Can Worksheet_Change Routine Perform Actions On Different Worksheet

Sep 26, 2013

I'm using a Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal target As Range) macro on Worksheets(2) to perform certain actions when a selection from Worksheets(1) is pasted to Worksheets(2). Before ending the Worksheet_Change sub I'd like it to deselect the copied selection on Worksheets(1). I've tried to do this by selecting Worksheets(1) and moving the cursor, but VB ignores the "With Application.Worksheets(1)" instruction. Removing "Private" from the sub heading makes no difference.

Is it possible do this with a Worksheet_Change routine? If so, how?

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Excel 2010 :: VBA Routine To Perform Text Diff

Jul 19, 2013

I am looking to implement the "Compare Documents" function (available in Word 2010) in Excel 2010 through VBA programming between different text contained in two cells.

In Word this function works quite well (not perfectly), but it highlights in different ways which part has been deleted and which one has been added between an "original" document and a "revised" one.

For the nature of my job, I need to do this on a daily basis and I used to output text from Excel to Word, then compare the two text, and then copy it back to Excel.

Here comes the problem: since in Word the text is formatted (and what I'm looking for is formatted/highlighted text as output), I can't just paste it in Excel as it is: any editing, merging, splitting done on the pasted text (that eventually I need to do) makes the formatting disappear (above all with VBA functions, that can only output data and can't format it).

In other words: given two cells containing different text, I would like to be able to fill a third cell with text formatted accordingly to the TextDiff output between the two original cell.

Cells(1,1).Value2 = "my name is Andrea and I like jogging" (original)
Cells(1,2).Value2 = "my name is Giovanni and I like running" (revised)

Cells(1,3) wll contain: "my name is AndreaGiovanni and I like joggingrunning"

Obviously, since UDF doesn't allow formatting of cells, I would need to adjust the main Sub for each pair of document I have to revise, but that won't be the problem: what I need is the engine. It's been two years and a half that I do advanced VBA programming at work but it looks like I can't grasp the rationale behind the LCS algorithm.

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Use VBA In Workbook A To Perform Actions In Workbook B

Apr 17, 2014

I was asked to parse and chart some data files. The data are obtained from a data acquisition system sampling a pressure transducer at about 300 samples per second. Since the start of the pressure event is created by a chemical reaction, there is no easy way to gauge when the the event will begin. As a consequence, the data acquisition system is left running continuously while waiting for the event.

Needless to say, at 300Hz, the data file grow very large, quickly. The data preceding the pressure event are close to zero and can be removed simply by using code which deletes rows with values less than a given threshold. An example of this code is:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim rng As Range, cell As Range, del As Range
Set rng = Intersect(Range("B20:B500000"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
For Each cell In rng
If (cell.Value) < 0.15 Then

[Code] ....

There are other operations that need to be performed as well. My question is whether if I have a workbook open with this and other code, will Excel allow operations on one or more open workbooks from this workbook? I would think that you can because you can move or copy a worksheet to another open workbook.

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Worksheet_change: Macro In One Worksheet To Run When Any Cell (in A Given Range)on A Different Worksheet (dataentry) Is Updated

Mar 27, 2007

I want a macro in one worksheet to run when any cell (in a given range)on a different worksheet (dataentry) is updated. I have spent along time trying to make it work with no avail. The code I use to start my macro is as follows.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count <> 1 Then Exit Sub

If Target(1, 1).Address = "dataentry!H5:IV72" Then
If Not Intersect(Target(1, 1), Range("dataentry!H5:IV72")) Is Nothing Then

On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

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Project Routine List: Printout Of Each Routine Name And Which Module It Resides In

Feb 22, 2007

I am in the process of re-building a major project due to bugs. In the process, I plan to re-organize my sub-routine grouping within modules. In the source file, I have 18 standard modules, with 10-30 routines in each one.

What I would like is a printout of each routine name and which module it resides in, so I can check off each one as I copy it and paste it into the new file. I see that I can get a psuedo tree-view of my project in th eObject Browser, but can't figure out how to print that.

