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Number Sequence: Add +1 To The Previous Cell

If I want to create a column of numbers, say 1 2 3 4 5, I can simply add +1 to the previous cell and then use "fill down" to generate my number sequence. How would one generate a column of numbers that repeat once? e.g.: 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5, etc

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Add Worksheet Named As Cell. Number Sequence
I'm trying to set up a worksheet so that when i enter a number in say cell J5 it will automatically create a new worksheet with the next number in order so if cell J5 was 1500 it would create a worksheet named 1501.

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Add Next Number In Sequence & TextBox Text
I have worksheet with a column of client codes. These are made up of:
(a) a "base code", being a minimum four to five digit, i.e.

0002, etc

(b) plus a decimal point and a "sub code" (i.e.

.03 through to .99)

The worksheet also contains the client name (i.e.

1031.00 John Smith
1031.01 Mary Smith
1032.00 Jack Brown
1033.00 My Company etc

As the supplier codes list has been manually done, there are numerous "gaps" in base code numbers as well as the subcodes.

I am looking to have a userform that a user can:

find the next unused base code and apply the 00 subcode (with client name).

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Add Cell Number To Date & Add Weeks
I want to add a numeric number eg: 4 to a date format eg: 15/08/2007 so that it calculates 4 WEEKS from 15/08/2007 and returns the CORRECT date in a date fomat itself. How do i do this through a VB code ?

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Next Number In Sequence
I have Excel 2003. I am trying to find the next number in a sequence of numbers. The number range is 1-59, and the sequence is 89 numbers that go like:

41,...(to the 89th number)

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Get The Next Number In A Sequence
I have code that adds the content of a userform directly onto the next available row starting at column B, using:

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Choose The Next Number In Sequence
"A1" has a number containing "1000"
I want column "B2" to choose the next number in sequence,(1001) so long as "A2" contains these letters "EHT". if it does not contain "EHT" i dont want excel to insert the number "1001"
But if cell A3 contains, "EHT" I want the next number in sequence to be instered automatically... (1001, 1002, 1003")

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To Count The Number Of Rows In Each Sequence
I have in column AU cell 39 to cell 500 random sequences of 1-10 rows ,
with numbers in them, (as an result of formulas)
I need to count the number of rows in each sequence that have numbers
of 35 or less , but only up to the first number of 35 or higher. eg:-

AU result
row 39 32 3
40 14
41 19
42 107
43 11
44 21
45 #value!
46 40
47 45
48 16
49 15
50 #value!
51 29 2
52 11
53 146
54 14
55 17
56 11
57 #value!

and so on down to 500 rows

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Count Cells By Number & Add Adjacent Cell If Number Is X
Create some sort of formula combination or macro that will: Recognise a cell with a value of 1, 2 or 3 in. If 3 is in the cell, the cell to its left will be counted and added to a total. If the cell that has 3 in changes the value is removed from the total. Ive tried lots of methods but i cant figure this one out!

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Copy Worksheet & Name In Number Sequence
Add Worksheet Named As Cell. Number Sequence

how would I set it up so that it copies the page not just creating a blank page.

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Retain Auto Number Sequence After Row Insert
I'm using a simple auto numbering command.

eg: cell A1: 1
cell A2: =(A1+1)

then shift, copy/paste cell A2 until A600,

This creates a sequential number column from 1-600. My problem lies when a new row is inserted, which is left blank. How can i maintain this auto function upon a new Row insertion?

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VBA Code To Add 1 To The Previous Date
I have a folder containing excel files with dynamic suffix names. I have files for all days starting from the 1st of the month – for example : Performance_01012010.xls, Performance 02012010.xls, Performance_03012010.xls till Performance_31012010.xls.

I want a VBA code to retrieve the date out and change it automatically (means it should add 1 automatically to the previous date). For example, if I open Performance_05012010.xls, my macro should SAVE AS this file to Performance_06012010.xls.

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Add New Rows(preserving The Formats And Formulas Of Previous Ones) Dinammycally And Automated
I have a very large table with 7000 rows and each time I open the file it takes excel about 1 minute to open it.Initially all cells in the rows are empty. Each row in the table has the same formats and formulas(eg. in J106 I have =IF(C106=1,1,"") and in J107 I have =IF(C107=1,1,"")).So the excel allocates all the memory and does the formatting and computations beforehand. How can I add new rows(preserving the formats and formulas of previous ones) dinammycally and automated? An example will be if I start enter data in a row add another row at the end of the table or a button that when I press it adds lets say 100 new rows in the table. Below is the table, the rows in the table to which I add data start form C15 to C7014.

