Run Loop 10 Times Then Stop Using A Timer Or System Clock To Restart

Jul 2, 2014

How do I run this loop 10 times ....Then using a timer or system clock to restart it.

Public Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets


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Simple Timer / Clock On Userform VBA?

Feb 7, 2014

I need a Simple Timer on Userform which uses Excel files through VBA.

After getting User's choice, say the text "Ben", which is a portion of a name, my code collects data of all records having "Ben" from the Excel file, which has about 5000 records (still growing) and displays the resulting data of the selected records in Listview control. It is a lengthy code.

If a particular search has more records to display, then displaying them on listview control takes more time. So, I am using a progress bar to tell the user that work is being done.

Is it possible to run a timer to display something like a digital clock to show the user the elapsed time. In addition to the progress bar, the user will also see the running clock (or timer) and wait until all chosen records are displayed.

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Stop And Restart Macro(s) Programatically

Jan 20, 2010

I've got a series of macros in place which, essentially, download several CSV files into a temp directory, then opens each and copies the data into a single workbook (one sheet).

What happens is that the some number of the sheets don't actually open until the macro stops. I've tried using the wait (Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")) and sleep functions, but it's not quite doing what I want.

What I'd LIKE to do is have the macro actually STOP processing for 10 seconds, then proceed (or start a new macro).

I've also tried putting the wait behind a button in a userform, which is non modal... the csv files open until the user clicks the button.

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VBA - Macro Run When System Clock Changes - Forecasting With Live Feed?

Sep 21, 2013

I thought about using it for forecasting purposes. I might try to use it together with live data (temperature, seasonal patterns)... but if I graph it, it starts from left to right...

How to modify the code a bit...

Shift:=xlUp, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromRightOrDown

I tried to change the code, but it did not worked.

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Formula: Current Month Based On System Clock

Nov 30, 2009

Is There a formula for current Month based on system clock....

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Stop The Clock

Nov 30, 2006

Option Explicit
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
lblCloseProgress1.BackColor = &H8000000F
lblCloseProgress2.BackColor = &H8000000F
lblCloseProgress3.BackColor = &H8000000F
lblCloseProgress4.BackColor = &H8000000F
lblCloseProgress5.BackColor = &H8000000F
End Sub......................................

Each of the timdown procedures adds another segment to the countdown clock (if you don't click "Exit" before the five seconds are up, the file closes without saving. All well and good.

Now, if you DO click the "Exit" button, you get a message that the close has been aborted and, upon clearing that messagebox, the file closes anyway!

I think it's something to do with killing all remaining OnTime instructions but I don't know how to go about stopping the clock.

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Pause In VBA Loop Then Restart From Where It Stopped

Jun 17, 2013

I'm looking for a simple solution to pause a VBA loop and then restart it from where it stopped.

Is it with a boolean value, i dont know the code.

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Time (clock) Times A Number

Apr 2, 2009

I have a start time in one column, end time in another and a column with the difference between the two. In another column I have profit. In the last column I have profit per hour where I divide the profit by the hours, but since one is hours and the other is a number it gives me an error.

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Macro That Runs Every Minute When System Clock Changes Minute?

Sep 13, 2013

create a Macro that runs when system clock changes minute and then at every change of minute of system clock.

For example, if I give the execute command to start the macro at 09:14:45 (HH:MM:SS), then its first run should be only at 09:15:00, then next run at 09:16:00 so on...

I already have a Macro that runs every minute from initial run time, using

Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:01:00"), "MyMacro"

but it seems to be unreliable, because in case I open another sheet that takes lets say 20 seconds to open, the next macro run is delayed by 20 seconds.

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Start / Stop Button - Timer Auto Update

Jan 30, 2014

I have this code :

[Code] .....

Great Timer. Have this assigned to a button to start, how can I work in a button to stop or pause this code from running?

