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Send Data From Input Box To Another Worksheet

I have created a form for my work. And I have input boxes for users to add data that I would like to get stored in another worksheet. What is the vba code to send data for an input box to another worksheet at the bottommost empty row; first column.

Private Sub cmdAddData_Click()

' Collect user name, find the space between first and last names, and separate the names.
UserName = InputBox("Enter the Program Name.", "Program Name")
spaceLoc = InStr(1, UserName, " ")
firstName = Left(UserName, spaceLoc - 1)

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VBA Code To Copy Data From Text Box And Input Into A Cell In Another Worksheet
This is probably far easier then I am making it but I need to take the information that is in a textbox created through the control toolbox and copy and paste that information into a cell on different tab in the workbook. I have tried the infamous google and haven't been able to find much. The excel books that I have don't really touch on the control toolbox functions.

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UserForm Input (a Button That Opens An Input Box Or Dialog Box)
I have to design an input user form (a button that opens an input box or dialog box), which asks user to "Enter number of "columns"".

User enters a number i.e. 2 or 3 etc

It then asks user for the headings of these coulmns and places first column heading in A1 and second column heading in B1, third in C1 and so on ...

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Input Box When Importing Data
I am writing this code as a user prompt when importing data but getting an error when it goes to add the text to the worksheet.

Sub CheckForUndetermines()
Dim Und As Range
Dim Inp As String
For Each Und In Range("E1:E200")
If Und.Value Like "*Undetermined*" Then Und.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
If Und = "Undetermined" Then Inp = Application.InputBox("Invalid or Negative", "Undetermined Value", "Negative")
If Inp = "False" Then Exit Sub
If Inp "" Then Cells(Und, 3).Value = Inp
Und.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
Next Und
End Sub

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Transfer Data Without Input Box
I'm trying to convert this code so it transfers the data without the input box being needed.

Dim response As Long
Dim strLastRow As String
Dim rngC As Range
Dim strToFind As Variant, FirstAddress As String
Dim wSht As Worksheet
Dim rngtest As String
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Set wSht = Worksheets("Transfer Sheet")
strToFind = Application.InputBox("Enter Your Initials")
If strToFind = False Or strToFind = "" Then Exit Sub

With ActiveSheet.Range("H2:H5000")
Set rngC = .Find(what:=strToFind, LookAt:=xlWhole)
If Not rngC Is Nothing Then
FirstAddress = rngC.Address

strLastRow = Worksheets("Transfer Sheet").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
rngC.EntireRow.Copy wSht.Cells(strLastRow, 1)
Set rngC = .FindNext(rngC)
Loop While Not rngC Is Nothing And rngC.Address <> FirstAddress

End If
End With

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Restrict Data In Input Box
How can I restrict the user from entering anything other than the date and the proper format required for this input box? I am having a tough time figuring out how to check the input for the right date and format . .

Sub EffDate()
Dim a As Variant

a = InputBox("Enter the effective date" & _
" of the subject's lease using a 2 digit day," & _
" a 2 digit month and a 4 digit year" & _
" (dd/mm/yyyy).", "C/NC Analysis")

Range("U4").Value = a
End Sub

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Input Message On The Data Validation Box
I currently have 6 cells that Have a Validation Criteria of a "List". I'm using the Input Message on the Data Validation box. I need to have this Input Message Pinned to a specific area on my worksheet. Each time that I exit and reopen the file the Input Message returns to the Area around the dropdown box. The input message is different for each of the 6 cells.

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Input Box Instructions/restrictions For Filtering Data
Is there a way that I add instructions/restrictions to the push buttons on my form (basically they perform filter functions).
For instance, currently the only way to search the client or employee name is to enter the entire name. Is there a way to allow partial name searches?

Can I have a message appear that says "'Joe Shmo' can not be found".

Also I would like the input box not allow blank searches. If the input box is selected but then closed with no data entered, it filters for blanks which removes all data.

I have attached a sample of my form for you to look at.

