Automatic Date Insert

Sep 24, 2009

I have a "customer info column" column (b) and a "date column" column (a) is there a way that when i put a new customer into column B, that column A would automatically put the days date in which i put the new customer in column B. so b3 would have the new customers name and A3 would automatically have todays date (the day i input new customer) inserted.

so b4=new customer a4=todays date, tomorrow i input another new customer and then b5=new customer a4=tomorrows date and so on down the line.

there is no "right clickinsert date" or anything like that.

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Automatic Insert Row If Cell Above Contains Text Or Else?

Aug 15, 2014

With "sheet1" there's a table c14:m38 with all formulas. But i want to expand the table if cell c38 contains a value or text.

Is it possible to automaticly insert a row containing the above formulas in row c14:m14?

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Prevent Automatic Date Format When Referencing Date Cell

Aug 1, 2008

I have been struggling with my Excel 07 Date format. Nearly every time I perform a calculation, enter in a value etc in a spreadsheet my answer is returned as a date. So for example if I enter in a cell: = 5 - 4. I get the answer "1-Jan-1900" instead of 1. I have to manually set the formats to general or number if I want the correct format. The setting seems to be the default one and occurs for all workbooks I open. What can I do to change this.

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Automatic The Date To Today's Date When You Open The File

Feb 25, 2009

how can you automatic the date to today's date when you open the excel file?


Price Report For 02/25/09

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How To Get Automatic Date By VBA

Jun 24, 2014

I'm working on Excel sheet which cover period of time, I specify the period on the top, (cell E4= FROM : cell G4= TO) then I have to fill column (B) with the days name, and fill column (C) with the starting date from beginning till the end date.


E4= 24/06/2014 G4= 23/07/2014
B9= Tuesday C9= 24/06/2014
B10= Wednesday C10= 25/06/2014

I'm getting this work by a VBA code, and if it's possible to have the days names in Arabic language, and set the print area from (A1) till the (next) row after the last day in the column i.e cell (G39)

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Automatic Week And Date

May 22, 2014

In column A, field 1 i want to post the text "Week 2, 6-10 Jan" with 5 days in the week. Field 2, "Week 3, 13-17 jan" And then i just want to pull this field down in the column, but then the week number changes and the date interval.

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Automatic Date Change In VBA?

Apr 9, 2013

I need the following text in cell B:7 to change depending on the date.

"SAP F&R Poland Milestones for Tuesday the 9th of March 2013"

The thing is i need the date to read the date for the previous day? The reason being is that im reporting on the milestones for the previous day.

I guess im looking for a way to have the "Tuesday", "9th", "March" and "2013" to change automatically?

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Automatic Date In Following Sheets

Jul 23, 2007

I have a week in sheet1. For eg.

01/07/07 in A1, 02/07/07 in B1 ....... 07/07/07 in G1.

Now in sheet2 I want to continue 08/07/07 in A1 ..... 14/07/07 in G1 and so on and so forth in following worksheets.

How can I automatically obtain the dates in corresponding columns in the following worksheets?

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Automatic Date And Time

May 12, 2008

I can input the date and time automatically in the worksheet while a enter a number in the 3 column but when ever i enter number in the next cell whole time is changing in all the cell and it showing the same time for every number in the entering and not different time in the columns

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Automatic Date Format

Apr 14, 2007

When I type a date in, e.g. 01/01/07, the result is 01/01/2007.

01/01/28 => 01/01/2028
01/01/29 => 01/01/2029
01/01/30 => 01/01/1930
01/01/31 => 01/01/1931

Excel resets itself to '1900's' after XX/XX/30. Is there anyway to change this so any year I type will always be '20XX'?

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Automatic Time And Date Change?

Feb 14, 2014

i am trying to make one cell automatically change to current date and time when the cell next to it has changed value. ive search other posts but cannot figure this out. so if cell A1 changes value cell B1 should automatically fill with current date and time cell A1 changed value.

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Automatic Date: From A Validated List

Mar 10, 2009

In Column G I have a Drop down list of dates. In Column H I want to show the month for the dates, as per when they are selected. I tried simple doing in cell H2 "=G2" they changing the format of the cell for just the month. which worked but for the cells in H that haven't had a dates selected yet it brings back January-00 all the way down. I need a way of getting rid of the January-00 but having the cells ready so that wen the date in G is selected the month auto appears in H.

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Automatic Week Commence Date

May 26, 2009

Attached is a sheet I use for my pubs to send me their financial information.

Unfortunately, like most staff - they become lazy and need to be kept in line, but when it comes to money, I need it all to work out exactly.

The sheet seems to almost perfect for what I need now, but for the week commencing date on the bar business sheet.

This is the master date for all the figures inputed so I need the week commencing date to always be correct from a Monday.

