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Vba Vlookup And Return Row Number

I am trying to create a macro and I need it to return the row # based on a vlookup of a date and not 100% sure how to do that.. Hoping to get a little assistance.

I am looking up a date in column A, and need it to return the row #, then I can do the rest of the macro I need. The date I need to look up varies, and is based on the following function I have in a cell elsewhere, but if there is an easier way in vba to write i'm open:

which basically says if it's monday lookup the date from 3 days ago (friday), otherwise look up yesterday's date. So today it returns 6/8/09 and I need to find the row that has 6/8/09 as the value in column A.

Now the dates in column a, are all formulas that say previous row's date + 1, so the only row that has the actual date in it is the very first one, then we just add a day. Not sure if that matters, but figured I'd give all info.

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Using VLOOKUP Return As Row Number In Function
I am wondering about the best syntax for using a VLOOKUP return as the row number in a CORREL function. I want to create rolling correlations from today's date. I have a VLOOKUP function that will return the row number corresponding to the chosen day's date. I now need to use that returned value in the CORREL function. That is, I would like it to look something like:

=CORREL($E$VLOOKUP(today-90,AD5:AE3143, 2):$E$VLOOKUP(today,AD5:AE3143, 2),$E$VLOOKUP(today-90,AD5:AE3143, 2):$E$VLOOKUP(today,AD5:AE3143, 2))

When I enter this, I am told that I have an error. Is there a better way to nest this vlookup?

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Determine Row Number For Data Found With Vlookup In Vba

I have a user form with a combobox (called STKCODE) that calls up a vlookup routine to search for this item in a named range on a worksheet and retrieve related data to display on the userform. All this works fine.

What I would like to know is how to easily determine the row number on the worksheet, representing the row the data is stored in, if thats at all possible....

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Return Number/value Not Formula Using VLookup
I am using vlookup to return a number from sheet 3. I then need to use the number that vlookup returns in a formula on the worksheet, but since the cell containing the number it returns is actually a formula itself (=Sheet3!A5), the formula returns #value!. How do I get just a number/value that I can use in the next formula?

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Vlookup Return Value From A Different Row
I'm trying to use the VLOOKUP function to return value from a row below.

I have a large list of numbers (sheet Data) for the entire year with 8 different items per week, and I need to create a list for each week with group of 8 unique items as shown on "Week 21" sheet (I did it manually by copy and paste, highlights are just for the example, don't need to be at the original file). After the first 8th rows, it should start over until it gets to the last value on sheet "Week 21".

Basically, Column B on sheet "Week 21" should be statics, and once I change value on column A it should return values as in the example automatically.

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Vlookup, Then Return Top Row Value Of Closest Value
I'm trying to vlookup age in column A, then find the closest match of that row, then return the top row's column value of that closes match(largest value less than or equal to). looking for a formula to accomplish this.

For example, for age of 1month, I have a value of 7.5. So, I'd like to return: "5th"

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Book2___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA1=ABCDE1Age (in months)3rd5th10th25th205.1928815.570876.1151876.94590830.56.1719496.5359487.0757587.930901417.0704867.4290337.9697898.84744751.57.9690238.3221178.863829.763994Sheet1 [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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VBA: Vlookup And Return Cell Reference
i am trying to write some code to analyse a weightlifting movement that occurs 3 times. In particular there is a part of the macro where the user will input the start and end time of the movement using input boxes (to only select relevant data).

I want to then use a vlookup function to search for the start and end times in a range (1 column) in the time range and return the cell reference of these so i can select only these values and either create a graph or do more analysis. My code for this particular part so far looks like:

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Vlookup Returns Row Number
I'm used to using the VLOOKUP Function a lot, and up to now it has always worked fine.

Instead of returning the value of the looked up cell (text) as it usually does it seems to be returning a number, which has something to do with the row number of said cell.

I copy and paste a formula between sheets and it does the same so I'm pretty sure it's not something in the formula.

