Sumproduct Syntax:. Don't Say 'yes', For Each Service

Jun 23, 2009

I have a large spreadsheet like this

NephrologyPrinted resent 26.05.09 chased
Nephrology28.04.09 resent 26.05.09Yes
Nephrology28.04.09 resent 26.05.09Yes
Nephrology28.04.09 resent 26.05.09Yes
Nephrology28.04.09 resent 26.05.09Yes
Nephrology28.04.09 resent 26.05.09Yes

There are plenty of other columns, but these are key. The first column is the service type, of which there are 40. I want to have another worksheet that totals all the entries in the third column that don't say 'yes', for each service. So, in this case the first line of my new workbook would say: Nephrology1

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SUMPRODUCT Syntax With Variable VBA

Dec 14, 2009

I need syntax using SUMPRODUCT. I have these two lines of code

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Length Of Service For Service Awards

Dec 8, 2009

I have an excel spreadsheet with the column headings a1(Emp Name), b1(Hire Date[dd/mm/yy]). There around 1000 records of employees. Every month I have to generate a report for the following month, for example by the 3rd week of this December 2009 I have to extract the report of following staffs from those 1000+ records.

- those who will be completing 1 year in January 2010
- those who will be completing 5 years in January 2010
- those who will be completing 10 years in January 2010
- those who will be completing 20 years in January 2010

How shoud I do it? What should be the formula in which cells? I would appreciate if anyone could guide me with the complete formula with a very reliable way to do it.

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If Else Syntax: Change Some Outputs Of The Macro Without Changing The Syntax

Jul 19, 2006

Im writting a macro. It works find until a certain point. When I want to change some outputs of the macro without changing the syntax, it display an error mesage while runing the macro. It says Else without If. Which is quite disturbing because the Else was not creating any problem before. Here is my macro before I changed the conditions (this one work nicely)

Sub Copy_Sheet_Beta()
Set wba = ActiveWorkbook
On Error Resume Next
If IsWorkbookOpened("Projekt.xls", "C:Documents and SettingsfrederikSkrivebordRedd Barna") Then
Workbooks("Projekt.xls").Activate 'In case open, just activate "Projekt"
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsfrederikSkrivebordRedd Barnaprojekt.xls"
End If
Set wb = Workbooks("Projekt.xls")
If Not SheetExists(wba.ActiveSheet. Range("C1").Value) Then
MsgBox "overall doesn't exist!"

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Length Of Service

Jul 17, 2006

I would like to create a formula that would calculate the length of a person's employment, i.e. hired 8/14/94 till today, for example.

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Calculating Minutes Of Service Between 7 Am And 3pm

Feb 11, 2012

I run stats for an operating room and want to be able to look at total patient in room minutes between 7 AM and 3 PM. Problem is, many cases go past 3pm and I want to subtract that out. I have patient in room time and patient out of room time, so in essence I want the total number of minutes the patient was in the room between the two times minus turnover time. I have a pivot table ready to go.

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Calling Web Service In VBA Excel

May 14, 2014

I have a web service URL from vendor, i need to call the particular method in that web service and pass parameters to method from VBA excel. In C# its working fine.Same method like i need to do from from Excel VBA. My doubt is how to form authenticate xml and how to call a particular method using soap action URL.

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VBA MVP's: Restart Windows Service With A Macro

Feb 10, 2010

Is it possible to restart a Windows Service with execution from a VBA Macro?

When you go into Windows Computer Management you can see a list of services. You can click a hyperlink to start, pause or restart.

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Formula To Calculate Years Of Service For Next Year

Dec 13, 2012

The formula that I currently have in E2, is giving me the number of years served by an employee. Is there another formula that can give me the number of years each employee has served? This is the formula that I have in E2

[Code] .....

