Calculate Item Costs

Sep 7, 2008

I am trying to put together a sheet to calculate item cost after shipping and taxes. To be honest I may have complicated the whole thing but what I have is two
order volumes that need to be changed to calculate the most cost effective solution.
For example: Item 1 (a1) is $40 and item 2 (a2) is $10, if I was to order 100 (a3) of (a1) and 50 (a4) of (a2), then multiply them in (a5) and (a6) to give me total
order values without taxes etc. I then have (a7) which is the shipping (a8) the import tax and (a9) the VAT.
What I am stuck on is how to work out how much a1 and a2 costs me per item, if I was to order 100 of each then I think it would be simpler by calculating
the total cost and divide by 100 then again by 25% which is the cost difference between $40 and $10. So although I may have gone around the houses on this
one, I want to be able to change cells a3 and a4 and then see how much it is costing per item after shipping and taxes.

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Calculate Phone Call Costs Based On Rate Per Second

Dec 20, 2007

I have downloaded .csv files with my phone call costs. I want to compare phone companies, so I need to calculate the h:mm:ss amounts to $ based on flagfall and rate per 30 seconds. I can open the .csv files in Excel but I do not know anything about Excel.

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Calculating Project Costs With The Costs Different Each Month?

Jul 28, 2014

I'm dealing with Projects that have an X amount of Units used in a certain period of time. The amount of units are evenly spread among the time the project runs. The problem is that many projects start in 1 month and end in another.

To clarify, the code in my head is like this:

Total Units in project: 80

project starting on 12 jan, project ran 19 days in Jan.
Project ending on 14 feb, project ran 14 days in Feb.
Cost of a unit in Jan = 200

Ofcourse, the code needs to be smart, since the data will be filled in to a table, so the code has to change automatic every time a new project is entered. I cant use pivots 'cause of a standard format sheet.I have the costs per month in a raw data sheet. Start date and end dates in different cells next to each other.

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Calculate Difference In Value Of Item Between Two Dates?

Apr 4, 2014


how to calculate the difference in value of an item between two dates on a pivot table. I have one table that feeds the Pivot Table and it has three fields:

Data as of Date

So each day, the Data as of Date is updated to the current day and the items are the same but the values are different. I need to calculate the difference in value between the most recent date and x days ago. I cannot figure out how to do this via Pivot Table.

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Calculate The Quantity Of Each Size Of An Item

Nov 26, 2008

I need a formula that will calculate the quantity of each size of an item (XS,S,M,L,XL). For example to calculate the quantity for Mediums, I need the formula to look at column C, if M is entered, then look at the adjacent cell in column A for the quantity and formulate a total number (from rows 4-21) and enter the total quantity in C27. See attachment.

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Calculate Average Based On Item Chosen From List

Apr 21, 2009

My attached files contains stock returns for companies. Each sheet contains the returns over a 5 year period for a certain stock, with the ticker symbol of the stock used as the sheet name. I want to write a sub that presents the user with a user form. This user form should have an OK and Cancel buttons, and it should have a list box with a list of all stocks. The user should be allowed to choose only one stock in the list. The sub should then display a message box that reports the average monthly return for the selected stock.

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Copy Item Number And Calculate Price As Replenished

Jun 9, 2007

attached is my spreadsheet. What I would like it to do is when someone marks a "N" or some other symbol in the box showing that supply not there; that excel copies the item #'s for the products listed and calculates up the prices for those items.
Thank you in advance for your help. If at all possible if it could calculate the order on another sheet such as sheet 3 that would be fantastic

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Calculating Top 10 Costs

Jan 9, 2013

I have 3 columns

Column A is a list of suppliers
Column B is a list of purchase orders (there may be several purchase orders for each supplier)
Column C is a list of values

I am trying to show the top 10 suppliers in terms of value, not sure on the best way to go about it

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Allocating Costs Across A Row

Oct 27, 2008

I'm developing up a spreadsheet to conduct a feasibility on a 50 unit townhouse development and I was wondering if there was any way of allocating costs across the project without physically typing in the data in each month? (96 months in cashflow!)

ie: - In a row headed "Roads & Drains" can I allocate the say $500,000 worth of works across the months by using a formula or other methods?

My current method is very time consuming when I want to conduct a sensitivity analysis,

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Calculating Costs For Multiple Packages?

Mar 6, 2014

I am having trouble calculating multiple full packages in the attached spread sheet, at the moment the formula is multiplying the number of packages by the price of one full package instead of looking for the correct price for that number of packages. 2014 rates checker formula.xlsx

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Sum Function/Replace: Add The Costs Of Each Option

Oct 7, 2008

Plan numbers are contained in Row 1 (1518, etc). Options are listed in Column A (L101, L102, etc). I want to add the costs of each option, resulting in the total and each option code only listed once, with that total, below each plan. Example:.......