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Return Row Number With Largest Value
I've a column that contains numerical values. In my vba code, I have to select a block of cells at a time and get the row which has the maximum value.
One lame approach I am doing is wasting another column that extracts the max from the block of cells using Excel's Max function, and then doing a iterative search in the numerical column to get the cell tht contains the max value, and from it get the row number

Is there a better way such tht i can avoid the looping?

so in a nutshell, i want to get the row number from a range of cells that contains the maximum value

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Return Row Number Formula
If/when I have removed information from a row, can anyone tell me how to remove empty row but leave row numbers intact and following each other in numerical order.

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Find Value And Return Row Number
I'm trying to do in vba is search for a number and then return what the row number is for that number.

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Match Index: The Value Yes To Return The Row Number
in one column I am looking up the value Yes to return the row number.

=MATCH("Yes",C:C,0) in this case it returns a 2

I want to use this row number in a sum...

i.e. =sum(b2:b&x) where x is the row number from the formula above, but it just errors out.

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Return Based On Highest Number In Row
Formula: ......

I am looking for the value in column G, a formula that will search B-F and return the Group with the highest percentage for each zip.

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Return Row Number Of Closest Date
in column A I have a set of dates starting say fromA2 till A300 in accending order.
in the other hand I have a date let's say in B2

I am looking to a formula to find out the nearest date value of B2 from the A column and obtain the row number.

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Return Row Number That Matches 2 Criteria
I have a produced an Excel workbook which uses a VBA sign in/out userform.
Once you sign in on the Userform the sheets update. A list is completed of the times people enter and leave.

To make the code easier I currently have the name being returned to the excel sheet and performing a “match” function to return the row number. This row number is then used to carry out what I need to happen in this row. However, as you can see from attached doc (and the brief example below), based on IDnumber "2", the match function returns row 5 not row 8.
I need to have the row number returned for the IDnumber where the Out cell is blank.
This should be the last occurrance of the IDnumber

1 ID# In Out
2 1 9:00 13:00
3 4 9:00 13:00
4 3 9:00 13:00
5 2 9:00 13:00
6 5 9:00 13:00
7 6 9:00 13:00
8 2 14:00

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Return Row Number Of LAST Numeric Consecutive Duplicate In Column
Using a Dynamic Named Range "Data", I would like a Formula to return the Row
Number of the "LAST" instance of a duplicate numeric value - repeating twice
consecutively in the same column.

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VBA Keyword Search To Return Row Numbers
i'm writing a few VB subs to help manage a database of mishaps, solutions and lessons learned, there are 11 columns and each databade entry has a separate row, there are approximately 1,000 rows.

Columns are:
ID- a unique iderntifier for each entry- integer
Date- date the entry was made- date
Project Number- a reference to an internal project file- string
Operator- company we were working for- string
Installation- where the work took place- string
Category- type of problem encountered- string
Application- field of problem encountered- string
Issue- string
Background- string
Problems- string
Lessons Learned- string...........

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Find ComboBox Value On Sheet, Return Row Number & Use To Input TextBox Values
I've created a userform that has one ComboBox (ComboBox1) and two text fields. I am trying to get the userform to return information to my worksheet in the same row as the name that is displayed in the ComboBox. This is my VBA code.

Private Sub Cmdpayment_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Sheet4
iRow = Cells. Find(What:=Me.ComboBox1.Value, After:=C5, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate
ws.Cells(iRow, 12).Value = Me.txtpdate.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 13).Value = Me.txtpayment.Value
Me.txtpdate.Value = ""
Me.txtpayment.Value = ""
End Sub

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Search From Every Row Of Column In A Column And Return Row Number
how to find text from a row in column, where is a lot of text and return row number, of located text?

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Reverse Vlookup (get Value From Reference One Column And Return Value By Corresponding Row From Another Column)
I want to get value from reference one column and return value by corresponding row from another column. This can be done by vlookup column. But it find value from 1st column and return value from given relative column. That mean find from Left column and return value from right side given column number.

But I want find from Given column number and return value from given left column. For Further detail see the Attached file.

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Use Variable Row/Column Number In Formula Via VBA
I want to create a custom updating formula that finds the last data element on a different sheet and then updates it's own formula. I have to do this because I want to find all of the blank cells and count them up (for missing data purposes). How can I go about putting the last row number in the formula?

This below is the best I can get but it 1004 errors out, I'm assuming because of my "Row" variable. Should I try a concatenate and custom build the formula each time within the macro?

