Net Present Worth Of Repetitive Costs?

Apr 12, 2013

I am going to convert different costs during life time of a product to Net Present Worth (NPW), consisting Maintenance and Rehabilitation costs (M&Rj) and Salvage Value (SV), according to the following formula: [URL] .......

SV occurs only once at the end of life time, it's NPW in Excel can be calculated as following:

=PV(i discount, AP,0, SV,1)

But M&Rj costs occurs J time during life cycle, and formulating manually their mathematical formula most times takes much time. Exactly what should I write in the cell to get their total NPW? In other words, how can I get the following formula by Excel functions: [URL] .......

Reminder: NPW= FV( 1/(1+i Discount))^n
FV: future value
i Discount: discount rate
n: numbers of years (periods)

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Calculating Project Costs With The Costs Different Each Month?

Jul 28, 2014

I'm dealing with Projects that have an X amount of Units used in a certain period of time. The amount of units are evenly spread among the time the project runs. The problem is that many projects start in 1 month and end in another.

To clarify, the code in my head is like this:

Total Units in project: 80

project starting on 12 jan, project ran 19 days in Jan.
Project ending on 14 feb, project ran 14 days in Feb.
Cost of a unit in Jan = 200

Ofcourse, the code needs to be smart, since the data will be filled in to a table, so the code has to change automatic every time a new project is entered. I cant use pivots 'cause of a standard format sheet.I have the costs per month in a raw data sheet. Start date and end dates in different cells next to each other.

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Copy For Cell Values Present And Not Formulas Present

Sep 11, 2009

The following code fills down column B for rows 3 to 110, regardless of the inserted "If Not IsEmply' statement. I've got formulas in Column A from row 3 to 110, but visible values in rows 3-5. I want it to fill the for the visible values only.

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Adding Up 45 Days Worth Of Money

Mar 4, 2007

Does anyone have a formula for calculating the amount of money used for a 45 day period.

01/02/07 $13.00
05/02/07 $22.00
10/03/08 $6.00
etc etc

each amount for a given date added to give a total for 45 days only.

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How To Summarize 52 Weeks Worth Of Data Into One Workbook

May 15, 2013

I am using Excel 2010 on windows 7 PC. I work for a railroad and one of my coworkers gets data once a week about how many carloads we ship to a certain company. They save each week in its own worksheet so at the end of the year they will have 52 worksheets worth of carload data. What they would like to do is take these 52 worksheets and then combine this data onto one worksheet so they can see all of it going from week 1 to week 52.

Here is what 1 week's worth of data looks like...

Here is what the 52 week summary page looks like...

And here is what the summary page looks like with all of the data on it....

Although we have compiled all of this data, it was done by copying and pasting data from 52 different worksheets (took some time as you could imagine). So, my coworker asked me if I knew of a faster way to do this. After spending multiple hours on the net researching this and trying a bunch of different options (Data Consolidation, Summary/Array Functions, and varying Macros) I have not been able to produce a worksheet that takes all of the data and displays it like the last picture above. Because I only know the very basics of excel I'm sure I'm probably doing something wrong. Trying to decipher the code for macros hasn't been easy and although I got data consolidation to work it was adding up all of the numbers instead of taking them from one sheet and placing them on another with all of the worksheets' data side by side.

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Comparing Dates And Selecting A Days Worth Of Data

Nov 4, 2008

I need to compare dates that include both the date and time of day, to find when the day changes.

I have a large list of dates (also includes the time of day in the same cell). There are specific values in the next column that correspond to that date. Some of the values that are too great and have to be changed. This I have figured out with some help from this forum. When a value is changed I need to add together all the values for the corresponding day, some could be above and some could be below.

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Calculating Top 10 Costs

Jan 9, 2013

I have 3 columns

Column A is a list of suppliers
Column B is a list of purchase orders (there may be several purchase orders for each supplier)
Column C is a list of values

I am trying to show the top 10 suppliers in terms of value, not sure on the best way to go about it

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Allocating Costs Across A Row

Oct 27, 2008

I'm developing up a spreadsheet to conduct a feasibility on a 50 unit townhouse development and I was wondering if there was any way of allocating costs across the project without physically typing in the data in each month? (96 months in cashflow!)

ie: - In a row headed "Roads & Drains" can I allocate the say $500,000 worth of works across the months by using a formula or other methods?