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Formula To Add A Number To A Cell
I need a formula to add the number 1 into cell J9 when cell d9 is no longer blank.
I'm sure it's really easy- but I can't figure it out.

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Add Same Number Of Spaces As Cell Value
I have a column with a possible value of 1 to 7. The value represents the day of the week. I would like the value to be displayed in such a way that it is on the right position in relation to other days. So day one is a 1 at the first position, day 2 will be a space and then a 2, day 3 will be 2 spaces and then a 3 etc etc.

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Add Number According To Count Of Cell Value
Want to know what is the forumla for my case?


I have data of column A and B. When A column is the same of a kind then add B and output the answer to C1.

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Add A Letter Before An Existing Number In A Cell

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Add Cell Number To End Of Corresponding Formula
I have a monthly report on an excel spreadsheet that I must sum two columns from the previous month for every row in the sheet. I wish to take the value from column B and add to the end of the formula in column A. For instance my column A would contain the following: "=1200+6595+2599+275"

Column B would be a single number, i.e. "3200"

I want to be able to click a button and get "=1200+6595+2599+275+3200" in column A and place a "0" in column B for every row on the sheet. I have a pretty good understanding of VBA, but I am still learning the Excel object model.

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Sum(if Formula) Counts The Number Of Cell And Add
I have an array formula which reads:


However this formula only counts the number of cells (returns 96 for 96 cells) rather than adding the numbers in those cells to come to a total of 34.

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Number Add To Comma Separated Data In Cell
Cell(i,1)have 3 Numbers

Each Number Not Allowed Greater Than 10

Each Number In Cell(i,1) Will Be Added 1 In Cell(i,3) And Cell(i+1,3)....

How Can I Seperate Numbers And Make Three Variables To Run Macro

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Add Specific Number Of Spaces To Text In Cell
I've got a single column worksheet with a varying numbers of characters in each row.

At the end of each row's cell value I must add a 5 char string. Preceding that string I must have enough spaces to make the total length of each row 106 characters.

I've already:Defined and populated the string. Let's call it "strMyString".Established how many rows are in the sheet and stored it in "lngUsedRange"Written the following which cycles through each row establishing how many spaces need to be added:

Dim lngSpacesNeeded As Long

For i = 1 To lngUsedRange
lngSpacesNeeded = 101 - Len(Range("A" & i))
Next i

Now I just need to know what else to put before "Next i" to locate the end of the existing text in the cell and add the number of spaces in "lngSpacesNeeded" then add "strMyString".

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Changing The Sequence Of Characters Appearing In A Cell.
Suppose a name is typed in a cell as the First name in the front and the Last name following it e.g. Jupiter Jones.

Can it be reversed in the same cell so that it appears as Jones Jupiter i.e. with the last name in the front and the first name following it.

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Place In Sequence Increasing The Numbers Of One I Creak In A Cell
I would like to place in sequence increasing the numbers of one I creak in a cell.
In the formula I determine it I creak and the corresponding frame number to the placed ones.
The problem is that he is accumulated only the greater and not sequencia it.



Function ordenar2(Myrange As Range, num As Integer) As String
Dim Myorder As Double
Dim X2 As String
Dim n As Integer
n = 1
Do While n

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Automaticly Populate Dates In Sequence Based Off Of One Cell
How do i get cells to automaticly populate dates in sequence based off of one cell. I.E C1= 4/Jul/09 I want A2-A7 to populate the dates in sequence Jul 4 - Jul 11. Is it a formate issue?

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Summing Sequence Of Numbers Seperated By Comma Within Single Cell
I'm a basic excel user really and cannot find a function that will allow me to complete the following:

CELL A1 includes the following sequence of numbers: 1,2,1,0,2,3
I would like to know how to put a formula/function into CELL B1 that sums up the sequence of numbers in CELL A1 (i.e 1+2+1+0+2+3)

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Run Macro Sequence On Set Cell Changed By Drop-Down
I have found a macro that should work with a change of a specific cell.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$A$7" Then
Call Button
End If
End Sub

However, the code doesn t work as with a change of A7 nothing happens.
A7 equals to result from a drop down list --> A7=A5(which is a drop down list value). The "Button" macro is a combination of 4 macros that get rid of zero values and names in pie charts (maybe this plays any role). The master macro is assigned to an object. The code is:

Sub Button1()
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 140").Activate
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).ApplyDataLabels AutoText:=True, LegendKey:= _
False, HasLeaderLines:=True, ShowSeriesName:=False, ShowCategoryName:= _
True, ShowValue:=True, ShowPercentage:=False, ShowBubbleSize:=False, _
Separator:=" "...................