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Push Button With Input Box For Specific Data
I am wanting to create a push button function with a query attched that will allow the user to input certain criteria with the end result in sorting the column containing the criteria.

I have attached a sample of my form:

My desire is the user will have the ablity to push the button and a input box will appear and they will be able to enter the data to search for. And the column with sort showing only the information required.

What I am having difficulties with is creating the pop-up input box. A simple macro with a sort or filter will not work as the data criteria is not the same everytime.

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Ensuring Data Integrity In A Input Box With VBA
I am trying to ensure that the information entered in an input box is only accepted when it is a letter first then 4 digits. I have help with this using data validation within excel but it doesnt work when I run the VBA routine

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To Input Data Into Combo Box And Item Linked Words
I am trying to create a combo box whereby i need to populate a list of name into the box and when user click on the name, it will linked it to the corresponding letter in MS Word.

Have tried a number of codes available in this forum (to populate the combo box) but were not successful.

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Input Data Into Option Buttons, Listbox, Text Box Etc In A Frame In Web Pages
How can data be input through option buttons, textbox, listbox, combos, checkbox in web pages organised in frames?

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How To Change An Input Box Based On Input In Another
What I am trying to accomplish....

If the input changes in D5, K11 will reset to $0.00..

Example. If cell K11 is set to $300.00, and the corresponding input in D5 is '123', when I change the contents of D5 it sets K11 back to '0.00'.

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Input Box Allow To Input The Column Number
I want to create an input box that will allow you to input the column number it should start in... so instead of it being fixed at A, you can choose column B, C, D all the way to the end if you like.

Sub SplitSheetsNoDelete1()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Dim Lmainsheet As String
Dim Lrow As Integer
Dim lcontinue As Boolean

Dim LColamaster As String
Dim lcolatest As String

'Retrieve name of sheet that contains the data
Lmainsheet = ActiveSheet.Name

'Initialize variables
lcontinue = True
Lrow = 2.....................................

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Using A Cell On Another Worksheet As Input For Data Validation
Situation: I have an Excel file with multiple worksheets. Each of these worksheets contain the same rules for data validation in a certain column (G).

Problem: If I want to add an item to the data validation lists I have to edit every single worksheet. I've tried making a seperate worksheet containing data validation items and using that as the source for the data validation rule, but Excel doesn't allow me to switch worksheets while defining the source.

In other words, I want to manage my data validation rules of multiple columns in multiple worksheets in one central location.

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Convert The Data By Input And Categorize Into Month In Another Worksheet
am currently a QE using the following data for my report generation:
Date - Week - #Inspected - #Failed
Want to pull data into ANOTHER WORKSHEET from this one wherein the format will be :

Month - #Inspected - #Failed

Indirectly want Excel to directly convert the data by input and categorize into Month in another worksheet (will be linked and would be great if according to the date it could calculate the week as well) if somebody inputs defects by date it should automatically cumulate into respective month.

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Send Email (box That Pops Up To Allow Emails To Be Sent)
I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of this? There are about 300 emails that are going to be sent out and this comes up every time.

Or if there is a way to only do it once no matter how many emails get sent.

Here is part of the code..

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Display Message Box With An Input Box
I am looking for is VB code to firstly have a message box with an input box on (that bit i can do). The text and number put into the message box is then used to search the table for the information that relates to it.

The ideal would be for the code to find the data and then copy it either to the clipboard or to a section of the workbook.

The tables I am searching can be put into which ever format is easiest. Below is an example table;

1 A.1 Side Road Correctly Left

2 A.2 Hit in Rear Left

3 A.3 No known Police ref

4 A.4 Vandalism

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Drop Down Or Combo Box Instead Of Input Box
I currently have the following user inputbox that asks the user to enter the company name, of which it then copies the entered name to Cell E1 on the active sheet

Dim strName As String
strName = InputBox(Prompt:="You name please.", _
Title:="COMPANY NAME", Default:="Enter Company Name")
Range("E1") = strName

However, I would prefer it if there was a drop down list to select one of five pre-set company names without having the user to type the name out every time.

