also need the email macro to rename the workbook to the customer name input in cell B4 - but I think im best to post this request in a new thread?

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Getting A Value To Increase Or Decrease Number Or Rows...
I need to be able to select a certain number (from, say, 1-20) from a drop down menu, which will decide a number of rows (filled with data) on the next sheet. As I prefer not to give anyone the sheet I'm actually working on I made a quick look-a-like which might explain this better.

A and B are different scenarios, with different values in the fake drop-down menu I made. Just to pass on the understanding of what I want the values to do. If putting a drop-down menu there is troublesome, then I can live without them. But entering a certain value in the field and getting that number of rows for a certain product is what I need. I tried searching for a function/macro to use for this, but I dont know what exactly to look for. Name, etc

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Increase The Receipt Invoice Number By 1
I created an receipt template in excel. How can I have it increase the receipt invoice number by 1 every time I open this template? For example the first receipt is 100, I want the second receipt to be 101, and so on.

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Format Number To Increase/decrease
How can i format my excel spreadsheet cell so that a number


displays as


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Increase Number In Same Cell Across Multiple Worksheets
I have multiple worksheets (too many, actually!) and each worksheet is a record. I need to enter a Record Number into B5 of each sheet. The Record Number doesn't start at 1. I'd like to enter a number into the first sheet and the rest of the sheets to increase by 1. However, I only need to do this to some sheets.

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Macro: Increase Row Number Each Month
I am trying to write a program that needs to select a different cell everytime it is ran. For example, this month when it runs I need it to select cell BL137. Next time it is ran it will need to select cell BL138. Month after BL139. The cell it selects will always be in the same column (column BL) and the cell number always increases by the same amount (1).

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Increase Aphanumeric Number For Each Change In Data
I have many data in a worksheet named "Table" with "Item" in column A and "Reference" in column B. For each change of item, I need to assign a reference number with a prefix. Below is a sample of the data.

Column A Column B
Item Reference
Orange R9
Orange R9
Orange R9
Apple R10
Apple R10
Apple R10
Mango R11
Mango R11

The starting reference number is not fixed. It could start from 8 or 10.

Thought it would be possible to automate this process using vba.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Increase Or Decrease The Number Of Decimals
Is there any keyboard shortcut to increase or decrease the number of decimals shown directly (I mean without having to use ctrl + 1... etc )

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% Of Increase - Decrease - Formula
I have a this years total in A1, last years total in B1, difference +/- in C1


I am trying to get a % of Increase/Decrease (Between A1 and B1) in D1.
Not as a dollar amount but as a %.

I have tried Percentile and PercentRank and some other stuff. No joy.

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Formula To Increase Cell Reference
I have to reference to another sheet a fixed increase of moving 6 rows across. What would be the formula for it?

For example.
First formula would be =Sheet1!A1
What would be the formula for the subsequent cells. (eg. =Sheet1!A1+6) obviously doesn't work.

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Building A Formula To Increase Price List 8%
I've built a spreadsheet that accurately displays my company's price list. However, from time to time, there are increases and/decreases, by percentages. I would like to know how I can build a formula that would allow me to quickly update the pricesheets by the appropriate percentage, without having to manually do so, one cell at a time.

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Date Formula (increase By 950 Per Month Automatically)
I would like to create a financial modeling spreadsheet. Basically my problem is this; I want to have a month by month row for 5 years. For the value of each one I would like it to increase by 950 per month automatically.

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: Due To Sum Increase Or Decrease
how to change the cell colour due to a sum increase or decrease? For example: if the amount is greater than 200, change cell colour to green. If under 200 change cell colour to yellow.

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How Increase Sheets Number+1 For All Sheets With Vba?
How increase Sheets number+1 for all Sheets with Vba?

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Formula Finding Number In Range To Display Another Number
Designated Cell = 7

1 10 .034
15 25 .072
35 45 .089

Output Cell = ???

I am trying to find a formula for the output cell. Suppose the designated cell = 7 due to formulas above it. So that number is always given but can change. I then need a formula for the ouput cell that says if the designated cell is greater than or equal to 1, and less than 10, then the output cell should equal .034. So suppose the designated cell = 18.2. Then I would want the output cell to be .072 since it is greater than or equal to 15, and less than 25. The template I am using has 23 rows of numbers like above. I didn't know how to do it for 23 rows though. If/Then doesn't work because it is 23 statements long (well over the seven limit) and the vlookup only works when the cell is equal to a number and not a range.

