If Statement Doesn't Recognize Non-zero Values

Oct 2, 2008

I have the following formula with multiple if statements:


This formula refers to cells in columns N,O,P,Q,R,S and T. Every cell in columns N,O,P,Q,R,S and T also contains formulas (VLOOKUPs).
My if statement works fine but when it checks cells in column P, for some reason, it doesnt recognize cells with non-zero values. I cant figure out why this is happening and how to fix this problem.

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Macro Doesn't Recognize Date Format

May 9, 2014

I'm trying to make a macro to replace dates with a certain value with blanks, but it dosn't seem to work.

Here's my code:

Sub Datetoblank()
' Datetoblank Macro
Cells.Replace What:="2014-05-08 15:09:25", Replacement:="", LookAt:= _
xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:=False, _
End Sub

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Excel 2007 :: Countif Doesn't Recognize Some Cells

May 13, 2014

Excel 2007
Windows 8

For this project i need to analyze clusters of data. My first step is to remove all none duplicates.

I have created this formula =COUNTIF(N:N,N1)=1, this goes all the way down to =COUNTIF(N:N,N5443)=1. My plan is to remove all rows that return a "True" to delete all non-duplicates.

I'm noticing, although 90% is recognized correctly, 10% is not. Some formulas return as true, when clearly there are duplicate values. The N Column is trimmed, to correct for spaces.

What the pitfalls with countif formulas usually are in this situation?

N Column
O Column

Returns False

[Code] .......

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If Statement Within If Statement (recognize The Cell)

Oct 1, 2008

I'm trying to set up an if statement that will recognize that if a cell is FHR it will do something...but if it's PHR it will do something else. I think I found the place where I keep getting an error but I'm not sure how to go about fixing the issue.

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Nested IF Statement To Recognize Root 'codes'

Jul 6, 2009

if the code is 110 add together all amounts attached to that code and sum them in a new cell. Perfect. Now however there is an added level of complexity and i need to figure out how to nest an IF statement into a =sumif() function so that code amounts are summed into their root code, for example the root code of 110, 120, 130 is 100.

So basically i want a function that will sum the specific code (110) and then sum together that amount under the root code (100). Here is an example. The amounts for the lower level codes have been summed but i need the high level codes to be summed together.

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SUMIFS Statement Doesn't Work?

Jun 12, 2014

I can't get this to work. What am I doing wrong? I keep getting a #VALUE! error.


I want to sum the NUMBERS in golumn G if the DATE in column L matches the DATE in cell F37 AND if the TEXT value in column B is equal to the TEXT value in cell G36.

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If Statement That Doesn't Change Cell If False

Feb 3, 2014

I'm trying to write an If statement that only changes the cell if it's true.

If its false it leaves what is in the cell alone.

This is what I have so far:

HTML Code:
=if(a5>=today(),"payment",----if not, don't change what is in the cell-----)

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Nested If Statement That Doesn't Give Blank Cell When It Is Evaluated?

Aug 29, 2012

I have a nested if statement that doesn't give a blank cell when it is evaluated. The cell is general formatted but results in a '0' in the cell instead of a completely blank cell.

If statement is:
=IF('Sales info'!B16="",'Sales info'!B6,IF('Sales info'!B6="","",'Sales info'!B16))

Why is this giving me a 0?

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Numeric Values Not Being Recognize On Password

Nov 27, 2008

The problem I currently have is all numeric values only are not being recognized on my password column. I have tried changing the cell formats but still problem still there. The program work if an alphanumeric value is declared as password. However if you simply indicate plain numeric values only as password, it returns incorrect values, it like it doesn;t recognize all numeric values. Also how can I make 0000 as a declared password? when I place 0000 on my password column, only one zero value is being displayed instead of four another thing if I happen to place 0123 only 123 is being displayed.

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Recognize Text Values As Variable Names

Jul 1, 2006

I want VBA to take an equation that has been entered into an worksheet cell as text and evaluate it. Here's a very simplified example that shows the concept:

Cell A1 may contain the text: "A * B + C"

I would like to do something on the order of this in VBA:

Sub Test()
Dim A As Integer, B As Integer, C As Integer

A = 2
B = 4
C = 6

MsgBox Evaluate(Workbooks("Book1").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value)

End Sub

Obviously, this doesn't work, but I want it to show a result of 14. The actual situation is much more complex, but it all comes down to being able to evaluate the text in a worksheet and recognize the variable names that are in it.

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Excel 2007 :: Loop Expression Won't Recognize Values Are Equal?

Apr 20, 2012

(Excel 2007) The issue I'm having is that a loop statement of mine is failing to recognize that a couple values are equal. It works for the first 3 iterations of the loop, then stops recognizing. I tried copying another set of numbers in the failing one's place, and that actually worked. I can't attach anything, so I'm including a link to a detailed screen shot with some notes on it and code that I'll host on my site. Not sure how else to explain the issue, but if you take a look at the screen shot you can see the excel sheet being worked on and the vba code running. I will also include a text file of the code

Here are the links to the screen shot and text file of my code
Text file
Screen Shot

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Macro To Recognize Content Between Two Fixed Values And Transpose To Columns?