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Stop Timer Macro From Overwriting Data In All Active Worksheets

Feb 17, 2014

I have a worksheet that has macro events attached to command buttons. When a ‘Start’ command button is clicked, a timer begins counting in seconds and displays the value in cell B3 until a ‘Stop’ command button is clicked. The event works flawlessly as long as I don’t open up another workbook (to continue working in Excel).

When the second workbook is open…then time stops working in the workbook where the macro was created…and starts displaying the ‘timer count in seconds’ in the new active workbook--which overwrites/destroys the data in the newly opened workbook. When I go back to the original book that called the macro…it continues counting again.

I need this timer to continue running in the workbook with the command buttons (in the background) while I work on other worksheets in other books. Is there a way to keep the timer running no matter how many other workbooks are opened and prevent it from overwriting whatever sheet is active? This code in the Increment Sub below ‘overwrites’ the contents of cell B3 on whatever sheet is active---and stops the timer in the on the sheet with the ‘Start’ command button.

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How Do I Use VBA Timer Subroutines To Start And Stop Random Number Generator

Oct 6, 2008

As you can see below, I've written code that writes random numbers into three columns of a spreadsheet (10 numbers in each column).

What I want to do is create code that will run the random number generator for a period of 1 minute and then stop. I know that I will need to write a timer subroutine to do this but I'm how unsure how to do this.

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Start/Stop Timer For Hours Worked To Include Break Time

Oct 15, 2007

I have a timesheet where user updates start and end time for various tasks.

I have placed a time capture button in the excel sheet (which is simply a macro saying =now() function)

The user clicks it before starting and after finishing the task. The start and end times are captured in adjacent cells.

If the user starts the work, and goes on a lunch break say for 20 min, comes back finishes the task and captures end time, the time difference will not consider break time which is non productive.

How can I incorporate something like 'pause' option so that before he goes for lunch he can temporarily pause the time.

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Creating A Timer To Measure Macro Code Execution Times

Sep 7, 2006

I am looking for a way to measure how long it takes to complete a sub routine in VBA. I have code which posts data to matlab and then calls it back. What I need to know is how long does it take to complete each subroutine.

create a code which will measure this? I need to measure the time taken in 100ths of a second.

Is there any simple code to complete this? I am pasting a sample of my code which is using Matlab as a COM server.

Dim Matlab As Object
Dim MReal(10, 0) As Double
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim MImag() As Double
Dim value As Double
Dim RealValue As Double

I am sure I woould need to declare the timer but I do not know where and I am not sure of the syntax.

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Macro Loop Find Specific Times, Extract Date, Average Values Of Times

Feb 23, 2010

In my workbook I have about 20 sheets (less in the attached sample), and on most sheets Id like to query data for each day and find an average value based on the time and then copy that result into another sheet. Im not sure if Ill need 2 macros for this or if one can be used.

Heres a quick description:

Assuming that I am currently in the sheet I want to run the macro, then I will either input 1:45 or 0:45 into a popup box, or I could always simply input the 1:45 or 0:45 in the code itself. Im flexible


If I input 1:45, then Id like the macro to find the first 1:45 in Column B and the value in the same row in Column F will be used in the calculation. Once 1:45 is located, then the macro moves up to find 22:45 in Column B and the value in the same row in Column F will be used in the calculation.....

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Loop To Count Cells Until Criteria Met Then Restart Count

Mar 7, 2012

ABCDE1DATEEMP1Days Between SalesEMP2Days Between Sales
23/6/2012 YES0NO 33/5/2012NO NO 43/4/2012NO NO 53/3/2012 YES2NO 63/2/2012NO NO 7 3/1/2012 YES1YES682/29/2012 YES0NO 92/28/2012NO NO 102/27/2012 YES1NO 112/26/2012 YES0NO 122/25/2012NO YES4

I believe I need a loop code to do what I need, because none of the functions I've tried have worked. I want to start at B2 and go down the column until I come to a YES. When I find a YES, I want to know the number of NOs that preceded it. Then I want to go from that YES(#1) to the next YES(#2) and count the number of NOs between YES(#1) and YES(#2) and so forth, until I run out of rows. For example, in C5, the answer is 2, because there are 2 NOs between YES#1 and YES#2 in coulmn B, and a 1 in C7, because there is 1 NO between YES(#2) and YES(#3) in column B.

