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Clear Content & Formatting Of Hidden Rows

I am trying to return the range of cells that is not in a range of cells.

Dim rge As range
Set rge = activewindow.visiblerange

'set rge2 = cells not in rge 'HERE IS WHERE I NEED HELP


I am trying to avoid a for each style loop.

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Copy Content To Hidden Sheet
I have a workbook, wich copies content from an overview sheet to different other sheets. that works fine, but if I try to hide the content-placeholder sheets, I can't copy my content anymore.

here the part where I get the error;

'OldValue contains the name of the "copy to" sheet as a string


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Clear Content Of Adjacent Cell
With code I enter text by double clicking in any cell in a range.(column A,B,C are excleded)
What I need is to clear the content of the cell adjacent to the left of the one I choose to dbl click AND the one below that.
Example: I dbl click in E1 and the content of cells D1 and D2 is cleared.

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Clear Cell Content Query
My Excel Vba shown below inserts time() into a cell on my sheet. Is it possible to clear this cell if time() is already into the cell. My VBA is onky entering the time() once and not insering the current time() if a change cell values after some time i.e.

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Clear Content Of Text File
I have a text file being used as a log file. Sometime I need to clear this file when I start-up the UserForm. I load this text file with this code. First is this in Module1:

Public Const FILENAME As String = "Log.txt"
Public Const LOGFILE As Integer = 1

This defines the text file to be added to. The code that actully apends the text to the first open row of the text file is: ....

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Clear One Cells Content When Changing Another Cell
I am quite a novice with excel and I am trying to get a cell to show blank when I select a drop down list value in another cell.

Cell D2 contains a validated list containing two items (Air, Vacuum).

If I select Vacuum I wish to change another cells (D4) contents to blank, D4 is also a validated list containing three items (Yes, No, BLANK) the blank is actually a blank space and not the text blank.

I can get the cell to operate correctly but if I select Air in Cell D2 and then Yes in cell D4, but then change my mind and reset to Vacuum in cell D2 i need the cell D4 to clear its contents automatically.

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On Cell Selection, In Named Range, Clear Content Or Add Text If Empty
I wrote some code that toggles bewtweeen the word "Yes" and the function clearcontents.

What it does not do, is if you click on cell A1 and change it's contents and you click on the same cell again it does nothing. You need to click on another cell say A2 before you can go and change A1 again.

My code is as follows:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("Documents")) Is Nothing Then
On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False
If IsEmpty(Target) Then
Target.Value = "Yes"
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
On Error Goto 0
End If

End Sub

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Hidden Formatting
I am using the VLookup function with two seperate sheets. The first sheet is what I have created. The second sheet is one that was given to me.

I know how to build the format as I have done it numerous times in the past. This one only works if I copy the data into notepad, then copy it back into excel. Then it will work. I have looked at the formatting and I cannot see any differences.

way to get it to work without the notepad part?

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Formatting Row Of Cells Based On A Cell Content
I want to format a range of cells based on the name listed in a cell in column A (starting @A6). I currently do this manually. It is to help me visually see the line I am working with and for what person.

I am almost certain that is going to take a VBA, but I know little to nothing about setting one up.

I have attached a sample. I am using Excel 2003.

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Conditional Formatting Based On Cell Content
I am trying to format cells based on what is in them across the board. Is there a way to conditional format based on what is in certain cells? I have 5 columns. I need to color in every NA only in the rows that have 1 or less cells with a number in there. So if there is 2 cells in that one row that have a number in them then leave the whole row white. If there is only 1 number in that row and the rest are NA then color all the NA's in red......

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Automatically Clear The Formatting
When doing vlookups, I frequently encounter an issue where one column isn't formatted the same and the vlookup won't work.

As an example I am trying to do a vlookup from a sql report downloaded to excel and the formatting on the column isn't right. If I type over the data, the vlookup works.

Is there a way to automatically clear the formatting so the vlookup will work.