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Check Box To Input Box To Comment
I am trying to make inserting comments simple computer illiterate users :-) I have a spreadsheet whith a check box control. In the control I have entered this code

Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()
Dim Var As String
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "See Comment"
Var = Application.InputBox(Prompt:= _
"Please Enter your Comment:", _
Title:="ENTER COMMENT", Type:=2)
Range("L11").Comment.Text Text:="" & Var
End Sub

What I am trying to do is have them check the box, which pops up an input box where they can enter their comments... and then copy this information into a comment field. I obviously don't have the synthax correct because I get an error whe I try to assign the variable. While I am asking... is there any way to have this program size the comment box large enough to show the entire comment?

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Send Worksheet As Attachment
I have a macro which copies worksheets from the current workbook and pastes into different csv files. I want to add into this macro after copying and pasting into the csv a popup box/form which asks the user "Would you like to e-mail to shops/teletext?". This box/form would have a Yes and No button.

If they press yes then the macro will continue and select worksheet 'selections' and send to recipients as attachment. If possible i would also like to automatically fill in the 'to' box in the new e-mail as these addresses will be the same three addresses each time. If they press 'No' then the macro would just carry on to the next point.

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Filling A Combo Box With Data From A Worksheet
I'm attempting to make a simple userform that inputs data onto an existing worksheet. I have the userform but would like to use a combo box to choose a "category" item of data, however I dont know what the categories are! I would like the combo box to, somehow, look at the spreadsheet and read off the already entered categories and offer those as choices.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Is there a simple way to fill the combo box (using the form initialize I assume) with the existing categories?

[Edited to link to image instead of displaying on board~admin]

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Send Message On Worksheet Opening
I wish to send a message when a worksheet is manually opened, but not when it is activated from within VBA.

The following code does not work, and I am open to suggestions

Private Sub Worksheet_Open() ....

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Send A .PDF Of 1 Worksheet Via Outlook
Im searching for a way to send a .PDF of 1 worksheet via outlook. I have seached the forum, and have tried to follow Ron De Bruin's web page on how to do this but fall short. Im currently using his code to send the excel sheet.

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Extension And Version: Send Each Worksheet To An Individual For Review
The other day, someone sent me a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. I needed to be able to send each worksheet to an individual for review, and each recipient did not need to see everyone else's sheet. So I found a tip on-line that included the following VBA code to save the sheets to separate Excel files. Life was good until those who didn't have Office 2007 could not open their sheets, even though the original file had been saved with the Excel 97-2003 option. They had first received the message, "The file you are trying to open, "<filename>" is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?" When they said yes, all they saw was a scramble of machine code. I thought that maybe there was a special extension for Excel 97-2003 files, but when I looked it up in a book I have, it just said the extension was .xls, which is what the code used. Is there other formating that needed to be saved?

Sub Copy_Sheets_to_Separate_Workbooks()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Visible = True Then
With ActiveWorkbook
.SaveAs "C:Documents and Settingsruce.vanbibberMy DocumentsTITLE I - M A I NTitle I BudgetsAllocation Budgets - Schoolwide - FY 10" & _
InputBox("Please enter the Save As Name...", "Worksheet Save As") & ".xls"
End With
End If
Next ws
End Sub

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Send WorkSHEET As Email Attachment - LOTUS Notes
putting a macro button on an individual worksheet so the user can click a big easy button and a new email will pop up in Lotus notes with the worksheet attached for them to input the address and then send the worksheet..

I prefer to:

Send individual worksheets only

The ability to input the email address is the new composition email in LOTUS Notes

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Enable Macro Automatically - Then Send Send Email
I used Scheduled Task to set up my spreadsheet to open daily. I have the code with assistance to pull out the due date items and place them into an email.

But cannot figure out the code that will automatically "enabling macro" once Scheduled Task opens the spreadsheet?