At the moment the formula I have in ensures that, but when I open it the following Monday to get the figures the date changes to the following Monday from when the sheet was started. there a Makro that can run that when you open the sheet for the first time it will ask for the week commencing date which will then lock that date or would it be better inserting another sheet called calendar with week numbers and do a lookup function so that a specific week number relates to a specific week commencing?

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Automatic Date Stamp If A Cell Value Changes

Feb 16, 2010

I am trying to automatically capture and record the date of a cell's last change in value (date stamp). I have an item price list and if a particular cell gets updated I want to automatically record the date of change of that cell. I realize that after I change cell A1 I could tab to cell B1 and enter Ctrl+; but if I have a hundred new prices to enter I don't want to do that (plus me or the data entry person might forget).....

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Automatic Date Stamp If A Cell Value Changes?

Mar 19, 2010

I copied the code that was used to inserting the date when the cell next to it was updated, the original post can be found here: [URL]

The Code below will check a range of cells between c3 and c20 and if I make a change to the value in any of them, then the cell to the right of them will have the date inserted. I've had to modify the original code from the other post a little bit to stop an error appearing when I insert a new Row:

[Code] ....

On the first example that was posted it all ran ok until until I attempted to insert a new Row, then it would put the date into about 5 of the cells to the right of where it should do and I received an error message with the usual Debug stuff on it. It would also delete my column descriptions that I had on Row 2.

Would it be possible for it to not auto insert the date on any new blank row that I insert?

What would be the correct range for me to get the code to work on c3:infinity....

Is it also only possible to enable macro's and code like this in the current document instead of every document that you load through excel.

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Automatic Date Entry In Cell

Jul 16, 2008

I have a workbook with several sheets, each of which represents a client. At the bottom of this sheet, I have a call log to record the times that we attempted communication, left a message, etc. Since it's tedious enough as it is, I'd like to save my team 2 seconds and a slight bit of that tedium by having the date an attempt was made automatically recorded in the row where the attempt is entered.

Let's say this all takes place in A47:D47. For example, if I called the client on 7/15/08 and left a message, I would record who was called in B47, the name of the caller (me) in C47, and the result in D47. If possible, I would like to have the date of the attempt (today's date on the given day) entered in A47 upon the entry of information in B47:D47.

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Automatic Updates; Concatenating Name Of Day To Date

Jan 28, 2009

I have two problems with my PivotTable: 1. My PivotTable consists of a constant number columns and varying number rows, eg.......

The dates (with data) should continue to update as I add new date records to the source datasheet, but they don't. I try the refresh option for the table, but it only updates for the dates that it was designed for. I also have automatic updates set, but so far nothing is working. I have to rebuild the PivotTable each day after I add new data...

2. Second problem are the date labels on the rows. I need to have them include the literal day of the week such as
Thursday 01/01/09
Friday 01/02/09

Another less urgent problem that I would like to solve is that I have included additional percent calculations for the total column that I am having to rebuild each time. Can that be included in the PivotTable as well?

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Static Date - Automatic Entry

Dec 12, 2011

I am attempting to create a formula which will detect of a cell is empty, and if it is empty enter the date by using TODAY(). I also dont want this date to change when opened after it has been entered. This is what I have been working with so far.



I am trying to use the second formula to change the value in the cell "A1", but instead it just returns a true/false statement in the cell with this formula.

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How To Get Automatic Time And Date Entry

Jan 12, 2012

How can I get an automatic time & date entry into cell B1 based on a alphanumeric entry in cell A1. The time and date must not re-calculate every time the workbook is opened.

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How To Do Automatic Sort By Expiry Date

Jun 17, 2014

Column A = Product code
Column E = Expiry Date

How to make macro code automatic sort by expiry date (oldest to newest) then product code (A to Z)

After i put new item in product code & the expiry date...

I like to auto sort every time i put new item in next row.. and the result will be ber25 1/20/2015 will be on top of ber25 1/21/2015

Expiry Date

Activo 10K

[Code] ..........

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Automatic Date & Autofill Text

Jul 16, 2008

I am making a movie ticket spreadsheet for the employees to use when selling movie tickets. Below are the feilds that I have. Everything is based on the number of tickets sold. So when someone sells 5 tickets I would like the date entered without changing when I update the sheet the day after.

Begin #End #$ Amount# SoldNamePayment AbbreviationDate

Under payment the payment abbreviation we use words like debit, cash, check, etc when selling a ticket. Can you type c in the payment abbreviation field and have it automatically put cash in the same field without using autocorrect?

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Automatic Graph Scaling By Date

Dec 6, 2006

Look at the attached spreadsheet. It represents the times that the POG (Purchase Order Generator) program takes to run Could you look at producing a graph (easy enough) for the indicated data But then, could you see if you can have an input field in the graph that allows you to enter date – then the graph automatically redisplays for that day’s information only…….? And maybe automatic scaling for the graph? This is something I have been meaning to try – but don't know what to do.

For Example: Enter a date: 291106

**Then the information of what the user entered will automatically display but in a bar graph form. **How I can search for the information through excel? That will make the user easier to search than to find it manually?