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Use Number In Cell With Other Number In Lookup Formula
I'm trying to use the formula vlookup, but running into trouble. I'd like to use =VLOOKUP(3000&A1,E:F,2,0) but this isn't working correctly because it doesn't recognize "3000&A1" as a number? Is there a way to do this? This will be used in a VBA code, so I prefer the solution in VBA, but either way is fine. See attached for more info.

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Can I Get One Cell To Increase By 1
if it is possible to increase one cell by 1 when the date was changed in another cell. I installed the code that was given to me and it worked perfectly, thanks agin JB and royuk, UNTIL the cell that was to increase by 1 was locked and the sheet protected.

The date cell is not locked.

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Increase Cell Value
I need to increase the cell value on a spreadshhet that contains over 50,000 cells. I know how to do this on a cell by cell basis. I need to know if there is some way of doing this to multiple cells. Here is my example;


I need to increase each cell value and roundup to the next number. I have been doing the following formula: =ROUNDUP(603/.97,0) to increase the cell value to $622.

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Increase With 1,5% For 20 Iterations
in getting the formula right for this:

I have a value which I want to increase with 1,5 % of last calculated value (the initial value is 40 in the example below).

I only need 20 iterations.

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Increase Its Existing Value With 1
I would like to add Cells(18,3) also along with the below code which should increase its existing value with 1.

Sub newinv()
R = Sheets("Sheet2").Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Value + 1
Cells(15, 4) = R
End Sub

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Automatically Increase Value
I have attached a spreadsheet, in which I have highlighted the following cells (I2, J2, G31 and I31)

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Increase Speed
to speeding up this little routine that deletes rows that have identical values in certain cells in the row above

Sub remo() ...

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Percentage Increase In A Period
I'm doing research with a professor at the University of Florida. This is my first time using Excel to any extent, so I need everything from the ground up!

I have the housing values for each of the 50 states from 1975 to 2006. I need to analyze each state individually to see if there were any points during that 26 year span when housing values increased by more than 20%. I need to know when this increase started and when values peaked and began to fall. I could do this manually, but I'm assuming that would take a while.

Is there a simple way to do this in excel? A macro, or a UDF (I have no clue about either of them by the way).

The 50 states are listed in a column and the rows next to each state having housing values for the 26 years. ( I don't know if that is relevant).

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Increase Value In Group Of Cells
Can someone tell me it is posible to increase cels value (diferent values) from D2 to D21 for example, by 20. I just start to use excel.

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Increase Date In Each Row
I have two dates in A1 and B1. Eg 24/Oct/06 in A1 and 27/Oct/06 in B1.

Can the range of these two dates be updated to Cell A10, followed by the next row.


Cell A10 24/Oct/06
Cell A11 25/Oct/06
Cell A12 26/Oct/06
Cell A13 27/Oct/06

Because the two dates in A1 and B1 are updated by user, the range is not fixed. Eg It could be 20/Oct/06 in A1 and 29/Oct/06 in B1.

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Get One Cell To Increase By Digit One
How can I get one cell to increase by 1 after I change the date in another cell. The spreadsheet is used to keep track of Oxygen Bottles at the local Fire Dept. and I want the " Times Filled" cell to increase by 1 after the " Date Filled" cell is changed. I'm not sure if they key the date in or if they use a calender add-in pop up.

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Increase Values By X Percentage
How do I change numerous numbers in several different columns by a constant amount? example reduce each number in each of these columns by 50%.

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Increase The Range Each Month.
I currently have an excel spreadsheet which has monhtly sales totals in it. We have some forumla that compare Year To Date figures with YTD Budgets and we also wish to compare Current Year To Date to Previous Year To Date. The problem I have now is that it currently means updating the range formula for Year to Date Budget and I will also be required to update the Previous Year To Date sales manually too.

Im looking for the spreadsheet to re-calculate theses figures based on the month that they are in. For instance should I be working on the Spreadsheet in January, it will only use the values in the budget sheet from Apr-DEC. Currently I woud be required to change the range in the formual to take into account the extra cell required.

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If Column X Is Less Then .. Increase By % Percentage
I need to do the following:

If column X is less then < £1000 will have a 15% increase, those less than < £1500 a 12 % increase and any figure greater than > £1500 a 10% increase.