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Conditional Formatting Based On Part Content Of A Cell
I am using excel 2000. I want to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells if they contain (V) as part of the cell contents. The cells will generally look like this : 09.00-6 (V) or 9-5.30 (V). I want to shade any cell if part of the contents of that cell is (V).

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Clear Rows Vs. Deleting Rows To Avoid #REF! Formula Error - Macro
I have a macro which is copying data from several worksheets into one consolidation worksheet. When determining where to paste the data into the consolidation sheet, the macro includes some logic to find the last row that has data in it (using e.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row, where "e" is a variable holding the name of the consolidation worksheet).

Once all the data is on the consolidation worksheet, I have a second worksheet with formulas that link to the consolidation sheet. The issue I have is that the first step of my consolidation macro deletes all data on the consolidation sheet to ensure that no data is double-counted). I am deleting the data with logic that simply deletes all rows from 3 to 65536. Once these rows are deleted, Excel returns a #REF! error on my second worksheet which is linking back to this data.

Rather than deleting the rows on the consolidation sheet, I have tried using the Clear and/or ClearContents commands instead. This works (i.e., my formulas no longer error out), but results in the consolidation macro running very slowly (~15 minutes, compared to

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Deleting Rows/content Of Rows
Say I have a method that iterates through a bunch of Sheets. I check the name of every sheet, if it starts with "Data", I need to make everything between A4 and AZ500 empty (either by clearing cells or deleting rows doesn't matter how, as long as the result is an empty sheet below A4).

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Unhide Hidden Rows..
I have a worksheet with a macro as follows: ...

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Don't Print Hidden Rows
I have a worksheet with hidden rows and Page Breaks. I know that the page breaks are causing my worksheet to print blank pages where I have page breaks and hidden rows.

I need the page breaks or the form just prints a mess... I tried eliminating them - but that didn't work at all.

I need a macro, which will examine the worksheet, look for the hidden rows, exclude them from the print area, and then Print the worksheet.

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Sum, Ignore Hidden Rows
Is there a way to keep the Sum Funtion from adding in the values from Rows you have hidden? I want my total to be the result of only the visible lines, but have reasons for hiding rather than deleting rows (I may have to unhide some later depending on other factors)

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How Do I Count Non-hidden Rows
I need a formula for counting rows. It should achieve the following;

It should count in increments of 1 (1,2,3,4, etc.) in each cell in a column (column AW, to be prescise).

It should skip hidden rows.

It should account for the fact that a formula is able to reveal rows and when this is
done, the counting formula should adjust to count the newly revealed row.

It should also be able to do the opposite - another formula/macro hides rows, and when this happens it should not count the newly hidden row.

I can imagine a formula in each cell of the column that says "Check the previous column and if it is visible, add 1. If a hidden row is encountered, do not add 1. When a non-hidden row is encountered again, continue adding 1."

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Count Hidden Rows
i count number of all rows with:

Dim countall As Long
countall = Sheet1. Range("a1", Sheet1.Range("A65535").End(xlUp)).Rows.count

this is the total of all rows, including hidden. how do i count the hidden rows which have been filtered?

preferably not a loop, isn't there a way to use "entirerow.hidden" and count that?

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Deleting Hidden Rows
Why do I get a "sub or function not defined" error on the first line? The problem seemed to arise out of nowhere. The sub is located in module 1. I call it with "Call DeleteHiddenRows" in sheet1 inside of a "Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)" event. Should I be adding some declaration somewhere (some "dim" line?)???

Sub DeleteHiddenRows()
For j = ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Row To 1 Step -1
If Rows(j).Hidden Then
Rows(j).Hidden = False
End If
Next j
End Sub

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Hidden Rows Are Printing
I'm completely at a loss I have a worksheet with hidden rows which I do not want to print yet Excel prints them anyway resulting in 12 pages rather than just the pages I want.

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Unhide Hidden Rows
I HID 4 rows using this help section. (Format - Hide)

Then, I modified several column widths simply by placing my curser at the top of the column and pulling it smaller or larger.
(I don't know if this did or did not cause my problem) which is simply that - I am now unable to find my hidden rows.