Then once the macro runs, the email with the due dates, how can this auto send without user interaction?
(currently I would have to hit send)

I am trying to make the process totally automated to open the spreadsheet at a certain time, send the email with due dates and close the spreadsheet.

Following code in ThisWorkbook--

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub
Code in Module1--

Option Explicit
Sub Check_Date_Send_Mail()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet
Dim rnDate As Range, rnValue As Range
Dim stAddress As String, stMsg As String
Dim stRecipient As String, stSubject As String
Dim stPost As String
Set wbBook = ThisWorkbook
Set wsSheet = wbBook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
With wsSheet
Set rnDate = .Range("d2:t23")
End With

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Send Keys Doesn't Send Command
We use proprietary software to connect to an oracle database. The proprietary software has its own login form. I connect to 4 or 5 different databases randomly throughout the day. I wrote a script that I thought would alleviate my login woes but it doesn't work. The login, password, and database info get sent to the form but they all end up on the login line. Instead of the tab character being sent, I get a Beep generated for each line of code that is supposed to send the tab key code. My code is below and is stored in a *.vbs file.

setwshShell =wScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wshShell.AppActivate "Title Of My Login Form"
wScript.Sleep 100
wshShell.SendKeys "My Login Name"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "{TAB}"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "My Password"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "{TAB}"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "Name of My Database"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "{TAB}"
wScript.Sleep 500
wshShell.SendKeys "~"

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Setting Up Input Box
What I want to be able to do is set up a thing that when you're in the excel sheet you click on it. Up comes a box where you can enter data and when you click submit. It puts that data back into excel spreadsheet. I have attached a spreadsheet to show what I mean. I have deleted some stuff that are unnecessary so don't worry about them.

What I need is for you to click a button that will create a new row/copy into the next row, from A9-AH9. Then the button will automatically bring up a box that will ask for Time, Timber, Clay, Iron, Warehouse, Hiding Place and then will enter that data into there respective cells which would be D20, F20, I20, L20, O20, Q20 respectively. That is the main idea. maybe it would be better to have te button come up with a box asking for the information and then will create the row and insert the data. If it's easier you can just do the box with just time or something so it's easier. I can then do the rest.

Tyvm. This to me seems really complicated so not sure how you would do this at all. i've looked at other stuff on the internet but haven't gotten anywhere.

P.S. If you have a more generic thing similar to this then show me the code for that or upload it and I can change it too suite my needs.

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Input Box Appearing
I want the user to press a button on the spreadsheet and this should then result in a popup box appearing on the screen asking the user one question ie "what is the current rate"

The user will then enter for example 20%. I then want to transfer this number to cell A1 on sheet 1.

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Dates In An Input Box
an input box I have created. Users are required to enter dates in the box which will then send the date to a specific cell in the sheet. The problem I am having is that if someone enters a date such as 08/07/2006, it is being converted to 07/08/2006 when transferred to the cell. Does anyone know any way around this? Here is a sample of the code I am using:

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Use An Input Box For Two Files?
I am trying to create a macro to import a print file and a despatch file into excel so i can format the data. Each files has a date in the file name so i am using an input box for the user to define the file to be imported. My problem is that the user has to enter the date for each file, is there anyway for the user to only enter the date once and it apply to both files, the code i have so far is

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Using Input Box To Prompt For Name
I've not used Input Box function before. When a user opens my workbook I want to check whether a named range ("Name") is blank and, if it is, to prompt the user to type their name in an Input Box which then returns that value to the named range. This is what I have tried but I don't think I am referring to the named range correctly,

Dim strName
If IsNull("Name") Then
strName = InputBox("Please enter your name", "Name Required", "1")
Range("Name") = strName
End If

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Msg Box With Input
I have a macro that runs and toward the end I want to have a message box that will enable the entry of a number that will go in cell N1. The reason for this is that I run the macro on a large number of clients and if they owe a certain amount they are put onto the list. One month we may want to look at those over 2000, and another over 1000. I then have a formula that will delete out the rows that are below those numbers. Also if there was a cancel button to stop the process at this point that would be very cool as well so we could look at all that owe.