Attached File : VACATION DAYS ACCURED.xls‎

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Calculating Business Hours Of Service Request

Apr 12, 2012

I'm trying to find a formula for calculating the number of business hours a service request may be open; this request may have been opened and even closed outside of business hours. I found a formula that appears to be working:

=(NETWORKDAYS(StartDate&TimeCell,StopDate&TimeCell,holidays)-1)*(CloseTimeColumnLetter$CloseTimeRowNumber-OpenTimeColumnLetter$OpenTimeRowNumber)+IF(NETWORKDAYS(StopDate&TimeCell,StopDate&TimeCell,holidays),MEDIAN(MOD(StopDate&TimeCell,1),CloseTimeColumnLetter$CloseTimeRowNumber, OpenTimeColumnLetter$OpenTimeRowNumber),CloseTimeColumnLetter$CloseTimeRowNumber)-MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS(StartDate&TimeCell,StartDate&TimeCell,holidays)*MOD(StartDate&TimeCell,1),
CloseTimeColumnLetter$CloseTimeRowNumber, OpenTimeColumnLetter$OpenTimeRowNumber)

What I don't know is HOW it works, I don't know what any of those formula's mean (with the exception of NETWORKDAYS). I'm trying to "show my work".

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Redundancy Table To Calculate Lenght Of Service

Apr 16, 2007

i am working on a redundancy table to calculate lenght of service at a certain age and what the redundancy in years will be,

less than 23------0.75 per year
23 to 42----------1.5 per year
43 and above----2.25 per year

these figures only count for the years they have been that age


a person who is 22 and worked for two years would get 1.5 years redundancy, 2 x 0.75

a person who is 23 and worked for two years would get 2.25 redundancy 1 x .75 + 1 x 1.5

i can do this table manually adding on to each previous but wondered if someone might have a nice formula that would calculate it automatically

i would imagine there would have to be some kind of lookup to find out how many years they have been in each age bracket

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Customer Service Data Entry Form

May 8, 2009

Have a small data base with customer details and comments. I would like a form to sit over that so that people on phones can enter customer # and check info and add further comments etc. for a specific customer. Before I try and design a form is there any templates for this type of thing. Have done a Google and Ozgrid search, but I maybe asking the incorrect names for the procedure.

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Calculate Totals Based On Age Restrictions And Years Of Service

May 28, 2014

Per the attached, I am looking to add restrictions to my formula based on YEARS OF SERVICE per the age restrictions each person falls into, those with 0-4 YOS who are under 20 years old etc.


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Vlookup, Match, Index: Calculation By Customer, By Service Type

Sep 24, 2009

Using Excel 2003 and am trying to do a calculation by customer, by service type. Attached is the workbook and I've tried numerous ways to do this. On the revenue calculation worksheet, I am tryng to calculate the type of service minutes from the data retrieve worksheet, multipled by the service rate on the rate table for the specifc type of minute by customer. I'd like to build it as a vlookup by customer and then by service type, but have run into difficulty.

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VBA Code To Check If Service Required For A Machine In That Month And Create Popup

May 16, 2014

What I'm basically trying to do is make a code that looks at where the "x" values are in my range and if the month matches the current month, open a pop up that says "Service Required: Equipment Name" when the file is opened.

If it's any easier, an actual date could be written instead of an x.

An alert system for service required if you will. I have attached a file.


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Creating Catch All Booking Form And Contract System Service Based Company

Feb 19, 2014

I've been tasked with creating an updated booking system for a company which offers projects / services to the educational sector (UK Primary Schools.) I've done an alright job at augmenting their current Excel based system, but I would like to take it further so that the system is more all encompassing.

Currently, the booking form is filled in when a booking is made and the data from that is populated into their copy of the contract and our copy of the contract using simple "=" and to a certain extent, the text on the contracts is manipulated based on the booking form data using "IF" functions.

There is a basic macro which removes excess lines from the contracts if they aren't used, but that's about it. The difficulty we're having with the current system is that a lot of our projects are bespoke, happen over more than one date, and require a lot of manual manipulation in order to get them ready, which sort of defeats the object of having a 'clever' booking system.

I don't know very much about VB, but the sort of thing I would be looking to integrate is having drop down lists to select a 'project' which would load project-specific text into the contracts area. Also, instead of having to remove lines manually, I would like the data to be 'dropped in' creating rows as appropriate.

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Filter Data Based On "Service Type"

Dec 7, 2009

I'm trying to use the following formula to filter data based on "Service Type" and it seems to work on one of the service types but not the other. here is the formula

=IF(LEFT(A5,1)="0","Both",IF(OR(A5="SERVICE",A5="REVENUE",A5="REVENUE",A5="CIC",A5="RAO",A5="CARRIER NAME",A5="TYPE",A5="RECORDS",A5="INCLUDING TAX",A5="BEFORE TAX",A5="FEDERAL TAX",A5="PROVINCIAL TAX"),"Both",IF(LEFT(D5,3)="REG","Table1",IF(OR(D5="900"),"Table2",IF(A6="",IF(B6="","XXX","TRUE"),"XXX")))))

Notice the highlighted red text, this is where I'm trying based it on "Service Type". I have also attached on example workbook, the items highlighted in green should marked as "Table1" and items highlighted redish orange should be marked as "Table". Wierd thing is that I use a similar formula in another workbbok and it seems to work fine.

