Adding Date To Cell If Another Cell Status Changes?

May 9, 2014

I have an excel file that we add data too for assignments and I want the date to auto popuate if the status is changed to Mitigated, Escalated, or offline. I wrote the below function which works but when i open it the next date the current date is written to those cells. creating a function that writes the date when the status is change and then leave the date alone unless the status is changed again.

[Code] .....

I have attached an example of what i have and below is the function


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Macro Code To Amend The Status Of Cell To Be Date?

Mar 31, 2014

I have a user form we are using to transfer data into an excel spread sheet. When transferring the date from a text field it is formatted as general, I need this to be a date format DDMMYYY. The cell needing formatting is N2

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Adding A Date To One Cell Will Insert Close In Another Cell And Add Color To That Cell?

May 6, 2013

I would like to add a date to one cell (say A6) and have this do two things:

#1) this would add "Closed" to a given cell such a A5.

#2) and this would add a color to a group of cells like A1 through A8.

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Change Cell Based On Status Of Another Cell

May 25, 2013


We are looking to have the unit number yellow box (A1) change to match the unit status box color (I15:I19) with RED being first priority then ORANGE, YELLOW and final GREEN. If any-one box is say 'Inspect" ORNAGE and the others are all GREEN, the unit number should go ORANGE; and so on. If we can get this working then we want to do a MASTER that matches in the same way that would just have unit numbers. There will be several hundred by the time we're done!

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Date In Cell - Adding Work Days

Nov 11, 2011

I have a date in A2 7th Nov 2011

Column B is number weeks until next appointment - 4.
Column C is the answer Friday 2nd December if the normal result is a Saturday or Sunday then use Friday.

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Excel 2007 :: Adding Date Last Modified In A Cell Using VBA?

Jul 10, 2012

I need to insert a date modified column to an Excel 2007 workbook I am currently using. The columns range is from A to L, with about a hundred data points. However, I would like to have the date modified cell update only when there are changes to rows F through L, starting with row 3.

I need the code to still function if I add rows, and it would be great if it would also still run if I added columns, but that part is not necessary. I've gotten close by defining a cell name as myCol and using this code:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Row < 3 Then Exit Sub


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Adding Date To The Bottom Of List And Finding Correct Cell

Feb 26, 2014

I have two problems sort of rolled into one. I have a spreadsheet with a list of skills to perform in cells a2:z2. Under those I put in dates where those skills are performed so a3:a100 , b3:b100 and so on. At the moment I have the these dates populating another sheet with the list of skills going a2:a200 and the dates in b2:b200.

Annoyingly I have been asked set it up so it inputs the other way so my problems are: The skills in the second sheet are in a different order than in the first sheet so its not a straight correlation between the two so I would need to search for the title and match it to the second sheet. Then the second problem is as the will be numerous entries I need to find the next available space in the first sheet. So can you add data at the bottom of a list??

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Change Status Cell Via Form

Apr 7, 2014

I have a company and I try to keep a record of all my clients in Excel. Below, you can find a simplified example:


Now, I have so many clients that my Excel file is quite large. So when I want to change the status of a contract, I have to manually look up the file number and change the status manually.

What I ideally would like, is a form that says:

Change status to paid: xxxxxxxx

Where the x's are, I would have to enter the file number, press enter and the corresponding status should change to "paid". I have about 30 contracts a day that change status.
I tried to "draw" what I mean:


Is this possible in Excel? And how is it done then?

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Combobox Values Depends On Cell Status?

Oct 2, 2013

I have a worksheet with three columns in it. the first column is the "channel column", the second column is the "status column"; which indicates the status of the channel column wheter it is active or not, the third column is the "circuit name" column which indicates the circuit name for each channel. now, the status of the channel depends on the value of the circuit name column.. if the cell in the circuit name column is blank, the status column has an if formula that automatically changes it to vacant status, otherwise active.

i added command buttons namely "active" and "vacant". this buttons correspons to active userform and vacant useform when clicked. in each userform there is a combobox. My problem is how would i fill the combobox in the active userform with the active channels only , and same in the vacant userform with vacant channels only. the comboboxes list should correspond to changes in the status column, that is if one channel gets an active status it would be deleted from the vacant userform and be added to the active userform

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Automatic Updating Web Site Status In Cell

May 6, 2007

Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: B1 Value should automatically show "Possible"
Cell A1 value is: www.jigarparekh.html B1 Value should automatically show "notvalid"

I need a formula which can automatically see the status of the website address and updated in B column. which means that one dose not need to go to the website page to see if it is correct or not.

I have lot of website in the one sheet and i don't want to go all this website and check if they are correct. I want the status of this website in b column once when i have the website name already in the A column.