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Sum Costs Of Same Cell In All Sheets Of Workbook ?

Oct 29, 2008

Is there a possibility to make a sum off the amount of a cell (C59 in my example) of all the sheets in the workbook ?

just like =sum(sheet1!c59,sheet2!c59) but with all sheets.

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Net Present Worth Of Repetitive Costs?

Apr 12, 2013

I am going to convert different costs during life time of a product to Net Present Worth (NPW), consisting Maintenance and Rehabilitation costs (M&Rj) and Salvage Value (SV), according to the following formula: [URL] .......

SV occurs only once at the end of life time, it's NPW in Excel can be calculated as following:

=PV(i discount, AP,0, SV,1)

But M&Rj costs occurs J time during life cycle, and formulating manually their mathematical formula most times takes much time. Exactly what should I write in the cell to get their total NPW? In other words, how can I get the following formula by Excel functions: [URL] .......

Reminder: NPW= FV( 1/(1+i Discount))^n
FV: future value
i Discount: discount rate
n: numbers of years (periods)

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Set Up Spreadsheet To Record Business Costs?

Jan 7, 2014

I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to record business costs, I have a column [A] and [B] with start times and finish times respectively. [C] is the shift length say 10 hours but I always get an error if its a night shift as the start time is invariably later than the finish time. Is there a way around this without inputting the dates into the cells as I am trying to not duplicate data entry.

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Click Item In ListBox1 And ListBox2 Item Is Also Selected Simultaneously?

Feb 16, 2013

Excel Userform

'enables user to click [U]highlight and select[/U] an item in ListBox1 and ListBox2 item (same row in index) is also [U]highlighted[/U] (highlighted only not selected)
Private Sub ListBox1_Click()
ListBox2.ListIndex = ListBox1.ListIndex
End Sub

Question: Is it also possible to enable a user to click to select an item in ListBox1 and ListBox2 item is also selected simultaneously (same row in index). Is there excel vb code to do this?

I think the code may be along the lines of the ListBox SelectedIndex property. What would be the Excel VB code equivilant for the ListBox SelectedIndex property, if so?

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Formula To Spread Costs Between Months And Years?

Dec 3, 2013

See attached. (I added in some arrows for the first month so it is easier to follow the logic)

I am working with monthly revenues. Revenues are earned in a specific month but only a % is received in that month and over the next 4 months. I need a formula that will spread these revenues earned in 1 month over the next 4 months.

Currently, I have a complex Index/Match formula which works until September. September, October, November, and December do not work correctly because once the months roll over from month 12 (December) back down to month 1 (January), my formula cannot recognize the range.

Essentially, I need the formula to return the correct amount that is being paid, even across different years.

I don't know if my formula can be modified or a new formula would be more efficient.

(This post originated from Commercial Services, which I just requested be removed from that forum)

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IF Formula For Real Estate Operating Costs

Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to set up an IF formula for real estate operating costs. I am guessing that this is going to work best with an IF statement.

(Sample of the spreadsheet is attached)

I know this is wrong but it expresses what I am trying to do.
=IF(C5="Gross",B10=following year of B9 with month/Day being 1/1), if not B10=the folling year of B9 with same month/day)

1Cell C5 can either be Gross or Net from a drop down list.
2Cell B9 lists 3/1/2008
3If cell C5 is gross, cell B10 should be the following year from cell B9 but with starting with 1/1/??? As the month and day(year start).
B11 would then be the following year from B10
(following month/day pattern).
4If Cell C5 is NET, cell B10 should be the following year from cell B9 using the same month and day 3/1/????

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Sumif (change Cells To Reflect New Costs)

Nov 18, 2009

I need to change cells to reflect new costs. Then have these costs roll into new totals. I attached a worksheet to demonstrate how it works. The numbers in gray should be adjustable. The numbers in tan are summing up incorrectly with my "SUMIF" formula.

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Flag Item When Doesn't Match Item Above

May 20, 2014


I need some way that can identify when the item in the description column doesnt match the first item of the same number- for example, here the 1-blue and 3-orange would be flagged because they should match the 1-yellow and 3-green.

I need to do this on a much larger scale (approximately 20,000 data points), so I wanted to create a formula or macro that could do this for me.. I thought making a reference page with would work but I keep getting an error.. I haven't done VBA in a while, so I may have syntax errors.

If Range("A2:A9").Sheets("Sheet1") = Range("A2:A6").Sheets("Ref") And Range("B2:B9").Sheets("Sheet1") = Range("B2:B6").Sheets("Ref") Then
Range("C2:C9").Sheets("Sheet1") = "x"
End If

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Selecting Item In Combobox - Item Not Get Selected

Jun 14, 2014

I am getting close to finishing the drop down menu capability when filling in column L in tab Transactions. However, there is a snag. When I enter part of account say "fin" (the important part here is that the part of the word should not be the beginning of the account name) - then I select an account from the menu - but it does not stay in the cell if the part of the name is the beginning of the account name - all is fine.