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Populating A Cell With A Calendar Month Based On The Previous Date In Another Cell.
Trying to word this right. I have one cell with a date of 01/01/2010. I have other cells that I want to be equal to this cell plus 1 or more months.

For example A1=01/01/2010

I want A2 to = 02/01/2010 based on one calendar month entered into A1. So if A1 changes 03/01/2010, A2 will = 04/01/2010.

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Copy Formula From Previous Cell To Next Cell When I Enter Something
I want to copy formula from previous row to next cell when i enter something in perticular cell.

--Colomn A --- Colomn B -- --------Colomn C
1 01-09-07 ----- John ----------=vlookup(b2,$s$1:$t$10,2,false)
2 01-09-07 ----- Smith -------- =vlookup(b3,$s$1:$t$10,2,false)

Now if i enter date in cell A3 then cell C3 should be automatically filled/copy formula as celll C2. and so on......
then if i enter data to A4 then cell C4 should be automatically filled/copy formula from cell C3.

I have also attached example file.

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To Add Bank Account Number And Sort Code Number In A Box
is it possible to have boxes for numbers to be inserted into

i want the user to be able to fill in bank account and sort codes numers into the relevant individual box for each number

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Recording Previous Value In A Cell
I have a DDE-based worksheet, that is obtaining data from Townsend Analytics' RealTick Server software. One of my cells is a DDE formula that retrieves the current BID ask price, for a given stock.

When a new BID price comes in to my designated cell, I need to somehow capture the existing BID price, before this new one updates in the requisite cell. I want to be able to store this "old" value in another cell.

Unfortunately, there is no "pre-cell" event trapping. I've tried to work with the worksheet_change event, which passes an argument of the effected cells, but the cell value has already changed, by the time this event has been called.

This problem sounds simple, but I am at a loss for a solution. Does anybody out there in EXCEL-land have a solution ?

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Go Back To Previous Cell
With "edit directly in cell" turned off, if you double click through in a cell containing a formula to the cell being refferenced, is there a quick way of getting back to the original cell you clicked on?

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If Previous Filled Cell Is Equal To
How could i change this formula so

If the previous cell "filled with a number" in column D is equal to C17 Then C18 otherwise c17

This is the formula
This formula is in D38

This formula is in D65
I also need to apply the same to this formula

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Comparing Previous Values Of A Cell
I have a cell (F2) that is auto updated with total sales units for today (Its a simple counter of individual sales). I want to detect when there is a "batch" of sales >= 10. ie. F2 may start at zero for the day and increment by 1,2,5 or 10 units at a time. If the increment is 10 units or more I would like to detect this and store the result in cell G4.

Typical values in C2: 0, 1, 6, 7, 9, 19, 21, 22 etc as new orders arrive. The larger order between 9-19 (viz 10 or more), I need to detect and store in G4. I know that I need to use both the current value of F2 (say 19) and the previous value of F2 (say 9) to perform this, but the solution eludes me.

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Loop And Return To Previous Cell
I am trying to take a column of data located on one sheet and move into two different locations on another sheet. My range is from A1:A10. The below code works, but as it loops, it replaces G1 and H1 with the other values from the original range. Once the first pos and neg values are placed in G1 and H1 respectively, I want the next cells to be evaluated and placed in G2 and H2 etc. What am I missing here? How can I get it to stop pasting over itself?

Sub test()
Dim bcell As Range
For Each bcell In Range("a1:a10")
If bcell > 0 Then
bcell.Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G1")
Else: If bcell < 0 Then bcell.Copy Destination:=Worksheets("sheet2").Range("H1")
End If
Next bcell
End Sub

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Previous Active Cell Address
I need to locate the address of the previous active cell without triggering a selectionchange event (as this is where my code is activated from). Here is what I am currently using unsuccessfully:

strPrevAddress = ActiveCell.Previous.Address

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Find Previous Non-empty Cell
I'm trying to use the find() function (or another if it exists) to find a previous non-empty cell.

Basically, the active cell will be ain a column with mostly empty cells, and I need it to move up the column looking for the previous cell that is not blank. I could do it with a loop, but I'd rather not if possible.