I know where they are supposed to be, but when I highlight them and click (Format - Unhide) nothing happens.

I tried (Find and Select - go to special) and no white bar shows up.

Can sombody please tell this frustrated Newby How to find the rows I just hid 1 hour ago?

If I posted in the wrong place, I appologise as I spent more time trying to figure out where and how to post than I did trying to solve my hidden row problem.

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Unhide One Row From Many Hidden Rows
I am trying to create a macro to unhide only a row at a time, from around 150 hidden rows altogether. It is basically to give the effect of adding extra rows to a "table" that a user could then input with new data (I have to do this way according to other set-up in the workbook), but this isn't very important to do with this question. When I do a Format<Row<Unhide from the Excel menu, it always unhides ALL of the hidden rows. I have fiddled around but can't seem to find a way to avoid this happening, all I want is for just one row to unhide. I thought it might depend what cell/s I had highlighted, but I haven't found a way that makes it work.

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Delete Rows Based On Content
Can a macro be used to:

1. Delete rows that contain certain text in a worksheet ?
2. Highlight a cell a colur based on a response ?

I have attached an example of what i mean .....

In the Audit Protocol worksheet is the main information - which contains questions and answers .... If a yes, n/a or no is selected then a response is automatically generated in the observations column (thanks to SHG for helping me with the formula for this) ..... How do I then get the cell to change to red if a NO response only is selected ?

Then the information from the Audit Protocol worksheet (the observation column and number column) are copied across to the worksheet named Action List (this is done just by the copy function) .... How do I go about deleting rows that contain "no action required" - as these are not needed for the report to be generated ?

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See Hidden Rows With Scroll Bar In 2003
I have a worksheet where rows 22 through 52 are allotted for invoice information. Now, not every job is going to have 30 invoices, and I'd like to be able to hide 25 of those rows and have a scrollbar for that section of the page so that when a) user needs to enter invoice info they can scroll to an empty row, and b) when reviewing the data user can scroll through and see it all. The rows above 22 and below 50 are job info/totals and need to remain visible.

Early attempts to solve this conundrum resulted in a scroll bar that was capable only of changing the date entered for the first invoice (Date is the info in A22, which was the linked cell).

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Insert Rows On Hidden Worksheet
My workbook contains 10 worksheets. Some users will use all 10 worksheets; some will use only 5 worksheets. If a user is not using a worksheet, I would like to hide it but leave it in the workbook.

However, I want to keep all workbooks in sync even though a user may choose to not use a particular worksheet. When my macros encounter a hidden worksheet, they stall. Does coding exist that allows a Macro to run on a hidden worksheet without making the worksheet visible?

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Omit Hidden Rows When Counting
In a database of names I use Filter- Advanced Filter - Unique records, to hide duplicated rows. Trouble is I don't know if there were any duplicated rows when it finishes. I would like to see the totals reflect this by not including them in the Countif function.

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Delete All Rows Hidden By Autofilter
I'm wondering if anyone has a answer to the problem of deleting all the rows that are hidden by an autofilter. We currently have a spreadsheet used within the office that catalogues all applications received, and we want to select all the applications that are relevant to a certain month with the autofilter and use a macro to delete those that are irrelevant, before emailing the spreadsheet to a client. Manually deleting all irrelevant rows would be time-consuming.

The current code I have is:

With Worksheets("Sheet1")
If .AutoFilterMode Then
With .AutoFilter.Filters(1)
If .On Then
Else: Rows.Delete
End If
End With
End If
End With

The theory is that the code first selects the relevant worksheet, determines whether autofilters are on, selects data that is being covered by the autofilter, indentifies those that is being displayed and does nothing, and identifies those which are not displayed and deletes them - in theory!

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Remove Hidden Rows And Columns
I have a spreadsheet with various hidden rows and columns that I do not wish the user to have access too as it contains too much detail for their purposes.

Copy/paste and copy/paste special also copies across the hidden columns and rows so what I need to do is to copy it to a new workbook but then remove the hidden rows and columns and just delete the existing formulas in the cells which total the data and insert a new autosum.