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Online Status - Conditional Cell (Connected / Unconnected)

Mar 4, 2012

I am seeking some code that will check that the PC / Laptop has an online ethernet connection via it's NIC (Network interface card). I want it to output to the spread sheet to a Conditional cell (Connected / unconnected).

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How To Select Range In VBA For Excel Status Email Where Status Not Equal To

May 12, 2014

I have some vba code that currently copies a status table out of a worksheet, into a temp file for an email. The status table in excel has a column D which can have different status. I want to select everything in the table except rows that are 'Descoped'. Currently my code looks like:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420")

This picks up everything without looking at the status. I want to change it so it doesn't pick up the rows where Column D contains 'Descoped'.

In pseudo code I would describe it as:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420") where value in D5:D420 is not equal to 'Descoped'.

I have tried:

Set rng2 = Sheets("Execution Status").Range("B2:F420").Value "Descoped" and nothing gets selected.

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Excel 2007 :: Change Username In Mouseover Status Bar Message For Cell Comments?

May 30, 2012

I am having with Excel 2007.

When I hover the mouse over a cell with comments, the status bar displays a message; for example "Cell A12 commented by A satisfied Microsoft Office user".

I only get this message for one column. The cells in all other columns give my first and second name as the author of the cell comment.

Why it is only effecting one column. I have been unable to change the annoying "commented by A satisfied Microsoft Office user" to my own name.

Is there a macro that can do this? I tried two macros I found online, both from a few years back, but neither of them worked.

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Start And END Date -- Status

Jan 24, 2010

1. If I enter a date in B3, then D3 will be S, and if I enter date in C3, D3 will be left blank while E3 result is D (Done). To have a clear view, I have attached the excel sheet.

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Macro To Delete Cell Contents If Date In One Cell Bigger Than Date In Another Cell

May 9, 2012

I have the following columns that return cover period dates.

Start of Cover PeriodEnd of Cover Period01-Nov-0631-Jan-0701-Jul-0831-May-0901-Dec-0930-Jun-1001-Jan-1131-Dec-10

I however need a macro that will delete the cell contents if the "Start of Cover Period" (column AK) date is > than the "End of cover period" (column AL) date.

Thus it must compare ak2 with al2 and if ak2>al2 then clear both cells. if AK2

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Count Value In Date And Status Criteria

Aug 13, 2014

Count value in date and status criteria as in attached file.


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Fluctuating Status Related To Date

Nov 4, 2008

I need to create a formula that will calculate the status of a customer based upon an input code and the relevent date.

The attached workbook is very simplified but should help.

Sheet1 contains the date of input (col A) for the client (col B) plus a code in column C to help ascertain the initial status of the a/c.

In Sheet2 (col B) I need a formula or possibly a VBA solution that will create a commission status for clients with 'N' in column C of Sheet1 which is current for 8 weeks after the input date in Sheet1. Thereafter this status then need to show say an 'S' for standard commission.

This result will be linked to the date shown in B2 on Sheet2. Just to make it clear, I only need a letter as the result to trigger off the actual commission calculations.

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Nested IF Statement - Current And Due Date / Status Progress

May 3, 2013

I have a query around dates and current project status.

I1 Contains the Current Date
C4 Contains Due Date
C5 Contains 4 Possible Selections. Not Started, In Progress, Awaiting Feedback,

What I want the formula to do is.

IF Current Date is greater than Due Date AND Current Status is either Not Started or In Progress then return Overdue.

I've written it as follows, but it doesn't seem to work?

=IF(I1>C4,IF((C5="Not Started",IF(C5="In Progress"),"Overdue",""),""))

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Counting Rows Based On Date And Status Column

Apr 2, 2007

I wish to count the number of entries in a workbook based on the entries in two columns. The columns are for example H1:H100 ( date) and L1:L100 (status). I want to the number of times the date in H1:H100 is over 30 days old, as well as L1:L100 = 'Started' for example.

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Adding Timestamp And Username To Cell After Previous Cell Edited

Apr 24, 2014

Trying to get a record of who authorized spending in one of my worksheets and when they did it

I had some VBA code in one of my worksheets which added a time stamp and a user ID to two different cells after the user enters their name. Why it is no longer working, though I suspect after moving the worksheet around.

I would like my users to type their name into cell G65 (which is actually merged from G65-K65). Once the user enters their name, cell L65 (which is actually merged L65-O65) populates with the current time stamp. Also, when the user enters their name into cell G65, I would like cell P65 (which is actually merged into P65-S65) to auto populate. I would like this all of this to go down through line 70.

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Adding Color And A Value To A Cell Based On Contents In Another Cell

Apr 28, 2014

I have values in a number of cells. Next to them, if there was a value, regardless of what the value is, except blank or zero, i would like the cell to turn blue and if possible have a 1 in the cell.

