Change Maximum Limit Of Characters In Cell

Jan 13, 2009

I was wondering if there was a way of reducing the maximum characters allowed in a cell reference.

I am creating a form which Bank details need to be entered and would like to only allow a possible 16 characters.

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Limit One Cell To 55 Characters

Feb 14, 2007

Can you limit the characters inside of one cell to 55 characters? I need this function for eBay's File Exchange Format. I'm sure that there is some VBA code or formula out there that can accomplish this.

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Custom Data Validation Formula To Limit Cell Value To Maximum Of 4 Decimal Places

Mar 5, 2009

I require a custom data validation formula to limit cell value to maximum of 4 decimal places.

0.0001 ok
0.02 ok
0.3 ok

0.12345 fail
0.123456 fail etc

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Limit The Amount Of Characters Per Cell

Feb 10, 2009

Is there a way of limiting the amount of characters you can enter in each cell?
Also is there a way to apply this to an existing sheet that has cells with more characters in it than I would like? ie. If an existing cell has 25 characters in it, could i cut it down to the first 10?

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Limit Number Of Characters Entered In A Cell?

Jul 9, 2014

trying to limit the number of characters entered in a cell.

I clicked on Custom then =LEN(A10)=6 which works when i enter more or less than 6 characters, however it lets you paste in something which has more than 6 charters.

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Limit Number Of Text Characters In A Cell

Feb 1, 2008

I wish to limit the number of text characters in a cell and have excel prevent the entry of additional characters after limit is reached. I have tried the Data Validation but it does not preven the entry of additional characters. I want to be able to show the error immediately when the limit is reached and no additional characters are permitted.

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Maximum Characters Per Cell

Dec 26, 2006

I have a worksheet that multiple users will be entering in data, this information is then being used to pull into a form located on a sepearte worksheet within the workbook. One of the cells in the input sheet has the potential to have more characters than excel will allow. It is my understanding the maximum number of characters per cell is 1,024.

What is the best way to setup my spreadsheet in the event the data contains more than 1,024 characters. The informatino going into the cell are legal descriptions of property so I want to be able to keep the description together in the final document in the other worksheet. Is there a way the user can input the entire decription in one cell, regardless of the character size, then have a formula to take the first 1,024 characters and put them in one cell, followed by another formula to put the next 1,024 characters in the next cell?

Then in my main document I would use the concatenate formual to combine these two cells into one.

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Excel Formula To Split Words With Characters Limit Per Cell?

Dec 6, 2010

I am suffering with split a long descriptions into 3 cells with criteria 1st cell not more than 30 characters, 2nd cell not more than characters and 3rd cell will locate the remaining characters there. I think this is quite easy if I use LEN/MID/RIGHT/LEFT formula. However, I wish the formula will smart enough to split word by word. refer to example below:-

"My lecturer replied, that i really did very bad in final, nothing's gonna change my plan."

If I use left(A1,30) formula, the result is "My lecturer replied, that i re"however, the word "really" is cut half way. I am finding the formula that split description to not more than 30 characters and won't cut my string and become incomplete word. Expected result should be 1st cell "My lecturer replied, that i", then "really did very bad in final," at 2nd cell.

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Using Data Validation To Limit Entry Of Number Of Characters In A Cell

Jan 24, 2014

When you want to use Data Validation to limit the entry of the number of characters to a cell does this apply only to the cell that you are entering the characters or can it also apply to a cell that contains a LEN(A1) formula, for instance? Also,does the Data Validation limitation function includes spaces as well? Will the message appear while you are entering the characters (when it has reached the limit) or will it wait until you have hit Enter?

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Excel 2010 :: Maximum Characters In A Cell?

Feb 4, 2014

I was wondering with regards to the max of 32,767 characters in a cell.

1) is it still the same number of characters in excel 2010?

2) is that including spaces or not?

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Force New Active Cell When Maximum Number Of Characters Is Reached

Jan 16, 2008

We have a form that requires descriptive comments to be entered into several rows of merged cells. My goal is to have the form be able to automatically dropped down to the next row of merged cells when the current row of merged cells reaches a maximum number of characters.

And finally, the last row of merged cells would not allow any more characters than the maximum assigned but not advance to another cell automatically.

The rows I am working with specifically are:
Merged Cells F23:R23; A24:R24; A25:R25; A26:R26;...A29:R29

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MAXIMUM Function Limit: Return A Value?