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Last Cell Used In Column When Rows Are Hidden
1. find the last cell used in a column when the rows that contain the data are hidden. I tried using Range("A65536").End(xlup).Select. but when the rows are hidden it doesn't give me the last cell used.

2. I am trying to restrict my search to just one row. When I try using the cells.find function it looks for the whole sheet but I just want it to search for some particular data in just one row or a specified range.

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VBA To Hide Rows Based On Cell Content
If I have data in range A1:Z99 I want to write a macro to hide all the rows that have a zero in the A column.

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Deleting Rows Based On Cell Content
I wish to remove the page headers that were imported along with the raw data. Here's the code I've been using.

Column_To_Check = 3
Start_Row = 1
End_Row = ActiveSheet. Cells(Start_Row, Column_To_Check).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
MsgBox End_Row
Search_String = "."
For Row_Counter = Start_Row To End_Row
If ActiveSheet.Cells(Row_Counter, Column_To_Check).Value <> Search_String Then
Row_Counter = Row_Counter - 1
End If
Next Row_Counter
End Sub

When I import the data from the text file, there are 3 dimensions separated by a period in the same field. I.E: ABC.DEF.GHI and I use the break points to seperate as such: ABC|.|DEF|.|GHI|. Therefore, all rows that contain data also contain a period in cell C, but headers don't.

The Problem

End_Row = ActiveSheet.Cells(Start_Row, Column_To_Check).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

CurrentRegion only selects up to the first blank row. However, I need this to select the whole sheet, not just the current region.

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Move Rows Based On Content Of 2 Cells
At the moment I have 1 spreadsheet with 12 worksheets that I have to enter data into. I would rather enter all the data onto one sheet then have a macro move the data into the correct worksheet based on the contents of columns A and B.

The raw data will be entered into the worksheet "Data". Once complete, I would like the user to press a button and the macro to then identify from column A the suppliers name. If it is not one of the recognised suppliers, then it would move the row into the worksheet "one off". If it does recognise the supplier then it checks column B to see which of the two supplier's two worksheets it needs to copy it to, with the data entered into the correct column based on the column title (ie only the white columns).

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Select Cell Content From Visible Rows.
I have a worksheet whereby many of the rows are hidden. These rows were initialy hidden by means of scipts ( I have numerous scripts to hide data under various criteria) eg: Scripts which hide rows based on cell count, cell color, cell data information etc...

Now that I am able to veiw only the information that i want to see.. is it possible to create a script which selects cells only from rows which are visible? I have created a Named range begining from E:12 to G:500 called "Select_EFG"

Uing the example below, how could I select the cell data from the visible rows (12, 30, 34, 35, 50 etc... up to row 500.) from this Named Range (columns E:12, G:500) .... and paste this information in Sheet 2 Row5 columnC


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Sum Contents From Column Without Including Hidden Rows
Which formula should I use if I want to sum a column without including content from hide rows in the same column.

a2 is hided so I need the sum = 6


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Macro To Set Print Area W/o Hidden Rows
We run a small gardening shop and use a simple spreadsheet to track of various things.

Row A contains headers, with the data following in the rows underneath. This table is now quite large, and we therefore hide 600 or so rows so that only rows with data from the last week is shown. We often need to print this for easy reference. I currently do this by highlighting the area I want and setting it as print area. The print therefore doesn't include hidden cells, which is what I need.

The problem we have, therefore, is that we have to manually select this print area each time. My experience with macros is VERY limited, to the point where I can record one which will select the print area and print. However, as the list gets longer and more rows are hidden the range obviously needs to change, and my simple macro will not keep up.

So my question is as follows. Is there a simple macro I could write to assign to a button that could "keep up" with the moving range? So either it always prints the header row and the, for example, 50 rows beneath (exlcuding the hidden ones), or, even better, it prints the header row and all rows with data in them that are relevant to the last week. Each row has a cell for the date it concerns so assume this may be possible?