I've used the conditional formatting, however, among the options, 'less than' is the closest to to getting the color right. The issue is that if the cell has nothing in it, it still colors the corresponding cell blue; because it is not less than the already blank cell. If it is blank, I don't want it to color the cell.

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Increasing A Value In A Cell By Adding A New Number To A Connected Cell?

Mar 28, 2009

First I would like to say that I am not English nor very good to explain myself so hope the title is according to the forums rules. Now to my problem

I would like to to put in for instance the number 100 in cell A and then the number should appear in cell B. I would like to remove the number in cell A without the number in cell B to dissapear. Then add for instance 50 in cell A to get the number in cell B to add up to 150 and so on. How can I do this? I would like to add that cell B is already connected to a different cell. And I am using Vista.

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Adding One Of The Cell Value In Table1 By Value In One Of The Cell In Table2

May 7, 2014

I want to Adding my one of the cell value in Table1 by the one of the cell in table 2. and i will do the same thing with another cell in Table1. but it will take so much time to do it because my Table1 Has 9 Cols and 200 Rows. And Table2 has same Cols and Rows like Table1, too How to make it faster?

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Adding Formulas To Cell From Non Empty Cell?

Jun 14, 2014

So i was asked to do a spreadsheet for "counting" electrical items from a project. For instance, quantity of cables, cable trays, electrical equipment, etc.

One of the sheets is called "Cables" and is structured in a database form, i mean, the first row contains the name of the columns (fields) and from the second row will be the records (much like a table in Excel).

One of this columns has to be calculated, for example, Qty (B3) * Measured (C3) = Subtotal (D3). If i put the formula in the whole column filling D:D the size of the excel file grows up to 10 mbs. So to keep the size small, I want Excel to introduce this formula only if it can find a value in Qty (B3).

Is liking adding records in Access, the table should grow with each row completed. We cannot use access, it has to be something the team can handle (they know a bit of Word and Excel, nothing else).

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Adding Up Cell Position Not Values In Cell

Mar 30, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with two columns and 39900 rows, from that data I want to create two new columns so cell C1 = A143 and D1 = B143, C2=A286, D1=B286, and so on. The row location increases by 143.

The simplest thing I tried to do was to say C1=A1+142, but (knowing it is wrong) I get a #value error.

How can I tell excel to grab these values located every 144 rows below and create two new columns?

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Add A Date Time Stamp In A Cell After Data Is Entered In A Different Cell And Date

Apr 18, 2014

I am working on an Inventory Spreadsheet. I have need it to date time stamp that willpopulate a different cell /field when text are entered in a different cell/field and will not change all the previous dates entered on the spreadsheetevery time I re-open the spreadsheet. I formula I am using is =IF(E3<>"",IF(D15="",NOW(),D15),"")and it changes each time I open thesheet to do the inventory so I do not know the date of the last inventory. Iwant to capture the actual date that the inventory was completed in thesecond/different cell?

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Roll On Date 11 Months In One Cell When Another Cell (date) Is Amended

Jun 5, 2009

I have had a look via search for similar but I'm not good enough to recognise whether other threads bear any relation to my query.

I have a small spreadsheet with basic conditional formatting (my level!) where we record agency staff for eleven months service to enable us to ask them to take a four week break.

I want to add a formula or similar to automatically roll the date forward eleven months when we amend the re-commencement date on their return.

E.g. we type in A1 01/01/09, B1 updates to 30/11/09

Is this possible?

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Adding A Cell To An Empty Cell

Oct 6, 2009

I have a cell with this formula: =IF(OR($AF$72=AA85;A29>=1);1+A29;""), but A29 is defined as ="" after its result , so when this adding operation is performed an error ocurrs.

Does anyone know how to change that.

When I do ="" is to ensure that nothing appears in the cell.

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Adding A Cell If Another Cell Is Blank

Dec 29, 2006

i am looking for a code that i just can not make my brain is not working i guess. i have this formula added to c3 because i need this in there also =IF(I80=G80,O80,N80) also i need to add this:

in cell a1 if it is blank i need cell b2 and b3 to add together and make cell c3 blank?

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Join Cell Text And 1 Cell Date From Cell With 2 Dates

Sep 8, 2006

I have three cells in A2:C2 which require user to input some data.

What I want to achieve is to combine the data from A2:C2 in D2.

C2 is a field which user will input the date. He might key in 21/08/06 or
21/08/06, 30/08/06

I have tried using below formulas in D2 but without success.

=A2&" " &B2&" "&(C2)
=A3&" " &B3&" "&DAY(C3)&"/"&MONTH(C3)&"/"&YEAR(C3) (doesn't work if there are 2 dates.

I have attached a file which shows 3 scenarios if user input 1 date and 2 dates.

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