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Worksheet_Change Macro (run Any Time There Is A Change In Any Of The Cells On The Worksheet)

Jun 24, 2009

determine the coding for a worksheet_change macro for the attached spreadsheet? I've got a macro set up in the worksheet and would like it to run any time there is a change in any of the cells on the worksheet.

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Excel 2010 :: Worksheet With Vba To Perform FFT Beyond 4096 Limit

Feb 21, 2014

where to find a spreadsheet which has a macro to perform the FFT on data with > 4096 points? It seems Excel's internal FFT is limited to this amount. I searched the forum and elsewhere on web and have not found what I am looking for. I wish to enter the data in a column of the spreadsheet, preferably in a named range such as "Data" and have a macro perform the FFT.

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Repeat Last Two Actions - Cannot Use F4 Key

Jan 18, 2014

I need to repeat the following two actions one after another therefore I cannot use F4 key

The actions are :

1) select some cells in two rows and colour them yellow.
2) select the last two cells of the rows ans merge them.

these are one after another where F4 will repeat only the 2nd step but I need the 1st step of colouring.

Are there any short cut keys or method or recording to repeat the above steps when necessary.

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VBA Process For Multiple Actions

Jul 17, 2009

I have a list of petroleum accumulations with three types of data: Reservoir depth, Net Pay and Gas-oil ratio. for each accumulation, the number of reservoirs within each can vary. So I may have a accumulation with only one set of those stats, or an accumulation with 20.

I need the program to go down an alphabetized list (8000 entries long) and after every unique accumulation name average the values of the stats(which are in three separate columns) then put it in one row perhaps beginning in Column M or another sheet. So that I have a list of accumulations with the average of those stats, one entry per accumulation name.

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How To Assign Two Actions To One Button

Jul 3, 2014

I need to assign two actions to a one button.

1. action: Copy Column A, paste to Column C
2. Write time&date into G5

I am only capable of doing one button for each action using the macro recorder and simple code:

[Code] .....

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Difference Between Stopped Actions

Jul 15, 2014

I am working on trying to make a macro I wrote run faster, and I understand that one way to do this is to stop certain actions from occurring. However, I am having a hard time understanding what stops what, specifically among these:

[Code] ......

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One Checkbox To Do Multiple Actions

Sep 10, 2012

This Coding is correct for CheckBox49. This code Changes the Color of one Cell from Black to white and the cell below it from white to black...(its a dipswitch) when the check box is checked... When its unchecked it does the opposite....

' ACM 1 Switch 1
Private Sub CheckBox49_Click()
If CheckBox49.Value = True Then
With Selection.Interior
.Pattern = xlSolid
[Code] ........

Now what needs to happen is this.... I'd Like to have this Happen if checkx49 is checked...

With Selection.Interior
.Pattern = xlSolid

[Code] .......

If Checkbox49 is unchecked do this... Put in D26 Reader Name? in Italics.

With Selection.Interior
.Pattern = xlNone

[Code] .........

Also...what ever information is entered in D23.
Put that in F50 with RDR at the end...
Whats in D23 Put in F51
Whats in D23 Put in M50 and concatenate with a space from cell U49
Whats in D23 Put in M51 and concatenate with a space from cell Y49

Lastly code to select K50, K51, R50, and R51...=Len whats in F50, F51, M50, and M51 when the box is checked...and dont len when the box is unchecked.

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Multiple Actions For A Cell

Feb 7, 2014

I am currently using a product formula in a cell and was wondering if I could add a round up/down action to numbers containing decimals? For example, let's say that my cell values are 300, 327.6 and 355.2 after using the product formula. Is it possible for those values to reflect 300, 328 and 355, respectively?

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Column Actions In Macro

Oct 4, 2009

I need to insert code into an existing macro that does each of these two similar actions:

If a specified word is in the heading (row 1 cell) of a sheet, DELETE that column

If a specified word is in the heading (row 1 cell) of a sheet, BOLD that column.