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Prevent Selection On Hidden Rows/Columns
One of the fields I want them to enter is a library branch and I have used a data vaslidation list to provide a dropdown box.

To make it act more like a windows drop down box I have hidden 7 cells above this box with the 7 possible entries. This means that with autocomplete, if they start typing in the cell it will autocomplete the entry for them.

This work fine, but if someone presses enter from the cell above my hidden rows, one of the hiddenn cells is selected!

I have no explanation for this behaviour, nothing like it has ever happened before, and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

example attached

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Seeing Cell Comments On Sheet With Hidden Rows
I have a spreadsheet where i have security set to prevent a user from selecting locked cells. However when a user selects a cell that is in a row at the bottom of the vissible area the comment text can not bee seen. What i need is to determine what the bottom vissible row is and use that to compare the row number of the current row and thus decide if i should scroll down to improve the visibility of the help text for the cell in question.

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Setting Row Height To Font Cause Hidden Rows
I generated my spreadsheet in using vb6.
Everything is working except that when I display the display (making it visible), some of the data in the rows hides underneath the row lines. I have to physically go into the spreadsheet to expand the rows to see the hidden data. Also, if I print the spreadsheet, the hidden part of the spreadsheet is cut off unless I mannually expand the rows. How can I programmatically expand the rows to fit each amount of records in the row. Currently, I have a module that is mannually calculating the rows

Also, I have attached the spreadsheet so that you can see my output.

Below is the code that calculates and formats the row presently:

w = 0
For Each R In xlWksht. Range("A5:N5"): w = w + R.ColumnWidth: Next

rht = xlWksht.Range("A5").RowHeight

With xlWksht.Range(xlWksht.Cells(ii + 1, 2), xlWksht.Cells(ii + 1, 14))
.HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft
.VerticalAlignment = xlTop
.WrapText = True
.Orientation = 0
.MergeCells = True
.RowHeight = .Font.Size * (Len(xlWksht.Range("A" & ii + 2).text) - Len("Comments:")) / w + rht + (rht - .Font.Size) ' + newlinecnt * .Font.Size
End With

Below is my entire module:

ii = 5
w = 0
For Each R In xlWksht.Range("A5:N5"): w = w + R.ColumnWidth: Next

rht = xlWksht.Range("A5").RowHeight

'Do Until M.qBW.EOF = True
Do While Not M.qBW.EOF
ii = ii + 2
xlWksht.Cells(ii, 1).Value = M.qBW![Req No]
xlWksht.Cells(ii, 2).Value = M.qBW![Description]
xlWksht.Cells(ii, 3).Value = ""
xlWksht.Cells(ii, 4).Value = M.qBW![ClientName] & Chr(10) & M.qBW![Status]
xlWksht.Cells(ii, 5).Value = M.qBW![P L] & Chr(10) & M.qBW![TotalProg1Hrs] ...

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Find Method To Search On Hidden Rows
I'm using the Find function in VBA on a column of data, but the range is being set to Nothing if the data item I'm looking for happens to be in a row that is hidden at the time. How do I set the find to look in all rows, hidden or not? Can this be done without unhiding all the rows first?

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Rows & Columns Not Hidden When Workbook Shared
I have a worksheet that is shared. It has hidden rows and columns. Problem is those hidden rows and columns are unhidden when someone apart from me opens the worksheet! Only way round it is to have the worksheet unshared. How do I keep the rows and columns hidden?

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Chart Not Plotting Hidden Rows/Columns
I have mapped data from Sheet1 to Sheet2 and created graphs in Sheet2 using the data. but when I hide the rows in Sheet2 the Graph is being cleared off. Need a solution so as to display the Graph in Sheet2 while hiding the rows in the same sheet.

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Find & Replace In Hidden Rows Or Columns
I need to find, then replace a particular value ("/0"), however, some cells may be hidden. And I just discovered that I can not replace the value of a hidden cell! Am I missing something, or do I have to unhide the row/column that the cell is in and then replace it? ...this does not replace the "/0" with "0" if the row the cell is in is hidden.