I could easily do this using a case statment using VBA, but im not allowed, any idea of a formulae that would do it?

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Increase Undo Limit From 16
In Dave and Raina Hawley's excellent Excel Hacks book they showed how to increase the undo limit of 16 up to 100. THis only works for EXcel 2002. Any Bright spark know how to do this for Excel 2003?

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Preventing Value Increase When Filling
I am using Excel to maintain a database for a computer game I'm playing. One of the things I'm using it for is to keep track of wages that I'm paying in the game. I do this by keeping the total potential wages in one column. As I only pay an employee when I use him, I then copy the wages over to the next column, where the total actual wages per event is calculated. However, when I copy the value from one column to the next (using the lack cross on the bottom right corner of the cell to drag it to the next) the value sometimes increases by one each time.

This isn't a major annoyance, but I'd like to find a way to prevent it happening at all. Does anyone know how to stop the increase?


A related issue that I experience is that sometimes when I copy or input a value in these columns, it brings up an error message saying "Number Entered As Text". Is there any way I can prevent this? Both these issues occur apparently regardless of formatting, and only on some of the cells, so I don't know quite why there's any problem at all.

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Average Percentage Increase
I just can't figure out how to create a formula to figure out the average Percentage increase over two figures.

For example:
Amount 1 Amount 2

Would I use the average function?

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How To Count Decrease To Increase Match
Below i have example table in which Cells B2:G4 have draw numbers. In Cells I2:X4 I have numbers in 3 groups, Group start with small number and finish with highest number.

For example in row 2 first groups is 5 to 36, second group is 10 to 30 and third group is 4 to 41 and continue same for rest rows ....

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Print Packing Slip # Increase
I m creating a packing slip that will increase the packing slip number by one each time it prints. I found one that does that but if you put say print 5 copies in the print dialog box then it still just increases the 6th by one and all 5 copies have the same number.

What i want to do is just have an empty form with all the fields that i need and print maybe 500 copies and then my drivers can fill then out by hand.

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Increase Cell Range By 1 Every Day
I'm trying to sum a range in Column AB that increases by 1 cell every day.

Specifically, Jan 1 will be AB1, Jan 2 will be SUM(AB1+AB2), Jan 3 will be SUM(AB1:AB3)...and so on...Dec 31 will be SUM(AB1:AB367).

If it helps, the dates of the year run from A2:A367.

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Increase Speed And Simplify VBA
I'm trying to automate a process where I get a list of checks and money orders purchased then manipulate it to make auditors happy. I need to eliminate all transactions less than $3000. The fly in the ointment, however, is NOT to eliminate daily transactions by the same purchaser that may be less than $3000, but when added together are greater than $3000.

I've created a helper column where I've inserted the formula ....

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Increase/decrease Values Individually?
I have a single simple question, so let's get straight to the point: I have an A column with these values:

I==================== ....
I 1 I____40____I_________ ....
I 2 I____50____I_________.....
I 3 I____30____I_________.....

And I need each of these values increased/decreased by a constant number.

So far, I only found formulas where all cells are, say, added into a single result, as you can see here:.....

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Increase/Decrease Times By X Hours
in speeding up the below code as it does not seem to matter whether I use For, If loop etc - it runs too slowly. Basically we have one sheet which is input in a different timezone that needs converting to GMT... since daylight saving I wrote some code to cover the +/- 1 hour difference (this seems to work quite well) yet when it comes to converting the actual cells it runs incredibly slowly. I appreciate any help but its only the code after "Sheets("data").Unprotect" that i think needs changing. The time stamp is in column 7 - I hope this makes enough sense - which then gets converted by either 4.5 or 5.5 hours dependent on british summer time.

Sub TimeConvert()

With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
. ScreenUpdating = False
.DisplayAlerts = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With

Dim FirstDate As Date
Dim Position, DayIndex, lgrow, lstrow As Long, TargetMonth As Long, Stweekday, Enweekday, Tdate As Date, TargetYear As Long, cell As Range
Dim bst As Boolean

TargetYear = Year(Now)
TargetMonth = 3
Position = "L"
DayIndex = 1

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Vba Increase Columns In Subtotal
I want to automate the subtotal function by using VBA macro but do not know how to cope with an expanding range of columns in the macro. The following is the code, so far, to run the subtotal function, where the array states the numbers of the columns to be sub-totalled. The columns will increase linearly from 8.