May 8, 2009

What I'm trying to do is get the MAX function to return a value, but that value needs to come before the values reach zero. It's a cubic equation that basically starts, at the beginning of the data range, under 10 then hits zero and ends up near 30 at the end of the data range. The end data range max doesn't matter to me if the data range hits zero along the way. Is there any way to make the MAX function stop at a certain value, or is there another function that could accomplish what I'm trying to do?

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Creating Maximum Limit Formula?

Dec 9, 2011

I am in the process of creating a template in excel with certain restrictions on the information that can be added to it. I've hunted several sites and forums to try and find a solution but find it difficult to see the best ones for my project. The template is roughly made up of say 10 references to large boxes, each box can hold smaller boxes. The smaller boxes vary in size. For example the large box is 60 inches long smaller boxes vary between 20 inches and 40 inches, can excel be made to tell me an error if i try to put 2 x 40 boxes in columns refering to 1 of the larger boxes as it exceed the maximum length of 60 inches?

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Limit Returned Value To A Maximum/Minimum

Dec 4, 2007

Given this formula =(H2+( SUM(K53:DB53))) which simply takes an existing value and adds to it the sum of a series of values. I am happy if the value returned is any number less than 28. However if the value returned from the above formula is >28 I want the number returned to be shown as 28.

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Variable Monthly Usage With Maximum Limit?

May 29, 2014

i am working on model where customer is billed based on usage of the equipment. Usage is measured in cycles per day. Assuming there are 30 Days a month. i am trying to build a spreadsheet where if i increase or decrease the monthly usage it automatically update the sheet. Remember there is limit on maximum number of times an equipment can be used.

Like for Example

Maximum life of one equipment. 3000 Cycles
Daily usage : From 1 cycle per day to 10 cycles.
Monthly usage = 30 Days * (daily usage)

Now the problem is each month new equipment is leased. so i have to keep track of each month's equipment how much it has been used and how much left. I have attached the example spreadsheet.

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Hide Rows Based On CheckBox Event - Reaching Maximum Limit

Apr 19, 2012

I have a sheet with a hierarchy of operating units in a column, with DirectX checkboxes next to each (used a VBA script to auto-create the checkboxes ).

The checkboxes go from D5:D147, so 142 checkboxes. They are named checkbox_D5, checkbox_D6 all the way to 147, so checkbox_[Column]&[Row].

Based on a True/False value in another column to the right (BA or column#53), I am hiding specific rows. Just to give a sense, if a checkbox for a Level 2 hierarchy is clicked, I have some formulas to determine which Level 3 rows will be shown by putting a TRUE in column BA. For sake a speed, I created these to only run for 30 rows per click (that's the most that would ever change on a checkbox click).

I did not know how to do it any cleaner, so I created 142 of these:

Private Sub CheckBox_D5_Change()
Dim i As Long
For i = 5 To i + 30


It works OK up to checkbox_D23 or 24, but excel seems to reduce the number of rows it goes through for each checkbox below that, with checkbox_D31 down doing nothing. I read somewhere about a 32 form item limit, wonder if I'm hitting that.. Cleaner way to do this vs. 142 instances of checkbox_XX_change() events?

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Limit Characters In A Userform

Oct 5, 2009

I have a text fields in a userform that I want to limit what my users can enter in there. The first I want to limit to numerical values only (0 through to 9) and the second can have any value apart from "/".

I know I can do this using the on exit routine however I don't know how to limit the characters like this.

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How To Delete Words In Row And / Or Limit Characters

Dec 28, 2011

I have about 2000 rows, all with an amount of words between 2 and 6. I want to limit each row to keep only the first TWO words. Is there a way to do this?

If not, is there a way to limit each row to only keep the first 11 characters?

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Limit Number Of Characters In Autoshape

Sep 28, 2009

I am using a diamond shape that is copied into the active sheet when the user runs a macro. The user then selects the shape and enters some text. I want to limit the characters to a certain number or at least be able to give the user some advice when they enter too many characters.

I have found that, as long as I have manually named the shape "Diamond1", I can get the count in my immediate window with the following:


but I want the count to relate to the active shape. So I tried:


and I get a "runtime error 438 Object doesn't support this property or method".

How should I count the characters in the selected shape, and then if it is over say 12, require the user to shorten it or at least present yield a message Box?

