Other Page To Retrieve Data

Sep 1, 2009


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Retrieve Data From Different Page And Copy

Feb 1, 2010

I need to move data from "2010" page to page "sheet 1 (2)" so I don't have to double chart.

I want to be able to retrieve data in columns w, x, y, z, ac, and ad, on page 2010 and place them respectively in coloumns I - N on the correct row. (the row that matches the right name)

I dont' know how to do this-I don't know if it complicates things that 2010 has breaks in the data (each month has totals and are broken up. ) can anyone help?
I believe I have xcel 2003 if it matters.

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Manipulate Web Page Controls To Retrieve Data

Jul 19, 2007

I retrieve data about local reservoirs (elevation, precipitation, gated release, ...) from a web site [url]. Retrieving the reports requires manipulating three drop boxes ("Select lake", "Year", "Data Type"). After that, I copy the data to the clipboard, and, back in Excel, push a button that pastes the text and extracts the data.

I'd like to programmatically manipulate those controls so that data retrieval can be completely automated.

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Countif Formula: Take Data From One Page And Graph It On Another Page

May 1, 2009

I am looking for a formula that will take data from one page and graph it on another page. The data I am trying to graph is arranged like so:


1 q 2009.05.01
2 w 2009.05.02
3 w 2009.05.01
4 q 2009.05.01

I am looking for something that will look at column A and if the answer is "q" and then look at column B and if the answer is "2009.05.01" Excel will take that and count it in a specific cell on another page. In the case above, I want Excel to give me the answer of "2" in a designated cell.

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Transfer Specific Data On Each Page To A Different Colum On That Same Page

Mar 15, 2007

I have a workbook that has 9 different tabs in it. Once all the information has been completed throughout the workbook, is there a code that could transfer specific data on each page to a different colum on that same page? I need to do this for 9 pages at one time. The information is listed differently on each page. I need to transfer data from the current data column to the previous data column once the entire workbook has been filed out.

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Copying 12 Months Data Across The Page To Down The Page

Oct 17, 2008

I have a dataset that is as follows:

Col1 2 3 4 ...... 45

123 456 xxx xxx xxx
100 234 xxx xxx xxx
221 543 xxx xxx xxx
112 234
112 689
122 956
122 234

This goes on from left to right for 45 odd columns.

I need to copy each set i.e set 1 is 123 down to 122 to say cell a25 and then copy the next set i.e. 456 to 234 below the first set.

I need to somehow write a loop code that knows where to get the 2nd, then 3rd set, etc and copy it to the bottom of the preceeding set

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Page Break Preview It Shows The Page Numbers In The Centre Of The Page

Jun 9, 2009

When I view a sheet under Page Break Preview, it shows the Page numbers in the centre of the Page. While I am aware that it would not print the page number I was wondering if there is an option to remove/hide the page numbers.

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Userform - Retrieve Data From Excel Sheet And Overwrite With New Data In Same Rows?

Mar 3, 2014

I have created a userform with multipage, has two page that add new record in a excel sheet. Data has a unique reference no.(TxtRef.Value) for each record. I am trying to add a button to load the added data for a specific record using reference no back to userform so that it can be updated and overwrite back to the sheet in the same row, So far it is adding new record correctly. I do not know how to populate all the fields of the of an existing record and overwrite it back to the same row instead of adding a new record. Below is my codes


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Hlookup (retrieve The Corresponding Data)

Sep 7, 2009

The formula I'm looking for should look for the name mentioned in B2 in range AC2:AF400 and retrieve the corresponding data below it starting from D11 to D41 and continue on F7 to F34 etc.

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How To Match And Retrieve Data

Feb 4, 2013

I need to match and retrieve data.

If cell A25 matches B3:B19, B25 should pull the Name and C25 the Cost.

I have attached a spreadsheet.

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Retrieve Data From Sql Server

Nov 25, 2008

This code should retrieve data from sql server to excel sheet
filtering according to the "where" statement
its a modified recorded macro.

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Retrieve Data From Txt File

Jan 22, 2010

I still do not have my dummy files ready but wanted to start the discussion on Retrieving Specific Data form Txt file.

Later I will post sample files.

For now, I will appreciate any ideas on how can I refer to specific place in the txt file and get the relevant information to excel spreadsheet.