I am not sure how easy or hard this is to do. I have another work around that ends my macro at this step and I enter the number in N1 that we are looking for and then run the rest of the steps in another macro. The results have worked with this I just want to make it work faster.

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Press Button To Open Form For Data Entry And Then Send Matching Data To Another Sheet
Now that the calculations are working, with the press of a button, I need to be able to select a range of dates and copy all lines within the range to a seperate sheet with the desired name under the same headings they currently reside under. I have included some modified code that is being used in another spreadsheet that was created for me, but I do not pretent to understand all of it and I no longer work with the creator of the spreadsheet. How do I use a button to open the form for date selections and entering the name of the new sheet, and then use the start button on the form to begin the matching and copying to a new sheet? If there is an easier way I am all for that too.

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Input Box Next To A Macro Button
I have this macro in which the user clicks a button and it formats a file for them. I want a box next to the button where the user can enter a number first then click the button and then the file will use that number to calculate a column. Any help is appreciated.

For example part of my macro is this.

Lcol = Range("IV5").End(xlToLeft).Column + 1
Cells(5, Lcol) = "Total Cost"
Worksheets("sheet1").Range("u6").Formula = "=IFERROR((RC[-1]/RC[-3])*the number the person entered first,0)"
Lrow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row
Range("u6").AutoFill Destination:=Range("u6:u" & Lrow), Type:=xlFillDefault
With Range("u6:u" & Lrow)
.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
End With
Application.CutCopyMode = False

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Sort Macro And Input Box
With guidance from this board in the past, I was directed to a macro that sorted information on a sheet (using values in column 1), opening a new sheet named by the sort title then copy/pasting all the relevant entries

The only restriction for this macro is the fact it is set to only sort information on sheet named Sheet1

I wanted to change this to an InputBox so the user can tell the macro which sheet to sort

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Trying To Prepare For Every Possible Input Box Response
I have an input box that should only have numeric input. I have arranged for it to start loop back to the beginning of the box if someone enters letters instead of number, simply hits enter instead of making an entry, exiting on cancel. Now I need to have it loop if someone hits the space bar one time or more. Here is what I have:

Delta:On Error GoTo ErrHandler1Response = Application.InputBox(Prompt:=MyPrompt, Default:=MyPrompt2, _Title:=MyTitle)If Response = 0 Then GoTo DeltaZ = ResponseIf Response = Cancel ThenMsgBox ("You have chosen to exit the macro. Shutting down.")Exit SubEnd IfIf Response = False Then GoTo DeltaIf Response = 0 Then GoTo Delta

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Input Box With Reference To Sheet Name
I have attached my workbook. What I would like to do is to have an input box to where you input the Material, Gauge, and Size and then have it return the rest of the values on Sheet 1. The material is listed as the worksheet name and the other information is inside that sheet. For ex... I would enter in Stainless, 7, 48x120 and it would give me the rest on sheet 1. I am totally lost, I have tried several different things but am coming up with nothing.

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Enter Date Via Input Box
I would like to bring up an input box when a button is pressed containing the text "which number do you want to update".

The user would then enter a number eg 101 and then by clicking ok, todays date (in the format MMM/YY) would be entered into cell J101 in Sheet5.

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Input Box Prompt For Password
How The Vba Code Used For

My Excel File Name "eai.xls" ,when I Click The File , It Open The Sheet Name "menu" With The Inputbox Prompt:="put Your Id"
When The User Put The True Id , It Will Show The Input Box Prompt:="your Password" . If The Password True Will Activate The Sheet Name "data" .and Hide All The Menu Bar.

If The Wrong Id Name Show The "re Enter Your True Id " ,that Also For The Wrong Password In Which If User Put More Than 3 Times Wrong , Will Close The Workbook And Exit File.