Selection.Subtotal GroupBy:=1, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(5, 6, 7, 8) _
, Replace:=True, PageBreaks:=False, SummaryBelowData:=True

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Increase Textbox Character Limit
I am working in Office 2000, and have 3 Textboxes, I need to copy text from Textbox1 and Textbox2 to Textbox3, and the code below works but only when the character length is limited. I need to be able to show much more text. Suggestions. I am trying some of the code

Option Explicit
Sub Text_Copy()
Dim ch1 As Characters
Dim ch2 As Characters
Dim ch3 As Characters

With Sheets("Aim Up Description")
Set ch1 = .Shapes("TextBox1").TextFrame.Characters
Set ch2 = .Shapes("TextBox2").TextFrame.Characters
End With
With Sheets("Description Summary")
Set ch3 = .Shapes("TextBox3").TextFrame.Characters
End With
ch3.Text = ch1.Text & " " & ch2.Text
End Sub

I have found code on other posts that I have tried (like, Range("A16").Value = Val("TextBox1"),

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Increase Input Box Size
I want the user of my macro to be able to see what he/she has entered as a response to an input box. So far the only input boxes I can get to show are very small and seem appropriate only for inputing maybe a name or date. I need them to be able to see perhaps a 10 sentence input so that it is easy to review their input and modify it if to make the input area much larger is my problem.

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Increase/Mark-up Cost By X Percent
Formula for figuring retail price from cost. ie Cheeseburger 1.00 cost and I want a 60% markup. (2.55 Retail)

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Increase Size Of Dialog Boxes
Is there anyway to make the box size of the wizard larger? I am having a hard time telling where to place my splits in the little wizard box.

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Calculate Increase Based On Criteria
We typically give out Free Rents (usually a few months) to our tenants, which is always up on the front. And then we would charge a rent increase ($.50 per year in the example) starting 12 month after the rent free rent ends and every year (12 months) afterwards. The rent will be flat between each increase. My questions have two parts:

1. Is this something array formula can handle in one formula?

2. Since I am not an expert on array formula, what I ended up doing was to create a line for "Rent Bump Date" which is defined as the Free Rent + 13 for the 1st rent increase (meaning if you dont get free rent you would start paying increase in month 13 and every 12 months after. And I put in what the rent would be for each rent bump date. My solution is if the rent for each month (1 - 240) would be determined based on the ranges of those bumps. For example,

Month 1-15 Rent $20
16-27 20.50
28-39 21
40-51 21.5
52-63 22
64-75 23
232-243 30......................

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Increase Maximum Value For Spinner Control
I am setting up a couple of spinners to control dates. Unfortunately, the maximum value for a spinner is 30000 which is some date in 1986. I need the dates to go from current through 2010.

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Spinbutton To Increase By Different Increments According To Current Value Scale
I don't know if title is understandable, English not being my tongue, anyway here's my problem, the current value must be increased or decreased by 0.01 if it's between 1 and 2, by 0.02 between 2 and 3 and so on. I'm really new to VBA and after a few hours I came up with the following code which works fine till the value of 6 and then gets stuck: ....

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Increase In Decimals Returns Strange Result
I have discovered a strange thing about excel and it is driving me mad and ruining my project.

Basically, If i enter the number 97.4 into cell A1 and then 97.165 into cell B1 and then enter the formula =A1-B1 into cell C1 i get the answer 0.235. Which is correct.

However, when you increase the number of decimal places to 30 the answer that is returned is 0.234999999999999000000000000000.

This calculation result seem to fluctuate wildly depending on the primary numbers in cells a1 and b1. Very rarely have i seen the full 30 decimal places without a bizarre result like this.

Maybe it has been too many years since i was at school and that i am confused with my numbers and that there is a real easy answer to why this result is returned.

As i said it is ruining my project that i am working on. Can anyone help? Why does excel do this? Is there a way to stop this happening? My project relies on this answer to be correct. Is there a way to force excel to stop doing this?

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Change Cell Color After Every Decrease Up To Increase
I have a 49 numbers in cell A1:AW1 they are not in acceding order. I want to separate all groups’ start from lowest number to highest giving them deferent color. As shown in example table below in cell (A2 start with nş 6 and increase up to nş 47 till cell F2 =yellow color) then Cell (G3 decrease nş 3 and increase up to nş 49 till cell L49=Green Color) and continue same process for rest ....

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