Remove Duplicate Part Numbers

Jun 16, 2009

I need to remove duplicate Part Numbers where other information in the cells will not match. In the following two examples, the only difference is that the COMP_ID: number is different, but for my purposes, the second example is a duplicate and needs to be removed. I have hundreds of rows of this type of information with various part numbers: ...

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Combine And Remove Duplicate Part Number

Aug 19, 2013

I have two sets of data and i would like to combine into one.

Problem is some may have duplicated part number.

My current method is copy & paste data from 2 different tab in to one and using data, remove duplicated to get what i needed.

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Remove First Part Of String Of Text And Keep The Second Part?

Feb 12, 2014

Is there any way to remove the first part of a string of text in a cell and save the second part?

The first part of the text string is a team code that has a variable number of numbers, capital letters and sometimes spaces. The second part of the text string is a variable number of words in a team name that all start with a capital letter and have lower case letters. Every line has a different team code and team name.

The original spreadsheet also has a column with just team code. Is there a way of using this column to "subtract" the team code from the text string to just leave the team name?

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Multiple Lookup: List Of Part Numbers Based On The Product Part Code

Feb 12, 2009

I'm creating a worksheet that gives a list of part numbers based on the product part code. In most cases I can use the following.

=LOOKUP(O6,{0,1,2,3,4},{"NONE (M25)","SMP-55-001","SMP-55-004","SMP-55-008","SMP-55-014"})

so this gives a part number depending on what number is placed in O6. What I need to do know is look at 2 different cells and for each combination of numbers give a different part number. so if A1 is 2 and B1 is 3 give a certain result.

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Part Matching Duplicate Values

Nov 12, 2008

there was a dog that jumped over
there was a dog that jumped over the fence

Everything is in ColA. We are on excel 2007. We need to highlight these two are duplicates based on matching the first 40 characters.

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Remove Part Of String

Oct 29, 2009

I have a list of data that populates B2:B2900
This data is often prefixed by a 'reference code' that I wish to be removed.
Now rater than perform this manually aprox 3000 times is there a formula or some VB code that will complete this for me....


The list of data is shown like:

SC7547-05 - Payne, Freda
SC8706-08 - Rungren, Todd
SC8714-05 - Travis, Randy
SC7517-03 - Beach Boys, The
Love Song
Now You're Gone
SC7512-01 - Horton, Johnny
SC8721-15 - Journey

So I wish for the SC7547-05 - to be removed from the first example to just leave Payne, Freda and continue this throughout the list
However if the data is found not to include this code (as in the 5th/6th examples above) leave it alone

So if the code of formula is run for the above the outcome would be....

Payne, Freda
Rungren, Todd
Travis, Randy
Beach Boys, The
Love Song
Now You're Gone
Horton, Johnny

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Remove Non-alpha Characters From Alphanumerics With Option To Remove Numbers

Aug 8, 2009

I have found a very useful UDF for removing non-alpha characters from strings. (See below, Credit for posting to Stanley D Grom - Ozgrid post ´Removing Non-alpha Characters From Text´).

Option Explicit

Private Function RemoveCharacters(InString As String) As String
Dim intLoopCounter As Integer
Dim intStringLength As Integer
Dim intASCIIVal As Integer
intStringLength = Len(InString)
InString = LCase(InString)
For intLoopCounter = 1 To intStringLength
intASCIIVal = Asc(Mid(InString, intLoopCounter, 1))
If intASCIIVal >= 97 And intASCIIVal <= 122 Then
RemoveCharacters = RemoveCharacters + Mid(InString, intLoopCounter, 1)
End If
Next intLoopCounter
End Function

Two requests:

1. Could the UDF be modified such that any part of a string contained within brackets is also removed (e.g. "NLGA High Street (West-Enfield), EN6" becomes "nlgahighstreeten")?