The User Persons Allow 10 Person Id . Keep In The Table Of The Sheet Name " Id And Password" The Id No. Are In The A1:a10
Password No. Are In B1:b10
This Sheet Name Is Hide And Protect

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Use Proper Case Only For Input Box
how can i change the text put into an input box into proper case regardless of what my user puts in?

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Application.Input Box Validation
I'm trying to get input from a user regarding parameters for loan calculations. I'm still very new at VBA so some of this will seem very silly, but I've been trying for hours to get this to work right and I keep fixing problems and creating more simultaneously. I've come to the conclusion that I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how this works.

This one actually works fine, but I am including it just in case I've done something less than perfect and someone can correct it.

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Display In The Input Box As A Mask
I would like to have some kind of input mask on my input boxes, the input box is for currency IN GBP ()

The program itself obviously has no use for the sign, but I would like it to display in the input box as a mask.

Is this possible?

I should mention I am using:


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Input Box To Specify Range To Copy
Is it possible to use an input box so a user can copy rows from a particular row to the last row that has data in it?

e.g row 23 & copy all rows from 23 to end od date (and then paste them to another location - e.g. nother sheet at the next empty row.

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Enter A Date From An Input Box
I would like to enter a date from an input box(which i have entered in the code below), this would then lookup in column F and find all rows and copy them to relevant sheet 7 days from the date entered.

E.g. if 24/11/2006 this would bring back all rows which from the 17/11/2006

Sub FindMe()
Dim intS As Integer
Dim rngC As Range
Dim strToFind As String, FirstAddress As String
Dim wSht As Worksheet
Dim rngSearch As Range
Dim strToFind1 As String
Dim rngC1 As Range

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

intS = 1
Set rngSearch = Worksheets("Template").Range("a3:z20000")
Set wSht = Worksheets("Closed Issues")

strToFind = InputBox("Enter the title to find").................

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Add Loop To Input Box
I have an input box that request the user to enter a vlue between 1 and 6, and uses the answer to multiply another range of cells.

Now I'm not sure how to add a couple of other features. I would like to:
1. Loop the input box until an acceptable answer is given, (numeric, between 1 and 6), with a message box prompt that says "Try Again".
2. Exit the macro if the user hits "Esc".

Here is my current

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Handling Blank Input Box
handling blank input box
If I do this:

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Input Box To Capture Range
I would like an input box that asks users a select a range of cells....After this certain range of cells is selected....I would than like that range to be copied to a different sheet.

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Input Box Not Todays Date
I have the below code that when the spreadsheet opens input boxes pop up. The first asking to put the date in, but how can i make sure that the user does not put "todays date" in at anytime! (the date put into the inputbox (cell d2) should always be less than the date in b2 = todays date). As cell b2 in the sheet "97008390" already has todays date in. (using =today()).

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Input Box - Collective Format
I have a userforms (using multipage) with columns of input textboxes for the user to input.

Multipage1. Page1
Columns of data to input are %
There are 4 columns of 10 rows (therefore 40 textboxes)
I have the following code that will format the input to be seen as % by the user and to be treated as % in the worksheet calculations.

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, _
ByVal Shift As Integer)
Select Case KeyCode
Case 9, 13
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("rate").Value = TextBox1.Value
With TextBox1
.Text = Format(WorksheetFunction.Substitute(.Text, "%", ""), "0.00") & "%"
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("rate").Value = .Value
End With
End Select
End Sub

Do I have to code this for every textbox? Is there an easier way to do so. Can I create a loop or routine that will pass through all the textboxes and perform the above procedures?

Please let me know because I don't want to undertake a cumbersome exercise of programming this code for each and every textbox.

By the way, page 2 of the multipage, will have textboxes for % entries; textboxes for 0.00 entries and textboxes for $0.00 entries. I have similar code as above for the 0.00 and $0.00 entries and again I'm trying to prevent programming unnecessarily if I somehow could find a way to code a loop to pass through common textboxes for %, 0.00 and $0.00 entries.

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