My current method is very time consuming when I want to conduct a sensitivity analysis,

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Calculate Item Costs

Sep 7, 2008

I am trying to put together a sheet to calculate item cost after shipping and taxes. To be honest I may have complicated the whole thing but what I have is two
order volumes that need to be changed to calculate the most cost effective solution.
For example: Item 1 (a1) is $40 and item 2 (a2) is $10, if I was to order 100 (a3) of (a1) and 50 (a4) of (a2), then multiply them in (a5) and (a6) to give me total
order values without taxes etc. I then have (a7) which is the shipping (a8) the import tax and (a9) the VAT.
What I am stuck on is how to work out how much a1 and a2 costs me per item, if I was to order 100 of each then I think it would be simpler by calculating
the total cost and divide by 100 then again by 25% which is the cost difference between $40 and $10. So although I may have gone around the houses on this
one, I want to be able to change cells a3 and a4 and then see how much it is costing per item after shipping and taxes.

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Calculating Costs For Multiple Packages?

Mar 6, 2014

I am having trouble calculating multiple full packages in the attached spread sheet, at the moment the formula is multiplying the number of packages by the price of one full package instead of looking for the correct price for that number of packages. 2014 rates checker formula.xlsx

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Sum Function/Replace: Add The Costs Of Each Option

Oct 7, 2008

Plan numbers are contained in Row 1 (1518, etc). Options are listed in Column A (L101, L102, etc). I want to add the costs of each option, resulting in the total and each option code only listed once, with that total, below each plan. Example:.......

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Sum Costs Of Same Cell In All Sheets Of Workbook ?

Oct 29, 2008

Is there a possibility to make a sum off the amount of a cell (C59 in my example) of all the sheets in the workbook ?

just like =sum(sheet1!c59,sheet2!c59) but with all sheets.

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Set Up Spreadsheet To Record Business Costs?

Jan 7, 2014

I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to record business costs, I have a column [A] and [B] with start times and finish times respectively. [C] is the shift length say 10 hours but I always get an error if its a night shift as the start time is invariably later than the finish time. Is there a way around this without inputting the dates into the cells as I am trying to not duplicate data entry.

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Repetitive Printing

Mar 25, 2007

I'm an entry level Excel user who is looking for a spread sheet to print multiple pages for tagging pallets in a warehouse. The pallets will contain the address of the customer and the number the pallet is.

Example 30 pallets would be
1 of 30 then print
2 0f 30 then print
3 of 30 then print

how I can put in a varible pallet total and have it print the all sheets up to the given number?

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Formula To Spread Costs Between Months And Years?

Dec 3, 2013

See attached. (I added in some arrows for the first month so it is easier to follow the logic)

I am working with monthly revenues. Revenues are earned in a specific month but only a % is received in that month and over the next 4 months. I need a formula that will spread these revenues earned in 1 month over the next 4 months.

Currently, I have a complex Index/Match formula which works until September. September, October, November, and December do not work correctly because once the months roll over from month 12 (December) back down to month 1 (January), my formula cannot recognize the range.

Essentially, I need the formula to return the correct amount that is being paid, even across different years.

I don't know if my formula can be modified or a new formula would be more efficient.

(This post originated from Commercial Services, which I just requested be removed from that forum)

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IF Formula For Real Estate Operating Costs

Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to set up an IF formula for real estate operating costs. I am guessing that this is going to work best with an IF statement.

(Sample of the spreadsheet is attached)

I know this is wrong but it expresses what I am trying to do.
=IF(C5="Gross",B10=following year of B9 with month/Day being 1/1), if not B10=the folling year of B9 with same month/day)

1Cell C5 can either be Gross or Net from a drop down list.
2Cell B9 lists 3/1/2008
3If cell C5 is gross, cell B10 should be the following year from cell B9 but with starting with 1/1/??? As the month and day(year start).
B11 would then be the following year from B10
(following month/day pattern).
4If Cell C5 is NET, cell B10 should be the following year from cell B9 using the same month and day 3/1/????

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Sumif (change Cells To Reflect New Costs)

Nov 18, 2009

I need to change cells to reflect new costs. Then have these costs roll into new totals. I attached a worksheet to demonstrate how it works. The numbers in gray should be adjustable. The numbers in tan are summing up incorrectly with my "SUMIF" formula.

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Repetitive Task - Different Output?

Nov 6, 2013

I need a macro in a excel for the below scenario:

1)i have merged cells from A1:B3

2)if i click on a macro the output in the above cells should be as follows"

"Login to database"

3)if i run the same macro for the 2nd time the output should be:

"Are you done with the reporting?"

4)if i run for 3rd time the output should be:

"Logoff from database"

5)Say example if i run the same macro for 1o times i should get 10 different outputs....if i run for the 11th time the output should get repeat from 1st....

6)Output need not be in order....random also fine...

If possible gimme 2 different codes:

1)Output should be in the order wise from 1-10 and get started from1 again

2)Output should be random....