2. Can an argument be added to the format of the UDF, such that numbers (0 to 9) are either included or excluded (e.g. RemoveCharacters(A1,1) where the argument ´1´ would include any numbers (0 to 9), so "NLGA2003 High Street (West-Enfield), EN6" becomes "nlga2003highstreeten6")? ´blank´or ´0´would exclude these numbers, i.e. would return "nlgahighstreeten"

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How To Remove Gridlines From Part Of A Worksheet Only

Nov 27, 2005

building a worksheet to list people, payrates and hours worked etc. the header needs to have fill in areas that change with the job so I entered them in the rows rather than in a proper header. what I want to do is get rid of gridlines in the first 6 rows but
leave them intact on the rest of the document. I see templates that this was done somehow.

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Remove Part Of Text From Cells

Aug 19, 2006

I have a simple sentence in cells C3, D3 and E3. The sentence in C3 is:
Find Airfare to Chicago, Airline Tickets to Chicago, and More | XXXXXXXXX®

D3 contains: XXXXXXXXX highlights outstanding airfares to Chicago from quality airlines and agencies. E3 contains my list of keywords: Chicago Flights, Cheap Flights to Chicago, Cheap Chicago airline tickets, chicago flight, chicago airfare, chicago airline ticket, chicago airline tickets

The XXXXXXXXX in the C&D cells is the client name which I had to blank out in order to post here. I wasn't sure if you guys would need to know exactly how many characters there are in each cell. In column B3 is the name of the city, in this case the city is Chicago. I have 8000 destinations so I need a formula that will take the city (or any information) in the B column and replace that in the C, D and E columns in the appropriate place. I've attached a small, representative file to demonstrate.

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Remove Part Name/Caption From UserForm Controls

Jan 17, 2008

Current OptionButton names are like ABC123, ABC 124, etc.

How can i change all names, with code - as i am not seeing a find and replace option within UserForms, to all but the "ABC" part, the result of the OptionButton names shall therefor be 123, 124, etc. - delete "ABC" or, find "ABC" and replace with

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Identify Duplicate Part # And Quanities And Generate Recount Sheet

Oct 9, 2008

I have attached my sample XL sheet. Column A & B will be imported from computer system, only one p/n and quanity. Column C & D will be scanned in from multiple trucks and warehouse, p/n might show up multiple times with different quanities. I need to compare A&B to C&D and come up with a recount sheet that shows the difference as in E&F. Ideally this could be put on another sheet that could be printed out for recounting. Is it possible to do all these different functions automatically. There will be somewhere between 3000-5000 different p/n's.

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Remove Space Between Variable And Constant Part Of File Name?

Jun 7, 2014

I have 800+ files the problem is that the file name ends in 80 different combination so I need to try all of those for each file.

eg: one of the 800 is "109 st no 103 av" the file could be called:
"109 st no 103 av nb1_cleaned.xls" or
"109 st no 103 av nb 1_cleaned.xls" or
"109 st no 103 av nb 1._cleaned.xls" or
"109 st no 103 av sb1_cleaned.xls"

I wrote a code to try all those combinations, the issue lies a space the code adds before _cleaned, how to remove it?.

So the name should be
"109 st no 103 av nb1_cleaned.xls"
but my code is letting it be
109 st no 103 av nb1 _cleaned.xls

Where the variable Ord is the "1" after nb.

Find the code below:

[Code] ....

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Remove Part Text From Cell Based On Condition

Dec 3, 2006

What I would like to do is remove part of an email address from a cell.

Ex. if the was a cell that contained "" I would like to make that cell only contain ""

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Remove Duplicate

Apr 9, 2014

I attached a file in which column A is dr_cr and E id INST_NO and column G is INST_AMT. This file like a bank statement. in which one instrument(cheque) present and i denote it c(credit) in column A. but if cheque credit then d(debit) means that this cheque present and dishonour. but some time one cheque credit and then debit and then credit. it means that we have to remove previous credit and debit entries. in this attached file you found this type of entries. i want to remove this type of entries. i further explain.