Oct 26, 2012

I have a long (190,000) list of customer data, all in Column A (unfortunately with blank rows among it, but working now to fix that).

Down the column, individual customers are bookended by a "adf" and a "/adf". (these have open and close brackets like HTML code, but I cannot reproduce them in this forum).

For each customer, I need to find the rows that begin with (brackets spelled out since I do not know how to show them):

1. [open bracket] vehicle status

2. name part=3D"first"[close bracket]

3. [open bracket]name part=3D"last"[close bracket]

4. [open bracket]email[close bracket]

5.[open bracket]phone time=3D

6.[open bracket] name part=3D

And transpose only those rows it into columns.There is a dynamic number of rows for each customer, so there's no way to simply count and transpose, as the columns would all be mis-entered.Somehow it needs to recognize those 6 row items, and transpose those values only, with the and the only telltale of a start and finish of a specific customer.

EDIT: How about a macro to delete all rows except those that contain those partial values above?

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Formula That Doesn't Include 0 Values

Dec 6, 2013

I'm calculating a variance for a set of actual numbers vs. variance numbers. When there are no actuals, I don't want the formula to calculate a variance. How can I do this?

Spreadsheet attached : Book1.xlsx‎

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Match Function Doesn't Find Values

Feb 5, 2009

I've been using a Index and Match Functions to locate values,

What I'm trying to do is as follows:

Column A contains x values and Column B contains another value

A length is entered at the top of the worksheet, when the x value is greater than half the length the values will be mirrored about the centre point.

To do this i'm doing x-(length/2) to give the corresponding value of x on the other side of the length

I can do the If functions etc to sort all this out, but the match function isnt working, see attached, it isn't finding values which are in the list, when i use 0 for exact match, i've tried using 1 but it still isn't finding the correct values.

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LARGE() Doesn't Work When Having Multiple Max Values

Feb 15, 2007

I found the thread about how to get the second best result (=LARGE(range,2)) but that can't handle when I have ywo top values and a lower third value. It still return the next value after the top value, which is the same value. I want to get the next lowest vaule.

In this row:

I want to get the value 6 and the formula =LARGE(range,2) gives the second number 7.

How do I get the second value that I want?

Maybe if I use the RANK() formula in some way, but how?

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Modify Code So It Doesn't Run If Sheet Doesn't Exist

Oct 24, 2011

Code below. I need it to NOT run if the sheet week2 doesn't exist. Currently it gives a runtime error '9' out of range. This is due tot he sheet not being present because sometimes it is not generated.


Sub RemoveColWeek2sheet()
Dim ColNo As Integer
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Week2").UsedRange

[Code] .........

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If Statement: =IF(A2=A2,"CN","US") Doesn't Work

Nov 12, 2008

=IF(A2=A2,"CN","US") doesn't work



with give me this

** CN
** CN

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Two Different Values Using IF Statement

Oct 27, 2008

I'm working on a sheet that will help us with lots of data. This spreadsheet has 2 work sheets in it, one is being used as a form, the other data.

I'm having trouble with a formula on a "Form" worksheet that tells me - if a cell on the "Data" worksheet is blank, then leave it blank. If it contains the word "ON", then put an "X" in the cell.

Here's what I am using to try and get this working, not having any luck.
Any ideas?

=IF(OR('Data'!H2="",'Data'!H2=ON),, X)

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If Statement To Return 3 Values

Aug 25, 2013

I want to use an IF statement that returns 3 values. I can do it to return 2.

Example: I am measuring performance of individuals. If they deliver below 50% I can return the value "Needs Improvement". If they deliver Over 60%, I need to show "Excellent" and finally if they deliver between 50% & 60% I need to return the value "Good".

I am not sure how to show 3 values.

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Set Up An If Statement That Where 'a' And 'b' Are Numerical Values

Jan 25, 2010

I want to set up an if statement that does the following, where 'a' and 'b' are numerical values.

If 'a' is not a multiple of 'b' Then
End If

How can I write this so VBA can understand it?

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IF Statement With Multiple Values

May 24, 2006

I would like to be able to search a group of cells for particular text,
placing the true of false value in another cell, using this formula;


My reason for this is that I have a large amount of data that I need to
break down. I have a column that is listed similar to below;


The part before the / is 'system code'
The part after the / is 'module code'

I want to be able to have one additional column for system code and one
additional column for module code, without having to manually go through all
the data and make any amendments to it.