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If Value, Append Data To Previous Cell
if cell in column E contains 'YTD', append value of cell in column D at the end with a space before it (example: " VALUE") to cell in column C. not sure how to go about this. i attached a one row example

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If Condition:one Cell Is Greater Than Previous Cell By At Least A Certain %?
how to include a condition in the condition? What I mean is in this set of numbers:
1000(A) 1000(B) 1000(C) 1200(D) 500(E) 1000(F)

I want excel to point out (with a 1, True, x, whatever) if (B) is greater than (A) by 10% or more and if (C) is greater than (B) and so on. I know I cant use =if(C>B,1,0)...Im just unsure how to include the % in the function

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Insert Next Row Based On Previous Cell Value
My current code works, but there's got to be a shorter version to insert rows based on a cell value. Currently my code works on a series of If statements. If the value in the current cell is "2" then goto the next row and insert one line. If the value is "3" then go to the next row, insert, next row insert etc. I'm currently written up to a value of 10, but the coding is getting longer and longer. Anybody got a shorter loop that I could use.

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Cell Adds Previous Values Automatically
I have a market data linked to excel through DDE link so prices are updated real time.

Cell A5 contains last traded volume which updates whenever a trade is done.

I would like to SUM/ADD all last trade volume in cell C5. Is there any function or macro can help me to do this?

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Going Back To Previous Cell Within Loop Macro
I need to copy a changing source cell, paste its value into another specific cell (always the same), and then return to the source cell for continued action (ie range selection, copy & value paste, which I can code).

This action is then followed in the next cell to the R of the first cell copied, etc to end of data. I can code the move to the R.

How do I return to the source cells as part of a loop?

Specific notes included in attached - I hope I've explained it clearly.

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Show If Cell Is Greater Or Smaller Than Previous Value
I have a DDE feed going into an Excel spreadsheet which gives me a share price in real-time. i.e the cell value is constantly changing.

I would like to create a formula that tells me if the price is 'Rising' or 'Falling' based on the previous value, before it was updated.

So, for example, if cell C4 said £1.00 and the the next price change changed cell C4 to £1.05 I would like cell C5 to say 'Rising' If the next price change was say to £1.04 I would like cell C5 to say 'Falling'.

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Macro To Use Previous Cell Value Based On A Flag
see the attached file for an example. I am creating a formula/macro for performing the following: If "Y" exists in column J, then replace in the next cell below (columns G and H) with the values from the cell above in columns G and H and then clear the contents from the above cells.

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Vlookup = Lookup Returning Previous Row Cell Data
I have a list of airport codes and I need to look up these 2 digit codes and find the relevant airport and country.

For some reason when I use the lookup function it is finding the correct lookup value but returning the column cell in the previous row.

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Macro - Auto Populate The Data, Based On The Previous Cell Values
the post 5 for the actual issue. This being my first post could not update it correctly. I have put my views int he 5th post which will be more clear.

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Running Totals In The Cell As The Previous Week And So On Until New Data Is Entered And Updates The Total
I have to keep a record of the running totals of school house points for each week. The problem is that teachers are very lazy and don't record data every week so I have many blank cells which my current formula can't cope with. I've tried using N/A but it doesn’t seem to work? (Have thought about threats of violence but would probably lose my job) I’m if there is no data (blank or 0) then I need it to keep the same total in the cell as the previous week and so on until new data is entered and updates the total. I have attached a simplified copy: Teachers enter points in the HP sheet, the Running Totals sheet (TAB) contains the formula.

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Add The Number Once
I need a spreadsheet where I will record the bus numbers into a sheet but I only want to be able to add the number once ie.. error if duplicate bus entered. Also the numbers will change from time to time, old buses sold when new ones arrive. I have the following code that someone helped me with wich works fine provided you don't have to change the numbers.

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Loop To Add+1 To A Number
What I want is a button that will add 1 to a number everytime it is pressed.

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How To Add A Specified Number Of Cells
I am trying to add a number of cells according to a number in an adjacent cell.
If cell A1 has a number in it and column b has a list of numbers, how do i only add the number of cells in the list to match the nmber in cell A1.

example, if a1 contains a 3 only add the first 3 cells in the list, if has a 5 only add the first 5 numbers in the list.

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How To Add A Name When A Number Is Entered
Im trying to enter an employees name into a data list. I have a program that generates a list including their employee number into column B. I want to write something to put the employee name into column C. Im working with 60+ employees so i dont think if statements will work? anyway to reference a chart or table with the numbers and names on it?

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Add The Number In Columns Together
If I have a number in A1, and another number in B1, what formula should I use to add them together?

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