The criteria for searching the text file must be:

1.Look for specific ABC
2.right below must be a date: 01/20/2010

3.When those two criteria are met then go down and find the first occurrence of the word: Test
4.When you find the word, on the right of this word must find numbers
5.Get those numbers to excel

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Retrieve Data With 2 Conditions

Nov 25, 2006

I have 4 columns of data:

Employee; Invoice #, Invoice Total ($), Month of Invoice

I am trying to create a simple report that will display Invoices, By Employee, for a given month. I have tried using the following VLOOKUP statements within an IF statement:


"S1DATA" is the table with the data I described above. I am trying to retrieve data for the month of October. When I use the above statement I get the information that I want, but when I copy the formula down (matching the employee name in H2, H3, H4... etc I continuously get the same invoice information.

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Retrieve Data From Web That Requires A Log In

Aug 25, 2006

I have a webpage with a form, where user can enter their login info and a location number.

- Based on these information I would like the location number to be fed into a Macro, when the user was authorized. The Macro then extract required information and give it back as txt-file ( this Macro is already written).

- The result txt-file need to be convert to an excel file and be availabe on web for downloading.

- -> All of this process must be automatically done. <--

My question is, which language (VBA, PHP, Perl,...) should I use to do the work and how can I do it?

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Retrieve Data From Workbook Using ADO & VBA

Oct 11, 2006

I am updating one sheet within a closed workbook with information from one sheet in another closed workbook. I have been using a connection string similiar to this: "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=C:ExcelData2.xls;" & _
"Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;HDR=YES"""....

My question is, how do I make a worksheet that is in a closed workbook active. And to be more specific I need to change the name of the file I am saving to and I was hoping to do something like "activeworksheet.saveas=". If you happen to know another way that relates to the way I am connecting and updating information( SQL statements), could you let me know.

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Retrieve Data From A Table + Calculations With That Data

Mar 27, 2009

I have 2 sheets - one called 'Lookup' that has a table of recipes in the rows and ingredients in the columns. The cross reference of each is the required quantity of that ingredient, if any (obviously..). Both rows and columns are sorted alphabetically.

In the second sheet - Recipe - I have a subset of the recipes (e.g. 'Cakes') along with the applicable subset of ingredients. I've input these by hand, so I assume they can be referenced directly in the function. What I need to do is grab the quantity out of the table for each recipes ingredient. E.g. A6 will have the recipe 'Jamrolypoly' and H1 will have the ingredient 'Jam'. H6 needs to return the value from the table in Lookup.

I'm still (very) new to this but looking around I found the following which seemed to describe the function I am after:

=VLOOKUP(H1, Ingredients, MATCH(A6, Ingredients, 0))

(Ingredients is the name of the table in the Lookup sheet)

I then need to be able to use the returned values in separate equations on sheet 2 to work out costs. This bit I've done already but I've heard that some of the methods of data retrieval return 'N/A' if there is no value, and that would not allow any subsequent calculations using the value.

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Can Retrieve Data From Internet Using Excel / VBA

Oct 27, 2012

I have a list of zip codes in excel, which I need to pass to store website and retrieve all the store locations in that area..

For example:

[URL] .... "choose my store on the left"

or [URL] ....

Is it possible to do this in Excel/ VBA?

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Retrieve Partial Cell Data

Jul 31, 2014

Is there a way I could achieve copying cell's content minus some characters?

For example in the cell A1 would be: "two apples"

I would put into the B1 cell something like =A1(-4charactersincludingspace) - the result in B1 should be "apples"

Is it understandable what I mean?

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Simple VLookup Not Retrieve All Data

Dec 20, 2013

I need to bring the new pac code NR. from sheet 1 to sheet 2 and when i bring them back only the 1st comes and when i copy past down it comes only the 1st number. I have changed all formats but simply doesn't work.

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Using INDEX To Retrieve Tabulated Data

May 7, 2009

A while back i got some assistance from a very helpful member with a formula to retrieve a value from the left most column, that was greater than Col "min" and less than col "MAX" from a range of values.

I never really worked out how this functioned and cant really make it out of the help files on excel. I am now trying to do a similar lookup from a table of values but only need to find the row value using a greater than less than operation, using a single column.

The original formula was
Where B3 was the number to be compared against.

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Retrieve External Data With The Preferences

Sep 30, 2008

basically all it does is retrieves external data with the preferences that I set... what I want to do is change the code so that instead taking the same URL address it refers back to a specific cell in a workbook for the address.

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Macro To Retrieve Data From Another Worksheet

Apr 27, 2009

I need a macro that will ask for a crew # and then select all the rows off another worksheet that contains that crew #. Then take the selected rows and copy them to the active worksheet for reporting.