So as a result, (without the correct syntax) with 'S' being the system
Column and 'M' being the module column, what I would like to achieve is;

If cell contains "O/" then S1 = Office but if cell contains "OR/" then S1 =
Office Range but if cell contains "OM/" then S1 = Office Medium

I hope that makes sense.

Obviously repeated for the module column;

If cell contains "/ACP" then M1 = ACP but if cell contains "/ACT" then M1 =
ACT but if cell contains "/O" then M1 = O

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If Statement For Comparing 3 Values

Jun 25, 2014

How would I write a IF statement comparing 3 values. For example the field that it would be referencing would have values cell E51(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...99). The pull back would be:

1-10 = $250,000
11-15 = $550,000
16+ = $750,000

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VBA-statement To Look For Inexact Values

Nov 1, 2009

I need to change the following statement to look for inexact values; i.e. the string of text (ABC) can be found in any position of that cell.

Example 12345ABC = True, 123ABC456 = True, etc.

If (ActiveCell.Value = "ABC") Then

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CountIf Values With Between Statement

May 10, 2006

I have a list of 100 values in Column A of the attached spreadsheet Sample.xls. I need to count the number of values between a certain percentage including both positive and negative values. Example: I need to count all values that are between 0 and +5% and 0 to -5%.

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Accounting For Multiple Possible Values In A IF(AND Statement

Dec 4, 2008

IF B1 has a possible value ranging from 1 - 5, and IF the value in E1 is equal or great than 2,5,10,10,15 BUT 2,5,10,10,15 need to match to specific ranges set in B1 1=2, 2=5, ,3=10 ,4=10 ,5=15 THEN IF TRUE "WITHIN" IF FALSE "NEEDS UPDATE"

Got help earlier with this formula: =IF(AND(B1=1,E1<=5),"WITHIN","NEEDS UPDATE") :D Worked Great! This was my attempt at expand that formula:

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If Statement Based On Two Cell Values

Mar 28, 2009

If I have any value in cell A1 then the cell should show 1 if true or nothing if false. I have managed this via

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Copying Values Into Text Statement

May 29, 2009

I am using Excel 2007.

In cells A1 and B1 I have numerical values, e.g. 50 and 12 respectively. Cell C1 calculates the product A1*B1 (= 600). In another cell, say D1, I want to display a statement like 50 x 12 = 600 with the 50, 12, and 600 taken directly from cells A1, B1 and C1, without re-entering them. If I change the 50 to another value, say 70, then I want D1 to read 70 x 12 = 840

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MIN Statement But Excluding Negative Values

Feb 2, 2009

All i am trying to do is create a function that will provide me with the minimum invoice value between cells H17:H150 which excludes negative values i.e. refunds ...

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Consolidating Textbox Values If Statement?

May 7, 2012

I have 3 sets of textboxes. The user inputs information and all the nformation for each are consolidated to one textbox(delaycomments.value)

2 of them are controlled by a calendar input. THe user chooses a date and the date is shown in a textbox. Then they enter notes in the the each comment (delay1, delay2, delay3)

The current code below works, however the spaces I used in between still show even if the values are empty.

So, the "-" that is used to separate the dates still shows even if there aren't any dates. And the ": " still shows as well.

If there is only information in delay1, this is what shows in the consolidated box(delaycomments.value)

5/7/2012-5/7/2012: test. -: -:

Is there a way to convert these to an if then statement to make sure the text only appears if there are values in the cells?


Private Sub Delay1Comment_Change()
Me.DelayComments.Value = (Me.Reason1Start.Value & "-" & Reason1End.Value & ": " & Me.Delay1Comment.Value & " " & Me.Reason2Start.Value & "-" & Reason2End.Value & ": " & Me.Delay2Comment & " " & Me.Reason3Start.Value & "-" & Reason3End.Value & ": " & Me.Delay3Comment & " " & Me.Reason4Start.Value & "-" & Reason4End.Value & ": " & End Sub

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IF Statement Help With Values In Multiple Cells

Jul 24, 2009

I need to see if it is possible to set up an IF statement that can pull information from cells based on the results already available in those cells.

ABCDEFGHIJKLM1Non FeaturedGoodGoodIdentical IMEIsGoodNeeds RLM NumGoodGoodGoodChk DOA BoxGood32Non FeaturedNo ExchangeGoodGoodGoodNeeds RLM NumGoodGoodGoodChk DOA BoxGood23

What I need is a formula in cell M1 that will check each cell B1 thru K1 for the data "Good". If it does not equal "Good", then I need the checks true/false value(s) to show the reason shown in the other cells.

In other words, for row 1, i need a formula where the outcome would be "Identical IMEIs" because D1 is the first box in the set that does not equal "Good". Then if D1 was corrected to "Good", the outcome would then be "Needs RLM Num".

I tried to do it in sections such as {=IF(B7"Good",B7, then the next check )} but the number of statements exceeds the number of IF statements that can be nested. And I really need the formula to fit in one cell.

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