Sub MacroToRun()
Row = Selection.Row

Sheets(" Chart Data").Select
Range("B2").FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNTIF(CleanData!R[-1]C[17]:R[row]C[17],"""")"
End Sub

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Cross Check 2 Ranges For Matches & Return Row Number Of Matches
I have several worksheets (Labeled Sheet1,Sheet2,sheet3) What I need to do is to step through each row in sheet3, and do a search in sheet1, it the data was found, then return the row number. I then will need to copy data from sheet1 (rowfound columnA , through rowfound CoulmnBd to sheet3 current working row columnK

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Identify Row Number Based On Value In A Cell And Use That Row Number In A Macro
I have Sheet with 40 employees who each proposes their work schedule, so I have to give each Employee access to the same sheet and want highlight and unlock only those cells that specific employee can use.

Each employee has to login from a drop-down (sourced from Sheet.Employee Master), so their unique Employee Number is in "A13" of Sheet.LOGIN

Can I identify the ROW number and then use that ROW number in a macro to highlight and unlock specific Range of Cells in Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE?
---where "Sheet.LOGIN("A13") = (the value in the cell Col A:"row" of Sheet.PROPOSED SCHEDULE)

I have attached a scaled down version of the Workbook.

Following code is scaled down-- this is for Employee 02 who appears on ROW 16 of the sheet. (macro is same for each employee, just uses a different row)

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Look Up In Column A Of "AS" Once It Find That Number I Need It To Return The Number Thats In Column E Of That Row To Sheet "IS"column D
i have 2 sheets one called "IS" and the other called "AS" in cell a2 of "IS" is a number that i need to have excel look up in column a of "AS" once it find that number i need it to return the number thats in column e of that row to sheet "IS"column d. summary: a2 of "IS" looked up on sheet "AS" and returns the number in column e to cell d2 of "IS"

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Insert Number In Cell To Return A Set Number
I need this for a tracking sheet of scores. For example, 1 gets 100 points, 2 gets 90 points, 3 gets 80 points, etc. I need to set it up for 10 places. I have no idea and have fiddled with it for two hours now. I need to be able to put a 1 in the cell and 100 appears after I hit enter, etc.

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Return Heading For Maximum Value Of Each Row & Color Max Row Value
I have inventory in 9 cities. Cities names are in B2-J2. Line items are rows 3-100
In column K, I have the max formula for that row. What I need is, in column L, the name of the location city from row 2 where the max qty is located also color the max qty in the row.

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Vlookup Return 0 When #N/A
I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs.

Tab #1 is a complete list of ALL possible pipelines

Tab #2 is a partial list that will ONLY have a pipeline listed if there was activity for the month

I need a Vlookup on Tab#1 that looks up the activity from Tab#2.

However, when a pipeline is NOT populated on Tab #2, I'm getting "#N/A" on Tab#1.

Instead of seeing #N/A - I need it to say "0" so that I can sum the column total.

I tried to look at Error Types...and found that the error type for #N/A is 7, however - I can't figure out how to make the formula work.

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VLOOKUP Return #N/A...?
Rather than explain, it's best to look at my simple example attached. Why am I getting #N/A in cell E6 when I want it to return "one"?

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OR Vlookup; Return The Name Of
In C1 I have =OR(B10="MOODY",B10="AIB")

B10 (see below) is a Vlookup and it is preventing C1 to return the name of
the agency: AIB or MOODY - Instead I get TRUE or FALSE, No use to me.

Hours Agency
70.00 AIB
80.00 MOODY
70.00 AIB (B10)

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Vlookup Horizontal Return
I am simply trying to do a standard Vlookup but since there are multiple returns for any given match the best results for me are to return them horizontally on the same line in seperate columns.

My original formula holds all the same information, nothing is different except where I want the values to be returned. Here is the original...

=VLOOKUP(K2,'Open PO'!$A$1:$D$13000,3,0)

=VLOOKUP(K2,'Open PO'!$A$1:$D$13000,4,0)
I have been putting formula 1 (Single Return) into Column X but need the multiple returns to return to X, Y, Z, and AA

I have been putting formula 2 (Single Return) into Column AB but need the multiple returns to return to AB, AC, AD, and AE

There should not be more than 4 returns per match so if anyone could help me with a formula to return each of these formulas horizontally like this.