1. if one instrument have one credit and one debit its ok.

2. if one instrument two credit and one debit then remove one credit and one debit where instrument no and amount and drawee bank must be same.

3. if one instrument have two credit and two debit we have two remove one one debit and one credit.

4. if one instrument have three credit and two debit then we have to remove two credit and two debit so one credit left.

Attached File : remove duplicate.xlsx‎

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Remove 1st Duplicate Only?

Aug 9, 2013

Is there any way of Removing the first duplicate in a list only? I am writing some vba to automate a month end process and wonder if there is a way to achieve this? (excels remove duplicates function keeps the first, and removes everything else). The data is in column C.

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Remove Duplicate Addresses

Jul 6, 2009

I have 2 issues i am trying to work through, i have a spreadsheet with 3 data sheet tabs, the first issue i have is in Data sheet 1 I have a lot of duplicate addresses, I was wondering if there is a way to filter out the duplicate addresses so that only one of each address is showing.

Issue 2 that i have is a lot more complicated, In data sheet 1 i have a list of medical providers that reimburst at 110% or more, each address on that list needs to get 1 letter mailed to them, but i have to keep track of how many are going to each region, i.e. Columbus, OH region, Cincinnati, OH Region, Toledo, OH Region, and Cleveland, OH region. So what i want to do is create a 3rd data sheet that keeps track of total letters sent by region, but was wondering if it was possible for this info to be automatically transfered from data sheet 1 to data sheet 3. I don't need all the information in data sheet 1 to tranfer to data sheet 3. All i need is for data sheet 3 to read off the City field in data sheet 1, and calculate 1 letter sent to that region.

I dont even know if this is possible, but it is way beyond my realm of excel knowledge which isn't much.

Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to attach the spreadsheet, however it isn't allowing me to attach it, i keep getting a database error, when i upload it. It is under the max size limit too. Not sure what's going on.

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Remove Duplicate In List

Sep 4, 2013

I used to have a macro that did this for me, but the layout of the exported data has changed and now the whole macro has had to be rebuilt.

I've got a list of two pieces of data: Material (Column A) and Order (Column B). I'm putting a spreadsheet together and populating it with VLookUps. This spreadsheet will list the materials and the Orders after each, but then I also want to list the second Order in the next cell if there is a second order.

For instance, in the below, Material 10880873 has two different Orders. The first VLookUp grabs Order 513792568. I need the second VLookUp to grab the next Order 513792569.


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How To Remove Duplicate Value For Total

Feb 7, 2014

How to remove duplicate value for each customer total.

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How Do I Remove Duplicate Cells

Jan 25, 2010

I have two columns each of 5000 cells. Some cells of column A are duplicated in column B. The duplicates are not necessarily on the same rows. How do I delete the duplicates?

I've spent hours researching for an answer and I've tried Data>Filter>Advanced Filter many many times and it does not work. The two columns just sit there. Shouldn't this be a very easy thing to do in Excel?

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Remove Duplicate Entries

Mar 7, 2007

Wihitn a large SS I have a column which has a number of entries that may include an amount of duplicate entries. Till now I have been using Sort and them manually deleting the duplicates is anyway that I can select just the Column and then without sorting go down and if a duplicate is found, then the duplicate would be deleted. Meant to say the dta is numeric.

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Remove All But 1st Of Duplicate Rows

Aug 12, 2008

ive got a spreadsheet with records such as this

james - smith - leeds- 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - smith - bradford - 213789 - 28/01/1982 - bd33 5th
james - smith - leeds - 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - king - manchester - 213789 - 28/01/1982
andrew - wright - bingley - 36473 - 12/01/1981 - bd23 689

what im trying to do is to check all of the rows for duplicates in such a way that (if any row has the matching colums 1,2,5 and 6 then all but 1 of the rows will be deleted.

i have a few thousand entries and am just trying to get rid of all the duplicate rows. The problem is that the duplicate rows are not IDENTICAL for instance soime of them may have spelling mistakes hence i cannot just do a straight forward if row = row then delete.