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Sending Automatic Reminder Based On Date?

May 21, 2014

i have an excel sheet which contain some standardized chemicals with due date for standardization i want excel sheet sending email for outlook email list if the due date is older than today by 2 days. my work and i'm not clever using macros and VBA the file is attached

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How To Save With Automatic Filename Plus Today's Date

Jul 28, 2007

Is there a way to save a file and have it automatically put today's date in the file name?

Example: original File name = test.xls
desired file name = test072807.xls, or test.072807.xls, or test.07 28 07.xls

So, I open the file, do whatever, and then click save.
When I click save, it does one of the above, given that today is 7 28 07.

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Automatic Date And Time Upon Saving Workbook

Jan 15, 2010

Is there a way to automate the date and time in one cell upon saving? I have seen some posts elsewhere upon this subject, but here is the twist:
this is a shared workbook with each tab allocated for a different person. Each person needs to update their worksheet and have the date and time update upon saving. The date and time would appear in the same cell for each sheet. I am fairly certain that this cannot be done with an Excel formula, so I would appreciate if anybody had any VBA suggestions. (I am just starting to learn VBA

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Automatic Date Change In Excel Sheet Print Out?

Mar 29, 2014

At work I have a register/log. Its just a printout of a standard format in excel sheet. I print a month of sheets at a time and write the day and date on it by hand at the top. Is there some formula in excel by which it prints the dates as well in a progressive manner. Eg. If today is 29th May 2014 and today I print 30 copies of the register/log. The first copy has todays date on it and the the next one had tomorrows date....and the 30th copy automatically has the end of April 2014 printed on it.

I've found this code but cannot get it to work.

My workbook is called Shift Log, the worksheet is called v2 and I'm using Excel from MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (32bit)

#Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Sh As Object, _
ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim sDate, i
sDate = InputBox("Enter the starting date, or click 'OK'" & _
" for the current date", "Start Date")

[Code] .........

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Automatic Current Date Formula Extracts From Specific Cell

Mar 6, 2007

formula that can automatically use the current month date to extract information from other cells on my spreadsheet.

For example: This formula should be located in cell C6. Cells D6, F6, H6, J6, L6, N6, P6, R6, T6, V6, X6, and Z6 (these cells correspond to the months of the year, January to December respectively) contain the values I need. The month names are labeled above in row five.

Let's say the current month is March, I need the formula in C6 to automatically know that it is the month of March and to pull the information from cell H6 (which is the March cell). Then when April comes along, it will know that it is April and to only pull the information from cell J6; and so on until the end of the year.

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Check Cell Has Date & Insert Current Static Date

Jun 25, 2008

I have a user form that when a command button is clicked it enters the data from the from into coloums a,b,c,etc. I have code to do this but I want to add code to add a static date in coloum B based on if coloum A had data entered from the form. I need the date not to change to current date when the file is reopened. I am trying to elimate a date text box in the form. I have a link to the file

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Automatic Finish Date & Time With Lunch Break And Bank Holidays

Feb 13, 2010

I would like a solution for the automatic calculation of the end date and end time for project tasks. I have already spent hours on the issue, thanks for any help on this.

The parameters are:
A1 = Start time 08:00
B1 = End Time 17:00
A2 = break lunch 12:00
B2 = back from lunch 13:00

Task parameters

A5 = start date 01/03/10 (entered manually)
B5 = start time 10:00 (entered manually)
C5 = duration 02:00 (hrs entered manually)
D5 = "end date" >>> (to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)
E5 = "end time" >>> (to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)

the next line should be filled in automaitically according to the hours needed and the previous end date & time

A6 = "start date" >>> (after line 5: to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)
B6 = "start time" (after line 5: to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)
C6 = duration 14:00 (entered manually)
D6 = "end date" >>> (to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)
E6 = "end time" >>> (to be calculated exluding breaks and holidays)

and so on for every new line down.

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Automatically Check For Last Date And Insert Row Below Last Date

Mar 7, 2014

I have a sheet(Sample.xlsx) in which weekly data is collected and this is done by using the VBA code(Present in Copy 1 and Copy 2 button in Master US.xlsm) written by me. But in my code, it inserts a new after asking two parameters, i.e. line range(i.e. row no for eg A64) and date. I want it to automatically search row containing last date and inserts row below it and this needs to be implemented in "Insert Automatically" and "Insert Date" button using VBA code in Master US.xlsm sheet.I dont have problem with second paramenter.

Logic i want to use :

Itergation of whole page
If (col A<>Date)&& col A=Average(i.e. contains average word)
inserts row above that row

And then ask for date to enter using date variable.

then inserts row above that row containing last week data in col A.

"Insert Automatically" in Master US.xlsm sheet is the button which takes system date and implements the above logic.
"Insert Date" in Master US.xlsm sheet is the button which ask for only date and implements the above logic.

Sheets attached.
Master US.xlsm

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