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VLookup Return More Than One Value At A Time
Is it possible to have VLookup return more than one value at a time?

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Vlookup: Return The Value 0 If G6 Is Blank
I am using the formula : =VLOOKUP(G6,$R$8:$S$16,2) which is fine however i want it to return the value 0 if G6 is blank.

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Vlookup Two Values And Return Another One
I have two workbooks which are data dumps from another program. Say I have WO #, Task #, and Cost in workbook1 and WO #, Task # in workbook2. I need to compare the WO# in workbook2 with WO# in workbook1 if it matches I need to compare the Task # in workbook2 with the Task# in workbook1 (but it must compare the same row in which the WO # match was found) then it must return the cost from workbook1 to workbook2 ( again the cost must come from the same row in which the WO and Task match were found in).

This could be a VBA code or even a formula that does not matter.

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Vlookup Return More Than One Match
i have a customer work book for outstanding orders of which there are hunderds of rows with there name order number and the items that are outstanding

when i have progressed all my purchased orders i take all the items and run it throught my work book using vlookup to return who wanted what items if any

but what if there are more then one customer wanting the same item how can i get vlookup to know that and return the next match

i'm still very new at excel so can someone please help me

attached is a small test of my work book

if you see item 3182Y/1.0/BLK
you can see it is wanted by both a.f switchgear and amg

but it will only return a.f switchgear

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Multiple Return Vlookup
Is there a way to get a vlookup for return multiple values if there are reoccuring numbers? for example

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
A 5

If those were my two columns, could I get the value A to return both 1 and 5?

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Get VLOOKUP To Return Zero Is Not Found?
I'm using VLOOKUP to search for results in another worksheet. What I need is 0 returned if the search fails. Currently I'm getting #N/A and that's causing my other formulas to fail.

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Vlookup Return A Formula Instead Of A Value
The main sheet on my workbook has 3 fields- 'Type' , 'Data1', 'Result'

For a given row, a certain formula will be applied on 'Data1' to calculate 'Result'. The formula will vary based on the value of 'Type'.

So example if Type = A, Result= Data1*10

Type = B, Result= Data1*20.

The actual formulas are a lot more complicated.

I know this can be done using a nested if statement, but I would like to know if this can be done using Vlookup (where the formula is returned and it is applied on 'Data1')?

I don't mind any other solution as well as long as I don't need to write a long nested if statement!

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VLookup, Return First Word In The Value
how to modify the below v looup formula so it returns only the first word instead of the whole value


I am doing a comparison of locations but one sheet has just the Location, the other data is formated as Location-Address

I would just like to return the location as i have an IF formula which checks if both Match and because of this is returning false

Also ii anther part of my work book i am doing a look up on division, at present it is returning the Division name, However i would prefer it to just return the first 3 or 4 Initials of the look up

for example
if the division called err.. Apples Pears Plums Ltd i would like to return APP
if it were Apples Pears Plums Bananas Limited i would like return value to be APPB

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Vlookup And Roundup Return #n/a
Which returns 0.03316

When I look at the formulas in B17 by clicking on the name of the fuction and then clicking on the function button, the roundup function arguments shows 0.071. Also the vlookup function arguments shows 0.071. Yet I get the #n/a as the result from the vlookup in B17.

I have tried coercing the formula by addin +0 like =VLOOKUP(ROUNDUP(B15,3)+0,$N$2:$O$91,2,FALSE)

I have also tired *0 like =VLOOKUP(ROUNDUP(B15,3)*0,$N$2:$O$91,2,FALSE)

Here is a kicker... When I replace B14 with 0.9 or 0.7 or 0.6, the formula works. but I get a #N/A on 0.5.

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VLookup With A False Return
I have 2 columns of data: Column A is basically postcodes, but just the 1st part and Column B is a #2. If somewhere else on the sheet I type in the postcode IE. SW19 it will show besides it in my lookup the number 2. However if I type in a postcode that is not listed in Column A, I'd like to to return the value 1. I cannot figure this out. My code is:

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Use IF Statment With VLOOKUP: Return 0
I don't even know if using the IF statement is the right function, but anyway. I am using VLOOKUP to complete a supply list, but of course if the supply name isn't on the first spreadsheet then the result is NA. Instead I want it to return 0.