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Retrieve Value By Comparing Column Data

Nov 6, 2009

I need a macro to do the following:

I need Invoice # from column A to put in Column I by comparing Name in G and H with Name in D and E.

For Example
Compare Alfred Whitworth (Column G & H) in Column D & F would give Inv # 88530 ...this value will go in column I.

Compare Angela Owens and could not find in Column D and E so leave Column I Blank.

Compare Annabelle Deen would have Inv # 88740

And so on...

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Retrieve Class And Stakes From Data

Feb 10, 2013

Im wanting to get a function that can get the results I have in cols B and C from the data in col A .

I already have functions to get the 1400m and F1 as in cell A2 etc .

Sheet1  ABC1DataClassStakes2Mdn 3yo $6K 1400m F1Mdn 3yo$6K3OPN HCP C/WGT 1000 SOPN HCP C/WGT 4HCP $58K 1110m GHCP$58K5GRAZIA STYLE $177K 1100m GGRAZIA STYLE$177K60 - 91 $80K 1200m G0 - 91$80K7Rating 70 SW+P $10K 1400m G3Rating 70 SW+P$10K8MDN 2YO C/WGT 450 DMDN 2YO C/WGT 9OPN HCP $100K 1400m H10OPN HCP$100K10Mdn & JMP HWT $6K 2100m G2Mdn & JMP HWT$6K

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VBA Code To Retrieve Particular Data From Outlook

Jul 20, 2013

I am using Microsoft outlook to get my all official emails. I have lot many emails in outlook express & there are some common things which i want to get in an excel sheet. Details of data are as under.

Column A Column B
1) Company Name Xyz Ltd.
2) Sales 1500$
3) Commission 150$
4) Total Sales 2500$

how can i get particular these data from outlook express to excel sheet ?

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Macro To Retrieve Data From Spreadsheet

Sep 25, 2013

On sheet1 I have 6 products in E15:E20 and their prices in AB15:AB20.

I have created userform1:

Step 1. When the form shows I'd like the products in E15:E20 to show under "Product" and prices in AB15:AB20 to show under "Price".

Step 2. The user needs to be able to add a price value in either the "-Disc" and/or "+Fees" fields, from this the adjusted price should show in "New Price"

Step 3. When the user hits "Add", the value under "New Price" needs to show up in AB15:AB20. To complicated this last step (maybe) in cells AB15:AB20 is:



So whatever value is entered into "-Dsc" or "+Fees" needs to be added and/or subtracted from this formula.

I don't know much about vba, the best I could come up with is:


Private Sub cmdclose1_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub cmdadd1_Click()


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Access Table - How To Retrieve Data

Dec 11, 2013

I am not able to retrieve the date from Access table.Here is below code.. How to retrieve the data from ACCESS..

Dim adoCN As ADODB.Connection
Dim strSQL As String
Const DatabasePath As String = "U:workareaNew Projectdb1.mdb"
'Function argument descriptions
'LookupFieldName - the field you wish to search

[Code] ..........

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Retrieve Dropdown Menu Data Using VBA

Jun 21, 2014

Most of the information I need I am getting using standard web queries. But pulling data directly from drop down menus seems beyond the capabilities of a regular web query.

I only need the information that shows as the menu options. I don't need any information from the pages at those links. Nor do I need the links.

Actually all I really need is the option value information, and the date. So for the first item, I would be looking for, 7|2014|u 06/18/2014

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Retrieve Data In A Vlookup Table

Mar 22, 2009

A newbie here.
I have numerical data in
range c3:c12
range f3:f12

Based on above two criteria I need to retrieve data in a Vlookup table, range gr1:gr510.
The Vlookup table range is gp1:gr510

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Using VLOOKUP To Retrieve Data From A 3D Array

Apr 25, 2006

I have created a workbook consisting of several blocks of similar data. To make updating the data easy I have arranged each block on a seperate sheet. IS there any way to retrieve data from this 3D array using LOOKUP functions based on data from drop down lists? I have tried labelling each block of data on it's own sheet and trying to retrieve the label from a list using VLOOKUP but each time the label is retrieved as a text string and gives an error message when used in another VLOOKUP. I.e. =VLOOKUP(A10,(VLOOKUP(A13,'0'!C21:D31,2,FALSE)),3+(IF(B10="No",3,0)))
The interior VLOOKUP is retrieving for example "a" instead of a, when the outer VLOOKUP encounters this it returns an error. Is there any way of fixing this, is it a shortcoming of Excel, is it me or will I ahve to go back to creating one big data array on a single sheet?

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