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IF Calculation: Calculating Costs Of Products Ordered Which Imports Quantity And Descriptions From Another Sheet

Feb 9, 2010

I have a form for calculating costs of products ordered which imports quantity and descriptions from another sheet. The imported info and basic calculation of appropriate cost based on ordered quantity seems to work okay. These formulas are as follows:

First column: =IF(ORDER!A5>0, ORDER!A5, "") inserts the quantity ordered
Second Column: =IF(ORDER!A5>0, "Part Description and Part Number", "") inserts the product description

Both those formulas return a blank cell if nothing is ordered. Then using an outlying cell (G3) I enter the following formula to determine appropriate cost based on total order quantity e.g. $2.57ea if total ordered quantity is less than 50 and $2.37 if total quantity is greater than 50.. {Q: How do I put a third pricing level in here??}


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Gross Margin Formula That Maintains Consistent Markup Price Across Varying Costs

Jan 8, 2014

So I can easily put together a formula that maintains a consistent markup price across varying costs. Is there a formula that will give me a consistent gross margin % as I drag down a series of costs?

So if the cost is 158 a 42% mark up would be 224.36 but the Gross Margin % is only 29.58. I want to be able to hit a 42% mark up across the board.

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Conditional Formulas-to Get A Spreadsheet To Automate Calculations Of Unit Costs Based On Variable Packaging Names

Dec 1, 2008

I am looking for a way to get a spreadsheet to automate calculations of unit costs based on variable packaging names.

I have a series of packages that are denoted by text phrases. Examples:


For our purposes let's say the package names above will always be in column A. Column B contains the frontline price of a case of product represented by the phrase in column A. Column C will contain the cost per unit of product - this is obtained by dividing column B by the number of each package arrangement that can be found in one case. Most of the time the number of package arrangements per case is denoted by the very first number in the package name (ie, 4/6/12 would be 4). This won't always be the case though (18/12 would be a package arrangement of 1).

I am looking for a way for the spreadsheet to do all of the following and return the results in column C: if the package name contains "4/6/12", divide column B by 4; if the package name contains "2/12/12", divide column B by 2; if the package name contains "6/4/12" divide column B by 6; if the package name contains "18/12", divide column B by 1; if the package name contains "24/12" divide column B by 24.

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Assigning A Category To An Item Number Based On The First Two Characters Of The Item Number

Jun 18, 2008

I am using a vlookup and have a problem. I am assigning a category to an item number based on the first two characters of the item number. For example item number 60123 would equal scrap because of the first two characters of 60. But the item number can begin with either a number or letter. Here is the formula I am using that works for item numbers that begin with numbers:


It works fine until I reach a item number that begins with a letter, then I get the dreaded #Value error. If I take the value out of the formula then it works for the letter based number items but not for the number based item numbers.

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If Formula: Item Number From The Old File Corresponding To The Same Item Descprition In The New File

Nov 20, 2008

Here I would like to get your valued guidance for the usage of "IF" formula. I am having two sheets one is new XL-1 and other is old XL-2. I want to have a item number from the old file corresponding to the same item descprition in the new file. I am attaching the snap shots of two files which is more explanatory than describing in words here.

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Compare Our Item Number With The Suppliers Item Number?

Dec 18, 2012

I am using Vlookup to compare our item number with the suppliers item number but the result is removing the decimal point on some but not all items.I have included a small sample but it concerns almost 10.000 items.

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Last Item(s) In A List...

Jan 16, 2009

how I can, in a formulae, identify the last item(s) in a list of values. For example I have data in rows 1-25 with numeric data in. I want to put a formula in, say, row 100 that averages the last three data items above in the same column, but the number of data items will increase over time to use row 26, 27, etc. and I don't want to change the formula in row 100.

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How To Find STD DEV For Each Item

Apr 25, 2012

I am trying to find the std dev for each items below. I have tried to look for online tutorials but all tutorials I have seen only teach me to do a std dev for 1 set of item.


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Filter More Than 10,000 Different Item?

Dec 17, 2012

I have problem with filter more than 10,000 different item using Excel 2010, any other way to filter?

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Macro To Add Last Item

Feb 18, 2008

I need a macro to add the last 2 items in column G, if they are both positive or negative. If one of the values is either positive or negative, then they must be subtracted.

In the example below the formula in G45 = G43+G44

The data is imported so the range will allways change foe rg G45 must become G75, then the formula will be G73+G74 if they are either both postive or negative or if either one is positive and the other is negative then G73-G74 ....

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