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VLOOKUP Multiple Return Values
I am up for any way that this would be possible ....

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Using VLookup To Return Multiple Instances
I am looking for a formula that will return the cell numbers of multiple instances of the item found using VLOOKUP. For example if I am looking for
"A123", this may occur in more than one cell in the search range. I want to be able to return all the cell reference numbers of that instance.

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VLOOKUP: Range & Return
Q1: In the range for the lookup I'm performing, the column with the possible match is the 2nd column. I've tested my function with this range, but it fails (range is $A$x:$K$x, with possible matches residing in column B). If I change the range so the 1st column has the desired data ($B$x:$K$x), it works. Can I modify the function to search using the 2nd column so I don't have to rearrange the columns in my worksheet?

Q2: Can I return an entire rold of data? If yes, how? I only know how to return one cell.

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VLOOKUP To Return Multiple Values
I'm having trouble getting my payroll data to combine. I've been using VLOOKUP to look up employees by their Personel Number (Column A) and return their name (column B), Cost Center (Column C), the Fund that they are paid from (Column D) and the Amount they are paid (Column E). The problem is that some employees are being paid out of 2 or more funds and VLOOKUP is only returning the fund that appears first, leaving out the other portion of their pay and thus making my grand total quite far off. How can I get Excel to return all the entries for a particular Personel Number? There are more than 16000 employees, so this is no small spreadsheet.

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Vlookup Or Similar To Return An Array
I have one sheet that contains data about products, the product number, the class it belongs to, and many other bits. The data is sorted by product number.

In a second sheet I have a list of classes in column G, I'd like to return a list of product numbers in columns H to wherever is needed.

For example there might be two products in class one, class one is in G1, with the first product number in H1 and the second in H2.

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VLOOKUP Return All Columns In The Range
I wanted to lookup value A5, and return all columns in the range A1:D5, I could use the formula =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,2,false) and copy this formula 3 times changing the third parameter 2, to 3 , 4 and 5. i.e 4 VLOOKUP formulas.

I could, instead, convert the VLOOKUP into an array and enter it CSE i.e =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,{2,3,4,5},false). This returns the right answer but "appears" to have only used 1 VLOOKUP.

What if this was extended to say 26 columns so instead of "hard coding" the array constants I used =vlookup(A5,$A$1:$D$5,COLUMN(B:AA),false). Is this better than 26 indivisual VLOOKUP's in term of speed?

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Vlookup & Return All Values 2
Very similar to the original thread 'vlookup & return all values', i need to lookup a velue and return all the relevant values.

Unlike the original thread, i need the macro to return an array of cells, rather than just one.

The macro from the original post was this

Public Function FindSeries(TRange As Range, MatchWith As String)

For Each cell In TRange
If cell.Value = MatchWith Then
x = x & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value & ", "
End If
Next cell

FindSeries = Left(x, (Len(x) - 2))

End Function ............................

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Vlookup With Multiple Text Value Return
I'm trying to create a formula that returns with all the text values for all the conditions. So similar to a sumproduct where the formula returns a summed value of ALL the conditions i need the same but for text.

hello no
hello no
hello yes
goodbye no

formula would return with (no, no, yes).

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How To Return Exact Matches Only Using VLookup
I have the following formula which, if text is in A1, will lookup from a list of worker's comp codes to locate the code in A2 and return the wording for that

However, if there is not an exact match to the code in A2, it returns the wording for the next closest code.

Is there a way to make it so that it will only return the wording for the exact match and return "invalid code" if the number in A2 is not found on the list on the "Codes" sheet?

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Vlookup To Return Blank Cell Instead Of #N/A
is there anyway to have a vlookup formula display a blank cell instead of #N/A if the value it was looking for is not found. For example the first spreadsheet contains the persons name say Bob, the 2nd spreadsheet that the vlookup formula is searching does not contain the name Bob right now excel shows #N/A but what I want it to show is a blank cell. I've tried conditional formating to just white out the text if #N/A appears but can't seem to get that to work.

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