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Delete Repetitive References

Nov 26, 2007

script to replace consecutive data like this:

(RX 40.1.22) (RX 40.1.23)

with this:

(RX 40.1.22-23)

I'm trying to get rid of repetitive references in a Worksheet I have. These references have "" instead of "()" but the won't show up in the post.

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Counting The Repetitive Occurrence Value

Sep 3, 2008

i want the formula to be used in excel to make acounter in another column for the values the occured repetitively

like to have these two column.


Oper No
Work Center
10 Paintsh
20 Paintsh
30 Paintsh
40 Paintsh
50 Paintsh
70 Paintsh
80 Paintsh
90 Paintsh

here the operation no is the counter for the repeated work center whose name is paint sh

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Highlighting Repetitive Data

Sep 5, 2008

I want to highlight the names that are repeated over 3 x's in any group. Example is below.

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Calculate Phone Call Costs Based On Rate Per Second

Dec 20, 2007

I have downloaded .csv files with my phone call costs. I want to compare phone companies, so I need to calculate the h:mm:ss amounts to $ based on flagfall and rate per 30 seconds. I can open the .csv files in Excel but I do not know anything about Excel.

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Selecting Nth Row Number Of Repetitive Value In Array

Mar 25, 2012

I want to find the row position in an array.

1 200 CAR 001
2 230 CAR 002
3 400 TRUCK 001
4 200 BUS 001
5 250 CAR 003
6 250 BUS 002
7 200 BUS 003
8 730 CAR 004

in 4th column it should say that this is "n"th position of 3rd column value.

in 4th row 3rd column 1st "BUS" appears. hence column 4 is 1
in 6th row 3rd column 2nd "BUS" appears. hence column 4 is 2
in 7th row 3rd column 3rd "BUS" appears. hence column 4 is 3

tell me how to automate this

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Repetitive Task - Looping With Variables

Jan 17, 2014

I have a repetitive task that needs to loop effectively. The only things that change each time are the start Columns ("C:C") next moves to ("D:D"), this then continues down the different columns, until it reaches the end of the columns.

The other thing that changes is the formula initially it starts at RC[-1]&"",""&RC[1]. Next time the numbers will be plus one, so RC[-2]&"",""&RC[2].

The last thing that moves is the "B1:B" & LR on the next step will move to "C1:C" & LR.

Basically a loop with variables in the loop. Is this possible? Below is the code I have begun to write but I could be writing this for ever, over and over again.

LR = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

Columns("B:B").Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-1]&"",""&RC[1]"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("B1:B" & LR)

[Code] .......

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Data Validation For Repetitive Values

Feb 5, 2007

in data validation i have taken a list & assigned it to defined named range say industry ( 50 - 100 industries which are repetitive in nature)

now the problem is the data is neither sorted nor unique

but i want unique sorted data (i can not make changes in original data because of its other various linkages nested formulas)

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Count Of Repetitive Items In Associated Column

Apr 30, 2008

There is a list of interconnections of panels.

For example:
From To

There are hundreds of sheets like this with more complex panel numbers (there are 70 to 80 panels). I want to count the number of times each panel is linked with another panel i.e the number of times its name is mentioned in front of it.
This may look like as follows.


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Pulling Individual Rows Out Of Repetitive Data.

May 13, 2009

I have a workbook populated with values in 3 columns. The values of the second column group rows into larger segments. I want to pull one row for each different value onto a different sheet.

1. apple
2. apple
3. apple
4. apple

How do I only pull one row of apples onto another sheet without copying by hand? I have attached an live example. I want to pull one row for each classification (column 2) named on the sheet without copy/pasting each one.

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Repetitive Pattern With Column Letters And Numbers

Jul 30, 2014

how can I modify the formula below so that after every row (i+60) the letter D changes to E then F, then G..... and so on. I want the following with the formula below:


and so on...

[Code] .....

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VBA / Macros - Sorting Across Multiple Repetitive Columns?

Jan 27, 2014

I have attached an example spreadsheet with two tabs. The first tab (Matrix) shows raw data scores - there are 28 measures in Column A and Participants in Row 1. There are always 28 measures but participants can vary. What I need to happen is to sort each measure in a Lineup tab i.e. rank all the participants listed in the Matrix tab from lowest score to highest score for each of the 28 measures. Obviously this can be done manually but a VBA/macro solution will be so much faster and easier. Unfortunately I have to keep the data in this format so the macro will need to transpose the data to get into the formt in the Lineup tab.

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Sort Repetitive Data From Rows To Columns

Jun 23, 2006

I have a column of repetitive data:


I would like to be able to resort the dats so that each line becomes a column

I know I can do it 3 cells/rows at a time using the paste special and
transpose command but I have a 1000 names and addresses. How do I do it in
one operation instead of a thousand?

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