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How To Remove Duplicate Values Of Last Name List

Apr 24, 2014

So for a project I need to put together a list of Portuguese-speaking last names. So I have various sources where I copied from, so I have one column in excel where I put all that data. I sorted the data to be in the correct alphabetical order. But when I try to remove the duplicate values in that column is says it removed them but it didn't and when it does it leaves many behind. I have tried the trim function, and even formatting but nothing works. I attached the non-formatted and non-trimmed list, because it doesn't seem to be making a difference.

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Macro To Remove Duplicate Data?

Aug 17, 2014

I am trying to create a summary sheet that updates when input data is added.

I'm still learning many parts of excel and I'm unsure why the SUMIF function on occasion leaves duplicate data in.

I can live with the fact that I will need to correct the input data and am willing to just paste in corrected data when it has been validated via the data validation tab.

Once this has been done, all I am seeking is for a subsequent process to start which updates a summary sheet with the sums correctly adding via the sumif function.

I have left some instructions on the actual spreadsheet to clarify my intended results.

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Remove Duplicate Text Within Cell?

Sep 30, 2010

I have a long list of around 400 phrases, all in their individual cells. My problem is some of the terms have duplicate words in them.

Here's an example: [URL]

Is there any way to remove this duplicate text from the cell?

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Keep Only Duplicate Records And Remove The Rest

Dec 12, 2012

My spreadsheet has more than 200 columns and 5000 rows of data and blanks. When I select all columns and rows and remove the duplicates, 6 records are removed. I need to only keep and be able to identify those 6 records. I could use something like =IF(COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)=1,1,0) if I had only few columns that would identify dups but since there are so many columns it would be prodigious job to create one formula for each column and filter through 200.

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Remove Duplicate Values From Listbox?

May 14, 2014

Column A has values increasing by 1 but not necessarily each row, i.e.

1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 13 13 14 14 14

I have a listbox which I want to Initialize by listing these values but not duplicating them (so in this case it would contain 1-14). Here is the mindblowingly complicated code I currently have:


This gives me the list as it appears on the sheet but doesn't get rid of the duplicates for me.

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Remove Duplicate Records From Sheet?

Jun 30, 2014

I am using the following code to remove duplicate records from a sheet:

[Code] ....

It successfully removes the duplicates (based on Columns A and B), however it is changing the formatting of the cells and messing with the conditional formatting I have on the sheet.

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Remove Almost Duplicate And Change Cell Value

Jul 1, 2014

Have a sheet that has a bunch of part numbers on it. Column D6 (and down).

Some of these part numbers have a duplicate but they have a W at the end.



What I need is for the macro to identify the part number without the W. Add the value of the same row Column I to the W part number same column.

And then to delete the entire row that the non W part was in. All the way down column D. Need it just for Active sheet.



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Remove Duplicate Entry Of Date

Jan 22, 2014

I am trying to remove the duplicate entry of the date the list goes like this

01/22/2014 6:10
01/22/2014 6:12
01/22/2014 6:13
01/22/2014 6:15
01/22/2014 6:17
01/23/2014 7:00
01/23/2014 7:01
01/23/2014 7:02
01/23/2014 7:03

But I want
01/22/2014 6:10

01/23/2014 7:00

I have attached a file where I need to clean up column A but still maintain the rows sheet one is what I have sheet 2 is what I am hoping to achieve.

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Remove Duplicate In One Sheet By Comparing To Other

Mar 14, 2014

I want a macro which will remove the total records in "CHILD" sheet by comparing with "MASTER" sheet based on the condition that if the data from columns A, C and D are totally match between two sheets

e.g. see record 14 in "CHILD" sheet which should be removed as it is matching with 3rd row of master sheet.

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