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Clock In Multiple Punch In / Punch Out Times Formula

Jan 24, 2014

.I have a data dump of when people have entered in times for when they worked. I need to be able to calculate their total time they worked but running into a problem with people that work over night and those that enter in times that overlap.

An example:

John A. Time in: 12:00 AM Time out: 7:00 AM
John A. Time in: 4:00 AM Time out: 7:00 AM
John A Time in: 7:00PM Time out: 11:59 PM

The total time should be 12 hours but the formula using max/min is giving 23:59 hours/minutes. How would I create a formula so it will calculate the right time? Second, how do I get the formula to not duplicate overlap time? I am getting with the first two rows a total of 10 hours instead of 7 hours because it double counts.

I am a complete novice to formulas

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Time (clock) Times A Number= Very High Number?

Apr 2, 2009

I have time start and time end and the difference between the two times. In a third column I have profit and want to calculate the profit per hour. When I divide the profit with the time spent I get a very very high number. If I for instance type in 1 hour of work and profit 100, then I get profit per hour 2400. (profit/hours spent)

On a side note I am trying to get the numbers as 24 hours and not use am or pm and in the spread sheet I get these numbers but in the box at the top where you see the formulas etc. it shows as am and pm. I have uploaded an example.

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Countdown Timer - Insert A Timer Into A Column Cell Range?

Nov 12, 2013

I am trying to insert a timer into a column cell range that will countdown in hours, mins, and sec, when I enter the time. example: when I enter the "time in hr,mins,sec" it will start to countdown to Zero automatically, when I hit the enter key.

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Identify Distinct Start Stop Times?

Aug 21, 2014

I am attempting to create a datasheet to track the actual time an agent takes a break or lunch. Here is an example of the data that I am using.

name Date Lunch Sch Brk1 Sch Brk 2 Actual Time
BrandonHolt8/19/201411:10 8:30 1:20 8:24:20 Break
BrandonHolt8/19/201411:10 8:30 1:20 11:42:34 Break
BrandonHolt8/19/201411:10 8:30 1:20 12:57:46 Lunch

Because I have two break times, possibility of more depending on the agent, how do i create a formula that will look at this data, take the schedule time for say break one and only apply that against the time that is more in line with the closest actual time?

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Getting Loop Until IsEmpty To Stop

Feb 21, 2012

I'm trying to get a looped function to continue down a worksheet until a specific column has no data in it. My code is below, and it works great for doing what I want it to do (copy a row and continue pasting it every 3 rows down until the row where Column E has no data in it) but it doesn't stop at the end of the data:

HTML Code:
Sub Test2()
' Select Row 11, *first line of data*.
Application.CutCopyMode = False

[Code] ....

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Loop Code Does Not Stop

Feb 24, 2007

I enter 1 record using the form, the next records does not populated correctly. It looks like the code just keeps looping by ....

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Loop In Macro Doesnt Stop!

Mar 18, 2008

What I am trying to do is create a chart for each row in my raw data - the rows does change on a week to week basis as we are comparing stores

My raw data is: (I would post data although its too wide
Column A - New Store
Column B - Like Store
Column C:N - New Store Sales
Column O:Z - New Store SOH
Column AA:AL - LIke Store Sales
Column AM:AX - LIke Store Sales

I am trying to loop my code so that it creates a new chart for each row....although the loop keeps going and it doesnt move down a row each time

my code is:

rnum = Selection.Rows.Count
For i = rnum + 1 To Rows.Count
If rnum >= 1 Then
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range("'CHART RAW DATA'!$C$2:$N$2").................