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Limit TextBox To Number Of Characters

Nov 26, 2006

I want to automatically prevent users from entering more than two digits into a textbox.

i dont want to show a message box or anything like that. I want it to be physically imposible for them to enter more than two digits i.e. when they enter two digits, pressing any other keys on the keyboard should have no effect on the contents of the textbox.

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Change Cell Color Of Maximum Cell In A Column?

Sep 11, 2012

I need to just highlight the maximum value in a column. This will be for several excel sheets within powerpoint, and preferably automatically updated?

Something along the lines of:

Ax = Max(A1:A3)
Then Ax = red
Else = white

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How To Change The Last 16 Characters Of A Cell To Bold

Sep 12, 2013

I want to change the last 16 characters of a cell to bold and font color.

I have this code but doesn't work. make it a working one.


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ctrRight As String
ctrRight = Right(Sheets("Planning").Range("B35").Value, 16)
MsgBox ctrRight
Right(Sheets("Planning").Range("B35").Value, 16).Font.Color = RGB(51, 153, 102)
Sheets("Planning").Range("B35").Font.Bold = True
End Sub

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Change Range Of Maximum Value

Jan 2, 2009

From A1:A500, I have data with different numerical values. I want to be able to use a corresponding column and rows (example: B1:B500) where I can enter formula where maximum values where be reported. This I would like to change with a simple change of a single cell value (example: C1). So, If C1 has a value of 10, it will be used from every b cell to create a maximum value that would use a range going back only 10 cells for A.

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Change Maximum Value Of Scrollbar

Mar 20, 2007

I have scrollbar control on excel sheet, I want to make maximum value of this control to be linked to a cell on the sheet. So, when the cell value changes, the scrollbar maximum changes automatically with this value.

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How To Change Value Of Characters

May 22, 2013

I use excel for keeping a database of all the movies I have seen.

My problem is in regard to the value of characters. I sort my movies by default alphabetically and am wondering if there is any way to exclude the word 'The' from the sort. Traditionally when movies are sorted alphabetically, that word does not count, but obviously my problem is that excel is indeed including it.

There is also another problem regarding the value of characters. When I rate movies less than a '6' I would like to write it as "<6". The problem is that excel actually reads the "<" symbol as being of greater value than numbers and will put any movie rated "<6" at the top of the row when I sort largest to smallest. Is there any way to change the value of the "<" symbol so that my movies rated "<6" will be sorted below all my other rated movies?

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Detect Characters? Change Combobox?

Jun 5, 2008

let's say combobox1 has a list of:
apple (KG)
apple (PKT)
apple (BAG)
orange (KG)
Orange (PKT)
Orange (BAG)

and a command button.

Can I make it in a way that when command button detects (kg) in combox1, the caption of commandButton will change to "KG"? if detect (BAG) combobox1, then commandButton is "Bag"?

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Find And Replace :: Change Characters

Dec 29, 2009

I have about 40,000 lines in Column A that have text like so...


I need a formula to change all TR and OT to characters QT. I did a find and replace but its changing other columns of text that I don't need changed.

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SUM MAXIMUM Or Index/Max: Count Number Based On The Maximum Time??

Oct 23, 2008

I was hoping that my formula would give me the count number based on the Maximum time (latest time) and the Name field...My result is a 0 instead of 62 (the correct answer).

=SUM((Download!$H$2:$H$10=A4)*(Download!$D$2:$D$10=MAX(IF(Download!$H$2:$H$10=$A4,Download!$D$2:$D$1 0)))*Download!$I$2:$I$10)

Would a Index/Match/MAX function be more efficient?

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Find MAXIMUM, Show Date When MAXIMUM Occurred

Oct 9, 2008

Look in Column E and find the MAX value. Once you find the MAX value, (let's say E27) display the date that's in C27. I bet this is really easy but I've been screwing around with it for over a half hour and can't get the correct result.

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Conditional Maximum (find The Maximum 'value' For Each Individual 'type')

May 15, 2009

I have two columns of data. The first column is the 'type' and the second column is the 'value'. I need to find the maximum 'value' for each individual 'type'

The 'types' are not necessarily next to each other and the data cannot be sorted to do so.

type value
A 15
B 6
A 21
C 7
B 13

I need to be able to say the MAX for 'A' is 21, the MAX for 'B' is 13 and the MAX for 'C' is 7.

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