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IF/Then/Else Syntax

Nov 25, 2008

Im having problem with If/Then/Else Statements Not sure what the problem is. I have a text box a user inputs whatever in to create two new tabs one is the tab name then the next is tab completed. It isnt liking my syntax I have here.

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Creating New Tab Syntax

Nov 25, 2008

if I copy and Add it created a new workbook not the current on im in. What am I doing wrong?

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Getting A Syntax Error

Jan 28, 2009

Getting a syntax error which and I'm not sure what I've done wrong. This is the bit thats causing the problem:

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Looking For Correct Syntax

Feb 10, 2009

trying to write a formula in a VB to some cells:

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Syntax Error

Aug 27, 2009

what is wrong with this syntax:

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Module Syntax

Dec 1, 2009

I would like to have an email generated when a cell changes to a particular value. I've developed the macro to send the email with a saved attachment.

When I try to OJT-Engineer the text for the module, I can't get it to recognize the macro. It's a syntax issue, it seems.

What I need is for my module to initiate a macro when a cell changes to a value.

This is the code EXACTLY as it appears:

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Syntax For SendKeys

Jan 10, 2010

A theoretical question following an empiric result.
For the command SendKeys, for instance, take these two lines:

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Syntax Of This Formula

Sep 17, 2008

What is wrong with the syntax of this formula?:


I'm getting #REF errors and I can't work out why...

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VBA With If Statement Syntax

Jan 21, 2009

I have the following code that loops thru and puts the word 'TEST' in column J if column B has a TEXT value of '020'

With Range("J1:J" & Lastrow)
Range(.Cells(2), .Cells(.Count)).Formula = "=if((b2)=""020"",""TEST"","""")"
End With

1) why do I need double quotes "" "" on every argument in the function? Is it because I'm working with TEXT data?
2)I want to use multiple ifs (ie if cell b2 equals '020' OR '030' then put the word 'TEST' in col J). How to change the syntax to do this?

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Combo Box Vba Syntax

Nov 18, 2009

I know this syntax isn't right.

I have a form and a combo box that I want ot fill the items in from cell F22.

Here is my
Sheets(PowerAnalysis.xls).Cells("F22").Value = ComboBox2.Text
What is the best way to get this done? I have searched here and on the web and I can't seem to find any straightforward answers.

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VBA Autofilter Syntax

Apr 23, 2006

I am trying to get the below autofilter working but to no avail, its just putting the text datStart and datEnd in the auto filter, not what I receive in the boxes, see bold line for line in question

Dim datStart, datEnd As Date
Dim strAgent As String
datStart = txtStart.Value
datEnd = txtEnd.Value
strAgent = txtAgent.Text
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:=">datStart", Operator:=xlAnd, _

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Autofilter Syntax

Dec 19, 2006

I thought I saw a thread where someone used AutoFilter as a one liner like

Range("VFILTER").AutoFilter 23, "True"

but for some reason this does not work. The filter is active, but it doesn't pay attention to the field or criteria part.

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Vba Sql Syntax 2003

May 23, 2007

In VBA Excel 2000 while ODBC connecting to a dbase file:

parameter=" N0011"
ActiveSheet.QueryTables.CommandText = Array( _ ...
"SELECT ... & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & _
"FROM ... & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & _
"WHERE (dbase_file.field1=" & chr(34) + parameter + chr(34) & "... & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & _
"ORDER BY ...")

It doesn't work any more in Excel 2003. Of course it works directly such as:
"WHERE (dbase_file.field1=' N0011')
but I couldn't find the way to replace the ' N0011' with the parameter.

It is not the singular issue...
"FROM dbase.file dbase.file " that worked well in Excel 2000, the Excel 2003 "wants":
"FROM 'drivepath'dbase_file dbase_file "
and I couldn' find a way to replace the explicit 'drivepath' with a predefined variable.

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