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Loop In Macro Doesnt Stop

May 14, 2008

im trying to use a loop to open each file within that folder. My problem is it keeps looping and only opens the same file -

my code is:

'Enter names of files within C:Temp in activesheet
Dim myDir As String, fn As String, txt As String, myList
myDir = "C: emp"
fn = Dir(myDir & "*.xls")
If fn = "" Then Exit Sub
Do While fn ""
txt = txt & vbLf & Left$(fn, InStrRev(fn, ".") - 1)
fn = Dir

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Out Of Stack Space/can't Stop Loop

Jul 25, 2006

I've got this code to display a certain cell from multiple files, and functionally it works, but I get a out of stack space error after it runs for a while. I'm sure this is because the loop doesn't know when to stop, which I thought would be solved by having " Do Until sBook = "" " instead of Do; however, then the code will not run at all.

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

Dim sBook As String
Dim sFilePath As String

On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

Roe = 3

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Stop Loop When Button Clicked

Dec 11, 2006

I have a form with two buttons, one is to start downloading, one is to stop it, a sub is called when start buuton is clicked, there is a DO LOOP, I hope the DO LOOP stop when I clicked STOP button,

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Code That Gets Stuck In The Loop And Will Not Stop Unless I Press The Esc Key

May 26, 2007

I have the following code that gets stuck in the Loop and will not stop unless I press the Esc key:

Sub WIP()
Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet
Dim lastrow As Long
Dim newRow As Long
Set ws1 = Sheets("PAYCALC")
Set ws2 = Sheets("WIP")

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With ws2
.Range("A2:C" & .Range("A2:C2").End(xlDown).Row).Clear
End With

x = 10
lastrow = ws1.Range("C5").End(xlUp)
newRow = ws2.Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
ws2.Cells(newRow, 1) = ws1.Cells(x, 2).Offset(-2, 0).Value
ws2.Cells(newRow, 2) = ws1.Cells(x, 2).Value
ws2.Cells(newRow, 3) = ws1.Cells(x, 2).Offset(3, 0).Value
x = x + 21
Loop Until x >= lastrow

There's a twist to this. I have the same identiclecode in a different module. The only difference is ws2 is different and there are 7 newRow's. Other then that the two are the same.

That one works just fine without getting stuck. It will go through 200+ sets of records and stop when it reaches the last one.

The one above will not stop even though I just put in three records on ws1 for testing.

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Loop Is Supposed To Stop When The Cell That Is 4 Columns To The Left

Aug 29, 2008

The loop is supposed to stop when the cell that is 4 columns to the left, in the workbook named "Complete DSS", changes numbers.

/ This is the cell ref. / This is the original
Do While ActiveCell.Offset(0, -4) = ThisTape

The number will stay the same for a while until it changes tapes, then it Should stop when they are no longer equal.

It used to work, but maybe some recent changes have messed up the function.

Sub Compare_printout_2_WDMS()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim ray, sht As Worksheet, Exist As Boolean
Dim BookA
Dim I As Long
I = Worksheets.Count

AreaNum = InputBox("Que es el Area?")
ThisTape = Range("C8").Value
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:Documents and Settingssmith27DesktopArea 319 printoutsArea " & AreaNum & " " & ThisTape & ".xls"

LR = ActiveSheet.Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row..........................

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Start/Stop Loop Based On Condition/Criteria

Aug 31, 2006

I have a piece of code that put a check in all checkbox in column B from row 5 to row 50 but in column C, I have data from row 5 to 38. I want the macro to stop at row 38 in column B. When the cell in column C is empty stop putting checks in column B. How can I make this macro Check all checkbox down column B and stop when column C is empty. How do I add a loop to stop when the cell in column C is empty?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim CB As Variant
For Each CB In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes
CB.Value = False
End Sub.......

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For Loop To Paste 19 Times

May 22, 2009

I want to copy range B2:B5 value only and paste it 19 times from B12:B15, B17:B20, B22:B25, and on. The distance between any two pasted range is tow rows.

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