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Undo All Users Actions

Sep 20, 2007

Is there a structure inside of Excel which keeps track of all the actions taken by a user (something that would presumably be used to allow for an undo sequence)? If so, is there a way to get access to it?

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Formula To Get Data Of Specified Period - More Actions For Each Day

Jan 15, 2014

I want know the formula for below issue. I have number of of actions done for each day for a month or more.

If I select a particular period for example 01jan14 to 10jan14 i want to get all actions done in this period.

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Trigger Actions For Three Choices In A Macro

Dec 30, 2009

I have a series of macros altering various workbooks and sheets. They're numbered Step1, Step2, etc. In my Step5 I have a series of Case statements in a macro, and I don't know how to get it to do what I want next. I have NOT tried running this code yet, and I'm sure I have something(s) wrong in it.

1) If the selection in DstWbk, sheet "Steps", is "01DSP" through "11DSP" the macro needs to delete specific columns in the SrcWbk, and then move to the next step (6).

2) If the selection in DstWbk, sheet "Steps", is "*DSP" the macro needs to go directly to the next step (6)

3) If the selection in DstWbk, sheet "Steps", is anything else the macro needs to flash a generic "No Data found" message and move on to Step7.

The part of the code that's throwing me begins at 'Select only the specific regional data' and ends at the "Case Else MsgBox"

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Code Reuse - Logging Actions When A Cell Changes

Apr 28, 2009

I am trying to use following codes for a add-in utility so that user can enable or disable logging activity for a given workbook.

My problem is to how to add the following code to a new workbook so that "Loginfo" function could be activated. I have tried some application... based commands but it do not seem to be working.

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Code Reuse - Logging Actions When A Cell Changes -2

May 2, 2009

I have made an class and created a file to log when user change value or insert formula in a sheet get recorded in a file C:Logme.csv. The problem is it is recording the value and formula at random i.e in some instances it records the value and in some instances it is not recording the value and formula in logme.csv . I am unable to figure out why this is happening?

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System Monitors Changes To The Spreadsheet And Then Performs Actions Accordingly

Jun 15, 2009

Macro: the system monitors changes to the spreadsheet and then performs actions accordingly. Example: If the value of column c = Bug, then it sets the value of G to Celeste and Column H to Kewill.

Could this macro be changed so that instead of having to enter "Celeste" in this code, it could set the value of column G to the value found in H5 on the sheet?

I tried replacing "Celeste" in the code with H5 but it did not work.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Declare variable
Dim iCol As Integer
'Look at the column number of the changed cell (Target)
Select Case Target.Column
'Column C
Case 3
Select Case Target.Value
'if "Bug" set iCol to 3 (Red)and change value of column G to "Celeste" and Column H to "Kewill"
Case "Bug": iCol = 3
Target.Offset(, 4).Value = H5
Target.Offset(, 5).Value = "KWL"................

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Conditioning Actions On Cell Error Values

Jun 16, 2006

I wish to perform different actions depending on whether certain errors are present in a cell and I can't figure out how to do it.

Attempt (within some For loop):

othCell = ActiveCell.Offset(-95 - counter, 0)
If othCell = CVErr(xlErrNum) Then conditioncount = 0

This generates a "type mismatch" error. I also tried othCell.value in place of othCell on the second line; I don't really follow the distinction in usage for "value". I've also attempted this with Error 2036 in place of CVErr(xlErrNum). I don't know much at all about VBA!

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Hide Code Actions As Macro Runs

Dec 8, 2006

I have written a macro which references to several different sheets and cells therein. The macro is assigned to a command button on 'Sheet 1'. When I click the command button, the screen flickers and the user can see the macro running all the commands I have written. Is there a way of stopping this - maybe replacing it with a static screen view whilst the macro runs?

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VBA, Doing Actions On Files With Sheet Data &amp; Insert Pictures

Feb 25, 2009

where exactly to add the code under Tools > Macro > VB editor.

My version: Office XP Pro ("2002")

The first code I need should be simple. I want Excel to copy cut delete files from the hardware, using data from a workbook.