Sub test()

Dim rMatch
Set rMatch = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find(What:="/0", LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole)
rMatch.Value = "0"

End Sub

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Deleting Hidden Rows Based On Results Of Autofilter
I am performing an autofilter within a spreadsheet to display only those lines where a name exists in column A. Then I delete all hidden rows. I am having a problem when the autofilter results in no rows being visible. Here is the code I am using for the delete hidden rows:

On Error Resume Next ' In case there's no hidden cells

With Cells
Set rngHidden = .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)
.EntireRow.Hidden = False 'Unhide all cells
rngHidden.EntireRow.Hidden = True 'Hide previously visible cells
.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).EntireRow.Delete 'Delete previously hidden cells
rngHidden.EntireRow.Hidden = False ' Unhide previously visible cells
End With
End Sub

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Ignoring Autofiler Hidden Rows With SUMPRODUCT And SUBTOTAL
I posted a thread a while back about how to ignore hidden rows from autofilter when using formulas.

The solution worked perfectly. But I have since had to use this on another sheet which is laid out a bit differently, I have tried everything to try and modify the formula to work on the new sheet but so far I have failed miserably!! I need to do the exact same thing on this sheet - filter the sheet by week and search the data for certain criteria ('Line' and 'Fail Reason') and sum up the total quantity, while ignoring autofilters hidden rows. Here is an example of the sheet, along with an attempt of mine to modify the formula, which I think I have got TOTALLY wrong!

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Automatically Clear Rows When Condition Is Met
I've got a workbook (attached) with a "summary" sheet & 2 detail sheets for tracking vacation time used, and I need to make it automatically clear out an employee's "used" vacation hours automatically on their anniversary date.

Can anybody help me please? I've had no luck thus far & "the powers that be" are really getting on me for this now -

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Clear All The Rows Where The Numbers Match
I am working with a file where I have to clear all the rows where the numbers match. Lets say if there is a row in which /in the amount column/ there is a number: 53 and have another row where /in the amount column/ the number is -53 I can match these two rows and put them to a new sheet. So what I would like to have is something which sorts out all the rows in which the amounts can be matched out. Like 53 and -53, 23587 and -23587, 98 and -98. Is it possible to have something like this? Sorry for the language..

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Completely Clear All Rows After Date
Is there some vba code that will completly remove all rows after a certain date in A column, the date is in B2. Dates are listed in A column.

When i say completely remove i mean delete, clear colours, remove borders,etc etc

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Macro To Clear Rows On Another Sheet
I have a macro that copies data into another sheet (OR) from sheet1 (EDS) but as I don't want the data added from the last row I want it to overwrite and clear any data that was there before. However I still want to keep my headings which occupy rows 1 and 2.

This is the code I was using...


This is pretty inefficent but it works. I don't want to make a new macro I like keeping it inserted in my current one. However I couldn't figure out how to get it to delete the rows past row 2 (it could go to infinity but I don't think there will ever be more than 30 rows of data).

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SUMIF Ignore Hidden Rows, Sumproduct/Offset Too Slow!
I'm using Excel 2003. The sumif function will not allow me to ignore hidden rows in my data set that have been autofiltered. I tried using the following formula and it worked:


The problem I am having is that the sumproduct and offset funtions used to ignore hidden rows are considered "volatile" and force a recalculation. Moreover, I have this fomula pasted 100+ times and this dramatically slows things down even when I turn autocalculate off. Is there another way to accomplish a sumif with a user defined custom function in VB? I really need to have the ability to do a sumif that ignores hidden rows and is not dramatically slow.

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Prevent User Seeing Senstive Information In Hidden Rows/Columns
I have a feeling the answer to this will be 'no' based on the searching I've done, but is it possible to allow formatting of rows/columns on a protected worksheet, yet prevent the user from unhiding some rows/columns I don't want them to see? I've allowed them to format rows/columns so they can "size" them to fit the text they enter, but that has opened up the ability for them to unhide columns. Using Shrink To Fit would be cumbersome due to the number of cells involved.

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