There are 3 sheets:
1. "Names" - contains picture file names (without the JPG extence) in one column,
2. "From" - contains a cell with the original path to copycutdelete from
3. "Target" - has a cell with the target folder path (in case of copying/moving).

I made it in 3 sheets for making it user-friendly, since unskilled users will use the method.

I need to have 3 hyperlinks in the first sheet: "Move (cut)", "Copy", and "Delete", and by pressing the matching VB code eill be activated.

The second code should output (and print, if possible) data from a line to a pre-defind sheet.

Let's say there are 4 columns: picture file name, name of photographer, description of the photo, and the date it was taken.
There will be in the end of every line a cell with a hyperlink called "Output photo details" to output the data to specfic cells in the Print sheet (e.g. the date goes to D7, the name goes to A3, etc.). An important thing I wanna output is the picture itself (like from "Add > Picture" ment, in a location I define in the code.

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Worksheet_Change For One Row Only

Jul 24, 2008

With worksheet_change(byval target as range), is there a simple way to focus on only the row that has changed? Currently I have a 'do while' loop that looks for x until it is blank. That is causing a delay that I am hoping to avoid by only changing one row.
Also, any direction on resoures that shed more light on the front half of macros (dim, range, where you want the macro to look and act, etc)

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Jul 17, 2009

Can you have more then one worksheet_change event for the same worksheet and if not what is a work around. I have two that I want to use but only the first one works. Both work if they are the only one, but when they are both present the second one does not work.

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Sub Worksheet_Change

Oct 6, 2009

i have some code that is set in the Worksheet_Change routine.

For some reason the code is not activated when a change is made on the relevant sheet.

I can type into boxes and hit return amongst other things and the code simply wont fire, is there a reason for this (am i missing something)?

my code is...........

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.EnableEvents = False

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

If Range("r_PatientType") Sheets("Data store").Range("store_PatientType") Then

If Range("r_PatientType") = "Paroxysmal" Then

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How To Use 2 Private Sub Worksheet_Change

Jul 10, 2013

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Target.RowHeight = 16
End Sub


How to Use 2 Private Sub Worksheet_Change

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Worksheet_change For More Than One Cell

Oct 17, 2008

Worksheet_change for more than one cell
I have the code

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Worksheet_change Code

Mar 2, 2009

I have a problem with the vba script attached. RoyUk very kindly helped me with this code a few weeks ago.

What I have is an example of some worksheets. I want the person to input into the first sheet their name & period and Y for whether they have checked the balance or not.

The problem I have is that if I fill in all those three details straight away it copies through wrightie, 5 and Y through all the pages. I don't want Y (balance check to copy through) as I need the user to manually input that.

It does work though if I put in wrightie, 5 and then check the other pages to see if it's copied through and then go back to the first sheet and put Y, it seems to work then.

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Worksheet_Change Event

Dec 31, 2006

I have two workbooks that have the following
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim myColor As Integer
With Target
If Intersect(.Cells, Range("v:v")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If IsEmpty(.Cells) Then r.Offset(, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone: Exit Sub
If Not IsDate(.Cells) Then r.Offset(, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone: Exit Sub
Select Case Month(.Value)
Case 1: myColor = 3
Case 2: myColor = 17
Case 3: myColor = 19
Case 4: myColor = 22
Case 5: myColor = 26
Case 6: myColor = 33
Case 7: myColor = 36
Case 8: myColor = 38
Case 9: myColor = 40
Case 10: myColor = 42
Case 11: myColor = 44
Case 12: myColor = 7

I have this code in 1 sheet in one of the books (and all other sheets work fine), and the same code in all sheets in the other book. Both books work the way it's supposed to.

My question,
Is it necessary to have the Worksheet_Change event in all the sheets (all sheets act on the code the same way) or is it okay for just one sheet?

Could I encounter a problem if in only one sheet?

I just don't see why I would have to add more size with the code in all sheets if it is not necessary.

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